Mind Blowing Hyperrealistic Sculptures

Artists that produce photorealistic sculptures, for the most part, aim to show us our bodies and life as it really is.

Technically, artists who strive for a high resolution level of detail in painting or sculpture are called “hyperrealists”, although all hyperrealists are also considered to be photorealists.

Every detail is slavishly recreated as close to the real life model as possible, even if the sculpture is larger than the original scale.

Photorealistic sculptors create truly amazing sculptures that will make you feel wonder, revulsion and the sense of looking in someone else’s mirror.

In this post we feature sculptors Ron Mueck, Evan Penny, Jamie Salmon, Duane Hanson, Sam Jinks and Adam Beane who produce sculpture that seems alive in every detail, right down to veins and rashes on skin. This compilation should give you a cross section of modern photorealistic sculpture.


Ron Mueck

Ron Mueck is one of the premier names in the photorealistic sculpture field. He used some of his talent to create visual effects for the 1986 movie Labyrinth.

After that he opened up a studio to produce visual effects for the advertising industry, which he was successful at for some time. In 1996 he transitioned completely into fine art, devoting all of his time to photorealistic sculpture.

He is best known for faithfully reproducing all aspects of the human body in either a larger or smaller than life scale. His work has been featured in art galleries all over the world, including the Tate in London.


Evan Penny

Age spots, wrinkles, and every detail of a face are featured in the work of Toronto artist Evan Penny.

He generally produces head-and-shoulders busts larger than life size, and implants each hair one strand at a time while creating his sculptures.

Like Mueck, Penny has an extensive background in special effects for film, and his effects have been featured in X-Men and Johnny Mnemonic.


Jamie Salmon

Vancouver sculptor Jamie Salmon uses human hair to help accentuate his photorealistic sculptures.

Together with fellow artist Jackie K. Seo, they form Avatar Sculpture Works. Salmon uses a complex, multi-stage process to create each piece that can take weeks to months to acheive the realistic details that he is known for.


Duane Hanson

Hanson was one of the pioneers of photorealistic sculpture.

After acheiving a Masters of Fine Arts and teaching high school art, he created his first photorealistic sculpture in 1966.

He specialized in horrific tableaus, such as his first work, Hanson’s Abortion, which documented a “backroom” abortion. He started producing more simplistic, single-person sculptures in the 1970’s.


Sam Jinks

Australian sculptor Sam Jinks creates hyperrealistic sculptures from silicone.

He too has been a film and television special effects wizard for 11 years, having spent the last 5 years primarily on his own art. His works feature oddities such as a fox’s head on a man’s body and a man hanging by the armpits on pegs.

He names renaissance artists such as Bosch as his inspiration.


Adam Beane

Beane only began sculpting in 2002 and developed his own material, called CX5, to lend even more detail to his hyperrealistic action figure sculptures.

The material handles like clay when warm, but is as hard as plastic when it is cool. He is known primarily for his posed action figures.

What do you think of this form of art? Share your thoughts with us…

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    Speechless… incredible~

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    Fantastic post!

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  • http://www.trashness.com creativeblondes

    Ron Mueck is my absolute favorite! SNOECKS (Benelux annual art book) had a really interesting interview with him. I find it very artistic that these artists found a way to kind of ‘shock’ people with the most common human body types.

    By the way: I like the fact that you post this non-graphicdesign related posts. One of the most important things for graphic designers is to get inspiration from normal-world artworks.

    • http://www.webdesignerdepot.com Walter

      Yep, that’s the whole idea :)

    • Tonya

      TO: Creative Blondes

      I am sorry, but I disagree with you.
      I am a website designer and I must say that ALL graphic designs are also works of art.
      Graphic designs are just displayed in a digital form which is what makes it different from other types of art.

      Other forms of art such as seen here or even art that is displayed on paper or canvas, etc are not “normal-world artworks” as you put it. Art is art no matter what form it is in.
      Every artist is UNIQUE and deserves recognition for their art no matter what form
      the art is being displayed in. God is also an artist. Just look at the beautiful world that
      He has created and you will soon see that art is literally everywhere and in everything.


      • creativeblondes

        I totally agree with you. I never said webdesign wasnt art, i just wanted to point out that I like the fact that WDD posts articles that aren’t only webdesign related, but rather also inspiring us with art in the more traditional way of the word. As a graphic designer myself, wheter it’s digital or not, every creative output is art to me. Sometimes things that aren’t even ment as art, are still very capable of inspiring me, and therefore I see them as art too. The difference with design is that design is also focused on usability. I think even code is art, or Code is Poetry (-Wordpress).

