Win 5000 Business Cards from UPrinting

We all know that as web designers, we should market ourselves both online and offline.

For online purposes, a great portfolio website or blog is a perfect way to spread the word, but for offline purposes, nothing beats the traditional business card.

We’ve partnered with UPrinting to bring an amazing contest to WDD. One week from today, we will be awarding 10 prizes of 500 free business cards each!!!

You can choose from a variety of business card styles, such as the traditional US Standard, square, slim and specialty shapes. Let your creativity flow and design the cards any way that you want. We will ship them to you worldwide absolutely free of charge.

Read on for more details on how to enter this contest…

Here’s a brief overview of UPrinting as displayed on their site:

For over 25 years, UPrinting has been a trusted leader in online printing, featuring its signature easy-to-use website and the famous Free File Review, a complimentary proofing service which requires no upfront payment. UPrinting offers convenient marketing support services such as design, lists, and direct mailing to help grow small and medium-size businesses nationwide.

Powered by brand new fully automated in-house Komori presses and CREO direct-to-plate, we offer faster turnaround with minimal human error and lower overhead cost. This allows us to provide customers with consistently high-quality printing at the lowest possible prices.

To participate in this contest, please choose one of the 4 styles of cards that you’d like to win: US Standard, Square, Slim Cards, Specialty Shapes and leave a comment below.

We’ll announce the results in one week, on March 9th. The results will be posted here on WDD and all winners will also be contacted by email for more details.

Thanks to UPrinting for bringing us these great prizes and good luck to all of you…

  • Manik Rathee

    I could certainly use some business cards now that mailers and cold calls are going out. Its rough out there, and any support can help new freelancers like myself.

  • Phil Ecker

    I would really appreciate 5000 “square” business cards. Hope I WIN!

  • Scott Mitchell

    Would love the US standard.

    Definitely interested in designing a business card for myself!

  • Jamie

    US Standard; what a great deal!

  • Nathan Schwermann

    I hope I can win some US standards

  • Simon H.

    Woaw, slim cards look nifty!

  • Camden Watts

    Wow, free business cards would be a great help! As much as I like the unique shapes, I would probably stick with the standard size for various reasons. Thanks for doing the contest; it’s exciting.

  • Jacky

    SQUARE for me.

  • adone

    Specialty Shapes is my fav.

  • Anton Kahr

    i wana win some uprinting cards >> the Speciality Shapes of course ;)

  • Jeff Musal

    I have a couple mediocre traditional cards, but I would love to have some of the square or slim cards – It would be great to have something somewhat different. I especially like the square ones.

  • Dwayne Paisley-Marshall

    US Standard

  • David FItzgibbon

    I’d like the Square ones, they look nice and unusual! I’m going to a show in May and would LOVE some nusiness cards to show about!

  • Renee

    A great business card can really set you apart from the crowd. These look really fantastic! I would LOVE to win the Specialty Shapes. Thanks to WWD and UPrinting for the great contest.

  • David Browning

    We just rebranded our company’s site and would *love* some new business cards to go along with it! I’ve used UPrinting the past, and I was very impressed.

    *raises hand* choose me!

  • Marjorie

    I started my own company and I need business cards. It would be perfect timing!
    Specialty Shapes would be my preference! Thanks!!!! I hope I’ll win.

  • Gustavo Gawryszewksi

    I wanna a Specialty Shapes

  • Phwd

    I would like to win the US Standard Set not ready to experiment with other designs as yet. Have a conference that I would like to go to with over 10,000 attending would be great to have some to distribute

  • Steve Kaschimer

    USStandard for me please. Would love to win to help get my business rolling the right way! Thanks

  • Miz

    Great competition, would love to win it

  • David Browning

    Oops, forgot the US Standard choice.

  • morroko

    Cool sa tombre bien j’en voulais :D

  • Sara B.

    What a G R E A T prize! Specialty shapes for me please!!

  • Fabiani West

    I’d appreciate any, because FREE is my favorite style.. lol

    but if i must choose one, i’d say STANDARD.

  • droppixel

    US Standard

  • KStud

    U.S. Standard is good enough for me :)}

  • Ogvidius

    Some US Standards cards would be really nice! I just finished my business card designs but haven’t had them printed yet.

  • Stefan

    I’d love some US Standard business cards. They sill rule from my point of view.

  • Meagan Zickuhr

    Would love some Square cards myself.

  • Alex

    I would go with the specialty shapes. Although it may not meet the Joel Bauer “Best Business Card I Have Ever Seen” requirements it would be cooler than a standard rectangle.

  • Jonathan Hornsby

    US Standard take the win here me thinks.

  • Dan Sensecall

    500 of those square cards would be awesome – have been after some for ages, just not got it sorted yet.

  • Shaun W.

    Give me specialty shapes or give me death!

  • Jay Jacks


  • Rob

    Die cut are always nice. So many ideas… so little time.

  • Zachary Shotland

    Yea, count me in for some US Standard ones as well!

  • Karl

    The Slim cards look pretty slick. Sign me up!

  • Hernán

    Square for me :D

  • Jenny Koreny

    The square ones are adorable! This is on my to do list… get new business cards!

  • The Gaffer

    US Standard for me!

  • Myk Klemme

    Man oh man. I would love to get my hands on another set of standards. Im almost out and its that time again to get more.

  • Stefano

    I would love the Square type. Thanks!

  • Thamy

    Specialty Shapes for the win! \o/

  • Brad Clark

    would love some square cards – awesome site btw, slightly addicted to webdepot tweets!


  • Natalie Bristol

    I really need some business cards, and free would be fantastic! The standard cards would be just fine for me! :)


  • Kyle

    The specialty shaped ones are by far the coolest. Great blog by the way :)

  • Rich Meade

    I’d definitely go for the “Specialty Shape” cards… the circle in particular!

  • Monica

    Ooh! Just what I need. Mine is already designed and ready to be printed. I prefer the US Standard size.

  • Kevin

    I’d love to win some Specialty Shape business cards. It is time to update my current business card design.

    Thanks for the chance.

