60+ Awesome New WordPress Themes

It seems like every time you go looking for a new WordPress theme, you find countless roundups of the same old themes.

And while many of those themes are featured for good reason, they’re also used on countless blogs around the web. We’ve all seen them a hundred times.

But WordPress themes are being released on nearly a daily basis. Not all of them are great, but plenty of them are.

Below are more than 60 of those great themes, none older than October of 2009 and many from as recent as this month.

Have we missed any good ones released recently? Please add them at the end of this article.


Free Themes

FesyenMag (October 2009)

Kotak Blue (October 2009)

Newspress (October 2009)

Tipz (October 2009)

Bright Sky (October 2009)

WP Blueprint (October 2009)

Foodiary (November 2009)

Glassical (November 2009)

MiniCard (November 2009)

Bueno (November 2009)

FreeDream (November 2009)

Maamo (December 2009)

Daily Note (December 2009)

Comet (December 2009)

Clear (December 2009)

MiniMag (December 2009)

Softy (December 2009)

Satoshi (January 2010)

Zexee (January 2010)

Tripress (January 2010)

Papertagz (January 2010)

AllBlack (January 2010)

Grungie (January 2010)

Simplebox (February 2010)

Melitus (February 2010)

Aparatus (February 2010)

Simple Folio (February 2010)

Designpile (February 2010)

Zeelot (February 2010)

Glory (February 2010)

Maparaan (February 2010)

Brave Zeenat (March 2010)

Tanzaku (March 2010)

Tauri (March 2010)

Notepad (March 2010)

Koi Theme (March 2010)

Blackboard (March 2010)

Jasov (April 2010)

Sucha (April 2010)

Astatic Thematic Child Theme (April 2010)

Whitedeo (April 2010)


Premium Themes


Punchcut (January 2010)

Structure (January 2010)

Retreat (March 2010)

The Block Theme (March 2010)

Innovation+Science (March 2010)

Nautilius (March 2010)

Archeronne (March 2010)

City Guide (March 2010)

Flex for WordPress (March 2010)

Acosminbiz (March 2010)

The Deluxe (March 2010)

Slanted (March 2010)

Unifolio (April 2010)

Obvious 12-in-1 (April 2010)

Devster (April 2010)

Cloudy (April 2010)

GoLive (April 2010)

Lively Hood (April 2010)

Vidley (April 2010)

Which ones are your favorites? Did we miss any good recent themes? You can add them below…

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  • Marcus Neto

    Some really nice ones here. I like the fact that you included both premium and free. You missed a newcomer over at SimpleThemes (http://SimpleThemes.com). They have some really nice designs as well.

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    In reviewing some of your earlier roundups, it’s really amazing to see how far WordPress has come. Themes like WooTheme’s CityGuide would have been impossible without major budgets just a few years ago – now anyone, in any small town anywhere, can put together a truly professional site quickly and easily. And given the incredible variety of design and functionality possible with WordPress, the best is still ahead (WordPress 3.0 coming up shortly!)

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