Win an iPad and Free ActiveCampaign Licenses

Contests | Apr 7, 2010

Who doesn’t like freebies? We all do, and today the good folks at ActiveCampaign are bringing you an absolutely awesome giveaway that’s sure to make you drool…

By participating in this contest, not only you stand the chance of winning a just released Apple iPad, but you can also win a bunch of free licenses for ActiveCampaign’s email marketing and survey software, that will come in really handy for your next project.

ActiveCampaign specializes in awesome web based software which includes email marketing and survey software.

Read on for more details on how to participate in this amazing contest…

Here’s a bit more information about ActiveCampaign and some of their products:

  • Email marketing software allows you to send permission based  mailings to lists of subscribers. There are hundreds of powerful features to optimize your email campaigns.
  • Survey software is used to collect data through custom forms for information gathering, research and quantitative analysis.  These easy to use web based tools are quick to deploy, requiring very little effort on your part.

ActiveCampaign is providing the following prizes valued at a total of $8,979! A really generous giveaway for the WDD community!!!

  • 1 winner (Apple iPad 16GB Wi-Fi + 10 user licenses of ActiveCampaign’s email marketing and survey software)
  • 9 winners (1 user license of ActiveCampaign’s email marketing and survey software)

To participate in this contest, please leave a comment in the comments’ area below. The winners will be selected at random and announced here on WDD (winners will also be notified by email) on April 14th, 2010. Only one comment per person. Contest available to readers worldwide.

Good luck to everyone!

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  • Peter Zimon

    Oh, you don’t know how much I’d love to win! :)

    • Michael

      :) Peter, that is completely presumptuous.

      OF COURSE I know how much you’d love to win. Why else would I be commenting here in order to place my name in the iPad hopper.


    • Lena Tailor

      What a give away…. Count me in.

    • Katie

      I would love to win!!

    • http://none Rob Med

      Hi! thank for letting worldwide participants, i have tried to win an iPad in all contest without no luck ( i am from spain) that’s why i am still nervous with having one. Want to develop some apps and it would be awesome to get one on my hands! GOOD LUCK all :D, thanks.

    • Florian Wardell

      Best giveaway ever! Hope I win lol!

    • Guy Park

      Great site, great articles, great competition.

      I’ve never won a contest but ‘why not’. Best of luck to all.

  • Sisi

    What a great deal!

    • PaRnanZio Gun

      Would be a great hit for me from Italy: here there are no iPads and I’m gonna go crazy!
      Choose me ^_^

  • Amin!

    Funny, I was looking for options for both surveys and email marketing. Very cool!

  • Rich


  • Chris

    Wow, what a great prize. Sign me up :]

  • Pedro Pina

    Oh this is it, this time i’m getting my hands on a Apple product! Will it be worth..?

  • Phil Stringfellow

    Woo, great competition. Even if I don’t get the iPad, I can think of a few ways to use the licenses :P

    • Andrew

      Agreed! Count me in as well!

  • Jessica J

    And I’m actually investigating survey options right now. good timing.

  • Kim

    Count me in! :o)

  • KOOL


  • Andy

    Wow. What a great promotion. Thanks ActiveCampaign.

  • Josh

    Hooray to WDD!!!

  • chris kluis


  • KP

    Yes please!

  • Joseph D

    Great contest! I hope I win because free stuff is awesome! :P

  • Joseph Sims


  • Matt

    I was just looking for a marketing/survey software this morning…. Whoa, the internet reads my mind…..

  • Abi


  • Konrad Neumann

    that’s fantastic. How incredibly useful. our company has been dealing with a very frustrating email campaign company. Thanks for this opportunity. My coworker just brought in his iPad. Pretty nifty as well.

  • cdomurad

    Now this is the mother of all contest’s. Good luck to everyone.

  • lisa

    an iPad would be life changing… thanks for the opportunity to win one! Nice site promo!

  • jake

    I’d LOVE a ActiveCampaign license! Oh, and I suppose a free iPad would be nice too =)

  • Kevin McGill

    Not really happy with Constant Contact. Need more. Thanks guys. Hope to win that Ipad too!

  • Kai

    Nice action. Will be lovley to win an iPad

  • Jacob

    I want an iPad so I can put in my car to replace my cd player :)

  • Gareth Price

    Nice contest!

  • rdlr


  • Steve Robillard

    This would be perfect timming we were just having a meeting about a new survey we are planning. The ipad would be nice too!

  • Pera

    Vow, would love to win these to!

  • Paulo

    This looks REALLY nice :)
    And a free iPad doesn’t sound bad either ;) hehe

  • Kris

    Sounds like a great contest! I’d love to win!

  • Amber Turner

    Oh how I would love to win an iPad. I have so many good uses for an iPad for when I am on the go, like email, and managing my blog. I hope I win!

  • BY

    Good luck to all.

  • ruez

    yes please!

  • Kevin

    Great Contest! Would love to win an iPad :-)

  • Greg

    That would be great!

  • David

    Woooowww!! Great!! great!!

  • Mitch88

    Nice competition and some great prizes.

  • Scott McGrath

    Hmmm would love an iPad please.

    Was soon to launch a new site too so will check out ActiveCampaign.

    Keep yup the good work WDD

  • tae

    yes pleeeeease

  • Maarten Honig

    Trying my luck again!
    Nice giveaway (-:

  • Ed Rosell

    It’s that time of the month again and I would love to win an ipad.

  • adam pekor

    i love the iPAD looks so sleek looking for graphic design presentations

  • Kevin

    I’m in…

  • Cozzy

    I want an iPad more than i want oxygen.

  • pfdesigner

    sweet promo… hope I win!

  • Sebastian

    who doesn’t love the iPad? ;)

  • Avey

    Omg I would love to win! Lol
    Plus I’m interested in the licensees as well.

  • Alex

    Sign me up.

  • Erastos

    Oh wow I’d love to be the first! Let’s go depot I want to win an ipad. Great contest.

  • Scott

    sweet deal!