  • Jeff

    I’ll take 5000 square cards, thank you!

  • adam pekor

    I would love to win the custom shape business cards. They would be perfect for my graphic business that I am launching

  • hilarysher

    I would LOVE to win 5000 U.S. Standard cards :)

  • Rhonda Brown

    I am interested in the slim cards.

  • Joe

    I would love to win the 500 Specialty Shapes!

  • Stephan H

    The Slim Cards would be my first pick, but I could work some coolness with their Specialty Shapes!

  • CarrieTown

    I would love the specialty shaped ones. People don’t throw those away as quickly.

  • Nick

    Standard cards would be great!

  • Cristian

    I like the standard format. It just gives you more real estate to rock your design :) Thanks for putting up this contest!

  • James

    Some specialty ones would go down a treat!

  • ToMzorz

    Free business cards in US Standard shapes buying here! :D

  • Mathew Shamloo

    free is definitely the best style…but if i had to choose, it’d be SPECIALTY.

  • Colleen Cole

    I would be interested in the specialty shaped cards – they look amazing and would really stand out in a crowd. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Jake

    I’d love to have slim cards… Maybe to go along with my web presence (Design Crumbs) I could make it look like a candy bar!

  • Lane Lester

    The Specialty Shape has the advantage of immediately standing out in the crowd of all the business cards a prospect receives. So I hope to win!

    Hey, this is a cool sales technique: offer more than is available! :-)
    Win 5000? I think each one of us only stands to win 500, if I understand the rest of the post.

  • Nikki Jeske

    I’m actually attracted to those slim cards – very nice!

  • Stephen Feehily

    Specialty shapes is the way to go, get more attention and not have someone’s eye out in the process. Style first, safety second. It’s a rule I live and have died by, several times!

  • Devin

    I need 5000 “specialty shape” cards so I can let my creative side loose.

  • Ana

    How funny! I was just starting to brainstorm a new design for my business cards… The specialty shapes are awesome! … but I have to say that the slim cards look great too! :) I hope I win this prize! Thanks.

  • Aaron Saule

    man i would love to have me some specialty shaped cards!

  • Daniel

    I love me some of those slim cards!

  • Kevin

    Just found this site yesterday and loving it! I really could use Standard business cards for my freelance work! Thanks!!

  • Linus Metzler

    Though the slim ones look cool, I’d be very, very happy with 500 Standard cards. Thanks for the great offer!

  • Jeff Kes

    US Standard would be awesome.


  • Sean

    I’d love to win the slim cards

  • Stefano Mendicino

    Square!! PLEASE, please, PlEaSe … I need to win 5000 SQUARE business cards to beat Foursquare! Many thanks … :)

  • Issa Qandil

    I wish i win i would choose theslim ones

    thx for ur efforts

  • Gaurav Sharda

    I’ve just recently launched my photography business and could really use the business cards. I love the specialty shapes. PICK ME, PICK ME!!

  • Alicia

    As a just-starting-out freelancer, I would love to have the specialty shaped cards!

  • ivomynttinen

    These Square business cards really rock, would love to win :)

  • herbg

    It would be awesome to win a set of square business cards.

  • Paulo

    I’m on the specialty shaped group myself :P

  • James Francosky

    I’d love 500 Specialty cards. I work at a library so having a card in the shape of an open book would be corny but funny!

  • Marshall

    I would like the US Standard. PLEEAASE!

  • Brent Johnson

    Definitely want the specialty shapes.

  • Craig Gummer

    US Standard, please. Thank you.

  • Chris Shelley

    Ohhh, specialty shapes

  • paburmester

    Slim cards for me! Hope to win

  • waatti

    And I just thought that I need new business cards! Specialty shaped would be cool, but I guess I’d still go with U.S. standard.

  • Per

    Those specialty shaped looks neat, need some cards for an upcoming fair ;)

  • Jessie

    I love the specialty shapes! Please? :)

  • Josiah Jost

    Love the specialty shapes. Please :D

  • laura

    I’d love to design something fun in Specialty Shapes for my husband company It could be so great!!!

  • Dhyan

    I’m choosing SQUARE size of business cards. I need them badly and since UPrinting gives only best quality, i’m leaving a comment and hope to get them. I already have a design for them. ; )

  • Philipp

    I’d love to win the Slim Cards.

  • fatih

    your humble subscriber goes for specialty shapes for sure…
    i know it’s more expensive than others but i clicked links, read some comments, so…

  • Amberly

    Super Give away… Count me In.

  • Dusse

    US Standard would be awesome.

  • pippo

    oh! slim cards please!

  • lpezda

    I’d love to win Slim Cards.

  • Don

    I like those specialty shapes. If you just want the corners rounded, you can get them in standard, square or slim. That’s what I want – some slims with corners that won’t poke your eye out! YEAH!

  • Guilf

    Would love some US Standard – thanks!

  • Jeremy C.

    It’s hip to be SQUARE! I’ve seen the slim ones previously but I’m loving the new Square set up! I certainly hope to win, but if I don’t I think I’ll be picking up a set anyway. Great contest! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Matthew Craig

    Specialty Shapes because I’m different!

  • Willans

    If I were to win, I’d have to go with Specialty Shapes.

  • Garrett Delano

    I could use a set of “specialty shapes” cards! I hope I win!

  • Alexia

    Ooh… I want the specialty shape.. the leaf looks neat.

  • Dimi Arhontidis

    Would love to have some square ones please!

  • Zyber

    The square cards look promising.

  • Chris

    Those “Specialty Shape” cards would be awesome!

  • Simon

    US Standard would be great

  • Ankit

    The slim size looks perfect!

  • ec

    Specialty Shapes

  • Thomas G.

    Specialty Shapes rules! :)

  • allaboutduncan

    I’ve order from them before – great cards. Would like the Specialty Shapes this time around.

  • webbografico

    I really like SLIM CARDS. Amazing!!!

  • Brad

    Specialty Shapes would be amazing! Def been looking for business cards!!

  • Mike

    Would love to win some of the specialty shape business cards. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  • Raquel Godoy

    Would love the square ones!!!!

