The Magical Digital Art of Andy Gilmore

New York based Andy Gilmore describes himself as a draftsman, designer and musician.

With clients such as Wired Magazine and The New York Times, he has established a solid reputation with his works being featured in countless publications, shows and exhibits around the world.

This brilliant and colorful art takes you on a geometric and kaleidoscopic visual experience.

Being a musician, he’s inspired by the physics of sound and acoustics.

The feeling is surreal, futuristic and feels out of this world. In this post, you’ll find a great collection of over 50 images featuring Andy’s best work.

You can find out more about Andy Gilmore at his two websites: and

What do you think of Andy’s art? Please share your comments with us!

  • Pedro Magalhães


  • Rahul – Web Guru

    Really jaw dropping digital art collection. (y)

  • Misty Day, C.A.P.

    Very nice. I would like to use one of the pictures. How can that be arranged?

  • Walter

    @Misty Day, C.A.P. – contact Andy directly through his sites. He’s a nice guy, but very busy! :)


    That’s look amazing!

  • ccoz


  • Gaurav M

    i have found him first on
    his work is amazing

  • Marc

    Pretty boring imo.
    Lots of the same ideas.

    But it’s good that tastes differ ;)

  • RoaldA

    Awsome effects!


    Nice this collection. Some effects are really amazing for my eyes!

  • Dileep K Sharma

    Stunning geometrical art pieces. I never thought this could be done with basic shapes.

  • Most Interesting Ideas

    Really interesting art

  • Yoshz


  • Jack

    These are truly amazing!!

  • Laura

    Some of those are truly amazing! I’m particularly a fun of circular forms. I like how the shapes appear to be weaving in and out of each other. Keep up the fantastic work Andy!

  • BebopDesigner

    Extraordinary! Astonishing! Wow, it’s op art all over again… I love it! Thanks for posting.

  • Nora Reed

    Wow, those are impressive pieces of art. I love how just the use of shape and color creates such a phenomenal 3D effect. It seems Andy Gilmore has figured that out pretty well.

  • Joseph S.

    I like these very much.

  • Daniel

    If you scroll down the page really fast, you can see Andy’s face.

  • david

    these are just amazing

  • varun

    awesome designs ..

  • http://http// Guillaume

    Very nice indeed

  • Phil

    perfect for desktop wallpaper.

  • Mars

    amazing, colors are good

  • Jake

    Great set of digital art, I love Andy Gimore’s work.

  • moshiko

    honestly, i can appreciate what he does. he must be some kind of genius or something similar. but i am struggling to see the artistic side of that as well as the practical. good job anyway!

  • PelFusion

    i have only one word…Wow!!

  • ben

    very perfect

  • Web Design New York

    Cool stuff!!

  • Daniel

    Very harmonic, beautiful to look at. Like it! Thanks for that.

  • skarld

    Nice, but nothing really new. Frank Stella did similar work in the 60’s.

  • Teresa

    Hmm. Challenging quilt patterns.

  • Felipe Ivanicska

    Simmilar do James White art

  • cheris


  • Tobby

    good digital art.

  • robb

    i believe he sees pattern everywhere he looks.
    these are all amazing works.

  • kombizz

    Simply he know what he has to create arround himself.

  • Ben

    It looks like a collection of math textbook covers.

  • jeroen

    great stuff but i’m surprised there is no mentioning of the great victor vasarely who managed to create similar images through non digital techniques. Surely a source of inspiration for Andy Gilmore?

  • Tulio

    he’s a true master; he’s got a very refined sense of good.

  • beoweb

    Very nice Pictures!