      • Geo

        Larger than life realistic sculptures take lots of time. The size alone gives the artist plenty of room and time to do & redo until the desired state of “realism” or “shock”is achieved.

        There is enough agony and pain in everyday life, in reality that I don’t see the “art” in it, only an attention getting gimmick. I want art to leave me with an emotion, but not an emotion of pain, illness or loneliness. That will come to all of us if we live long enough. When one looks into a mirror and sees oneself emaciated, weak and without hope, would you consider that art or a product of the fortunes of life and genes?

        I appreciatedthe work of Adam Beane. Creating reality in miniature takes talent and patience. It reminds me of the ancient miniature mud sculptures of China. I also liked the unfinished elements of the work of Jamie Salmon. All the rest reminds me of wax figures found at Madame Tassaud’s, only larger.

        I am a retired commercial artist, art director or graphic designer, whatever the current term may be, from back in the day when a designer had to know how to draw.

        I feel that very few web designers are artists. They should be call WebDesignTechs or something just as inocuous. They know software and keystrokes. Very few can draw freehand, which I consider a basic talent of being an artist: commercial, web, fine or otherwise. Todays web designers, in general, do not understand color, typography or the use of white space.
        Most web pages remind me of a Chinese restaurant menu from the 50’s. Choose a font from Column A, a layout from Column B, fill in your copy and Voila! A web page.

        Basically, I’m not impressed, repulsed–yes.

      • Kezo2K10


        It’s exactly that archaic belief that still keeps the stereotype of digital art as effortless fluff alive, of which you’re (Presumably) still going by information 20+ yrs old shows what a relic you’ve become, I say relic because you refuse to accept a changing environment by refusing to adapt your knowledge and talent towards new techniques and tools..A prerequisite of many graphic designers ironically enough!

        Regardless whether you might accept this or not, there are MANY graphic, and digital artists that originated (And quite often still do) in traditional arts. However, the relic that refuses to accept adaptation is impossible to educate, let alone convince themselves of that fact anyways, so you’ll go to your grave not knowing the benefits, and new experiences offered in such “Newfangled” ways of doin’ things.

        Which is such a shame.

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    My Jaws are still open…

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    I’m absolutely speechless how realistic they are. Simply amazing.
    Can’t even pick a favorite, they’re all sooo good.

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    Crazy stuff! Love it.

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    Amazing man how do they do it ?? attaining so much perfections.

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    OMG… Incredible :)

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    Wow! This is really stunning! What amazing details..

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    Pygmalion would fall in love, and Michelangelo would weep, and then both would get to work. Furiously. A new Pietá or Galatea would be given to the world.

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    Thats just impossible!
    So well done. Must take loads of time. i wouldn’t have the patience.

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    amzing. Duane Hanson was the first to do this stuff FYI.

    • jon

      People have been making realistic statues for thousands of years…

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    WoW :) Awesome sculptures. Unbelievable stuff. Surely speechless. Thanks for sharing this nice post.

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    Great works. Very realistic.

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    Totally Amazing stuff, some of them I couldnt believe were not real people

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    They are great but i didn’t like them, they make me unconfortable and a bit scared.

    • Jeff

      Then they’ve done their job. Art must evoke a reaction or emotion. It isn’t specified which emotion or reaction.

    • Abdul Akbar

      Yah, You are right. Me too.

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    dunno what to say really!

    i’m interested with the action figures.

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    I’ve seen two of these unbelievable sculptures live, in an Art Gallery in Australia – phenomenal – scary – as lifelike as cloning.

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    I’ve seen these pieces before. They’re really disturbing. Why is this art?

    • http://www.kenforst.com/ Ken Forst

      Other disturbing works include Michaelangelo’s “Pieta”, Picasso’s
      “Guernica”, innumerable scenes of Christ’s crucifixion from centuries of church art, many WPA posters showing wounded G.I.’s etc., so now you can try to avoid those places that show them. There’s no law that says art has to be pleasant, but you certainly can find plenty of safe stuff (like Thomas Kincaid’s!) if that’s your pleasure.

    • Secretsauce

      Because it’s disturbing.

