Massive Giveaway of Iconshock Icons

Iconshock is the largest icon design company in the world and today they’re bringing a spectacular giveaway to WDD readers.

In this contest, Iconshock will be providing 10 full subscription licenses to ALL their icons. Yes, you read that right, ALL their icons.

The value of all these prizes is an astonishing $4,990!

And this includes a staggering amount of goodies: 800,000 stock icons, 250 icon sets, 500 logo templates and 250 animated icons!!

That’s their entire collection and we have 10 of these licenses for you today. Read on for details on how to participate and check out some of the icons below…

Iconshock is the largest icon design company with more than 800,000 stock icons in 250 icon sets.

They also have lots of free icon sets ready to download, design tutorials, and in depth articles and lists about UI and general design in their blog.

To participate follow @Iconshock on Twitter and then leave us your twitter name and a comment below. Only one entry per person. Available to WDD readers worldwide.

The results will be announced one week from today on May 5th on WDD and all winners will also be contacted via email. Good luck to everyone!

  • Ivan

    @niksy :)

  • artish

    Twitter name: artish

  • Dragos

    Great Contest! The Iconshock a great icons that I would love to use in future projects.
    Thanks for the chance. My twitter name is @bdmpixel

  • Dragos

    Great Contest! The Iconshock has great icons that I would love to use in future projects.
    Thanks for the chance. My twitter name is @bdmpixel

  • zauberswn

    Now thats awesome.. I want one of the subscriptions!
    Twitter: @zauberswn


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    Wonderful icons!

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    Wonderful giveaway. Good luck to all!

  • mmg666

    Wonderful giveaway! Good luck to all.

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    Yeah what should I say, it just woulda be great to win that subscription, i definitely think it would help me visualizing things a LOT.


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    That’s one hell of a give away!!


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    I’ll bite! I’m @smrvl, and I’ll take free icons.

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    *that* is a real bargain :)

    twitter name: aem34

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    Man I love icons. Hope I get some icon goodness!!

  • Jeff G

    Iconshock is an excellent place to find icons. I would consider this giveaway to be a very valuable one!

  • Richie

    Thats what I call a giveaway!! Thanks guys. You are no doubt the largest and the coolest Icon designing company in the entire globe :D

  • Jeff G

    @aevumdesign (comment above)

  • Daniel Albu

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    It’s a really cool giveaway!

    I hope to win :)

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    Wow, awesome giveaway guys. Plethora of goodies!! Good luck to everyone.

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    Sooo many icons *slurp*

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    Wow. This is an amazing giveaway, guys! Count me in!

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    This is awesome. I really enjoy all the great tips that WDD posts. Thanks.

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    Simply astonishing and unbelievable!!

    I want……..I want……….

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    Wow!, that’s really a nice giveaway :D

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    @bigdotmedia – great icons

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    Winning this would be awesome! :)

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    awesome giveaway!

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    You never know how much a designer needs icons, until he/she actually needs them…


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    @geemuni i have been looking at these icons for some time. i hope i get my hands on them :-)

  • Matt Smith

    Nice competition! Twitter name: tangohead

  • Rachel


    Great giveaway! However…the intro says it’s worth $4990, but the image says $499? Either way it’s a brilliant giveaway, but which is it? :)

    • juan iconshock

      hello Rachell, there are 10 licenses of our $499 best product (full suscription), for a total of $4990 prize :)

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  • Mark Spidle


    Great looking icons.

  • Diogo

    twitter: dresende

    Amazing giveaway! :D

  • Aaron Kato

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  • jake


    I would love so have these icons. I’m kind of embarrassed of my already huge icon collection, but I can always find something I need!

  • Ricky

    @visualhaze is very happy to partecipate!

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    Great stuff guys!

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    Good luck to all.

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    Iconshock is a great site with tons of beautiful icons one can use in just about every design…

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    WDD rules.

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    Awesome giveaway! I love IconShock icons, they’re among the best out there.

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    just created the Twitter account, making the Iconshock officially my first follow :)
    looking foreward to more articles.

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    @xaeltan, please. Thanks for bringing this to all of us!

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  • Rasmus

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  • Max Luzuriaga

    Twitter name: @maxluzuriaga

    I’m a HUGE icon nerd, appreciate a good icon when I see one!

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