The Colorful Psychedelic Art of Levi Boree

Levi Boree’s LinkedIn summary states “I just want to be remembered, when I am gone”.

The 26-year-old abstract artist from Jacksonville, Florida grew up with dyslexia, making it difficult for him to communicate with words; instead he developed a great love for creating art.

He says, “I can visualize things in my mind that I could never explain in words”. Most remarkable is the fact that Boree is entirely self-taught, with no formal art training.

Boree creates mind-blowing abstract visual and digital art. He is prolific, having produced hundreds of psychedelic and color-rich creations from his highly visual imagination.

Some are juxtapositions of photographs on psychedelic backgrounds, while others are entirely abstract creations. Boree’s art blends graffiti, ocean waves, and connective patterns with an expert use of color. Here are some of his outstanding works…

You can find out more about Boree at these websites: MySpace, Flickr and LinkedIn

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  • rainwebs

    I like the idea to put psychedelic into the digital world. The longer you look at it the more appealing it gets.

  • Webby freebies

    Love smudge tool <3

  • Melody

    So what medium does he use for his works? Sometimes it looks like paint, other times the smudge tool…Checked out the other stuff–looks like funky kaleidoscopes..

    Are there any posts on here/online about promoting artworks? I always seem to find people who are selling abstract work, while I try to figure out how to move my beautiful conceptual digital pieces…:/

    • Levi Boree

      hi melody its nice to SEE you…
      all the colors here originate from paint
      the ones that don’t look like paint have been
      further edited on computer

      so you make art to ? i would love to see some of your work

  • lanxiaoxi

    Awesome works.

    • Levi Boree

      thank you!!!

  • Elmer | Digital Room

    timothy leary on digital art!!!

  • Michelle

    nice work :) looks like something my daughter does with her colour wheel only yours is digital…nice.

  • Yuri Arcurs

    Very Cool

  • adam

    nice trippy

  • Themes

    Trippy! I almost feel as though I’m not sober as I stare at them. lol

    • Levi Boree

      thank you ,, i get that fealing as i stare at you

  • özel ders

    good pictures.

  • Jack

    Very nice, thanks for these beautiful artwork.

  • creative_blondes

    What I love about art is that everybody has a different point of view about the interpretation of it. But i’m not sure you wanna know mine :P

  • wien

    nice work, thanks

  • BigM75

    is great for better workings

  • keith

    amazing works, great vibrant colours, really warm on your eyes.

  • John Samuel

    Awesome collection

  • website designer melbourne

    Reminds me of last saturday night, but anyway great post:-)

  • data analizi

    Super pics. thanks for sharing.

  • Adorina Reyes

    Very nice.

  • Jason

    What, this is awful.

  • emlak ilanları

    Super pics. thanks for sharing.

  • Himani

    i honestly fell in love with your work… using of colours so tactfully…. wht paint bases have you used?

    • Levi Boree

      thank you,, that make it all worth while,,
      i never really know what type of paint i use,, what ever i can get cheap or free

  • Crystal Taylor

    I am so impressed with your Art, Wow I Just Love it. I could sit and look at it all day… Thank you for sharing your wonderful Art work with us….

  • Jodi White

    These are amazing. Levi Boree’s work is truly impressive and unique.