      Sit down and think about what it is that disturbs you. Try to put your finger on it. The more difficult it is, the more it makes you really wonder about why oversized, or partial, or just *slightly* distorted but lifelike humans are “disturbing”, the more it makes you really *think* about why you *feel* things … the more it is art.

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    Wonderful imagination, creativity and perfect execution. My God most look so real.
    Thanks guys.

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    fantastic sculpture, err! realistic instinct

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    Unbelievable… Just think how much effort and time they put just for one piece of art.. Amazing!

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    I had the chance of Mueck and Hanson works in person: amazing!

  • Viki

    is this what we called web design? Why every web design blog has to put some sculptures and artwork post in it? This is nothing to do with web design at all.

  • Erica G.M.

    I’m so f-ing impressed at this! I think one of these awesome sculptures should make faces and offer them to face damage victims so they can go out and wear their faces to feel more included in the world like Carla Nash for example. Thats my high recommend for someone to persuade that with their talent/skill and then they can meet with someone to be able to put technology wiring that you can take off and won’t hurt the skin… that the wiring can work with the muscles but it’s not implanted. (I know what I’m thinking and I am trying to explain it as best as I can on here.

    Kudos and many many stars to these artists! Keep it up! :)

  • Kelley Addis

    It’s amazing to me that now, more than ever, in a world of photoshop and airbrushing, perfection and plastic surgery, a life like representation of average people is considered a beautiful piece of art. BRAVO! I simply love it. I think that this reminds us that everyone is beautiful in their own special way and reflects something about ourselves.

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    Thanks for this one!

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    no doubt, this is remarkable. but why so ugly? babies are not that creepy in real life

    • Claypusher

      Actually, a very faithful reproduction of newborn babies, which take a while to turn cute. There are plenty of baby dolls out there in toy stores, these artists are showing an aspect of babies, and other “regular” people that we aren’t used to seeing in mass media.

    • Jack

      Ditto on the ugly. Opposite of the Greeks. The subjects are uglier than you would expect even from random selection.

    • sneet

      maybe you’re not as creepy in real life either. maybe you’re more creepy. its all a matter of perspective, isn’t it? one man’s recreation is another man’s addiction and too much ketchup ruins the ice cream. i think i made my point, and i await your apology

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      Some babies are. I noted that you have a somewhat large nouse.

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    All of them are incredible

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    It is exactly that: WOW! Great collection! Great works!

    @Viki: Try to look beyond your own nose. Design is design is design and inspiration comes from different sources. Some of the sculptures are so haunting, that they will influence my perception, my ideas, my inspiration – my websites… Think about it!

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    I don’t get why none of these sculptures is smiling!

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    great work, i like the work from Jamie Salmon

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    Wow, some of them are astonishing and totally livelike. Wow O_O

  • kes

    Ron Mueck is great. – I’ve seen a few of his sculptures.
    nr 8 impressed me very much. – the sculpture is huge and reminds me of gollum :D

    Sam Jinks’ sculptures scares me. – especially no. 5 – There is something disturbing about the babys face. – reminds me of japanese horror movies.

  • Wishing Master Mind

    Very realistic sculptures,the last one by Sam Jinks is so peaceful,just by looking at it i felt so calm,the last one by Duane Hanson reminds me that a one day i would be sitting alone with an empty bag in my hands comparing my life’s empitness,the sculptures by Jamie Salmon captures the emotions beautifully,the expressions help me understand the feelings of the realization, the pain and finally the calm,the sculptures of Evan Penny and Ron Mueck are also amazing,and i would also like to compliment Adam Beane for his sculptures, they are also good.
    All of them are very beautifull and they do reflect the understanding of the artist about the world and the people living in it.
    So true, so amazing, so realistic, so deep.

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    The most amazing thing I have seen for years – WOW

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    awesome! like human-like droids from the future

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    They’re amazing but more than a little freaky.

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    Pretty amazing…

    Should show 3d images of them at the new Leicester Digital Media centre… see http://leicesterdigitalmedia.com as they have some great technology to do 3d displays.

  • http://broughman.us Ottis Do’Urden

    It’s a terrible injustice that these sculptures are reduced to a “photorealistic” label; bypassing the fact that these sculptures resemble life and as life, exist in three dimensions. Hyper- and photo-realistic aren’t exactly interchangable and certainly “photorealistic” has no business in the description of these sculptures. Pull your nose away from a computer monitor and visit a museum in the flesh, expand your mind and your vocabulary. You’ll find little use for “photorealistic” descriptions even amongst two dimensional work by the hands of master artists working from life. It’s like seeing a breast on google images Vs. actually being able to suck on the nipple.

