Happy New Year!!!

Design, Web Design | Dec 31, 2009

On behalf of myself and the entire WDD team, we’d like to wish you a very happy, healthy and successful 2010!!!

Thanks for your support in 2009; we hope you learned a few good things here while having fun and getting inspired at the same time.

The next year will be also full of great content and inspirational posts, and we’ll cover a bit more of the technical side of design as well.

And there’s ‘one more thing’… we’ll be launching another website in early 2010… stay tuned to our RSS feed and follow our tweets @DesignerDepot to be the first to know.

We wish you much success in your design career in the year ahead and all the best to you and your loved ones… Here’s to an awesome 2010…

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  • jeprie

    Hope to find better articles next year. great work mate.

  • khusaam

    Happy New Year and keep up the great work :)

  • Aidan

    Happy and a fruitful Year 2010 in the Design and development industry!

    Looking forward to a even better WDD!

  • mokin

    Happy New Year!!! Thank for share knowledge.

  • sriganesh

    Wish you very happy new year WDD | 2010 be successful to you and all :D

  • creat!ves

    Happy new year too you too! Anothers site huh ? By the way.. The movie was kind of a shock :P

  • Aussie

    Good stuff – I catch your feed and it’s fairly edble. Cool Bananas.

    Ha ha . . . Happy New Year, and Thanks . . . . from The FeedReaders

  • xijee

    Yes, happy new year. Just a day early :P

  • markinyan

    Guys, thanks for your great site. Happy New Year!!! :-)
    Don’t drink too much :-)

  • ev149

    Happy New Year! Can’t wait to see more great articles in ’10!

  • arnold

    Happy new year WDD.I Love this site. Im excited to see the other website. yay!

  • alan

    Happy New Year from London:)!

  • Lucas Cobb

    Thanks for all the articles this year. Looking forward to another great round of them in 2010.

  • Stoian Kirov

    We have exactly 5h 30min to go i n Bulgaria.
    Happy new year everyone !!!! :):):)

  • Design Informer

    Another website? I can’t wait.

    Keep up the great work Walter and the rest of the writers/team.

    I hope you have a successful and prosperous new year!

  • Milos Milikic

    It’s nice being with you in 2009. Staying here also in 2010. Happy New Year!!!

  • Steve

    Happy new year, been a great year reading your posts on WDD – keep up the good work!

  • ertan

    happy new year :)

  • Gary Stephen Callaghan

    I would like to wish the WDD team and all the readers and followers a very happy and amazing 2010 !

  • health tips

    happy new year

  • Jhay Gamba

    Happy New Year!! Thanks for all the great stuff!

  • Julia


  • Jack

    Happy new year!


    happy new year and a fantastic 2010!! for all!!!

  • TukangBlog

    Happy new year to all.

  • lightamatch

    I would like to wish the entire WDD team a Happy New Year.

  • Arun Krishnan

    ***Happy New Year***

  • adam

    Happy new year, looking forward to the new site

  • Ujwal

    Wishing you a Happy New Year

  • Harsh Agrawal

    Thanks and Happy new year to you and everyone ..

  • alb3rt1

    Hi and thanks :-)
    Can you guys email me a link where find a tutorial for that (like on your 2010 image) amazing technics? I need for a template!

  • Mangesh jJog

    very happy, healthy and successful 2010!!!

  • Alvaro Hernandorena

    happy new year to all

  • компьютерная помощь в москве

    Happy New year and Marry Christmas to all

  • emlak ilanları

    I would like to wish the entire WDD team a Happy New Year.