WDD Launches Mobile Version with Mobify

Today we’re pleased to announce the official launch of the mobile version of Webdesigner Depot.

Thanks to the awesome team and service of Mobify, we were able to easily deploy a mobile version for WDD, which loads extremely quickly and makes it easy to browse our content when you’re on the go on your mobile phone.

Why did we create a mobile version? Mobile access is growing 30% every year. While WDD was optimized to load quickly on your desktop, the same format is not best suited to a mobile device. A more streamlined version was needed, and that’s when Mobify came to our rescue.

The mobile version now carries specially optimized images that load quickly on your mobile phone as opposed to loading the full sized images which are better suited for broadband connections.

Mobify is a service that makes WordPress, Drupal and other websites mobile-friendly. Supports iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and 5000+ other devices. It includes some great features such as Google Analytics, custom domain and branding, CMS plugins and SSL security.

The basic service is free and there are paid plans available for advanced options. How does it work? Mobify doesn’t like ‘complicated’ – the process is kept simple and easy.

To get started, you’d simply click on the different elements of a live website to make them a part of the mobile layout.

Then, deploy one of the mobile device detection plugins provided by Mobify.

Whenever a mobile user visits, Mobify generates a real-time mobile version, optimizing images, styles and advertising for the small screen.

Designing for mobile used to be difficult, requiring style hacks and support for many screen sizes.

Mobify allows web designers to reuse existing CSS, working with familiar classes and elements.

It’s also possible to add content just for mobile, like maps or contact information.

Mobify stores the mobile layout and optimizes content in real-time for devices used by the visitors.

The service integrates with the full site, capturing mobile traffic originating from Twitter, Google and social networks. Since every page gets a mobile version, users get exactly the content they were looking for.

JavaScript, WordPress, Drupal, ExpressionEngine and Apache device detection plugins are provided.

For more information, take the tour below:

Although Mobify is barely a year old, its success speak for itself with many leading websites in the web development industry adopting Mobify’s technology. Check out some of them below:

Here are some testimonials from well known webmasters:

“Extremely impressed with how easy it was! The entire process has been incredibly enjoyable and I have already begun recommending Mobify to my friends and colleagues.” Matt Bango, The New York Times.

“It looks sharp and still feels very light. Everything fits perfectly on the iPhone’s screen, and it feels very true to the original. It’s brilliant!” Veerle Pieters, Duoh.com

“OH MY HEAVENS TO GOD, IT’S FREAKIN’ GORGEOUS. And works perfectly. And it’s so damn smart! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Jeffrey Zeldman, AListApart.com

It was really easy to set up the mobile version of JustCreativeDesign through Mobify’s dashboard… the interface behind the scenes of Mobify is quite easy to use and I had the mobile version customized within 20 minutes of signing in to their site. – Jacob Cass, JustCreativeDesign

I worked extensively to customize everything for the best possible results.

A very special thanks to the Mobify team: Igor Faletski, Nick Foster, John Boxall and Peter McLachlan. Thanks guys for helping us out to deliver WDD in the best possible way to our mobile users!

To check out the mobile version, simply point your mobile phone ‘s browser to www.webdesignerdepot.com and it will redirect you automatically, or you can enter the mobile version directly by going to m.webdesignerdepot.com on your phone.

I highly recommend Mobify’s service to port any of your websites to the mobile world, I couldn’t be happier and I’m sure it will do the same for your sites.

What do you think of WDD’s new ‘mobified’ version? Share your comments and questions below…

  • http://www.trashness.com creativeblondes

    Sweet! I just now tried in on my iPhone and it works great. I can see the whole web starting to use Mobify from now! I’m gonna look into it myself, never heard of it.

  • Uncle_zed

    Yes, Works great on iPhone.
    Good job.:)

  • http://www.creativecriminals.com Creative Criminals

    Look great! and works perfect!

  • http://www.smashingshare.com/ Waheed Akhtar

    Well done. Great job!

