The Weirdest Clouds that You’ll Ever See

Nature has always been a source of inspiration for designers to look at things differently.

We all know that a tree doesn’t always have green leaves, water is not blue and clouds are certainly not always white and puffy. As designers, we need to know to look beyond the obvious when looking at things.

Cloud formations such as mammatus or lenticular among others, are perfect examples of how intricate and different nature can be. There are even so called ‘ufo clouds’, which truly resemble the shape of a UFO.

In this post, we take a look at some amazing photographs of the weirdest cloud formations that you’ll ever see, that are destined to inspire your design work and surely blow your mind.

To read more information about any of the photos, just click on any of the images below to be taken to its source. And don’t forget the next time you go out, to look up…

Have you seen amazing cloud formations not featured here? Please share the links with us!

  • Romi

    really weirdest clouds i ever seen here

    • Frog

      @Romi – definately! The last picture is my personal favourite, just surreal!

  • Arjun Phlox

    Amazing!! Great shots!

  • Flip

    Awesome clouds! Nature is fascinating :-)

  • Kathy

    Nice collection!

  • Angela

    Wow. Those are some impressive clouds. Great compilation.

  • Stacy

    What a fantastic collection! Thanks for taking the time to put them together. The fourth image with the US and Texas flags is just amazing.

  • Imokon

    Those are wicked. Clouds have inspired me to write poetry before, not design directly yet…hmmm Got me thinking!

  • Sumeet Chawla

    Those are some really weird looking clouds… Some of them look as if they have been photoshoped though :P

  • Pedro

    Acts of nature… Simply love this posts… Thanks for sharing it ^^

  • WPswitch

    Thanks for sharing these. One of the pics looks like the clouds flow with the shape of the mountains.

  • Bine

    wow.. this is REALLY weird ^^

  • dandy

    Cool, I’ve never came across any one of above clouds in my life yet.

  • Adam

    Some of these are crazy

  • prawicki

    Great post

  • Tim

    I liked the one with the weird cloud.

    • MikeGM

      Tim, you’re “weird”, too.

    • Matt

      WTF? They’re all weird!

    • http://yahoo Jim R

      Thank you I needed a laugh this morning and still giggling

  • Whoopster

    Great collection!

  • grant


    • edward

      yes,, mostly of the pictures are fake..

    • Walter

      I don’t think they are. Our reality is more interesting than we think and not everything strange is automatically Photoshop.

      I checked to make sure that I don’t put any Photoshopped images there, and I didn’t find any evidence pointing to that.

    • Benny

      Thanks for the very meaningful contribution

    • Alex

      Look at the sky just once in your life, and u see the photoshop clouds.

  • Jonathan Patterson

    Weird indeed.

  • Revolutionist

    Google search: haarp

    Also, do some research into weather modification.

    Your reality isn’t what it appears to be.

    • Manz

      I second this comment. Reading about the Haarp project is very interesting indeed!

    • man

      “Your reality isn’t what it appears to be.”

      You don’t sound cool, just so you know.

  • ian

    just thought i’d add an image i took a while back

  • Paul

    Great collection! :) I’ve got a nice photo of a single cloud in a shape of heart taken a few weeks ago. Maybe it’s not as strange as your ones but looks unusual. Unfortunately, it was taken using mobile phone so its quality is poor and it’s noisy. Too bad. I would post it here otherwise to extend your collection.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing all these photos!

  • edgar andres zorrilla


  • Most Interesting Ideas

    Its fantastic

  • Stoian Kirov

    Beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Weird indeed!

  • BIll Jamews

    Wow, that is way kewl dude!


  • Manz

    I love taking photos of the sky… if I was to look up and see some of these sights, I’d be over the moon! ;)

    Terrific post!! If you want to see another “roll cloud” or some “Morning Glory” that turned up in Australia, check out a post my mate Max did:

    • Walter

      Wow, I love that one…. I’ve added it to the collection, thanks!