  • Dominic Leodoro

    Wow! I really need an ipad! Please pick me!

  • Glenn Van Bogaert

    Great giveaway. Even the licenses are a great deal. But I think we all need to be honest and tell that we’re participating to win the iPad in the first place :)

  • Rob Stevens

    I’d love one to take on my trip to Vegas for the UFC Fan Expo! Please hook me up!

  • Manuel

    I wanna win an iPad!

  • Cathleen Jones

    Hey, great opportunity! Thanks, hope I win!

  • Alex

    WOW Very Cool!

  • Todd

    Awesome stuff. Nice prizes.

  • Toby

    Wow that is awesome. Thank you so much for the chance to win :)

  • Jason

    Excellent prizes. I’m in.

  • Ryan Burrell

    Mmmmm… ActiveCampaign.

  • MisterX

    That’s a really great deal!!!

  • monicqa

    I am loooking for the win! :D

  • http:/ Brian L

    E-mail marketing is more important in 2010 than ever. I have used three different providers over the past few years, and I have to keep evaluating, since the pricing and features can vary.

  • mystockphoto

    Here I am, glad to enter and to know a bit more about ActiveCampaign ;-)

  • Rhonda Brown

    These prizes are great. I hope I win. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Henry

    Can I has a iPad plz?

  • Max

    I like the fact that ActiveCampaign not only allows for simple rebranding for email marketing, but also autoresponders (as well, of course, as the reports). This combined, with the survey software, sounds incredibly useful for online marketing.

  • Charles

    Just wanted to say thanks to the staff at ActiveCampaign for this amazing promo! Also, its this or i sit in an airport wearing some sunglasses holding a plastic cup to fund my Ipad.

  • Frankie B

    ActiveCampaign rocks! Free iPad FTW

  • Aidan

    This is just like a lucky draw! Too bad, not everyone will become a winner.

    “We all dream a lot – some are lucky, some are not. But if you think it, want it, dream it, then it’s real. You are what you feel.” – Tim Rice.

  • Jacek Siedlaczek

    Great news.
    Congratulations for upcoming winners.

  • Jeff

    I’d love to explore the extent of the iPad’s usability further. The potential it holds is phenomenal!

  • Metin

    This is an awesome giveaway.

  • Joey

    Ooh, Ooh, Pick me! Pick me! *hand waving frantically in the air*

  • moises


  • artlessbum

    WDD + ActiveCampaign = WIN! Awesomeness….

  • Alejandra

    Let’s see if im lucky

  • Estevão Mascarenhas

    That’s great! Thank you WDD. :)

  • Jessica

    Awesome Prizes. Thanks!

  • Sonny

    I’d sell my butt for an iPad. Haha.

  • droppixel


    btw who has seen this?

  • Francois Faubert


  • Dale Speck

    This sounds really great.. It would really help me in my endeavors if I won the Apple ipad along with the software… Good luck to all…

  • Esther

    Leaving a comment :)

  • MordAFoca

    Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! :D

  • Elle Rae

    This is an awesome promotion, these licenses would be perfect for my non-profit clients, thank you Active Campaign.

  • Lukasz

    Sweet thanks Web Designer Depot….

  • Cliff

    It’s always amazing to see the buildup of comments during these events

  • Ce

    wow, great :)

  • Javier Mateos

    Aew-some things right here! Lucky charms to me! :)

  • Ariyanna

    Wow, this is a great opportunity! I hope I can be at least 1 of the 10 winners =)

  • Dustin P.

    Wow this is an AWESOME giveaway from WDD and AC. I would love to win this one!

  • Ryan

    Email *and* Surveys? Worth checking out…

  • Haykal

    Wooooohooooo iPad….

  • Matt Webb

    I really want an iPad for my trip to China. Would make that long flight more pleasant. :)

  • LouAnn

    Ooooohhhh…. an iPad would be the bomb! :)

  • bubbabelly

    Everyone’s giving them away, just haven’t had good luck yet!

  • Crystal B

    What a great contest! Something that’s actually very, very useful! yay!

  • Miguel

    YEY! Pick Me

  • Hector Lee

    I can’t sleep anymore. I keep dreaming about the iPad and I can’t find it when I wake up.

  • James

    This is awesome! Hope I win!

  • http://[email protected] Mike Davis

    Sweet Deal! I want an iPad!

  • Edgars

    wipiii, count me in! :))

  • Colin

    Nice! ActiveCampaign has some great eDM and KM tools.

  • Waheed Akhtar

    This is amazing. Would love to win iPad

  • Dedi Sharabi


  • TJ

    Thanks for the awesome information you share (and the free ipad!)

  • zoltanhosszu

    Gimme gimme gimme! :)

  • Megan

    Would love an iPad! I never win anything, so I doubt I’ll get it, but it’s always fun to try!

  • sarah

    Awesome! I am excited, this would be fantastic.

  • Sergei Tatarinov

    Superb giveaway, as always, Walter!

    I’d be so happy with that iPad :))

  • Chris Shelley

    Oh I love me a good contest.

  • Thomas G.

    OMFG! WTF?! This is an amazing giveway!! Oo

  • Austin Knight

    So stoked!

  • Andrea Pelizzardi


  • Marcus

    Nice one, would be very nice when you choose me

  • Andrew

    Wow $8,979 worth of giveaways! Kudos to ActiveCampaign and you guys for forking out that much to strangers! I’d be lucky to see that money over a year let alone in one hit haha. Ahh the woes of being a student.

  • Simon Berthelot

    great lots

  • ryanb

    Wow, great prize!

  • Chris

    who wouldn’t want to try to win an iPad!?

  • Julien

    I’m all aquiver with fanboy like glee, count me in!

  • DanG

    Me too, me too!

  • Mike

    I like free stuff.

  • James

    Wow an Ipad! I’d kill for one of those! keep up the good work on the blog though!

  • Lauren

    That’s a pretty awesome promotion! I’d love to win!

  • Contessa

    Fantastic! Sign me up!

