Showcase of Great Web App Interfaces

Web Apps are popping up everywhere. Five years or so ago, we could live without them, but as the internet has evolved we use them more and more in our daily lives.

We have put together a great compilation of beautiful web application interfaces.

The web applications that were selected to be part of this showcase are based on usability, simplicity, colors and overall layout.

Please note that WDD was not compensated in any way to review these apps.

Feel free to comment and add links to other excellent web UI designs in the comments area below. Enjoy!



Jamiq is a tool that lets you monitor the webs top search engines and social media websites in every language. It’s the world’s conversation on one dashboard.

Jamiq App Interface
Jamiq App Interface
Jamiq App Interface



FreshBooks allows freelancers and small businesses to track time and invoice clients, fast.

Freshbooks App Interface
Freshbooks App Interface


Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is a great email marketing app for designers and their clients. You can create, track and manage your subscribers.

Campaign Monitor App Interface
Campaign Monitor App Interface
Campaign Monitor App Interface



CrazyEgg is a web app that enables you to track where people are clicking on a website.

CrazyEgg App Interface
CrazyEgg App Interface



MailChimp is an email marketing app that provides both free and paid options for users to design and track email marketing campaigns.

MailChimp App Interface
MailChimp App Interface


Donor Tools

Donor Tools have a top notch app that allows non profit organizations and charities to track donations and raise more money.

Donor Tools App Interface


Designer Pages

A free social web application that gives people easy to use search options to find certain products dealing with architecture and interior design.

Designer Pages App Interface
Designer Pages App Interface



Wufoo makes creating web forms fast, easy and fun. Wufoo allows you to build registration forms, contact forms, invitations and even online surveys.

Wufoo App Interface
Wufoo App Interface
Wufoo App Interface
Wufoo App Interface
Wufoo App Interface



OneHub is a beautiful project management system. You can send files and collaborate with other people.

Onehub App Interface
Onehub App Interface
Onehub App Interface



Freckle is a well designed app for time tracking. Freckle helps you see how long you’ve been working, what time, how many days, what’s the billable time and what others are doing.

Freckle App Interface



Authentic is an easy to use customer relationship management application for small businesses and freelancers.

Authentic App Interface



Pulse lets you easily manage everything about your small business. From projects to finance and files to report.

Pulse App Interface
Pulse App Interface
Pulse App Interface



Wistia is an easy to use web app that allows video sharing and tracking to businesses.

Wistia App Interface


Icebrrg Light CMS

Light CMS is a friendly content management system built for designers and their clients.

Icebrrg Light CMS App Interface


Snap Pages

Snap Pages is a web app that provides tools for anyone to create a website using simple drag and drop functionality.

Snap Pages App Interface
Snap Pages App Interface



Box provides simple online collaboration to individuals and businesses.

Box App Interface



Mint is a free personal finance app that allows people to manage their money.

Mint App Interface
Mint App Interface
Mint App Interface
Mint App Interface
Mint App Interface



ZenDesk provides an amazing customer support ticket system to websites and businesses.

ZenDesk App Interface



Harvest is the all in one business app. With Harvest you can track time, invoice your clients, log expenses and manage revenue, all through a sleek interface.

Harvest App Interface
Harvest App Interface
Harvest App Interface
Harvest App Interface



iPlotz allows you to create clickable navigation mockups for prototyping websites and apps.

iPlotz App Interface
iPlotz App Interface



HootSuite is a professional Twitter client that allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts, schedule Tweets and track your success.

HootSuite App Interface
HootSuite App Interface



PollDaddy allows to engage your audience by creating beautiful polls and surveys.

PollDaddy App Interface
PollDaddy App Interface
PollDaddy App Interface

Compiled exclusively for WDD by Andy Johnson, a freelance designer and developer living in South England. He currently freelances via his web design studio Pixeno, and he’s also working on his web app called Authentic. You can follow him on Twitter @Andy92.

Which interface do you like best and why? Do you use any great web apps?