      • Manz

        You’re welcome! And thanks… I’m sometimes a little unsure about sharing a link on someone elses post. However, I’d hoped you’d like it!

        I also saw/read the “photoshop” comment and your reply… nice rebutle!

  • Big Mike

    Would really like a small blurb and explanation around the meteorological forces that cause each of these weird clouds.

  • Jair

    Incríveis imagens, algumas inacreditáveis!

  • Networker

    Some of these picture are extraordinary, especially the two caps on top of the hill

  • Kenn

    Wow this site has gone downhill fast.

    How is this relevant at all?

    • Walter

      The main reason: Diversity for inspiration in unexpected places.

      • Dave

        Very Inspirational collection. The site gets better all the time. Nice work. =)

  • ram

    These are ones of the most impressive pictures I’ve ever saw ! o_O

    Big thanks !

  • Juan

    These weird cloud formation often happen around high Mountains, look at Ararat, Kilimanjaro & Mount Everest. The cloud formations seem to be clinging to the peak of a large mountain, this is because these super mountains have their own microclimates, They are hot at the base and cold at the top. This phenomenon is called Orographic lift.

  • Linda

    Wow!!!! Amazing and thanks for sharing.

  • qq
    • Sanat

      Have to agree with qq

  • Louis

    I didn’t think a “mushroom cloud” could qualify as part of this list! :)

    • Walter

      I don’t think anyone wants to see a mushroom cloud close to them ;)

      • MikeGM

        it appears that the “mushroom cloud” is NOT nuclear in origin , as you surmise, but volcanic (thus natural).

    • Leslie

      I don’t think it’s a mushroom cloud, I believe it’s volcanic ash mixing with the clouds above

  • John

    Have a look at this time lapse of clouds, it appears as if the light has refracted from it creating a rainbow effect.

  • JBantha

    This remaind me one nigthmare i have a lot T_____________T

  • neobux

    I’ve seen some of these clouds before at different website but not as many as you have here…great collection, very lucky for those who happened to be at the site of the cloud formation. Thanks for sharing!

  • yoshz

    thanks for sharing
    great collections

  • Kassim

    Its just mind boggling…zapped!!

  • monica from hola!design

    amazing gallery!

    • hoew


  • Kelly

    Awesome collection! BUT….when you see the clouds that look like egg shells….RUN…they are usually followed by a tornado!!

  • John Samuel

    Nice shot of pictures

  • timmay

    What an Incredible planet we live on.

    We should hang on to it.

  • Mars

    nah! those are really weird

  • Satish Krishnamurthy

    These are awesome! I’m left speechless. I heard about those mammatus clouds that enveloped New York City sometime back, but everything else just blows your mind!

    Meanwhile, not long ago, I managed to catch this magic lamp in the sky

  • Comet Arcade

    The fourth photo looks awesome.

  • brad

    those are crazy. heres one i took not too long ago that looks similar to some of these.

  • Robert Alexander

    I was lucky enough to have my camera around when looking up I saw this huge “question mark” (totally unretouched) :)

    Funniest thing is that I was thinking “What am I doing here ?” :)

    Cool collection.

  • Kevin

    Nature can be so beautiful… great post

  • zeemiDesign

    Some really amazing clouds. It’s hard to believe that all of these are made only by nature


    Photoshop?? it’s amazing! Incredible effects!! I don’t have words…

  • Mark Carter

    I find it hard to believe that some of these aren’t photoshopped .. yet …. nature really is filled with extraordinary, almost miraculous things. Sometimes reality/nature is even more extraordinary than imagination.

    • sunshine

      its the same thing!

  • Cheap

    those clouds are so amazing

  • SkiX

    Is it Photoshoped?

  • clayantony

    wow,amazing,freaky,..& beautiful.

  • Dumitru Brînzan

    Clouds? I don’t care about the clouds… i care about what is hidden inside these so-called “clouds”. *suspicious*

    • MikeGM

      Perhaps you should move to Rancho Santa Fe……….

  • Make Note

    Cool images. Thanks!