  • http://broughman.us Ottis Do’Urden

    It’s a terrible injustice that these sculptures are reduced to a “photo-realistic” label; bypassing the fact that these sculptures resemble life and as life, exist in three dimensions. Hyper- and photo-realistic aren’t exactly interchangeable and certainly “photo-realistic” has no business in the description of these sculptures. Pull your nose away from a computer monitor and visit a museum in the flesh, expand your mind and your vocabulary. You’ll find little use for “photo-realistic” descriptions even amongst two dimensional work by the hands of master artists working from life. It’s like seeing a breast on Google Images Vs. actually being able to suck on the nipple.

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    Wow, I like image 41. I will definitively try this with a picture of me – very cool effect and good inspiration!

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    O M G!!! Those are effing AWESOME! I cannot believe how realiztic they are and supersized even! Absolutley incredible!!

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    Boring, why not take photos of real people instead?

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      your comment is boring.

      • gg

        Your reply is boring and pointless. Just because someone doesn’t like this particular type of art you have to comment negatively…what an idiot.

    • sneet

      is tearing off a fresh scab boring? why not just let the wound heal? i’ll tell you why. scabs taste better when they are fresh and you get to feel the pain all over again. now pay me!

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    Amazing and a bit scary….the perfection acheived is mindblowing !

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    amazing to capture that depth of emotion. esp Mueck’s woman in the bed with hand on her face

  • Walter
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    Like taking a stroll down Market Street!

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    Ok, that’s just awesome. I mean – the people in clothing – i could not, in any way, tell they are sculptures. They look 1:1 like a real person. This is truly godly skill.

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    Oh my gosh! I literally had to stare at those for a while to make sure that they weren’t real. Those are truly amazing, especially the ones that are super large.

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    Absolutely amazing… Really blew my mind off!

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    Nice, but surely Mme Tussaud’s and such places has been doing such things for centuries.

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    Fantastic work from the artists! Thanks for sharing it with us

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    Simply amazing!!!!!

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    Mind = explode Damn, incredible talent. I love them :)

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    Creepy freaky but awesome!

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    What beautiful work! I love the contrast in both colors (skin tones vs. hair colors) and size (reality vs. the sculptures themselves). I love that it makes life seem alien to the viewers.

    I think that I’m going to have to do some sketches of the different pieces just to see if I can capture any of the wonderful sense of alien reality that these present!

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    A-mazing. Super impressive line-up.

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    There’s help available for these people.

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    Cool and creepy at the same time.

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    amazing, Jamiw Salmon is my fav, the bold guy with the piercing and the guy with the eyes shut are incredible

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    I love how the only black person sculpture is a janitor.

    Otherwise, totally effing cool!

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    Great Collection. I found your web site very useful.

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    This proves that robots will look human someday.

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    WOW – incredible! :O
    This is art!! :D

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    Very creepy. I found myself looking at some of these from behind my hand haha. But incredible. Great work.

  • Jay

    I was flabbergasted at Hanson’s work which depicts Americans as overweight slobs. A real eye opener. It would be a shame if that’s the image that persists over the centuries.

    • Stoney

      That’s pretty much the image the rest of the world has of us now – other than emaciated models.

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    Where can i see an exhibition of these sculptures?

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    That is just freaking wild!!! and so realistic. thanks for the post…stumbleupon it.

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    Why spend so much time glorifying the mundane or the downright ugly, in immaculate detail? I prefer art that glorifies the beautiful.

    • Claypusher

      Seeing the beautiful in the mundane, and even the ‘ugly’ is part of what great artists do. There’s plenty glorification and dictation of ‘beautiful’ in advertising. They can have it.

    • jamie

      go prefer your “beautiful” justin…we’ll be just fine without it…

  • Tim

    I would also thrown in Mark Sijan, he does the art fair circuit, but his work is incredible and stop people in their tracks.


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    These are unbelievable. I would love to have one sitting in my house when I have company over. People would be like who is that?

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    The realism is astounding and even disturbing at times. I can’t even image the skill it takes to do something like that.