  • Tim

    Sounds great! I’m looking for email marketing for my website right now!

  • Nguyen Duy Pham

    Free stuffs? Nice. Free stuffs that are cool? Awesome. Free iPad? What the… count me in now!

  • wendel santos

    ive been wanting a license for a while! thank you activecampaign and webdesignerdepot!1

  • daniel

    i hope it’s my turn

  • Jeff Kes

    This would be some cool prizes. The latest Technology in my hands.


  • Craig Paterson

    Another fantastic giveaway!

    Maybe I’ll win this one,
    maybe I won’t,
    but if I ain’t in it,
    there’s absolutely no chance of me being one of the winners!!!

  • AME

    Yes please!

  • Kevin

    Thanks for the chance WDD. Winning an iPad would be slick.

  • Jeff

    Amazing give away – ActiveCampaign is great.

  • Gummiball

    The iPad is amazing. Please take me ;)

  • lesemu

    Fingers crossed!!!

  • Chris L

    Fantastic! Count me in!

  • Ted Vitale

    I never buy first gen anything, but winning one is different!

  • Karolina

    Me! Me! Me! Please choose me!!!

  • Marcus Vanstone

    I can haz iPad?

  • Adit Gupta

    I’m in :)

  • Zac Coffman

    Would not mind an iPad :) or email marketing!

  • Fabio

    Wow ! What a wonderful contest !

  • Chase

    Sign me up!

  • kaden


  • Dave S.

    Outstanding. Thanks WDD!

  • tim Helfensdörfer

    I will win:)

  • Jeff Glenn

    Sounds great! Sign me up

  • patrick91

    Good luck to everyone! ;)

  • Dmytro

    Absolutley Amazig!!!

  • Ben

    Thanx WDD & Active Campaign!

  • Cory

    I am in!

  • Loky

    Amazing first prize. Good luck everyone and thank you WDD for all the great articles.

  • Jack

    Excellent give away

  • Matt D

    Amazing contest! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Ali Sipahioglu

    great prizes, count me in

  • Luan Fernandes

    Great Prizes! I really wish to win *-*

  • Panagiotis Kosmidis

    Nice give-away ! :) sign me up too! :D

  • Gaffer

    I want in! Great contest, and great blog!

  • Lori

    Good luck all!

  • Johannes

    Oh… well. I’m gonna try this. First time i enter into such things!
    That sure made me drool.

  • Matt


  • rawdawg

    I never win anything… lets change that.

  • Deh

    Hey!… Sign me up!!…

  • Danilo

    Nice promotion!!!

  • Nina

    I’d love to win the iPad!!!!!

  • Robert

    WOW!! Cool! ActiveCampaign going to be very handy for a new email campaign and of course an iPad! be very usefull too!!! =D

  • Guilherme Fonseca

    WOW! Awesome. I hope I can get one of these prizes.
    Thank you guys!

  • Heather

    Oh wow, both of those could definitely come in handy!

  • Jimme

    This is so fascinating!!!

  • Sam Harding

    Wow!! Awesome contest, hope I win!

  • Hua

    My 1st gen Ipod Touch is looking for a big bro! :D

  • Alex


  • Benjamin Hahn

    Yay, another iPad giveaway! Let me win! :)

  • Adam

    I don’t not like freebies ;-)

  • laborci

    iam in

  • Melissa Thompson

    This is an awesome service. Keep up the good work!

  • Jeff

    While the iPad would be a great prize by itself, sounds like there is even more value with the software!

  • kyle

    I think the iPad is just eye candy and is useless for my everyday use. However, I thought that of the iPod Touch too and it won me over.

  • Sam Brasseale

    Fantastic! Love ActiveCampaign! /crossesFingers

  • Harry Jakob

    Freebies. iPad. Nice one!

  • Jorge L.

    Cool piece of hardware to play with. Too bad is overpriced. Out of my budget.

  • Greg

    I’d love to win a sweet iPad! I’d also like to try out Active Campaign. I’ve used MailChimp in the past before, and I wouldn’t be opposed to switching over.

  • Kim

    Wow.. tickle me PINK!

  • Frank

    Can I haz a iPad plaeze :D

  • Jorge L.

    Cool piece of hardware to play with. Too bad is out of my budget

  • Daniel

    This is great! Sign me up!

  • Alice

    Wow, talk about a fantastic giveaway. You guys get better every day!

  • jared

    Thanks ActiveCampaign and Web Designer Depot!

  • Wes Crockett

    I’d love it!

  • Josh R

    Wonder if I could replace constant contact with this?

    • Jason VandeBoom

      We offer both a hosted (where no install is needed — similar to constant contact) and a downloaded version (where you install on your server — with no monthly fees or sending limits)

      • Al

        Do you have many cases of people using the hosted version and sending monthly emails to around 30,000 people? And how often they get blacklisted as opposed to using bigger email sender?

        Given that we are a membership organisation and have a mix of users both internet savvy and not savvy one concern we have is being marked as spam due to people clicking the wrong thing in their email client rather than changing their newsletter settings with us.

      • Jason VandeBoom

        Yes – 30,000+ is no problem.

        We work to ensure our hosted platform always has maximum deliverability.

        If you are using the software on your own server with 30,000+ it likely won’t be an issue at all. We have a number of built in features (such as the list-unsubscriber headers added automatically, one click unsubscribe, etc..) along with a number of docs about how to ensure top deliverability at:

  • Jesse

    Mmmnnnn… iPad. I’m hungry.

  • Raul Sim

    Mmm, an iPad! I sure want something like this…

    Thank you, Walter, and of course, WDD!

  • Mike

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • Debbie

    Yay emails and iPads!

  • Zyber

    Awesome giveaway you’ve got going here :)

  • Sivakumar

    Nice to have this freebie :)

  • Rose Eldridge

    This software would be great for our nonprofit.

    • Jason VandeBoom

      If you do not win send me an email and I can see what we could offer for your non-profit.