  • http://compilacióndefotosdenubes,addsbygoogle osmanpra rossi

    ..fantasticas nuevas formas de nubes!.desde niño me gustaba observar las diferentes formas de nubes,formas de caras gigantes con enormes narices,formas de dinosauriosy en los atardeceres las nubes tipo cirros y estratos con las las diferenres coloracones que da el crepusculo cuando el sol va desapareciendo en el horizonte,vaya!!

  • Christoph

    Great shots, but some of them do look like fakes… but i guess they are not ;)

  • Joseph

    Wow. I can’t wait to find a way to use these somehow in my next web design.

  • bs kishore

    I can’t beleive that clouds could be so intriguing……… great shots !

  • Gary Nored

    Here’s one that appears to be a combination of mammatus and something else. You have my permission to use.

  • Justin Woods

    Here’s an arcus shelf cloud I photographed a while back.

  • Web Design Singapore

    hhaha some of them looks like ufos.

  • Kevin


  • wow – some of those are really scary ;)

  • none


  • Nouri

    wow Thanks
    Im from iran GREEN for freedom

  • Robert

    Using HDR to accent the could photography is some what cheating. I love the pictures but one doesn’t need photoshop to take great pictures of clouds.

  • LordRW

    Actuly the first pic isn’t a normal “cloud” its a incredible high Wave that made it float while the rest of the water fell down ;D

    • MikeGM

      Normal or not, still a cloud. Not checking the dictionary, “my” definition of a cloud is water vapor visable in the atmosphere above 1800 feet of the earths surface. Below that altitude, it might be called fog. Exceptions? …..well, other substances could create a cloud and also, I don’t know about night time as the cloud might not be visable and, gosh, may not even exist at all. …….thoughts?

  • Oyun

    Perfect pictures, gratz…. just i want say gratz!..

  • mojtaba

    really nice

  • Amalia

    I experienced mammatus clouds after driving through a crazy storm in Montana last year where we nearly died.

    And then this photo ended up being used for the Bowerbirds’ new record “Upper Air.” So rock on, awesome clouds.

  • David Miraut

    I took a photo of a weird cloud too, some years ago:

  • Alberto El Grande

    Magnificas imágenes…

    Saludos cordiales desde Málaga.

  • paul

    God is a designer!
    Thanks for this nice post!

  • Zil_s2


  • Linux And Friends

    Amazing cloud formations. Are these clouds for real or are some of them manipulated by photoshop ?
    I mean, seeing this one – , it looks unreal doesn’t it ?

    Thanks. Made my day. :-)

  • Bronze

    Thanks for the incredible photos!

  • Lee

    I used to live in storm country so I’ve seen formations like a couple of these and they’re always the kind that make you stop and stare.

    Maybe we ARE being watched! ;)

  • dreamfalcon

    very cool collection!

  • Web Design Maidstone Kent

    aliens, ruuuuuuunnnnn

  • Michel Ribeiro


  • Optimist

    Here’s a cloud with the shape of Romania:

  • Porady

    amazing photos – thanks !!

  • Linda :)

    Some of those pics look like end-of-the-world clouds. If I’d seen them for real, I’d definitly need a change of underwear… very creepy.

  • Indrek

    These are really amazing pics.

  • Lyndsay

    Very cool. You should go to Calgary and see their Chinook clouds. Amazingly distinct.

  • CdnGal_ps

    I’ve never seen clouds THAT cool – amazing pics! :)

  • Jared

    Very cool post. I have seen a lot of them, but the one’s I haven’t seen are unbelievable.

  • Marc

    A picture I made more than a year ago in Tallinn, Estonia:

    No photoshop tricks or long shutter (normally a long shutter speed could create a shot like this, but this one had a shutterspeed of 1/40).

  • Jacques//An1ken

    Damn, Are all those for real? Some weird formations you have their. I read the Post about the tubular clouds, No explanations have been identified as of now Its pretty weird.

    Nice roundup though, keep it up bud.

  • mohamadi

    oh! very nice

  • Joel

    Here you can find lots of more cool clouds!