    Definitely interested in a business card for myself!

  • FatesHand

    Wow ! Specialty Shapes is great !

  • Tylor

    US Standard for me. Awesome contest. Good luck to all :)

  • Neil K.

    Love the site, keep up the awesome work.

    Oh, and send me some Slim cards if I win! =D

  • John Stockinger

    I would love 500 US Standard cards. Been working on redesigning my personal card over the past few weeks :)

  • Steph

    I definitely like the specialty shapes because I like to think a bit outside the box!! Im definitely not digging the every day stuff!!

  • Nina

    Standard cards would be my pick!

  • Emily Rosen

    I’d love to win some slim cards!

  • Eduardo

    Square looks great!

  • Dano Manoin

    Having some slim cards would be awesome!

  • Kerem

    I want SLIM cards, now!


  • Javier España

    I would like to win the US Standard personal cards because I was about to print some for a convention I have on April. It would be great :D

  • ximi

    I would love to win the specialty shape business card! Thanks for this great competition UPrinting and Webdesigner Depot

  • AJ

    Hmmm…Specialty Shapes FTW!

  • fyxx

    count me in… i want that us standard card..

  • moto_kate

    US Standards, please. Please, please, please! :)

  • Lee

    Those specialty shapes cards would be a perfect fit – pun intended.

  • Peter Tuszynski

    Definately US Standard. I’d love to win :)

  • Aleksi

    Specialty Shapes please ;)

  • Lauhakari [mikko]

    perfect perfect timing!!! Really!
    Just setting up new shop sooo, this would be a perfect “houser warming” gift :D

    And I thiiiink, I’d like the… Spec…. No the Slims ;D

    Thnx in advance

    // m

  • Stephanie

    US Standard pretty please…. this would definitely help our business grow. :)

  • Daniel

    I would love to win the slim cards! Pleeeeaaaseee!

  • AndreasHeiberg

    Would love the US standard.

    I’m a designer myself so this would be one of those nice little relaxing things to design.

  • Nathanael Padgett

    I’d appreciate the standard size cards. I’m planning on using them to advertise and get fundraiser support for adopting a child from China. Check out my website for details. Thanks.

  • fotinos

    Square, i am a winner and i know it: thank you! :_)

  • Twan

    US Standard for me!!

  • Ben

    Hello, Some standard size business cards would be great!… would it be asking to much to get those silk with spot uv coating? Oh what? You guys on the forum don’t know what that is?.. look it up. perhaps the best business card idea.


  • Gabriel

    U.S. standard please, pick me, pick me :)

  • Michael

    US Standard for me please

  • Simas

    standart cards made from gold would be great! :)

  • Brad

    I’m really diggin’ the square cards, you could really get some interesting designs going if you play off that square shape.

  • Christen E.

    I’d like some of those US Standard cards. I actually was just making a design the other day and this would be perfect if I was able to get them printed.

  • Gatis

    I would love to win Specialty Shape (simple ones with rounded corners)
    Thank you!
    /fingers crossed/

  • Juan Carlos

    I guess the specialty shapes would be nice for me. Thanks for the offer

  • Dan P

    US standard pleeeease.

    Thank you ^_^

  • Olle

    Specialty shapes for me please :) Love them, Greetings from Finland!

  • Fenson Jeremy

    Wohoo, Standard for me. Classics never go out of style!

  • erin

    I love the slim cards! Much more fun.

  • Mark

    I think the square ones would be perfect. I like the spot UV coating as well.

  • Benjamin Jacques

    I would absolutely love the standard business cards.

    I’m currently trying to juggle having a freelance design agency and attending the Savannah College of Art and Design and unfortunately since I have to spend so much money on art supplies I can’t afford to buy business cards.

    This is especially rough for me since there are so many lead artists and professional company representatives that visit SCAD and I want to be able to hand them a business card when I meet them from now on. It would help my networking so much.

    If I am selected I’d be grateful, but if not good luck to everyone else :)

  • Linny

    I would love to win the Specialty Shape Business Cards….crossing my fingers

  • Jacob Dubail

    This is unbelievable. I am about to print cards, maybe next week. This would be a HUGE bonus for my fledgling design biz.

    I’d have to choose the slim size (they’ll hang out of a stack of cards that way, impossible to miss)…

    Fingers crossed!


  • Martijn

    Wow, great thing guys! I’d really love to win some squared cards. Just finished my personal branding concept and rolled it out to my social profiles like on Twitter on Hope I’ll get a message from you guys!

    Thanks for bringing us such a great website!

  • Ernest

    Specialty shapes is my thing!

  • Ratting Gergely

    Square is really nice!

  • JKirchartz

    Specialty Shapes, cool!

  • Marie


    Specialty Shapes please.

  • Patrice Poliquin

    Square cards for sure :) I would like to try a design for this kind of card.

  • Aaron

    some new business cards would be perfect to help promote a new website I’ve been working on – I’d use the ones that look like a leaf to promote the “green” aspect of using Fuel Infusion to reduce vehicle emissions.

    I’m exuding maximum positive vibes into the universe in hopes of winning :)

  • Tribak

    Specialty Shapes please, I need my own Business Card

  • Eli

    I like the standard because they fit in wallets and business card holders.

    If I’m selected I would use it to make some business cards for my friend who is a wine connoisseur and he’s been a bit down on his luck lately.

  • Rick

    I would love me some Slim Cards. I hope I win. Love the site!

  • tim Helfensdörfer

    Spcialty Shapes looks very nice:)

  • Melody

    oooo would love a batch of specialty cards!

  • Søren Sprogø

    As a price? Then I’d definately like a “specialty shape” :-)

  • Billy

    US standard will do lovely dovely…..
    Now ! if I win these…I will lift me kilt for you !!!!!

  • Matti

    Specialty Shape in what I want. It would be nice to do some experiments.

  • Joel Kidd

    Specialty Shapes would be cool!

  • Francois

    Is it free shipping to Canada ? Or only US (most of uprinting giveaway are us only) ??
    If it’s free to Canada, I’ll take the Us standard. Thanks.