  • Ben

    How about SUBERNOVA? :)

    • Hidayat Sagita

      Love SUBERNOVA’s UI! :D

  • Zach

    These are some great interfaces. Thanks!

  • Produktivzone

    great list! I definetely love the designs of

  • Don

    Mint does an incredible job of displaying a mass amount of data.

  • Ben Gremillion

    Interesting how so many web apps use the same formula, e.g. logo & tabs (usually tabs, not links) at the top left, user options on the right, large sans-serif titles with white space, and wide, information-rich sidebars.

    I wonder if design drives convention, vise-versa, or both? How many ways can a given app be designed and maintain usability?

  • damian

    nice list! and what about ;)

  • Mike is a good one….

  • Hendryx

    Very great apps!! but if think <– kleophatra CMS also is well worth to put on the list ;).

  • Catalin

    The new Qhub has an awesome interface as well

  • Bastian Allgeier

    You should give a try.

  • Claudio Poli
  • Federico Viticci

    Definitely agree with the Zootool suggestion, great webapp with a delicious UI.

  • RoaldA


  • Shawn Ramsey

    While they were all great examples, Jamiq, Wistia and Mint stood out the most to me. Nice roundup!

  • Melody

    I didn’t previously know about hoot suite, which is great because now I have a place for all my other twitter accounts..and Pulse sounds like a great contribution to any new business.. :)

  • Evan

    I love Notable’s interface –

  • James Gill

    You might like LiveStats if you’re liking the apps in this list. It’s a more minimal interface but we’re pretty proud of it: Also agree that ZooTool is sweet!

  • Bryan McAnulty

    Nice list. always stood out to me. Basecamp and Activecollab have great interfaces too.

  • Evan Jones

    Loved this list. Companies like Mint (recently acquired by Intuit) make me smile whenever I use their interface. Great interfaces like these are one of the many reasons why I love the internet.

  • Blaine Morely

    I’m surprised is not on this list. Little known but getting decent recognition.

  • Michael Sunarlim

    The Invoice Machine ( is one of my favorites for simple interface.

  • James

    Neat list! I also like the UI of Feedity –

  • Paginas web Guatemala

    CrazyEgg is the best! Google Analytics People should learn from them!

  • piczoom

    very useful web applications and well designed too.
    thank you for collecting them in one post.

  • Chiranjeevi M

    That’s a wonderful list of Interface Collection. This would be a quick source of inspiration for many UI designers. Thanks!

  • Priyanka D

    Good list. A web interface needs to be intuitive to use hence in a way similar to past designs that people are already using but also new and refreshing!

  • Tony

    Google Wave is also pretty. Though slow. :/

  • Webwist (media design)

    Great selection of interfaces… my favourite is Campaign Monitor – well structured, nice charts… thx

  • Bert

    Where’s the love for 37signals?
    Basecamp and Campfire deserve some propers. Plus, they’re lightweight and responsive, unlike many of the ones listed here.

  • Karol

    Great collection. I was looking for something like that. Thanks a lot.

  • viettel

    Thanks for your great collection list. And so, i have made it a digg!

  • Wolf

    For prototyping and wireframing also check out recently launched, webbased HotGloo!

  • Dzinepress

    really helping stuff, most of these and really useful for all web users.

  • Stu Green

    Of course, I’ve got to plug my project management for freelancers web app: (does invoicing too)

  • Dan Zambonini

    I know, I’m biased, but the Amaxus Web CMS interface is frickin’ beautiful:

  • Parvez

    Missing ! Its a very good apps.

  • Edison Leon

    Awesome list, it’s time to try new things, I’ll be give them I try, specially to crazyegg

  • Codesquid

    Some very nice, clean, modern interfaces here! A really inspiration for anyone designing a web based interface!

  • Glenn Sorrentino

    At our agency, we use Quickbase and Basecamp… a lot. They both work really well.