  • Fernando

    I am a Nature Photographer, in my web you can see a photograph of an storm in a beach with a very strange cloud formation.
    Here´s the web

    Here´s is the photo:

  • joel k.

    some of them look ‘shopped’
    most are good indead

  • Andras

    I saw this one in Iceland:

    And these pictures were taken of a storm over Budapest, Hungary:

    Not as spectacular as most of the ones above, but still interesting. :)

  • Tom

    Nice images. I photographed some funny clouds in the Syrian desert earlier this year:

  • Promotional Printing

    Man some of these clouds are out of this world I have never seen anything like them! Its hard to belive that first cloud pic is real!

  • Alvaro Hernandorena

    i bet that the 7th one was an invisible space craft (for real)

  • Akmal Adnan


  • Philip Karklins

    wow, thats trippy stuff.

  • Jason Collin Photography

    Had a great time browsing that huge collection of unreal cloud formations. Time to go back and click through to see them on flickr.

  • tsuyoshi omura

    Those clouds are so amazing…

  • Hesed

    Not surprising, if any ne would care to look up every now and again you may
    see commercial jets dropping chemical trails that may cause these strange sights
    plus many that you cannot see.
    I dn’know, just a thought maybe perhaps.
    Ooh nice Mohamadi sleepin.

    • MikeGM

      Hesed….Please, Chemical???……..get a brain. With just a nominal IQ, one would know that con-trails are composed of condensed WATER and, to a lesser extent, the products of combustion as found coming from the exhaust pipe of the average family car. OK, OK,.. Upon further thought, I suppose that water and exhaust by-products can be classified as chemical……….my bad. I would say, though, that most of the cloud formations depicted in the attached photos are a result of unusual weather conditions, NOT man made.

  • Hesed

    Here you can find many more cool clouds.

    Please tell someone else.

  • Stacy Kirkman

    I’ll never look at a cloudy day the same way again! Lovely collection – thanks for sharing!

  • Sean

    Well, better call the Ghostbusters =D

  • MyCelebrity

    This one is new. Cloud over Romania.

  • Dutch1962

    Way cool,
    God is awesome and those were inspiring.

    One cloud pic I saw was of a mouse.

  • Prajeeth

    Awesome….. no any words and infact wierdiest clouds.. :)

  • Antoinette

    found this on twitter a super wow thanks so much
    I will repost & share with twitter friends

  • Andrew

    There is no evidence that these clouds are natural. Are they photoshopped? I don’t know.

  • Marcio Almada

    The weirdest clouds I’ve ever seen and that I won’t forget! Awesome post! :D

  • Naresh

    Fantastic! Never have I had the opportunity to see all these formations in one place!! Keep it up, great place to show budding pilots how its like.

  • vamapaull
  • L

    I just found this link. You may like to take a look at it:

    (Cool Clouds for “Kids” of All Ages)

  • Azizuan Aziz

    is it for real??

  • Karl Bowers

    I smell photoshop really bad here (maybe I’m wrong or…)


    Those were so weird they looked scary…

  • Josias Gomez

    God is an awesome artist!!! wow!!

  • Ujjwal

    Nice pics. tho some appear to be photoshopped O_o

  • aj

    now that I’ve seen the weirdest clouds that i’ll ever see, I’m never looking at the sky again.

  • Suellem Barbosa

    Hey amazing pictures ! Congratulations ! These clouds are reeeally .. WHOA ! :D

  • Deewakar Kumar

    Awesome ! Superb !

  • annieofbluegables

    This blogger posted a very cool cloud picture and I immediately thought of you.

  • win

    funtastic very very amazing

  • Shawn Bird

    I totally dig those clouds. Some of those are just unbelievable. Great cloud hunting!

  • Lori

    Freaking super AWESOME!!!!~~~~())))(((((0)))))~~~~~lloorr11

  • Angelica

    In the recent months at 6:30 a.m., I spotted several cloud formations in the shape of a helix, I had never seen that before and don’t even know how to find out how that happened. These are fascinating.