  • Sabrina

    Wow, I’d love to grab an iPad! I’ve yet to own an Apple product :D

  • Matt Nelson

    count me in

  • Matt S

    Sign me up!

  • Franz Marini

    Count me in ! :D

  • http://None Rocky

    This would be the perfect Mother’s day gift for my wife!

  • varu

    Wow, I hope to win a prize.

  • Espree Devora

    Excited to use Active Campaign to enhance my content delivery strategy. Surveys are a GREAT way to discover what key content to create that will be valued by my market. The most effective way to have their focused attention is by delivering that content to their email. Thanks for putting together this contest!

  • Ray Shahriar

    I love you guys!!! Best posts out of any other design related blogs out there.

  • Matt Cassella

    I’m in I want an iPad too!

  • Asad

    I’m in! It’s the good idea in your online marketing strategy! I’d love to try the ActiveCampaign software. Thanks WDD!

  • kath

    Sounds awesome. As a freelance graphic designer with zero budget for an iPad this would definitely help keep me technologically savvy!

  • Tadd Mencer

    Hot snack foods and fuzzy bunnies! This is the best contest I’ve ever seen!

    WDD is awesome!

  • Harrison

    Great promotion for a great blog! Thanks!

  • Fabiani West

    iPad. iLike!

  • Sheila

    I’m Game!

  • Aleksandar Petkov

    I want that chicken…

  • Sully

    Love me some freebies! Thanks WDD. Always bringing the best of the web.


  • Han Wang

    Sign me up! let me win~

  • Alan

    cool, i’m in!

  • Nadia

    Great constest! Thank you, WDD and ActiveCampaign :)

  • Mitesh

    I have to say it’s a good contest and promotion. By the way love your posts, I have learnt so much about web-design by subscribing to the site. Keep up the good work

  • ReveK

    Hey!! Please count me in :)

  • cuiki®

    I need to get lucky lol! We’ll see if I win something…

  • Michael George

    This is a fantastic promotion, and all the prizes are highly sought after. This is fantastic and I sincerely hope that I win. Thanks to ActiveCampaign and Web Designer Depot for putting this together!

  • alexander m.

    WDD and iPad made my day <3

  • Richard Cloutier

    Wow ! Count me in !
    And thanks for the opportunity.

  • Dustin Porchia

    Hope Apple fixes the Wi-Fi issue before the winner is chosen!! (Which I’m crossing my fingers that I win!)

  • Colin Scroggins

    Shiny! I really could find something to do with either.

  • rbrtdowney

    Oh yeah, I can feel a win coming my way on this one.

  • Sara

    Pick me! Pick me!

  • kero

    That’s an awesome prize. =]

  • Kevin

    Superb! One more reason to love WDD!

  • Zoltan Sebestyen

    What a great contest! Thanks! :)

  • Peter

    Amazing contest!

  • Dann

    Great contest :)

  • Mike

    In to win babaaaayyy!

  • Josh

    Count me in! Thanks!

  • z0r

    Well, I am in!

  • Andre Prudente

    Great! I am in…

  • Cesar

    I love this site!

  • mment

    Yeaaahh! iPad come to Austria!

  • Pelham

    This would be nice!

  • Derek

    ohh man, this is exciting! I would love to win these!

  • pm

    awesome. :D

  • Scott

    this would come in handy -

  • Edleir

    Come to me, Ipad :)

  • Chester

    Great promotion!

  • Tom Rhodes

    Definitely would love to win this!

  • Arif Rakhman

    ActiveCampaign is so kind……and let me try to win!!! :)

  • Tribak

    I’m in :D

  • Kelsey

    I’d use the iPad in the kitchen for recipes

  • Stephanie Zuroff

    This is amazing! Count me in :)

  • Anne

    What’s not to like? :D

  • Davey

    Could do with a nice new toy to play with :)

  • teebee

    I don’t have anything “apple”. Come on, convert me, I dare ya!

  • DanR

    randomly pick me!

  • Clemente G

    Man I sure do love freebies and giveaways. Let me try my luck

  • Mario


  • http://Www.justinledelson.con Justin

    I would love to win this!

  • ivomynttinen

    Wow, what an great giveaway. I’ve just tried the online demonstration of ActiveCampaign and I’ve to say everything looks really well organized. I’ve to check it out a little bit more, thanks for that tip. Oh, and count me in for the contest, I’d love to win :)

  • Pablo Costa

    Well, I am in!

  • Baru

    ActiveCampaing is cool! And I want to win!!!

  • Mary

    I see the odds are long, but oh, what fun if I won!

  • Bryson

    This is an awesome prize!!!!!

  • Wil

    I want in.

  • egaitken

    I really hope all email addresses are really safe, and I would like to enter the contest

  • José

    WOW Awesomeeee!!!!

  • Jason Barry

    *fingers crossed!*


    Why not me :)

    Greatest website !!!

  • Antje

    I would <3 to win

  • Julie

    Oh please please puh-leasee pick me! >.<

  • Richard Ydo

    And yet again another great contest by Webdesigner Depot.

    Love to get my hands on the iPad, but the other price is also awesome!

  • wbiller

    gimme that pad! :D

  • Janet

    You have the best contests!!

  • RalphJa

    what a great give away, really nice!

  • Luis

    amazing….i’m in!

  • raptrex

    I would like a iPad for school!

  • Daryl Mullinax

    I would love to win! I haven’t won anything in my life. It would nice to win something plus and love to learn about ActiveCampaign. This is a great giveaway!

  • Leo

    Wow, how amazing would that be to win that iPad!

  • Terrence

    Would love to win an iPad.

  • Jen

    are you kidding me?! totally generous prize!
    not gonna’ lie…I really want to win! :)

  • Brian Lucas

    Totally want an ipad anyway, but the marketing stuff would be awesome!

  • Keith Walter

    I work for a school district that could REALLY use the licenses, and I would love to win the iPad.

  • Tobias

    What a great thing. I want in.

  • Derrek

    iPlease iPlease iPlease!!!

