The Dazzling Digital Art of Archan Nair

Archan Nair (alias archanN on the web) is an exceptional 26 year old designer, illustrator and digital artist.

He is currently based in New Delhi, India. As you scroll through his art, keep in mind his goal of creating works was inspired by various phases or moments of life.

Archan comes from a different industry than most graphic designers: Fashion.

He started developing digital artwork in 2006 by editing simple wallpapers, and his hunger for learning more about the world of design hasn’t ceased since.

His skills have been sought out by companies such as Pepsi Co., Microsoft, Tiger Beer, Boss and more.

We’ve gone through many of his sites and have selected some of his best works for your inspiration.

Archan’s work can be found on these sites:, DeviantArt Profile, Behance Network, Carbonmade.

What are your impressions of the work of Archan Nair? Have an awesome portfolio that you’d like us to feature here? Please send us your details…

  • AnagramGroup

    these are awesome. Love this style.

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  • 939 Design

    Cool Stuff.

  • Peach

    Wow, those are some great colorful piece of art. Thanks for sharing. Very inspiring.

  • Moarlikethis

    Blah, no imagination, poor color choices and style, lack of
    ….oh, who am I kidding…those are awesome.
    I’m just jealous. Thanks for sharing.

  • Kuldeep

    Very kool!

  • RoaldA

    Wow, so much cool here! :P

  • Web Design Maidstone Kent

    wow, my eyes are suitably opened

  • J-Bird

    Great Illustrations!!

    His stuff reminds me of Nick La

  • Jamie

    Amazing art. It would make an awesome t-shirt design.

  • InternetHow Blog

    Agree with Jamee, especially the first one can look very nice on a tshirt.

  • JHAY

    Fantastic work!


    Very cool this artist! Some illustrations seem to leave the paintings of Dali. A good post!

  • Ravikumar V.

    fantastic !!!

  • Laura

    Wow, such a variety of styles – no wonder the big brands of the world are after him!

    I love the brave colour choices and the compositions are second to none. A few pieces remind me of the work of Salvador Dali – manipulating the human form into something a little more grotesque!

    Wonderful stuff!

  • Adam

    Nice work

  • Kenneth Baker

    That is some cool collection

  • Alvaro Hernandorena

    I need to but a pot of creativity in the market!! like a friend said to me a long time ago lol!!!

  • arttut

    cool color!

  • Jack

    Amazing designs, thanks a lot for sharing

  • Mal

    That’s very beautiful artwork. I’d like to see some of that make it to book publishing for kids. The image of the girl blowing bubbles and all the other images seeming to drift away in the breeze is over the top. Cheers –

  • Gentil Gonçales Filho


  • Rupen Sharma

    This definitely great art (not read as design)!

  • Liora

    Very keen sense of color and wonderful imagination and form. I particularly like the combination of his imagery with photography.

    • jonny

      ditto on the mixing with photo; spectacular. the other stuff can be a bit dense for me otherwise.

  • rafi

    Hey, love the works of archan. The color mixture and the sense of style is just awesome.. these works take me to the inside of my mind!


  • fdghndfg

    wow…very good job!!!!!! i like !!!

  • Premium Theme Club

    nice work done by ARCHAN,looks fine and lovely colors too

  • RUSE the.magazine

    Very Peter Max(ish) – i.e. Awesome

  • Emlak

    Hey, love the works of archan. The color mixture and the sense of style is just awesome.. these works take me to the inside of my mind!


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