  • web tasarım

    Had a great time browsing that

  • Darryl

    wicked. some of those are really insane.

  • Sjaak van Loo

    “Angel” cloud

    oktober 19 2008
    The Netherlands

  • Tabib

    Wow!…Great clouds collection!
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Vanina

    Some of those are whit photoshop but other are just incredibly beautiful and weird. Nice job!

  • Va
  • fatih


    watch this. a pair of mysterious eyes on the sky. frightening:

  • ROver

    wow! I mean Really WOW!
    2 or 3 of them , I could swear , are designed! but if you say they’re photographs , I’ll Try to Believe You!
    niCe jOb DuDe!

  • jane
  • Fouad


  • Vitezslav Valka

    Wow, this is gorgeous! Those guys should sell the photos at Pixmac and make some money ;-)

  • Fred

    There are a few of those clouds in there that if you see you want to head in the opposite direction real quick.

  • Hulla Bulla

    It is really nice, and a good place/website :)

  • poerwo

    amazing collection..I like it

  • tian

    Nice HAARP clouds!

  • Cairns

    When does the invasion start? Great photos I like the one of the Morning Glory in the Gulf.

  • car insurance estimate

    Incredible collections. I’ve seen some pretty weird clouds in my life but none compared to these. The photo taken from an airplane showing clouds in tube shape is almost unbelievable.

    Good Job!

  • Marjorie Jumisco

    Most amazing! takes my breath away. I could look at these clouds all day.

  • Tamie

    The most amazing cloud:

    It’s a circumhorizon arc, also known as Rainbow cloud :)

  • Andiyan
  • Emlak

    Those are wicked. Clouds have inspired me to write poetry before, not design directly yet…hmmm Got me thinking

  • Pete

    At least one picture made with Photoshop.

  • John Brisbane

    Nice collection. I’d like some higher res versions as desktop wallpaper.

  • Elcodigodebarras

    I found this 35 HQ images cortesy by Bostom Globe:

    I hope enjoy them!

  • Gold Coast Babe

    These are great shots – very inspirational. I’d also love to see a series of wave photos as I believe that the ocean can be as dramatic as the sky. A Stumble for your efforts :)

  • Sarah

    There was a moment when I thought why can’t I get to see one of these in real. These are beauties… would really love to capture something like this on camera.

  • Bill Olsen

    Uuuuh – third one from the sun, right?

  • Adiba
  • Gold coast girl

    I think the term “UFO clouds” is very appropriate. Amazing shots, well done.

  • viminho

    all are beautiful!!

  • Ricardo Jorge

    Coool =D
    Some of them seem completely made up

  • Ujwal

    Wow, such an awesome collection. And this post is very popular indeed with over 2000 tweets, I would like to share my collection ‘Megacosm: The Eternal Sky and Clouds’ @ I love nature and photography,I’ve shot the pics at my home during dusk.

  • Kendra

    you’ve never seen clouds like these? move to central oregon, This type of nature is a regular. it’s not UFO’s, it’s just how the pressure reacts to the mountains.

  • DailyCreative

    2012 years ar comming… Armagedon ^^

  • José Carlos


  • Priom

    Amazing stuff. Some of the pictures are almost unreal!! Enjoyed this post a lot.
    but hey, whats so inspiring about it anyway? LOL

  • utari

    so amazing..awesome

  • Chris Janus

    awesome!! some truly great shots that have already inspired some new design ideas – thanks!

  • João Pedro Pereira

    Awesome pictures, I’m amazed! Very good job!

  • chai

    great picture… very attractive cloud picture..

  • Cumolonimbus

    is anyone reading my comment?

  • Rafael


    I`ve never seen such clouds and my first impression when i scan the pictures was… “it must be fake, this cannot be real…” but seems that nature is so unpredictable and beautiful that it sometimes gives us some beautiful presents..