  • Argenis Ferrer

    Sounds really great!, I’m down!

  • Shaun

    Please please please! You guys rock. Does brown-nosing increase odds? ;)

  • Richard Tape

    Well, you’ve got to be in it to win it! Thanks for this competition!

  • Michael Rodgers

    Pick Me! Pick Me! I would love the iPad! :)

  • Erin

    Count me in!

  • Joerg

    Yes, count me in.

  • Laurie

    Thanks! Such a great giveaway!

  • Josh


  • Joel

    Excellent :)

  • Peter F

    Awesome articles you have here on WDD! :D

  • Andrei B

    I think you guys are the first who are offering an iPad as a prize… Lucky me?

  • Megan

    This is a fantastic giveaway!

  • Andy

    Oh jeah give it to me!! I need a Pad to play with ;-)

  • Handrus Nogueira

    fingers crossed!

  • Jonas

    Want, want, want, want these wonders!

  • Michael Koloch

    Webdesignerdepot you just got a bit better (even if you were rocking before).
    So count me in!

  • Adam

    Maybe I can win that iPad….

  • Robert-II

    I just had my iPod Touch break a couple days ago and this would be an amazing replacement. I am working on a project as we speak and I think ActiveCampaign would be a wonderful addition to further developing it!

    Hope I can win!

  • Ayya

    i i i i i Pad

  • Joakim Kejser

    Awesome giveaway!

    ActiveCampaign sounds like an amazing piece of software :-)

  • Andy

    We would love an iPad! And ActiveCampaign licenses would come in very handy at the moment. Being in the current economic mix up it’s vital to take advantage of email marketing to promote what we do.

  • Yaluna

    Signing up!!!

  • Jessica

    I hope it’s me! I hope it’s me! I hope it’s me!!!…

  • Bryan Griffith

    iPad…me want!

  • http://http// Zachary Rollins

    Wow. This is perhaps the best freebie ever!!!

  • Cesare

    Thanks 4 the giveaway! Let’s hope …

  • Jon Winters

    Great giveaway! Hope to win!

  • Ryan Koch

    What a sick contest, sign me up! :)

  • Ed Cordero

    if i win the ipad, i’ll give it to my wife—her laptop just died recently.

  • pim

    Hey, hey, hey, I’d also like to be included!

  • janine


  • Dan Walker

    It’s a long shot, but why not =]

  • Geoffrey Lapid

    Wow! It’s so easy to enter this contest!

  • B Lindsay

    How could I resist commenting?! :)

  • Mike Brady

    Awesome contest! I hope I win! =]

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    Good luck to all and thanking you :-)

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    Chance to win an iPad and some awesome software? How can I resist commenting?!

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    I’ve never won anything before, but that definitely worth giving another try!

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    I’m super stoked! I’d love to win, anything I can do to increase my chances? I’m just as excited about the ActiveCampaign account as I am the iPad!

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    I’d love to have an iPad! Even the combination with this is great!

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    don’t count me, because i know my luck

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    Good Luck everyone!

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    I will be the next iPad owner ?

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    Doctor: Doctor! Doctor! Everyone keeps on copying me! :D

    would like to win too

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    I love ActiveCampaign. The last company I worked for used them for our email marketing. I hope we can use them for the current company I am with now.


    Aloha from Hawaii! Looking forward to finding out the winner of this awesome contest!

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    Did anyone else get this?

    I need an iPad to figure this out! :)

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    Thanks ActiveCampaign and thanks WDD !

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    Wow! I love the freebies on blogs, but I haven’t seen such a cool one 8)
    Also, I’d like to congratulate in advance for the winners, and good luck for everyone!
    (wish good luck for me too :P)

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    Great package!… pick me!

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    Would love to win, Good luck everyone :)

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    Here’s hoping! Great promotion btw. Bound to get you tons of attention.

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    Dear iPad,

    I know I want you, but I can’t have you, and we’ve talked through this before…but please, reconsider, and come and join me?


  • Geminice

    I would love to win this! You guys awesome to give people the opportunity to win an ipad.

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    I wish me luck.

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    Winning the iPad would make me very happy! :)

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    I’ve entered so many of these drawings but no winnings so far… let’s see if any of my luck changes!

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    Let the first post be lucky!

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    Wow I should have checked my RSS feeds earlier! I would love to win an iPad! Start building some awesome games!!

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    Very cool giveaway, haven’t see an ipad yet in person but i know i could put it to good use! Can’t say i’ve heard of Active Campaign before but I’m glad i do now.

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    ohhhh i’d love to win also! :) pretty please pick me! <3

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    I dont own any apple stuff so maybe this can be my number one..
    p.s i want a iphone:P

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    The generosity of Active Campaign knows no bounds; coincidentally, neither does my desire to use their service, preferably on an iPad!

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    Pick me! Pick me! Looking at email service providers now – interested to learn more!

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  • Andrew

    Let Eat Bee (c) Beatles.

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    Ummm… Totally Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing!

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    I love iPads… and I do market research. Perfect.

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    A couple of great looking products, I’d love to have either one.

  • Harper

    I decided to skip the birth of my un-born son to visit the web designer depot and enter into this contest! ;)


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    This is going to be a huuuuge comment page! Goodluck noone except of me :P

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    Count me in, iPad sounds nice

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    Would LOVE to win.

    As an aside, your website looks fantastic.

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    Leaving a comment from iPhone, the next will be from Ipad :-) good luck to everyone

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    Thanks for the opportunity – great traffic-attracting idea, too!

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    An iPad would be awesome as would a license to Active Campaign. Definitely count me in!

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    42 ;)

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    Woohoo! Web Designer depot has the BEST contests!

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    I watched Star Wars for the first time last night, and now this contest! Great grandma’s fruit cake I’m excited.

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    I would so love an iPad!! My friends would be so jealous. A newsletter would be perfect for a certain client (if we can use it for one if I won).

