Super Freaky Movie Posters of the 70’s

From Attack of the Killer Tomatoes to Zardoz, the 1970’s were not only home to some of the craziest titles in film, but some of the most interesting movie posters.

The 70’s were also home to some of the more psychedelic and funky designs for movie posters that more recent directors, most notably Quentin Tarantino, have drawn on as inspiration for their own movie poster designs.

In the days before the internet, a movie poster was much more important in the marketing mix for a movie than it is today. It was the historical equivalent to the movie trailer, and as such graphic artists had to pack a lot of message into one image.

Let’s go back in time with a collection of over 70 movie posters from the 70’s that are funky fresh. Enjoy… (to improve page loading, we split the collection into two pages).

  • WPswitch

    The Woody Allen “Bananas” is amazing!

  • @Designsy

    I Feel Alive :)
    Nice Post Dude.

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  • Ajay

    What collection man :) Thank you.

  • texturezine

    great collection. Thnks share

  • Nick

    One of the freakiest and perhaps a little bit scary is the poster for the 1970’s remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

  • David Koenig

    all classics (for film posters that is) in my opinion…

  • Web Design Maidstone Kent

    I love b-movie posters the best, some brilliant design and to think before photoshop, how did that work?!

  • CoyleArt

    This is a fantastic assembly of posters. And as an illustrator myself, I can’t help noticing how many of them utilize illustration. The trend toward all things retro seems far from over, so I hope that bodes well for the future of illustration. Thanks for sharing!

  • s.holstens

    Nice Old Designs…really good. I told it and now I tell it again..the old things are the best.

    Thank you

  • RoaldA

    Haha, you folks should se the ones from early 1900! ;D Like Uncle Sam! :P

  • wien

    nice post

  • joel k

    i love the mal brooks blazing saddles both of them
    and the woody allelns bananas
    they are funny :)
    thanks for sharing

  • AalaA

    Amazing,,, I loved most of the movies …

  • Harry Ford

    The Clockwork Orange poster was genius, I loved that movie.

  • Sarah Camp

    Really great collection. One can really see where inspiration comes from for some designs today.


    I love this poster… A good collection! Important for know better the past

  • MCEctoCooler

    I’d love to see a massive hollywood return to this poster style!


    My head just exploded from awesomeness

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    great memories with these of all posters and movies as well. thanks

  • hotmac

    Hey, where is BARBARELLA??? Yes, it is here:

  • Girlie | Digital Room

    Awesome round-up! These 70s posters can inspire designers to work on a classic design project. I would love to see those designs be revived by today’s graphic designers.

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  • Alan Valek

    Wow! So freaking good! I wonder if we’ll look back at posters from this era and feel the same way…only time will tell.

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    charging freakin cool

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    Angels die harder – in colour. :-D

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    mostly great films so wtf? Pity about the poxy web design of this actual page lol

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    lol I cannot relate myself=)

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    All amazing & Memorable…!

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    nice i like thx dugg!

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    Zombi should be on this list.

  • Emlak

    One of the freakiest and perhaps a little bit scary is the poster for the 1970’s remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers

  • Atsu

    Absolutely terrifying…

  • Farnerud

    My favorite is “Garden of the Dead”. The rotting head above is something disturbed.

  • Sam

    Why super-freaky 70’s? In reality, I don’t see any difference to speak of from today. Maybe a few, but there are some super freaky ones now, as well. Guess you had to put some kind of label on it.