  • Courtney

    I’d love the Specialty Shape ones! I hope I win. :)

  • Danielle

    Desperate for some square business cards!! Crossing my fingers!

  • Alexander Trefz

    I really like the Slim Cards, they look quite elegant! I hope i win.

  • Steve

    Would love the U.S. Standard!

  • Keighley

    Specialty sizes would be killer. Holla. Holla

  • Steve Robillard

    It may be the safe choice but I would likr the US standard to help a friend replace his boring cards.

  • Jelani Harris

    Some US Standard cards would be fantastic!

  • Paul D’Amora

    I would love the US Standard cards!

  • Jeromey

    US Standard would be a great size! Thanks for the contest!

  • karol

    U.S standard shape, please. Hope I’m gonna get some give out this time. Thanks

  • Alex Gurghis

    Would love the US standard! :)

  • Sergei Tatarinov

    Slim Cards are the best! Annone disagree??! Come on.. Slim = Best. I’d spread them all among my contacts with whatever you want printed on them, I will promote you and your stuff or services for free! Just let me win this.. Cheers

  • Chris Evers

    Square and Specialty shapes put you really apart from the others!
    I’d go for Specialty shapes. Thanks for the opportunity

  • Austin Knight

    I’m liking the looks of a slim card :)

  • Stelian Andrei

    I would love some US standards also. Put me down for those

  • lawrencek

    I think I’m going to have to go with the US Standard cards! Nothing wrong with using what’s popular! That’s why it is! Also, it’ll come in handy when I go to FITC in Toronto in April, and when I start my practicum in May!

  • ElTank

    Would love 500 specialty shape business cards!
    even tough I also like the square ones….

    Would come handy since I need them!

  • Sarah

    I love Slim cards!They are so artistic and chic!

  • Kedem

    Slim Cards for me! Thank You! :)

  • Alexander V.

    Wow, great contest you guys got going here! Even though I really like the idea of square business cards, I think I’d go for the ‘U.S. Standard’, if I were so lucky to win. Thanks for a good quality site :)

  • Anna

    When it comes to looking professional, there’s nothing like the simple message of a business card. I’d love to win 500 specialty shapes. Rounded corners are win. Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  • Jamie

    Would love some U.S. Standard! Good luck everyone! :-)

  • nuksies

    square PLEASE… pretty cool stuff this

  • manu

    500 square please it could change my life at this starting moment, please… please

  • eric

    square cards would rock my socks completely off.
    plus they are really cute =D

  • Kawsar Ali

    Specialty Shapes would make a sweet deal. Hope I win.

  • Alex Getty

    Those US Standard looks pretty nifty! That would be great!

  • Devin Clark

    I would love to win the U.S. Standard cards.

  • Andre

    Here is the winner: Specialty Shapes

  • daphne

    I like the Slim Cards :) They don’t get lost in card pockets in my wallet, but are still different from standard.

  • Randall Degges

    I’d love some of the US Standard cards :)

  • Ben Lang

    Amazing contest! I want Specialty Shapes because being a young entrepreneur requires uniqueness :)

  • Peter Brazier

    I love the speciality shapes. They would look great to advertise my new freelance website. :) here’s me hoping I win 500

  • Guy who loves WDD

    I would love to win Specialty Shape. I really like the rounded corners. :)

  • addict3d

    Would love some Specialty Shapes cards … Thank you !!

  • kit katz

    specialty looks awesome!

  • Sandoer

    I am definitely interested in winning the Specialty Shapes cards!! Those would be fun to design. Thanks!!

  • Marlyse Comte

    The Specialty Shapes has a perfectly fitting one for my logo. Would be a shame not to win!

  • molokoman

    I would prefer Specialty Shapes

  • Jake

    Some ‘specialty shape’ business cards could surely help get my freelance career off the ground after school ends. Here’s to hard work.

  • Arden

    US Standard would be epic. Specialty Shapes would not have enough ‘wallet compatibility’.


  • Adam

    I would love some of the “Specialty Shapes” cards… They look really sweet and “techy”

  • Justin

    I would love some specialty shape cards. Thanks!

  • Brian Purkiss

    Specialty. I’d go for one of the rounded corners ones.

  • melmaidman

    specialty shapes for me please!!! i need this!

  • Zhu

    I’d pick the slim ones, it’s original!

    Keeping my fingers crossed :-)

  • Jacqueline

    I would love some specialty ones, those are so cool. I’m working on a design for fire dancing now, and was going to order some. I could totally fit the design to specialty sized, and what a way to advertise. But there’s so many comments! Maybe I’ll get lucky. Fingers crossed! Thanks so much for this promotion – I didn’t know this company existed until now.

  • nelo

    I would love to win the U.S. Standard cards.

  • James

    Speciality Shapes for me, im from New Zealand and its cheaper for me to get Uprinting cards shipped here than to get them from a local printer

  • Taren

    Thanks for the chance! I like the specialty shaped cards!

  • aankun

    i vote for the Slim Card, it just enough size for me ^_^

  • Anthony

    Specialty Shapes for me, so many creative & unique ideas to design those cards.

  • Rene

    Slim Cards for me! Yay!

  • erico lisboa

    Love the “U.S standard” very Classic!


  • designsbybk

    Nice contest here WDD!

    those Specialty Shapes look really nice! And i’d like to have them

  • Kerry

    I wouldn´t say no to 5000 free business cards. I reckon the specialty shaped card as shown would suit my card design

  • didier

    U.S. Standard cards. Great way of discovering yet a new printing service. Love the variety that has in terms of printing formats. Thanks webdesignerdepot for this initiative!

  • Joshua

    it’s amazing to me that this is how it works… But I hope I win!

  • Spacemonkey

    Would totally have fun making some Specialty Shape business cards.

    Trying to decide what shape to use, there’s a lot of opportunity there to do something unique.

  • Marilyn

    I love freebies! Specialty Shapes for me!

  • Wallysson Mota

    Oh man, i would like to won the Specialty Shapes, they look really cool!!!
    Please, choose ME!