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    • joel k.

      what happened to my gravtor

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    Wow crazy promo, absolutely like the idea. Great site design btw. Good luck to everyone.

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    I would love an iPad and some ActiveCampaign goodness. (Would it help to beg??)

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    Well, I suppose I’ve got nothing to lose, so I put my name in the hat.

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    Winning this would be a perfect fit for our business.
    Great promotion, Thanks!!

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    This is amazing ! I love random contest :)

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    If you want to know what does it mean, pick me :)

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    Random, thats Me !

  • Elisa

    Woah, the iPad isn’t available here yet and I fell in love with it by first sight but will never have the chance to hold it in my hands due to lack of money.

    The other possibility looks nice, too.

    Great giveaway you’re doing, that was absolutely worth the time it took this page to load. even with fast internet in a industry nation.

  • Oskari Grönroos

    Amazing contest, count me in!

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    This would rule my world at the moment.

  • Ron

    I hope I win!

  • Aleksart

    I’m afraid if I leave a comment with a question that is interested for me there is only one chance to get the answer – to win this contest :-)
    Anyway, can I use my Thunderbird Address Book database to export it and use it in ActiveCampaign?


    • Jason VandeBoom

      Yes – you can export from pretty much any email client / address book application. Typically the best option would be to export to a CSV and then import into ActiveCampaign Email Marketing. The software makes it easy to import all your data.

      • Aleksart

        Thanks Jason.
        I should have guess…

  • Georgina

    Im glad to see so many people lusting and drooling over the new ipad! I friend just proudly showed me a video of one being blended! Nooo I cried, how dare you ruin a thing of such beauty. I too would like one of these lovely little things.

    G x

  • priscilla

    I want to win

  • Matt @ DVQ

    I have been trying to win an iPad all over the Internet. Maybe this time I will succeed?

    Great giveaway guys :)

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    No Wammy! No Wammy! No Wammy!

    I’m in…

  • Alex Ball

    wow – what a great prize. I really would like an iPad.. ooh. :D

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    great news! :)

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    Win an iPad!

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    I’ve been researching email marketing software. Didn’t know about Active Campaign til I found this post! Count me in for the giveaway while I check out Active Campaign!

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    Free iPad and ActiveCampaign, please!

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    Oh my, count me in! I’m desperate for an iPad.

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    I don’t ever win these things but I’m definitely hoping my luck changed here!

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    iPad, yes, please??!! Plus, pretty cool promo!

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    An iPad would be a nice gift :)

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    An iPad would be handy to demo products to customers. The software would be handy in getting customers. I’ll comment to that!

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    I don’t ever win these things but I’m hoping my luck changes with this one!

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    Awesome! Giddyup.

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    Any of these would be a joy to win!

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    May I have an iPad please?

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    Hello! I love Webdesigner Depot and I love this contest!

    I never win anything but I would LOOOOOVE to win that iPad!

    I am an Apple-Holic..I need that iPad!!! :o)

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    Amazing, would love to win an iPad!

  • Kasia

    I’m imagining me outside among the spring blossoms creating surveys on my new iPad :)

  • Gold7even

    I’d love to win an iPad… so count me in.

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  • Brandon

    Wow, I hope you can ship that iPad to Canada!

  • Julie

    I would love, love, love to win!! :)

  • ana GR

    One more for the contest!
    Yes, I want one iPad!

  • Cornelia

    I’m going to assume these are selected at random, and not try to leave a witty comment.

  • jeremy mayhew

    an ipad is so out of my budget range, but to win one? man, i coudl finally read my pdf web development manuals like a normal person!

  • Peter Brazier

    Woah, Cant miss out on this! count me in!

  • xmflsct

    nice, i want an iPad!!

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    I want to go to there…

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    I would like to have an iPad!


  • Goran Cajic

    Am I at the right page? :)

  • piervix

    As usual great giveaway on WDD… hard to win, but we can dream ;)

  • Ivana

    Pick Me! Pick Me!!! PLEAAASSE! PLEASSE!
    p.s. also contact me via email regarding agency/private label version of your emarketing tool and how you compare to LISTRAK our current provider.


  • Jonathan Derry

    Sounds Great I would love a shinny new ipad

  • Decio

    It would be great to win! Not only the IPad is great, but the activeCampaign software is awesome too!! And it will surelly help my company’s needs!

  • Carla

    Wow, that’s amazing!

    Fingers crossed! ;)

  • Katharine

    Pick me! Pick me!

  • Stefano Giliberti

    Great contest! I’d love to win an iPad :)

  • Nils

    Is that limited to the US? I’m in Germany…

  • Terry

    I would love to win an ipad!

  • Sean

    Look at us all coming out of the woodwork… :D

  • John G

    Wow, I could really use the iPad AND the email marketing. Great contest guys!

  • Sandy M.

    Wow this is a killer giveaway!!!

  • Tkhobbes

    You bet I would like to win too :)

  • Hannibal

    Oh-h-h.. I wish, I wish I win an iPad.

  • Stratos

    I’m in, good luck to everyone!

  • John

    Thanks for the chance to win. My family and I would love one of these!

  • Hazel

    Who doesn’t like freebies?

  • Kurt Moskjær Andersen

    A great chance to win an iPad. Count me in

  • tipsorg

    oh yes, this is a very cool ActiveCampaign for iPad!

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    Hehe … i’d love the win on this one :P

  • Dave Gill

    It smells like updog in here.

  • Dan S

    Thanks for the chance…

  • Matt Gruber

    How funny, we were actually looking at Active Campaign and then I saw this. Hope I win!!!

  • Orla Kirwan

    I didn’t win the lottery tonight, maybe I’ll be lucky and win this iPad.

  • Josh

    Count me IN! Hope I win!

  • Aaron Pitts

    Could so with an iPad to read all my ebooks!

  • Lizz

    Great give away. I’m in.

  • Jenna

    I was just about to order an iPad but I guess I can wait and see if i win one here

  • Dan

    Would love to win an iPad for my family. WDD, you guys rock!

