40 Seriously Funny Print Ads

Print adverts need to get a message across with a single image and without the recourse of interactivity that we find today on the Internet.

As interactive media expands, attention spans are getting shorter and shorter every day.

For any company trying to get their product or service out in print format, the task is ever more challenging and difficult.

Humorous ads remain one of the few effective ways to engage an audience in a very saturated advertising market. This is an area where the audience is far more receptive and still willing to pay attention.

In this post, we’ve gathered 40 hilarious and really creative ads for your enjoyment…


1. Kayaking Jumbo Peanut: Choking


2. Ambulance – Listermint Mouthwash


3. EPhone: Snakebite


4. Wolf Hot Sauce: Hand dryer


5. Hospital – Lazer Helmets


6. Utopolis, Group of Cinemas: Titanic


7. McDonald’s: The Real Milkshake


8. Nikol Baking Dish: Jacuzzi


9. McDonald’s: Billboards 200m-197m


10. Aquafresh Flexigel: Ear


11. Denver Water: Hose


12. Fresh Step: Cross-legged cats


13. Coca-Cola Light


14. KitKat


15. Mag-Lite: Buddha


16. Mischief Scissors


17. Boecker Public Health: Toilet


18. Fish – Tolnaftate cream


19. McDonald’s: Individuals


20. Fairfax/The Sydney Morning Herald: Size Change


21. BBDO Düsseldorf Recruiting: Join us


22. Utopolis, Group of cinemas: Free Willy


23. KISS FM 97.7: Father


24. Nutri Balance: Husband


25. Tesa: Bush


26. General Tire: Wrapped by Adventure


27. Covergirl Teens: Anime


28. Softlan Ultra: Wrestling


29. Oranges – Wonderbra


30. Breath – Pedigree


31. Lion – Zoo Safari


32. New Job – Career Builder


33. Zoom – Olympus


34. Sharp – WMF


35. Truck – Pepsi Light


36. Mask – Gear Drop


37. Magician – Glassex Window


38. Overloaded – 3M Scotch


39. Playground – Wonderbra


40. Pies – Pocket Pies

Which ones did you like best? Know of any other great examples? Please share them below…

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    loved these pics really cool and makes you think about how different web / interactive advertising is to print advertising

  • Chris

    Number 34.! Shouldn’t it be “WMF”?

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      Fixed, thanks…

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      • CJ

        i like your website :D

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    cool stuff. tesa, wmf & olympus adds are awesome!

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    Great collection and showcase of ads!

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    Hahaha some of these are really good! I like the Pepsi and Coke Lite ones…just very creative. We can use alot of these as inspiration…especially those who are big in the graphic advertising industry, Keep em coming!

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    KitKat bench looks cool.

  • Kike

    25. Tesa: Bush that was good… but better was the Hugo Chavez version… i hate dictators!

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    :) Thanks, made my day!

    Ads of the world has a fabulous collection of ads.


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    Great ideas. I pretty sure I like them all.

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    Love them! I soooooo want a KitKat now!

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    I really enjoy this!

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    LOL these are great. I have never seen any of these ad’s. Are they international ads?

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    Wow, that is truly amazing dude. Good stuff


  • Rutherfoo

    Wow! These totally made me start masturbating into my very own mouth whilst ironing my pants.

  • Meg

    I guess I really think people getting hit in the face by birds is hilarious because I laughed out loud at both #6 and #33! Excellent collection here, all very creative!

  • R Flowers

    Now I know to never, every buy Tesa tape…

  • http://www.agenciaweb.com.pe christian portuguez c

    Espectacular !!

  • http://www.yyzhongxin.com.cn Kevin Rao

    I like the No.19 ads.
    The mcdonald–billboard from 200 to 197m

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    Nice! I really liked the sense of creativity this advertisers have.

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    Loved the last one the most XD

  • http://www.monicadickey.com Monica

    This is a good collection! I love the cat with her legs crossed!

    Also love the Kit Kat and cassette tape one.

    The anime makeup one is pretty weird though… And the McDonalds “We don’t hire…” one is just kind of weird. I mean sure ok the point is McD’s like to hire individuals, but that doesn’t mean the people have no nationality.

  • http://www.WhenInManila.com Vince

    Number 39 for WonderBras takes the cake!!! LOL

  • http://sexidesign.com Melody

    Wow, I didn’t expect to see so many great concepts utilized for these ads..I love the one where the girl is covering her father’s eyes..haha

  • http://www.kyanmay.com KyanMay

    I like :

    philips: snake bite – seriously it happens, (dec 2008) some wacky guy twittered from the wreckage of a Continental Airlines 737 after it slid off the runway. His post
    was: “@#$%!^&*$@!#% – I was just in a plane crash!”

    McDonald’s : Individual – offensive at first, but it caught my attention and it actually share good values. Nice touch!

    Kiss FM97.7: Father – The white space law = in this case, red space. Haha, very true…hardly find anyone who doesn’t own a Ipod =P

  • http://www.flashstall.com/ Em

    Love number 9. Easy and original.

  • http://www.graphicdesignblog.org Graphic Design Blog

    Lolx….these ads were seriously funny and couldn’t stop enjoying them. However, KitKat and Aquafresh Flexigel were brilliant concepts.

    The fun part is that i haven’t seen most of these ads earlier…it was a thorough enjoyment.