  • evan jerkunica

    I would love to have 500 specialty shaped cards.

    ty ^^

  • Lucy Macedo

    Specialty Shapes would be nice, since just today I finished ordering for one of our artists the U.S Standard,
    UPrinting is great!

  • Lani Rosales

    OMG I speak at SXSWi next week and I’m almost out of cards, I SOOOO will need to be replenished in a minute!! ;)

    The Slim Cards are super sexy, I’d love to win those! But if I’m not lucky (which I’m usually not), I might just switch from Moo Cards for a bit and give this company a shot! :) YAY!

  • Kevin

    I’d like U.S. Standard!

  • Carma Spence-Pothitt

    Would love to have the slim cards … they look so stylish!

  • Marsha Smelkinson

    Square. Because I am not.
    Thanks for the contest.

  • Joel Califa

    Hey, I’m guessing I’m one of about.. a lot of people who want business cards :)
    I’m a beginning webdesigner, just going into school (Parsons) to get myself a good foundation is design to fill in the patches I’ve learnt myself, however I do some freelance on the side and would like to do some networking while I’m in NY.

    It’s a little hard to do networking without cards, and so I should get some! I’d like to design a Specialty Shape card, if that’s fine. To leave an impression! :D

    If you want to check my portfolio website out, to see how serious I am, go to – You won’t be disappointed. Help me on my quest to stop wasting all my money :)


  • Robin

    The Specialty shape would be totally cool!! Besides a good design, something other than a rectangular card would definately stand out!

  • Jennifer Rivera

    I’ll love the square one

  • josheat

    The slim shape looks good.
    Let the luckiest people win :D

  • Nordli Williams

    US Standard; I’m gona win YAY!

  • josh

    I would like the square ones thank you very much.

  • Alfredo Hernandez

    Specialty shape because as graphic designer this design project us. I can attract the client curiosity when I give him a business card like this. a special cut with an attractive design will be a perfect combination.

  • Kyle M

    I’m a square. (that’s the one I like in case you didn’t know) :)

  • Gabbie

    Love the Square design for business cards :)

  • mary

    the specialty shapes look so fun!

  • Mary

    The specialty shaped cards look like a lot of fun! What a great prize this would be.

  • Nic

    I likey the Specialty Shapes

  • Nick Hoover

    Specialty Size all the way

  • Squibble

    Some Specialty Shapes business cards would be awesome! Would really help to make a good impression when meeting potential clients.

  • Al H

    US Standard

    Just starting a new business, this would be a big help.

  • eileen

    the square cards would be an ideal shape for my logo. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Tanner

    I have always wanted to get some specialty shaped card but just did not
    have the extra cash. Ill take 500 of those please

    Thanks WDD and UPrinting

  • Thales de Araújo

    US Standard please

  • Kartik

    U.S. Standard…. Old is Gold

    Hope I win

  • Arjun Phlox

    Square I love! :)

  • Buy My House

    What a mind boggling and implausible U.S standard.

  • maria

    US Standard would be great!!!


  • ORiOn

    I would love to win a US Standard pack! :-)

  • Kevin S

    wo, this is really cool giveaway. Please do count me in. i would love to have my business cards printed in Specialty Shapes. Thanks :)

  • BrodyJ

    Uhhhh. Yes Please! U.S Standard fpr sure.

  • Christoph

    I’m working for my current company for two years now and have not received any business card! I really need those 500 square cards.

  • Jacque

    Specialty would go really well with my logo, or slim, well at this point I would take hand drawn ones on cardboard!

  • Sohail Ahmed

    My choice: Specialty Shapes

    Thank you, WebDesigner Depot for giving a chance to participate.

  • Oliver

    Slim would have to be my choice. Sleek and elegant.

  • Michael

    I like the slim design best.

  • Michael

    The U.S Standard cards would be perfect. Keep up the great work, i’m a big fan of your favorite tweets of the week.

  • Marc LF

    Standard size please.

  • Gert van den Brink

    My choice would be: Specialty Shapes, but i’m not from de US, I don’t know if that’s a problem, anyway, nice contest, it will certainly help someone.

  • David

    I like to win the U.S. Standard


  • ami shmuel

    I would really appreciate 5000 “square” business cards!!!

  • oykun.yilmaz

    wooaa cool giveaway! Appreciate!
    I’d love to have the “Square”!

    Thanks a lot!

  • Ted Bell

    I’d love the specialty shaped cards. They are sooooo unique!!

  • Pepy

    Specialty Shapes! Love it :)

  • Trettende

    Slim size i love!

  • Max

    the square business cards would be really fine…

  • irene

    would love to get some uf the u.s. standard!

  • Jurg3n

    I would go for 5000 U.S. standard cards!

  • apson

    specialty shapes for me

  • Almudena Marques

    SQUARE ONE!! It wold be great! i´m just designing my new company logo so it would be greaaaaattt!!!! It´s a bit dificult to start here in Spain!!

    The square one fit all wallets!!!!

    Thank you very much! 8D

  • Kipodi

    My choice: Specialty Shapes
    Thank you!! WebDesigner Depot for giving a chance to participate.
    i really appreciate this.

  • Jigar

    I would like to win 5000 ” Slim Cards “.

    Thanks to WDD.

  • Mutombo

    Nothing beats the good old US Standard business cards.
    I hope I win. Great contest btw :)

  • Eelco

    I really like a clean design, so I’ll go for US Standard :) Count me in!

  • Victor

    Man, this is one contest I would love to win at!

  • George Argyrakis

    I would like Specialty Shapes …..

    Good luck to everybody

  • vnikey

    Ah these are all great!! I would enjoy some Specialty Shape :)
    Good luck to everyone!!

  • Karolina

    U.S. Standard

    I love simplicity and classic style.

  • Mario Awad

    Would love to have 500 slim business cards. Good luck to all :)

  • Pipifix

    My Fav is Specialty Shapes. Hope to win. Thanks

  • Deon Smith

    Some specialty shapes would be great.