  • Aaron

    Oh my, an winning an ipad would be fantastic!

  • Matthew

    Would love to win this for sure!

  • Pierluigi Lenoci

    I’m in! :)

  • Kory Gorsky

    Ooo! Pick me! { waves }

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    free iPad is pretty rad :P

    not bad.

  • Gary Gannon

    Ooh-ooh-ooooh! Pick me Mr. Kotter!

  • Alex

    I love contests!

  • Halen Fairweather

    Fo sho!

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    Count me in 2!

  • ximi

    Amazing giveaway…
    I’d love to win!

  • Rick


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    Wow, i’d love to get one of these prizes :) Nice contest :)

  • Squibble

    An ipad would be awesome! If not, the licenses from ActiveCampaign would be very useful!

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    Great contest.

  • Michael Hart

    Nice! I’m In!

  • fotinos

    I really, really! hope to get the ipad! thanks!

  • Tony Naccarato

    I don’t know why I enter contest I know I’ll never win, but here we go again.

  • Tobi

    sign me up! :-)
    can’t wait for the iPad

  • Dre

    It would really improve an otherwise bad week if I was chosen to bring home the iPad. Another great giveaway, thanks for the opportunity!

  • matt parsons

    Wow… Yes PLEASE!! good luck everyone!

  • Stuart H

    So, I’m well down the list… but I hope you won’t hold that against me!! ;)

  • Jennifer


  • Jackie Smith

    …and it’s my birthday this month!! yippy!

  • David Bohórquez

    Nice! Now we all have a chance in 649 of winning an iPad :D

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Sebastian

    I’m feeling lucky this time!

  • http://Comingsoon! Jonathan F

    Awesome Contest. Please pick me!!! I’d love an iPad and the active campaign software sounds AWESOME!!!

  • L. Miguel

    I want one!

  • Jon

    Ok, sign me up!

  • Caldur

    Nice, 648 comments and counting ;-)

  • Bridget

    Count me in!

  • Alex

    I really want to win one of those licenses and why not, an iPad.
    Thanks for giving away such a great prize.


  • Adam

    Wow, amazing give away, why not put your name in.

  • Jay

    whoop whoop, is not the sound of the police… its the sound of me receiving an ipad and ActiveCampaign license!

  • Kevin

    ipad for the win!

  • zLk

    I’m in too! :D

  • Andrei Gabreanu

    Very generous giveaway. Both prizes are extremely useful! Count me in!

  • Jim L

    Yay! Hope I win!

  • Susie

    Thanks for the opportunity to switch back to Mac!

  • webbografico

    Nice one, just curious to win an Ipad before Apple release it in my country…

  • Andy Waldrop

    Come on iPad! Be with me lady luck…

  • Peter

    Very nice post, now give me the iPad :]

  • Thomas

    I’d LOVE an iPad.

    PS WDD is Awesomesauce

  • Darcy

    Awesome contest. Hoping to build some iPad apps so this would be the best kick start ;)

  • New Betas

    Free iPad ftw :)

    Also wouldn’t mind trying out the active campaign licenses.

  • Chris Ebert

    Wow, what a great prize. Sign me up por favor!

  • Drew

    Regardless of warnings, I’d try and blend it too…

  • Oz

    Ooooh, I hope I win!

  • Karen M

    Rockin’, pick me!

  • Matthijn

    Woah, would love! to win… :)

  • Tom Klaassen

    The contest keep getting better very time! :)

  • Eric Hoffman

    I’d love to win…

  • Doug G

    Awesome! Good luck everyone!

  • Lisa

    Count me in! That’s one heck of a giveaway!

  • maggie

    i just got to play around with a friends new ipad the other day… what a tease!

  • RT

    Well, an iPad would be _awesome_ wouldn’t it? :)

  • Cab

    Well sorry instead of an ipad, could I only win a night with Elle Rae ?
    Many thanks in advance.

  • Dennis Hooyenga

    I could use an iPad :P

  • i1z2e3

    #709 Comments :D :D :D

  • dgs

    Wow, I can’t wait to win this. Finances are such I can’t afford to buy it yet, and I so want one!

  • Reto Ryter

    Would be wicked to win. Good luck everybody!

  • Steve

    I would be ever so grateful to win an ipad. Never won anything…ever…really.. :-)

  • Tai

    Pick Me!

  • Steve

    I would be ever so grateful to win an ipad. Never won anything…ever…really.. :-)

  • Dione Freire

    Oh, I truly wanna win this ;D

  • Daniel

    WDD has some great giveaways. I would really love to win the iPad but I can always settle down for a license of ActiveCampaign. FTW

  • Porous Studios

    GIMME, GIMME, GIMME!!! Just kidding. Great contest, I’d love to check out that iPad.

  • Jason Lee

    that’s really cool!
    I want that ipad too!

  • SC

    count me in.

  • Mike


  • Mike

    ActiveCampaign and an ipad… for free… just fell off my chair

  • Izzy roll

    Sería asombroso que ese Ipad llegara hasta mis manos : )

  • Jim

    Awesome deal!!!

  • Brian

    Excellent offer!

  • Valerie

    I’d love to win the software! What a cool giveaway!

  • Valerie

    I’d love to win the software! What a cool giveaway!

  • Daphne Blumenthal

    my 40th birthday is 3 days away ;)

  • Thomas

    i’m never lucky

  • kimmel

    i know my chances are slim, but…

  • Steve W

    In it to win it. Thank you for selecting me as a winner!

  • cssah

    woooooww iPad

  • Erick Patrick

    I want this iPad too and, this time, I wanna see this one shipped to Brazil, huh? x]

  • Eelco

    Please let me be the lucky winner! : )

  • inge

    as i live in the netherlands, i can’t even buy an ipad, as is it not available yet… so winning one would be great!

  • André

    Well, let my try ;)

  • Brett

    A must have. With all the books I have I’ll need something to put them in, like an iPad! Aww…it would be nice to have my entire library at the palm(s) of my hand.

