Winners of Grafpedia Premium Accounts

Thanks to all of you who participated in the fantastic contest held by Grafpedia last week.

We have selected the winners at random and the results are here!

With 511 comments, this was another great contest for WDD and a really great giveaway of goodies that will fit perfectly into every designer’s collection.

The 10 winners have each won a premium account with access to ALL of Grafpedia’s content for a period of three months. This includes thousands of Photoshop brushes, vector shapes and patterns, and much much more.

All winners will be contacted via email for details as to how to receive their prizes.

Check out to see if you won and view the winners’ names after the jump.

Here are the 10 lucky winners:

#379 – jPomfret – @jpomfret
#81 – Liga – @ligaluize
#440 – Ericka – @citygirl486125
#447 – Alex Mitchell – @foroctober
#121 – MattS – @MattS__
#173 – DesigningBrunette – @TRASHNESS
#381 – Remus – @Remus_life
#125 – Effie – @effish
#459 – Reveley Studios – @revelrystudios
#141 – Amy T. – @misssugarpusher

If you didn’t win this time, don’t worry, as we’ll be holding more great contests in the near future…

Thanks again for all those of you who participated and to Grafpedia for this amazing giveaway.

  • Becky

    Congrats to the winners!! :-) Thanks for the opportunity, I look forward to more contests!

  • Jake

    Darn! Oh well, maybe next time!

  • Razvan

    All VIP accounts are active. If someone did not received the username and password by email please contact me. Use the same e-mail you used when you made the comment

    Thank you

    • jPomfret

      I did not receive the email yet. but thank you and cant wait to get started. :)

    • Revelry Studios

      I haven’t received the email yet either, and again, thank you.

  • DesigningBrunette

    Verrrryyy niiicceee!!
    Just received the email ;)

  • Jessica Dooley

    Congrats to all who won!!!

  • Effie

    HOLY MOLY, I won!! This membership is so so so awesome!

    Thank you guys so much! I couldn’t ask for a more inspiring Christmas present! Thank you thank you!

  • MattS

    My first win!
    Thanks WDD and Grafpedia.

  • Cornel

    Grafpedia membership rocks. I have already bought one year membership and it’s great. I am looking forward to see your next releases! Thanks again!

  • Liga

    So amazing! Thank you !!! :)

  • Amy T.

    What a Christmas present!!! Superfly, Grafpedia!!! Thank you!!!

  • Michelle

    aww congrats to everyone who won :)

  • Shant

    No luck this time too (as usual)!!

    Congrats for the lucky ones, enjoy :D

  • Alex Mitchell

    Awesome! Thank you!!!!

  • sriganesh

    congrats to all the winner, enjoy the holidays buddies :D

  • ByJoomla

    Congrat! guys and Merry Xmas to all

  • Mars

    congratulations to all the winner

  • Melody

    Congrats to the winners, Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmanukkahwanza!

  • revizyon ile organize matbaacılık brnckvvtmllttrhaberi

    Lucky boy.. Nice suprise and lucky..
    congrats to all the winner

  • Edison A. Leon

    When I get home later I hope to get my present or I would really mad at Santa twice in a day… common I’ve been good

  • Rafi

    Hey this rocks! Congratulations to the winners!

    Wish you all a Merry Christmas & a Very Happy New Year.

  • Quality Web Design

    congrats to all the winner,.

    I look forward to more contests!


    Enjoy your Holidays, and Merry X mas everyone..

  • winter olympics

    Congratulations to all the winners of Grafpedia Premium Accounts.

  • Jordan Walker

    Congratulations to the winners. Hope you all have a great new year!

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    thanx to winners

  • revizyon ile organize matbaacılık brnckvvtmllttrhaberi

    Thanks for WDD and Grafpedia.

  • revizyon ile organize matbaacılık brnckvvtmllttrhaberi

    congratulations to all the winner. Thanks for nice post.

  • Tariq Qureshi


    Anyone know where the owner of the grafpedia website is? I have been trying to contact him for days, no response. I need to buy VIP account and I need to discuss mode of payment with him before I do that …. Can anyone help me get in touch with him?

  • ispir

    Thanks for WDD Team