  • Nathan Keen

    I’d like to be put in for the draw for the slim cards

  • heriberto

    us standard u printing rocks

  • Ryan

    I would love some Specialty Shapes to help STAND OUT in a crowd.

  • Luke74

    US Standard. Very interesting giveaway :D

  • Bryan

    I would love to see UPrinting me up some US Standard cards!

  • Julien

    Dear Depot, that’s an awesome initiative.
    500 square ones for me! (crossing fingers)

  • lagreen

    ooo…i would like to have these slim cards..
    please ;)

  • biegun

    Standard size please – at first usability…

  • Patryk

    Slim Cards

  • Raul Pinto

    I’m in. Slim Cards.

  • Disco Darius

    Whats groovier than 5000 free business cards? 5000 ‘Specialty Shapes’ business cards! Now thats groovy!

  • Riikka

    I hope to win slim cards, colourful and pretty ;)

  • Picotree

    Speciality shapes would look great with a design i’m working on…

  • Scott

    Specialty Shapes for me please.

  • Codrut

    I want to win 5000 Specialty Shapes !!!

  • Kevin Mist

    Holy smokes.. I guess this is one way to ensure a lot of responses :D This could not have come at a better time as I am in the process of redesigning my website and was considering updating my business cards at the same time.

    I have always wanted to try the specialty shape cards for something different. I have had the standard shape and done vertical before but something die cut would be cool.



  • Lubo

    The slim one is the best, pretty cool and practically, this will be the right one for me, if i win
    thank you:)

  • Capturedid

    Specialty Shape – It would be cool to have new cards that are not boxed off…

  • LiseB.

    Square cards rock: my husband and I would love 500 of them!

  • had6007

    waow ! i think a simple square card could be great !

  • Elizabeth

    I’m in for the US Standard.

  • Sascha

    really like the “square” style!

  • ceil

    Specialty-honeycomb shape-would be a great shape for our business

  • ceil

    Specialty-honeycomb shape-would be a great shape for our business

  • AnggaRifandi

    I am interested in Slims Card. I hope I can win :D


  • dan sintic

    Woo-Hoo ! Square ones ! What would Christian Bales character think from American Psycho?

  • emos

    hmm hmm, love the Slim Cards, with some dark tones, some letterpress print and a small splash of color … would be great to have them.

  • Lubinrho

    I’ve looked into the specialty shapes before. I love the rounded corner look. Good luck all!(hope I share in the winnings;)

  • DzDz

    Specialty Shapes. Because I’m special.

  • Eddie Giese

    I would love the square cards!

  • Laura

    Damn just got some standard ones printed, so I think I’ll go for the Slim and use them for additional self-promotion. Thanks WDD and UPrinting, what a great comp :)

  • matt saniewski

    I would be happy to get Square bcards. Looking forward to find the email ^^

  • Kashane Smith

    This would be amazing really the kick start I need right now.

  • Tomas

    I’d like to win US Standard cards.

  • joel k.

    I can use some US standards.

    I checked out the “UPrinting” website. boy is that ease to use, good navigation, and they are not expensive at all. winning is fine; but buying is not that bad… :)

  • Naphtali

    I would like to try Specialty Shapes

  • Reactive

    Would love some US Standard.

  • Luc Lapierre

    U.S. Standard fit best in people’s wallet!

  • Vinzent

    Specialty Shapes for special potential clients. Big ups for this action from UPrinting en wdd.

  • kaboart

    Square are RAD!

  • BroOf

    I would love to win the speciality shape. Looks awesome!

  • Carolina

    I would really appreciate some speaciality shapes free cards. :)

  • Carolina

    I would really appreciate some speaciality shapes free cards. :)

  • Eric Zierse

    As nice as the specialty shape would be, I’ll always be a fan of the US Standard business card and I’d love to win some!

  • arne

    slim looks really nice

  • Joyce

    I’d love to win the US Standard!

  • gui

    U.S. Standard for me

  • http://notyet! Bourgoin

    Ce concours est-il ouvert aux pays étrangers comme la France ? Si oui, je prendrais 500 formes spéciales (coins arrondis).

    … Et excellent site en passant !

    Is this contest opened for foreign countries like France ? If it’s ok I’ll ask for 500 Specialty shapes (rounded corners) for me.

    … And great website by the way !

  • http://Notfinishedyet Sarah Kay Hoffman

    I’d like the “Slim” Jim business cards.

    My business is almost ready to launch. I think the slim jim ones are fun, and they will allow me to put my Social Media links on the bottom!

  • Robert Hoppe

    I like to win the U.S. Standard. ;) i hope so :P


  • Nathan Hoernig

    I’d love to get one of the sets of the specialty shapes! Maybe the half-circle end version. Sweet!!!!!

    The worldwide shipping thing is great because I’m freelancing in Japan!

  • James Jones

    I just re-branded my company and some business cards would be a great addition.

    US standard would be my choice. Thanks

  • Austin During

    I like equal sides, so square for me.

  • Jennie Westerman

    Uprinting is the bomb, I ordered my old cards from them before they did specialty shapes and I’m all about the rounded corners. Nice!

  • Josh L

    Man this is awesome, I need some biz cards. Square cards to be exact.

  • Richard Marsden

    I’ve just been made redundant and now I’m trying to kick start a career as a freelancer. 5000 Specialty Shapes business cards would be a great help.

  • Richard Marsden

    ^^^ Oooops. I meant 500. Sorry.

  • Jordan Walker

    yes sir, some business cards.

  • Cory Jones

    WHOO HOOOO!!!!!!
    Gotta love FREE STUFF!!!!!!

    I would love the Specialty Shapes cards.

  • y3rt

    US Standard, awesome!

    • y3rt

      email correction

  • Dustin P.

    I would LOVE some new business cards. Rebranding my portfolio and it would be great to have some new business cards.

    BTW, I choose US Standard!

  • teebee

    I like the specialty shapes. I need a new image!