    Greets from Germany,

  • Jessica W

    For anyone saying these are photoshopped, here are some links that talk about these cloud formations:

    Cloud identification pages

  • Steven Scott

    I still remember seeing a cloud formation that looked JUST like 2 elephant seals fighting!

  • ardhan

    wow, beautiful cloud :) nice, i love it

  • doris

    Wow. I can’t wait to find a way to use these somehow in my next web design.

  • eric

    Great picture!!!
    amzing…. :)

  • Elizabeth Kaylene

    I could look at clouds all day. (:

  • Koje

    O my GOD…!
    How could you find that amazing pictures…??

  • Angelee

    You can’t see such clouds here in tropical countries….

  • ilham

    wow, amazing…its very beatuiful

  • doris

    i bet that the 7th one was an invisible space craft (for real)

  • Design ideas

    Wow. Great views

  • ndrew

    Is that real or just some effect???

  • sahibinden

    Cool images. great

  • Web Design Brisbane

    Is this retouched with photoshop right? It is hard to believe is real….
    Well, even if is not real, great work! :)

  • TwitterBackgrounds

    Those photographs are stunning. I’ve never seen such weird cloud formations before. Thanks for gathering those :)

  • Chris

    the video isn`t a natural cloud… it`s an russian experiment to get rid of rainclouds, the most moscow people dont know that, and still many believe in an alien spacecraft or natural clouds…

  • Brian

    nice pictures

  • S. Jackson

    The second pic freaked me out

  • Sienna

    The 13th photo looks like there is a tournado!

  • Steph

    I think maybe some of them will be photoshopped. But looks awesome still

  • Bec

    One of them looks like a pie in the sky excuse the pun

  • Peter J

    These clouds blow my mind, i dont think we get clouds like the in New Zealand

  • Joel

    Yeah the second one looks like a surfboard

  • Lori Austen

    Fantastic….I must say these are amazing pics.really weirdest clouds.

  • Richard Barrington

    the clouds were weird looking and some of the clouds were like just exploding.

  • Tina

    FLIP, how did you get all these pics. I was looking for some cool clouds for my wallpaper. This is great!. thanks

  • Web Design Brisbane

    WOW, hard to believe these form naturally!

  • RWC Brisbane

    Fab pictures. Love to see an iPhone app that randomly changes the wallpaper using images like these.

  • Stone Exporter Guy

    Love the clouds, just book marked the page. Cheers for the post.

  • Alex

    Awesome clouds man. Why dont you put it in a screensaver then sell it

  • Faiz Shafie

    awesome..when i look this pic..i felt calm..beuty of clouds

  • Angelo

    man i am totally spinning out. Are these actually real. I somehow suspect some of these clouds are done in photoshop. None the less, they are pretty darn awesome.

  • Hugo

    i must say that someones scares me, but it´s simply beautifull, i hope someday take a picture and share it with your

  • Fewos Oberstdorf

    I am a hobby photographer myself and also saw already a number of weird clouds, but your collection really tops anything! Nature is the best artist!

  • fischen

    This is a collection of very beautiful and partly bizarre clouds. For everybody who loves to watch cloud formations this is one of the best collections I have seen on the Internet.

  • phentermine

    I’ve got a nice photo of a single cloud in a shape of heart taken a few weeks ago. Maybe it’s not as strange as your ones but looks unusual. Unfortunately, it was taken using mobile phone so its quality is poor and it’s noisy. Too bad. I would post it here otherwise to extend your collection.

  • Rich

    Here area couple of excellent videos of a hang glider flying the Morning Glory cloud formation.

  • Web design Shropshire

    Wow – they are pretty awesome clouds!! And the video is pretty cool . . . Thanks for the post nice to see something a little different on here now and again.

    Cheers guys :)

  • Anon

    Clearly the only rational explanation is aliens.

  • Dennis P Kramer

    The sixth one down looks like nearly a carbon copy of some clouds I shot in NYC in the summer of 2008:

  • Sajjad

    Amazing photos…Love it

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    Awesome awesome awesome! Great photos!

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    These are awesome!

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