The Wackiest and Most Creative iPhone Cases

The iPhone is arguably the most revolutionary product Apple has released in its existence.

With nearly 50 million iPhones sold to date, there are hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of iPhone cases that have been created.

In this article, we have compiled some of the most creative ones, but also a few of the wackiest and most unusal iPhone cases that we have ever seen.

What do you think of these designs? Please leave links to other interesting iPhone cases which you may have seen, in the comments are below.




Bacon and Egg




Recession Cardboard iPhone Case








DIY Denim Case


$20,000 Diamond iPhone Case




Factron iPhone Case and Fisheye Lens




Frank Miller’s Sin City & 300 iPhone Cases


Full Metal Case


Bender from Futurama


Game Boy


“Golden Delicious” – $Over 100k




iBike Rider




Lady Vampire


Superbad’s McLovin


University of Michigan


Monstrously Cute


Nintendo Entertainment System Control Pad


Match Your iPhone Case to Your Nike Air Max


Cute Panda












Star Trek


Star Wars


Sushi Bento Box




Tire Tread Pattern




Waterproof Case


Xbox 360

Compiled exclusively for WDD by Zoe Ajiboye.

What do you think of these designs? Do you use a special case of your iPhone? Please share your views below…

  • Andy Sowards

    If only I had an iPhone! THESE KICK ASS!!!


  • Tom

    Really nice collection, I especially love the Factron, fish-eye lens one, not practically, but the sheer retro-love-ability of the thing is wonderful!

  • Alison

    Would have been nice if you had linked to who sold/made these.

  • Walter

    @Alison: each image is linked to its source so you can find out more information as needed. Thanks.

  • Dimi

    Seriously wacky stuff here!

  • Design Informer

    It would be cool if each image had a link of where to buy.

    • Walter

      I’ve updated this, thanks.

  • Betsy

    The Images aren’t linked to it’s source, you click the image you just get the image. FYI. It woul dbe cool to put the web address under each image. Just to cite your sources.

    • Walter

      Yes, some aren’t. I’ll update that shortly.

  • damian

    i really like the hoody one…

  • Tasra Dawson

    These are so creative! I posted an image of the custom iPhone case I use with the teen models that I photograph:

  • Nikola Lazarevic

    Superb collection! Thanks

  • zohaib

    some iPhone cases are more expensive than iPhone. That’s great. now i need more money to buy them :)

  • Peg

    Love so many, thanks for putting this together. I knit, so I appreciate iKint, but bacon is cool and bento box is outrageous!!

  • dumm

    iphone owner. like “Golden Delicious” – $Over 100k – i want this for my phone. thanks

  • piczoom

    creative cases all of them…thanks

  • Melody

    hahah these are too funny! The chocolate one looks divine (mmm) and the Mclovin one is priceless! :)

  • Justin Carroll

    I’m with Andy, the bacon is badass. Is that a Nintendo Power Glove?

  • Andy Johnson

    Brilliant post. Love some of the creative content thats posted up here ;)

  • insic

    wow! $20,000 iPhone case? Amazing

  • Rachel

    Love the Domo; where can I buy the Flower case? Thank you!

  • peach

    Nice collection. Tire Tread Pattern is my fav.

  • BebopDesigner

    Brilliant collection! My favourites are Chocolate bar, Gameboy and Spam.
    Really inspiring. Thanks

  • Ann

    I like the cardboard one the best. Got a kick out of it!

  • tanya

    Great post. I love almost all of them. Each one of them is different and I like the creativity of their creators .

  • Seth Jordan

    I have seen so many of these cases featured on in their “Style Guide” section. You missed the amazing XBox 360 case. It’s brilliant!

  • Seth Jordan
  • Joe

    As an OSU fan, I loved all of these except one…

  • grabbin

    :-O I really really want the GameBoy case! The link it takes me to is different though. Anyone know if this is available anywhere?

    Love the tyre tread as well.

  • http://Ansh.THISISITONLINE.INFO Amberly | Web Designer

    Brilliant post.. I love Sushi Bento Box and Bacon. They are mouth watering :P

  • David Knights

    Retro box all the way for me. Tyre tread is available in Carphone Warehouse

  • Orlando personal injury lawyer

    Awesome covers. I don’t have an iPhone, but these are the few times I’d wish I’d own one!

  • Kwuz

    So going to make myself the poptart one and attempt the pocky one!

  • Pusparaj

    Really Creative some of those.

  • CasePhile

    Hi! Thanks for featuring my Lady Vampire case! You can find this and many other horror themed iPhone cases at if you were wondering.

  • Designbeep

    i like the ibike rider


    where to buy them?

  • wien

    the playstation is really cool, nice post

  • Hello Kitty Junkie

    Ahhh! Everything is so kawaii! Great post — I wish my Hello Kitty decoden phone was in your list! *____*

  • Tanshin

    I don’t remember where it was, but I saw a case that looked like the original brown Zune. The tagline was something referring to the idea that the Zune was so ugly, nobody would want to steal it.

  • sidd

    Hey, great line-up.

    The iPhone inspires so much.
    All the time.

  • Fun Spill

    Cool, very innovative!

  • nokomomo

    hey thanks for adding my Bender case to this awesome collection!
    I started making matching Bender keychains too =P

    I’ve added lots of new items to my shop if you guys wanna see, you can check it out @


  • Bobby Bayer

    haha check out this horible duct tape one i tried to make XD
    it’s like half way down the page and came out horrible but was definitely….original XD

  • Exclusive Tutorials

    very nice collection

  • Stunna16

    Amazing! Thanx for fun!

  • Jacquet

    Very Goods all this stuf I found beautiful stock on Kinghousse.Fr
    I let you see

  • Hilde

    I love this post. Thanks a lot for sharing :D

  • TwitterBackgrounds

    Nice roundup. Some IPhone cases are really funny !

  • Creative

    I’ve updated this, thanks.