  • http://www.newmediacampaigns.com/page/designing-for-the-mobile-web Joel Sutherland

    We just went through this process on our blog. Our goal was to target all Mobile Webkit browsers — IPhone, Android and WebOS. Here is a blog post on how we did it:


    The process turned out to be surprisingly straightforward. I would guess that a lot of sites will be doing this in 2010. It could be a great opportunity for designers/developers to earn extra business.

  • http://www.theinternetjournalist.com Michael Struwig


    Looks great! I can’t wait to get browsing on my iPod Touch while sitting on the toilet or something ;)

    Very nice!

    • http://www.webdesignerdepot.com Walter

      I’m at a loss for words to respond to that :)

      • Russ

        Haha People will go to great lengths to read the valuable content on WDD…

        You have just made it even easier for them ;)

  • http://www.designfollow.com/ designfollow

    great look

    good luck

  • http://vector.laroouse.com esranull

    very nice post I like thanks webdesignerdepot

  • Håkan Johansson

    Oh, nice!

  • http://marcel-birkner.de Marcel

    Wow that is great! and works perfect for your site.

  • Alex

    Doesn’t seem to like my blackberry much…

    • http://mobify.me Igor Faletski

      Hey Alex, what kind of BlackBerry you got?

      Igor // Mobify

  • arie

    i’m sorry, your menu is not fit on my 6300. I use opera mini. T.T

  • http://www.orphicpixel.com Mars

    wow congrats, this will boost more readers to your website.

  • http://jhaygamba.com Jhay GAmba

    Looking great on my E71 smartphone but does the ‘Add Comment’ really works?

    • http://www.webdesignerdepot.com Walter

      Do you experience problems with it? What’s the issue exactly?



  • http://rupensharma.blogspot.com Rupen Sharma

    I have a Nokia and the images don’t show up. The text reads just fine. Nice upgrade.

    • http://mobify.me Igor Faletski

      Hey Rupen, can you be more specific about what Nokia you’ve got?

      Igor // Mobify

  • http://www.empfehlenswert-wien.at wien

    great work

  • RoaldA

    Awsome, this will be nice when I get my iPhone! :D

  • http://davemiers.com dave miers

    looks great guys.

    good job team.

  • http://www.bilderbuchleben.de Dennis

    Yeah it works great on my iPhone and i looove webdesignerblogspot!

  • xijee

    Looks great on iPhone but posting comments doesn’t work. Tried on iPhone 3g. When you press “add comment” nothing happens.


    • http://mobify.me Igor Faletski

      Some JavaScript was missing, all is well now. Thanks for reporting this =))

      Igor // Mobify

  • http://kalimfleet.net web2000

    Nice review of a simple application that many people can use to get their website online without bothering the end user about different web addresses.

  • Michel

    It doesn’t seem to fit on my HTC Touch Diamond.

  • http://www.note11.com Anders Bakfeldt

    OK it seems to me that they gave it to you for free in return for shameless promotion of their product on your website.

  • http://www.brettjankord.com Brett

    @ Alex, yeah it doesnt seem to like my Blackberry either. I know the Blackberry browser renders things a bit differently then Safari mobile or Opera mobile. Still like the mobile site though, I wish more companies would adopt creating mobile versions of their site. Yet I think its best to actually code your mobile site yourself if you want consistent results across as many mobile devices as possible.

  • http://iziner.com Gary Stephen Callaghan

    This is great mobify is a brilliant service, i’ve used it before but i think i’ll really need to look inot it again for my new site. I’m glad i can now easily browse WDD on my blackberry.

  • http://theyoboo.blogspot.com Stelian

    works nice on my n81. The first line of every comment goes under the avatar though. And a link to scroll to older posts on the front page would be nice. I like it

  • http://www.emlakx.net Emlak

    Haha People will go to great lengths to read the valuable content on WDD…

    You have just made it even easier for them