    This makes me think: Past civilizations carved giant statues out of materials at hand, statues of heroes and gods and other various cultural icons. We have learned a lot about past civilizations by excavating and studying such art. In light of that, I can’t help but wonder what excavators and scholars of the future (perhaps thousands of years in the future) will think of us when they uncover some of these things.

    “Good grief!” exclaims future excavator, “What kind of gods or heroes did these people have?”

    “Apparently,” explains future scholar, “all they had was themselves.”

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    Why didn’t you post any Maurizio Catellan’s work?

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    Greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat i saw this art first time!!!!

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    “This proves that robots will look human someday.”

    Verbatim what I was going to say! This has “Terminator” written all over it.

    Reconstructive surgery isn’t even this good usually (unfortunately.) Mind boggling.

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    Simply amazing! These are truly incredible. Thanks for sharing.

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    wow… they all look so realistic, thxs for sharing these amazing pics ;)

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    Could you use your fantastic skills to help rebuild people? Then, off to Cyberdyne Systems or the Tyrell Corporation.

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    That reminds me, I want a death mask made of me when I go.

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    amazing!!! soo amazing! i was almost sad to think there were emotionless!

    i believe the only think that gives them away is the eyes. I think no artist had got it right yet

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    This picture is very interesting and very well liked and I hope to take my photo with that statue..

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    OMG. This is truly incredible. I must say, the human mind is God’s greatest creation.

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    Awesome! I want a robot that looks this real! Nice stuff!

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    Eh, I’ve seen better. A for effort though. Good job.

  • Greekgoddess

    these are incredible. horrendous and wonderful at the same time. It would be great to see some of happy, vibrant, healthy, muscular or beautiful people though, instead of the ones depicted that look downright ill or desperately unhappy.

  • http://bryanthatcher.com Bryan thatcher

    I’ve see a few if these in real life, one you feel abut strange looking at them, like staring at a person, two creepy, three, astounding

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    Freak-ay!!! I’ve seen stuff like this at the Wax Museum.

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    awesome works!!!

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    Amazing work. Nothing else to say! :o

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    Thank you. Truly amazing work, both technically and emotionally – extraordinary glimpses into the details of what IS.

    Yet art can be more than descriptive… as these… and more than evocative… as these… reaching beyond both to be both creative and inspirational. Art has the possiblity of taking a leading role in the future of mankind… as these do not.

    Examples of art as creative, inspirational and visionary may be found at the web site of Jan Praet – http://www.janpraet.com

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    I am very surprised in their details, so exquisite and vivid.

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    Amazing, I want to check it life.

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    Truly incredible and amazing artwork….

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    Amazing……These guys are really artist.

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    Those are some of the most incredible statues I have ever seen.

    Thank you.

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    Wow, this is… wow!

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    I’ve featured Ron Mueck at my blog before, yep amazing work.

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    Awesome art !!

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    they are great. i love them and congreduate to you…

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    Some amazing work.. you can read an interview with sam jinks here http://www.australianedge.net/2009/11/interview-with-sam-jinks/

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    Spectacular! Spectacular!

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    off the chain! very thought-provoking. thanks!

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    Wow. I have never seen anything like this before. I have seen some photorealistic paintings but this is just insanity.

  • niftynei

    add a few pistons, some wires, an endoskeleton, and a little artificial intelligence….and


    realistic robots.

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    Pretty awesome…giants are cool =)

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    i love hanson’s sculpture of the cleaning lady.

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    It is hard to believe these are sculptures. When you see the larger than life sculptures you see the people standing around viewing them, it is only at this stage you take a step back and think wow, how does they do it. Truly remarkable work.

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    Wonderful post, just amazing!

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    Truly mind blowing.It shows that there is no limit of what man can do.

  • http://www.cure-for-infertility.weebly.com Sanjeev Tiwari

    Truly mind blowing.

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    wow..!! awesome. amazing works.

  • Doris Fields Isles


    Totally awesome!! I’ve never seen anything so incrediable. I’d love to have a “small” version of my Dad’s head, who died in 1959 at age 37. I could then remember who I lost and all the good memories we shared during the 11 years I knew him. The more I saw, the more I wanted to see. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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    Great collection!

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    I was blown away by the talent of all of these artist. The time and patience , it must take to complete any of these pieces especially the ones of Ron Muesks, that are sooooooo huge.

    My favs are Duane Hanson.

    I live in the Seattle area and hope that an exhibit will come our way.