  • samson

    these are all ‘business’ or ‘numbers’ related
    here is a fun one i found
    this is for creating joystick and button movements via web app

    it even supports playback|Stick|down,2800|Q|press,2900|Q|release,3000|A|press,3100|A|release,3200|E|press,3300|E|release,3400|Stick|left,3500|Stick|release-down,3600|Stick|release-left,3700|DS|press|kex,3800|D|release,3800|S|release&skin=-splatter

  • samson

    sorry, the above link for playback was broken by post
    here is a tinyurl version

  • DPencilPusher

    nice round-up! also check out:,,

    all web-apps with great UI

  • Theresa Neil

    Great list!
    We identified 50 more (some overlap) at

  • Marlowe

    Great list! Quite a few I’d never heard of but could really help my small business. is pretty ubiquitous for sharing/collaborating but, as a designer/film maker, i’ve been using ContentCube – – which is a more specialised file sharing and presentation app for creative professionals.

    It has great support for multiple media file formats and versions, and a really slick customer presentation mode.

  • Amberly | Web Designer

    Nice share… Thanks for the collection of web app UI

    Mint Rocks…

  • Tilla Torrens

    Great list, thank you for the extensive example of nice UI design! It would be great to also see a few bullets on what design elements really stand out for you and why. Sorry if creating more work for you ;) I’m not a UI designer but as Marketing Manager, I have been in charge of putting together wireframes for a website redesign in the past, and examples like this with elements that you can reference are a great help!

  • Hung Dinh

    It is a pity the none of the most popular opensource systems such as Joomla, Drupal, Magento is not listed :(

    They have great system but they are not really great in showing it :)

  • Kaplang

    This is a massive list thanks :) I use hootsuite myself and also mail chimp :)

  • RJHBookLinux

    Great post, thanks for sharing! While still in public beta, and requires an invite, someone should mention Threadsy (

    Another that is well known, but still warrants some credit is the good old, MobileMe.

    Thanks again for the post, have it bookmarked forever!

  • Tom Batey

    Great list of good interfaces, I use 4 or 5 of those apps already and a couple more are on my ‘to try’ list. I am a keen user of Freshbooks, Hootsuite and Campaign Monitor but am going to give iPlotz and Mint a go too now.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Buy My House

    What a implausible and mind boggling collection.

  • Phil Ren

    oh, i love this post.

  • http://www, Warren

    Great list! Going to try out a few of them now. I can def vouch for Campaign Monitor, clients are always so impressed!

  • arnold

    Another great post from WDD and thanks Andy for this stuff..
    This is a great reference for other web designers..

  • Ken

    Great list! What about

  • Jonathan

    you forgot about 37signals – they were the pioneers of great interface design.
    great collection though. ive been looking for a showcase of web app interfaces for a while now.

  • Thomas

    I use clicktail, it helps me know what is happening on my site and its heatmaps and videos show me i can increase my conversions

  • r_jake

    Wow 3599 for a 5 page website (freshbooks) – I need to start putting my prices up!

  • Claire

    You may want to check out project bubble a simple project management and invoicing system plus it looks very cool!

  • Sarah

    Great post, very usefull! :)

  • Jonath Lee

    Great reference in the right timing. I was in the midst of designing UI for a web apps, this come pretty handy.

    I was wondering if this post will also be updated with some of the web apps UI design in the next post.

  • cooljaz124

    hey cool…wat about UI design of Fedena ?

  • bhus

    Great collection, thanks for sharing!

    You may also check out Jobrary (, has a very good UI.
    Its a great and simple Portfolio and Resume management app.

  • Lakeside Techies

    The application interfaces are quite inspiring. Thanks.

  • shubelal

    Nice collection, its very inspiring interfaces,
    thanks you very much for sharing :)

  • chuckles

    It’s so difficult to design an eye pleasing UI design. Especially for “boring” items such as forms and mundane apps.

    Nice job

  • http://www.javierparra,mx Javier

    Great showcase I’d live to see an analysis of what makes a great web app interface. :-)

  • Ryan

    Great list, and I agree with #56 that postage is another app to add. To view new web apps each day, visit Mini Sprout (

  • Robert Hsu

    I think the popular definitely deserve a mention here…. I learnt quite a few thing just studying the UI.