Win 5 Free Copies of ‘Fancy Form Design’

We’re partnering once again with the awesome folks at SitePoint to bring you another great giveaway for one of their latest books.

The book this time is called Fancy Form Design and it guides you through the creation of beautiful forms for your websites.

Forms need not be ugly, they can be beautiful, too, and their coding can now be hassle free.

We will give away a total of 5 copies of the book, and the contest will run for a week, with the results announced on December 1st.

To get a chance to win, please follow the guidelines for participation after the jump.

Fancy Form Design is a complete, step-by-step guide to creating beautiful web forms that are aesthetically pleasing, highly functional, and compatible across all major browsers.

All aspects of stunning form creation are covered in this book—from layout and composition through to best-practice CSS and HTML—topped off with a touch of JavaScript sparkle!

  • Plan your design with prototyping, visitor profiles, and use cases
  • Use grids, color, typography, icons, and texture in your design
  • Code with usable, accessible, and meaningful markup
  • Style with proven CSS tricks and techniques
  • Give your forms the “wow” factor with JavaScript

The book was written by Derek Feathersone, Tim Connell and Jina Bolton. You can learn more about the authors here.

You can download a free sample by following this link.

To enter in this contest, simply follow SitePoint’s account on Twitter @sitepointdotcom and post your own twitter username in the comment’s section of WDD below.

Don’t have Twitter? Simply register for the SitePoint Forums and post your username in the comments below.

The winners will be announced on December 1st and will be contacted by email directly.

Good luck to everyone!

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    Would love to win this book, from what I have read it looks great, and I would like to compare it to Web Form Design by Luke Wroblewski.

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    Oh Man I would love this book! Especially right now, I have a client who’s site is very very form heavy! Appreciate the opportunity guys..



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    Fancy Form Design sounds like an amazing resource in developing the best form with usability and accessibility in mind!

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