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    Just amazing….Imagine the work the artists put into these sculptures….mind blowing…

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    Incredible post. I especially enjoyed Ron Mueck’s extra large sculptures. I’d love to see some of these up close and truly see how much detail there is.

    Looks like a great exhibition!

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    I wonder how they achieve that moist skin.

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    Man, Iam speechless, this is awesome! I’ve got some clay here, too but I never tried to model something with it. I think I was a little bit lazy and used ZBrush for modeling :-)

  • Zathros

    I agree with “just george” th eyes give them away. BUT……These are amazing and I would be humbled to be able to have one of these.
    The artists are true artists.

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    As I scrolled to each picture of the sculptures I felt a a sense of compassion for each of them. All of them express the frailty of our own emotions.How complex we are, how venerable we all can be can at any given moment. I didn’t want to see them and yet I did, I was scared to admit that I am them. They brought out all my emotions. The art of them is what it pulled out of me.

    • Jack

      Er, I don’t think the artist has compassion in mind for at least some of these subjects: e.g., the cleaning woman and the bourgeois tourist. Try contempt and mockery.

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    …madan Tusso?
    if boys will have something with fantasy, I can present free idea :next step-giperrealistic sculpture of clothes: shoes,trouses…
    better when people notice real pain around and help real people, which need it,then they go to galleries as to zoo,to see on big cold coloring modern photorealistic sculpture
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    excuse for my englisH:)

    Olya from Russia,YstPizdunsk,10 years :)

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    One of those, the fat guy sitting in a corner giving the camera a dirty look, was on the front cover of DISCOVER Magazine.

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  • the Devictimizer 9000

    first off, i admit the level of detail is incredible down to every last tedious pore. but to be honest i find most of the finished results a little boring. aside from the hyperrealism, there isnt a very exciting artistic expression being made here(i like the one with the giant dude who has a bunch of people staring at him). maybe you have to see it in person to get the full effect. ::shrugs::

    • http://www.andrewrreed.com areed

      I am in agreement. Please see my post below (#179.)

  • Lars

    I remember seeing Ron’s work & one of the others years ago ( you really should include a picture of Ron’s ‘Dog/Human mother with pups’ (?)(don’t remember actual title).
    I did not realize so many other prolific artists were active as well – thank you.
    A thought that came into my mind was – ” how refreshing… this is what the world needs more of – reality”. Then the irony set in – I think that’s also part of the impact of these pieces.

  • http://www.andrewrreed.com AReed

    Clearly a shift in paradigm. Recall ancient Egyptian, Roman & particularly Greek sculptures celebrating not a real human form but rather an idealized form. We now, and with the advent of Pop, celebrate the mundane. Isn’t an heroic scaled sculpture of a bag lady just that? There are socio-political implications.. obviously, commentary on our grossly shallow society perhaps? Think Koons????

  • Gopal Prajapati

    Surely the lots of bless from god in your mind and hand.
    wishes for go into deep and deep to the god of art, which you have already :)

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    Highly impressive, very talented artist! Unbelievable!
    Too bad that I’m so sensitive and I freak out when I see the first images…
    But certainly a true art… not only because they reflect the human body so well, but those statues all say something… like they would live!

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  • Art Lover

    These are truly amazing.

    But it is more fuel for my ongoing argument with my fiance (who is a 3D artist) – why do these artists ONLY do sculptures of white people? With the exception of one black lady (who of course is a fat, ugly cleaning lady), two Asians (the sumo wrestler and the woman who is stunning) EVERYONE else is white. Am I the only person who thinks this would be even more interesting if there was some diversity?

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    Extremely realistic by the looks of it. If they don’t have a distinctive human smell, one might even fail to notice that these are sculptures.

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    yes your right that graphic design etc is still art and they can call themselves artists/designers, but we all know what skills is involved with learning with ones hands, anyone can learn computer software, and it also helps you in many ways that traditional art does not.
    traditional art is done with creativity, talent and skill.

    • http://geo Geo Mikedes

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    amazing what some people are capable of artistically.

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    i was impressed with the realism but its just a bunch of ugly people id rather not look at. if they were real they’d have something interesting to say but they’re not real and they#re butters. plus the poses are boring. it does have potentiAL (SPELLING) Though.

    adam beane’s were the best

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    Is this all by hand? They do not use molds and casts?

    I am wondering if some of these artists are thinking of collaborating with the android programs in Japan?