  • Shaw

    Sweeeet!! those specialty shape cards will make my (business to be) look very interesting!
    Hope i win =)

  • Kangai

    279 comments already…

    I’d love to have the specialty business cards please… 500 you said?
    Thanks for having such great content on your site. I’ve really loved it and I appreciate it allot.


    Your #1 Kenyan Fan..

    (was that me taking it too far?)

  • Nick

    Some standard business cards would be great! Thanks UPrinting!

  • C. Vandenberg

    Just getting started and need a card design/print company. Really like all of the other products offered. I would start with the traditional Standard card. Thanks UPrinting !

  • Jason A.

    Wow, great contest! And perfect timing, because I just re-branded my business. My name is my URL, and I have a long name, so I think the slim option would be work best for me. I like the unique shape, and I think it would help the card to stand out.

    Thank you!

  • Jim Fry

    I would love the US Standard

  • matt salik

    Squares for days.

  • Voras

    Hard to choose between specialty shape and the standard one… So I say the former. Gotta be different from everybody else :).

  • cameron d.

    Had to change one of our business name because of patent problems, this would be awesome! There are some cool specialty shapes there that would make me happy :)

  • Jacqueline B

    The US standards would be terrific!

  • Dat

    Speciality Shapes, being unique is my game.

  • Jared Penner

    I would love some specialty shaped cards. That would be a lot of fun.

  • Kayla

    I would enjoy the Slim size! I’m in just starting out so this would definitely boost my professionalism! Win these = Happy Kayla

  • Daniel

    I’d love US Standard!!!

    PS, how do you sign up and put an avatar on your comments?


  • Angel – web designer

    I want 500 SLIM business cards!

  • David M

    I would love some classic business cards (US Standard).


  • Daniel

    US Standard. Thank you.

  • Jay Chopra

    Super giveaway!!! Please count me in for specialty or Square cards. Thanks again. Jay

  • Phil

    Call me a square but I would love to win the square cards.

  • Wes Crockett

    I could totally use some for my side-company… especially since budget cuts may be hitting at my normal employer.

  • Charles

    Specialty for me, thanks.

  • M. RIvera

    This is great! US Standard for me ;)

  • Robison

    I like the U.S. standard.

  • Jacob C. Alonzo

    Specialty shapes are really eye-catching and are note worthy!

  • Steve Saragian

    I can’t pass up Specialty Shapes.

  • Trendez

    Specialty Shapes :) Thanks in advance ;)

  • Lisa Noel


  • Lital

    Square :o]

  • Tucker Higgins

    I would LOVE U.S. Standard.

  • Storm

    I would love to win the square cards! They are super cute and dinky :)

  • Drew

    I was just going to print a roun of cards. I would be so thankful
    for a set of Square cards. Thanks for this contest.

  • Darwin Soontiraratn

    Specialty cards please

  • Jennifer

    I would go for the US Standard. I have a few from another company I use for my printing needs but I am willing to try out UPRINT with the contest and if I like, I have several clients of mine that would benefit from your services as well :D

  • michaela

    US standard here! great contest!

  • DAN·E

    I’d like the Speciality Shapes, thanks!

    Awesome blog, BTW!

  • hellsing

    I’m fat. Slim cards would make a nice contrast :)

  • Jack F

    Square standard please!

  • Uno

    Matte matte matte.. with nice diecuts. US Standard.

  • kovi

    whoa, Slim cards are great:) pleeease

  • ebow

    U.S Standard

  • Ross

    Specialty Shapes is my favorite choice.

  • Jan D.

    Wow. This could be the chance to get my first business cards finally <3

    U.S. Standart please :)

  • K. Sicardo

    Seria una suerte poder ganar las Specialty Shapes!!!

  • Krzysiek

    Square cards are nice, i would like to have some :)

  • James

    Those Specialty Shapes business cards would be awesome! Would be a great tool for networking with people at upcoming events like E3.

  • espi

    If I were to get myself business cards, I would prolly choose Specialty Shapes to showcase not only my visual design skills but also my uniqueness from the other designers’ company.

  • julien

    really love the Square cards !

  • Scott Birnie

    US Standard, these cards would begin the freelance adventure! Please let me win them. Cheers for the great post.

  • Ryan

    Would love to have some of the speicality cards, would definitely help me with starting my freelance work.

  • Kristi

    I’m a web/software interface designer who also paints abstract trees and I have a tendency towards square format :) I go through a ton of cards at galleries to promote my url and need more soon so some free ones would be amazing right about now!

  • Godsie

    Square is fare. Thanks UPrinting

  • Vincent Ghyssens

    Would love the US standard.

    Definitely interested in designing a business card for myself!

  • diana

    I do CD design, so the Square or round ones would work great with my industry. Anything to stand out is good. Get the person to say “That’s Cool!” when you hand them your bc and chances are they will remember you, and at least pass your name on if not actually hire you.

    the round ones would probably stand out nicely on a bulletin board. Just design it so that putting a pushpin through the center will not impede reading. Pin up extras so they can take one. Or punch a hole through them and hang them on a hook from the board. That gives a 3d effect and can’t be missed among the myriad others.

  • Darcy

    Slim Cards: Hook me up!

  • James Duffell

    US Standard, would be fantastic

  • Matthew Carpenter

    Specialty shapes would be great…but any would be nice..I am not picky :-)

  • 9Nineteen

    specialty shapes please.

  • Glaucia de Barros

    Square, simple, llittle, equal, it fits for me !

  • Joel Kamensky

    I would LOVE to win 500 Square OR Specialty shape business cards for the RE-Branding of my business for 2010. Business cards are my final touch in order to release the new site!

  • johannes H.

    The traditional US Standard rules! Would be great to win these.

  • kit

    digging the specialty shapes

  • Thomas Craig Consulting

    US Standard for me! I’m assuming this is open to anyone.

  • Vitor Neves

    I hope to win dome US standard. I change my logo and all the image and i’m still using the old ones.

  • Mike Estrada

    US Standard; these will be AWESOME for distributing

  • Jerome B.

    I would love the square ones: kinda fits my personality.

  • Tom

    I like US standard!

  • Marshall Baltzell

    Standard US, please!