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    cool photos, excellent art work

  • http://www.venturetothetop.com Dee

    Some very good ads here. Strange to see how in these comments people seems to side with certain types of ads, but there is no general consensus.

    I personally like creative ads which make me laugh a little or really stand out from the crowd.

    The Kitkat bench is superb. The McDonalds ads are also good (don’t like the milk shake so much) but the 200m and racial stereotype are so simple yet so good.

    Hats off to the Kiss FM’s – ‘I am your father’ advert, but I don’t know if I would talk about the ad rather then associate it with the advertiser.

    Soflan Ultra advert for me has it right. The comedy is based on the quality of the product, which is what makes the advert great for me.

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    40th is the best one.

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    Now I have a lot of new ideas

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    Jacuzzi is my favourite

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    #23 is my favourite… Star Wars tribute! Great!

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    This is so funny and inspirational. I have copied all the images.. thanks for the post.

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    lol, very funny

  • Jason

    I remember seeing the photo in the Glassex ad (37) used in a Viagra ad.

    • http://kateweb.org kateweb

      I was just thinking that myself , it’s not nearly as funny without thinking about a phizer product.

  • http://www.jannis-gerlinger.de Jannis Gerlinger

    haha so cute and beautyful examples :) I like the sniper

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    Funny, though these all see to promote the brand rather than the product.

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    Awesome collection, thank you for sharing.

  • Marchaux

    Great collection! Most companies would be afraid to run the Swedish McDonald’s ad; you have to read the small copy to get the point. What “those” companies don’t understand is: the outrageous type spurs you on to read the rest! Did anyone else notice the extra word in the body copy though? Lose a point for bad proofreading!

    The Kit-Kat and Denver Hose ads are my favorites. And the girl and dad in the Wonderbra ad: my girlfriend did the same to me on the street in the 70s, during the Braless Era…

  • Will Campbell

    Great photos. Love the the ideas that go into making these!

  • http://blog.lytecube.com Girish

    Hilarious, love the creativity. Proves that print ADs are still in, as long as you have the right content.

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    Damn great… I’m lovin the Olympus and Anime ads.

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    I think the best ad was the George Bush with tape. Genius!


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    Excellent collection, truly funny and brilliant !

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    SO awesomeeee!

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    Loving 39 :-) !! I admire the potential of imagination humans can have

  • cline

    Go back over the last 20 years or so and you’ll see some of these ideas are revisits and re-hashes. The BBDO one is a blatant rip off of a bloods gang hand sign “b-l-o-o-d” so that one gets no marks for creativity. A few are actually clever/new, but a most are just ‘see-say’ visual workups of pretty cliche ideas. Some are just plain stupid.

    My votes for originality/cleverness:

    Gold – 19
    Silver – 31
    Bronze – 4

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    #2 is my favorite!! no! 34 ohhh.. 35
    so much talent in here

    Conception web

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    I really enjoyed the Utopolis posters, they are great! That was a great post with some interesting, eye-catching ideas for print design.

    I’ll definitely take the comedy factor into consideration next time I’m designing print work that needs to draw attention.

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    Amazing stuff, why do I never get to see such great advertising in real life!

  • jc

    Cline, IMO, that’s *why* the BBDO ad is clever.

    I love the Kit-Kat bench, and the Coke Light. Too bad the Pepsi Light uses the same concept. Also, I hate the scissors ad… how is that fun??

  • Ed

    Good stuff. But I’d say 90% of them weren’t really produced for the client being displayed. They’re probably student ads or “spec” ads done by creatives who had an idea, but not the client. Good stuff, though.

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    Cool ads, liked 7 the most. Nr 19 has a typo in the bottom text…

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    I makes to relax in the work presure …….

    @ chennai

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    Nice pics.


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    So Funny!!!


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    Hahaha.. those ads are amazing. The hot sauce breath was the best.. I’d never forget that product.

  • Adrian

    What’s fun of 19. “McDonald’s: Individuals” ??? Do you really laugh at this? Is not a good ad, not funny, nothing.. can you explain why this (for example) is included ina lista named “40 Seriously Funny Print Ads” ???
    Can you?

    Most other are funny.

  • asma

    wawwwww !!! awesomeeee ! i <3

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    These are ALL great but you left out my favorite by Lansing Knife Sharpeners:

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    Some amazing ads, love the Pedigree one the most – I can really relate to it.

    Sweeet pooost!

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    LOL. Showed all of my coworkers today. This is hilarious. Advertising print ads at their greatest.

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    Absolutely love the Kit Kat bench, lets hope it doesn’t take a break.

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  • http://hellologic.com Nathan J. Brauer

    Oh come on. Give Bush a break. How was he supposed to know that the reporter was blind? He’s not psychic and blind people don’t have big lettering on their foreheads saying that they’re blind.

    We’ve all said said embarrassing things in our life.
    “Momma, is grandpa pregnant?” (me at 7 or 8 years old).
    “Hi, do I know you? You look familiar. I’m Nathan.” – “Ya, you just hired me last week….” (me just last year).

  • http://www.ethno-urban.fr Ethno URban

    4. Wolf Hot Sauce: Hand dryer
    9. McDonald’s: Billboards 200m-197m
    13. Coca-Cola Light
    14. KitKat
    31. Lion – Zoo Safari

    Are my favourites!!!

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    Lots of new ideas…
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