  • Jorge

    Yeah, I want the traditional standard size
    Yeah, US Standard

  • Nick

    The slim look interesting

  • Wayne

    Specialty Shapes suits my logo very well

  • Belinda

    Standard, special, slim or square?
    What will my personality bear?
    Normal, quirky, anorexic or geek.
    What will I be this week?
    An ode to new years resolutions past,
    better give me a skinny one, and fast!

  • Rochelle

    I would love to have Specialty Shape business cards! As a college student graduating in June, all of my finances will be aimed towards paying off all of my loans, so I don’t have the luxury of spending any extra money towards specialty shaped business cards. I would have to wait until I either get a client or find a job (yet to come).


  • Jesper Lunud

    I hope I’m lucky enough to win 500 Specialty Shapes :-)

  • Sander

    Specialty Shapes off course!

  • Michael

    I hope I win some Speciality Shapes!

  • Ari

    US. Standard for me please…

  • artlessbum

    Square… keep it simple.. less is MORE.

  • pina

    i hope to win Specialty Shapes ;D

  • Devon

    I would really love the Slim Cards, i am currently in the process of redesigning my site and these cards would be a life-saver (financially) for me. I will design the card with hopes of winning this…. best of luck to everyone else.

  • Joseph

    I like speciality shapes

  • Anna

    I’m love to win the standard size cards! I’d use them as a sep. direction map in my wedding invitations!

  • kash smith

    All the comments after mine are coming into my inbox account ahhhhhhh!!! stop stop. but the square cards could help ease the pain as I said earlier.

  • Michael Muller

    “square” shape for me! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Adriano

    Specialty Shapes could be fun

  • Robert

    U.S Standard! I was just about to buy my own but then ran across this contest and I am so considering it. A business card was on my to do list for over 2 month but I never really got the money to buy them, anyway good luck with the contest everyone wish you all the best.

  • Adam

    5000 business cards would be great (Leaf Style), I recently changed my logo and company name. Growing a business is key for me and it’d be nice to present with a good image. It would be nice to present myself in the proper format. Thanks

  • Mike Madison

    Some Specialty Shapes would be super sweet :)

  • David Jaramillo

    The “specialty cards” would be awesome to win! I just finished my degree in Graphic Communications and the business cards would be a great marketing tool to promote myself, since i am traveling more. Fingers crossed.

  • Dustin Gilman

    Specialty shapes please!
    This is an awsome contest

  • Lucas

    a dose US Standard would be freaking awesome

  • Andy

    U.S. Standard. This would be awesome to win!

  • Daniel

    Specialty Shapes.. sweet!

  • Joel

    Slim Cards for me please :)

  • Jeremy Snell

    Would lovee some new Specialty Shape cards!! i needs now =) thankss

  • Mr Hensen

    I would love the “slim cards”. Great for reminding people with a nifty design that I’m the one they should hire.

  • Vinnie

    The U.S Standard is fantastic!!!

  • Heem

    Specialty Shapes All Day!!

  • Hwd

    Specialty Shapes !

  • Matthew Bassett

    Specialty Shapes please

  • Will Boudle

    I would LOVE some specialty shaped business cards.. with the 2 die cut opposite edges!! perfect for my sharp and smooth identity!!

  • Joseph

    I would dearly appreciate the specialty shape because the setup is contour and the shape is eye-catching

  • Travis

    500 business cards would be great for me right now. The specialty shape would be my choice. Thanks.

  • Seth

    I would love to win the square cards. I think they look stellar and are a nice change from the traditional cards.

  • ercn1903

    omg what a wonderful deal, i would like to have the “speciality shaped” (one edge rounded) cards… i hope i winn!!!!

  • wendy

    Love the specialty shape, and especially love your creative designs. I would love to work with you to put together a great card for the newest aspects of my music–

  • Tapan Shah

    I would like to win square cards.

  • Thomas Johnson

    The square cards look really nice!

  • paul rostorp

    Speciality shape please !

  • Bryan Taylor

    I’d love 5000 ‘custom shape’ business cards. UPRINT is AWESOME!

  • SpecialPerson

    A business card with special shape for special person must be really nice!

  • Younes HADRY

    I tagg “U.S. Standard”, Thanks WDD

  • Kris

    Great contest, I’d love some specialty shape cards!

  • Will Mellon

    Thanks UPrinting for the 5000 US Standard Business Cards prize!!!

  • Dave

    I’d like some US Standards

  • Toby Cummings

    I love the specialty shapes.

  • Phris

    A beer for specialty shapes!

  • ErinScandalous

    I’d love to win the square cards! Thanks!

  • mona

    Love to win the specialty shapes please :) thanks

  • Nick D

    Love the look of the Slim business cards and would come in very handy.

    Great website btw.

  • Chris

    I would love to win Specialty Shapes Business Cards from UPrinting! This contest rocks! :)

  • Pavel M.

    The U.S. Standard will be great for me! :)

  • Rob P

    I am a fan of the good old fashion Standard card.

    I never win anything so I’d love to win!


  • Matt H.

    Some specialty shapes cards would be very useful to have!

  • junioreatworld

    The square ones… awesome!

  • Bill Pairaktaridis

    I would love some U.S. Standard cards. Would look great with a matte finish, as well XD

  • eddie v.

    Could use some specialty shaped cards

  • Debbie

    I’m starting my own business and I would really appreciate winning so Specialty Shape cards. Great Contest!

  • Genevieve Dupuis

    I would be so happy to have Specialty Shapes cards!

  • Ivy

    I love the square ones, it’d be great with square photos! ;)

  • JTvete

    Love the website! being a graphic design student graduating this may i really have found endless use of your blog. A set of US Standard would help get things going for me starting to look for work.

  • Ton van uden

    Definately would like US Standard.
    thanks for the opportunity!

  • Fernando

    I would like Slim Cards.

  • Dipak Patel

    The square ones without a shadow of a doubt. Thanks

  • Sanjay Modha

    I wish to have Slim size cards!

  • Chris

    I’d like some US Standards

  • sucomanga

    square? i’d like them!