  • Fotis

    Great offer! Good luck to everyone!

  • Saah

    I want it ~

  • Mark van der Poel

    I’d pick me!! :d

  • Jeff G

    This giveaway is the most face-melting giveaway I’ve seen! An iPad? Email campaign? You so totally rock, Web Design Depot!

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    Count me in!

  • Caitlin

    I’ll admit I’m dismayed I had to scroll past all 760+ comments to leave one of my own…but I’d still love to win!

  • jade k

    Free ipad that would definatly be fun

  • Michal K

    Nice!! :)

  • Jon Macchio

    Happy I sat down and caught up with my rss feeds, count me in!

  • yacool

    Hi there. Count me please :D

  • xDee


    lovely to hear that :-) I’d like to have one…

    btw. I love your site!

  • Cheyanne

    ooh…i have my fingers crossed

  • Mark


  • Peter

    one more comment on this great deal :) thanks

  • Devin Clark

    This is a great contest. I hope I win.

  • Kevin Kirsche

    Worth a shot, hope I win!

  • jared

    At first I was like whatever, but after playing with an iPad, I now really want one!

    Hope I win, though I never do, so odds are… against me?

  • brig

    Ohhh com one baby! daddy needs a new pair of shoes…uhhh, i mean ipad!! hehe

  • archistock

    I believe i can fly, i believe i can touch the IPADDDDDD. Apple is the best (except for AUTOCAD, but still)… Merci WDD for this great website.

  • DotStar Studios

    Random contestant #11,563 – check!

    Thanks in advance.

  • Timmy-H

    Wow It would be really cool to win that Ipad and be one of the first Dutch people to have one!

  • Burak

    why not?:)

  • Andy

    Awesome! I’d love an iPad. Wouldn’t mind the software either! Thanks for the promo!

  • Giuliano

    Perfect timing. I’m looking forward to get my birthday present!

  • Paul

    Wow, look at all the comments; but only one main winner…

    Hopefully me!!!

  • Sergio

    It seems really hard to win, but I would like to try ;)

  • Sheylissa

    Love how social media networks like twitter gave me an opportunity to know this site and have a chance on this contest!

    love the website btw!! and ty for making a contest so awesome like this!

    Saludos from Puerto Rico!

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    Great chance – I’m in!

  • Le Sceptique

    I’ll just leave this here…

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    Of course I want to win!

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    Woo-Hoo! Sign me up!

  • Boyd Rotgans

    random does not exist :)

  • David Silva

    This iPad is going to help in my web design business! You guys rock for having a giveaway like this.

    Funny thing is, my name is Random! (as in picking winners at random) So you can pick me :)

  • CaTz

    sign me up plz…

  • Ash Clarke

    Yes please! :)

  • Xeniel

    Me me me!!

  • Herbi

    As GUI developer focusing on iPhone apps I would like to try it on iPad as well. I am dying to hold one in my hands soon and use it for my work.

    Good luck to everyone and have a nice day.

  • Reed La Botz

    I want an iPad to play with!!!

  • zefulon

    Ha… en voila une bonne nouvelle, cool et un merci!

  • RPicking

    too good to be true..but this would be awesome since I never win anything!!

  • Aurelien Malagoli

    MM why not, nice prizes
    Big thanks to WDD and good luck everybody ;)

  • Sam

    iLove – iPad!!! :D

  • Polly

    The chances are tiny, but hey, they’re not zero… Count me in too! Great giveaway WDD!

  • Christel

    gimme gimme gimme….. :)

  • Jorge Elvir

    Yes! I would love to win that little sexy thing! (iPad ya’ll)

  • Seth Lunsford

    I hope I win!

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    an ipad for everyone please!

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    Nice giveaway, count me in!

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    I really want an Ipad!! :-)

  • mc

    Why not. Mayby will be lucky :p

  • Izzy

    iPad. Rah!

  • Eric Zierse

    I was also iffy about getting an iPad, but a friend of mine picked one up on opening day and it’s fantastic. I can’t wait ’til Brushes comes out for it!

  • salvatore

    Great! Hope I win!

  • Tyler Martin


  • Wojtek

    ech.. it would be nice to get one, it would be one of first in Poland :) cheers

  • Rik Vig

    Would be fun to win!

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    sounds like an awesome contest :)

  • Nico

    I saw Apocalypse Now again the other day, wow man, what a great movie. And I want the free iPad by the way.

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    Thank God I found this and thank you for putting it out there for the community. This is a really good giveaway. I can’t wait to see if I win!!

  • Daniel

    iPad time, good luck to me!

  • diana

    gadgets! what a world we live in.

  • Marty

    me ftw!

  • Juan Cabana

    I want to win a ipad!!
    Good Luck to everyone

  • Joe

    Im in for sure. Would be very handy indeed.

  • Jaspar

    A free iPad…how very nearly perfect!

  • Alex

    Sounds like a good deal to me! :)

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  • zoe4ever

    Thanks you very much.

    Such a great giveaway!

  • Kushal Chap

    Wow, great contest. This has become really popular with almost 800 comment already. Maybe I will get lucky :) . Gl to all

  • Alex

    Got to be in it to win it, so hear I am – in it. :)

  • Ian Bates

    I’ve got the winning ticket! (I hope). iPads are going to be huge. Another fantastic giveaway from well respected companies and blogs. Thanks for the opportunity! Good luck to all.

  • Daniel Langenakker

    I wouldn’t mind an ipad I suppose. Could be fun, might also sit in the wardrobe with my netbook. Or I could give it to my sister.

  • Timo

    *crosses fingers* woo! hope i win, odds seem low though. gl everyone!

  • iLLeT

    I need a bigger screen when I’m at home.

  • Zarne

    Wow, been reading this site for ages, great articles and planty of helpful info. Lovn It! Keep it up!

  • bobby

    Active comment > iLicense myPad?

  • Jane

    What a fantastic giveaway!

  • Christie Schneider

    thank you Web Designer Depot and ActiveCampaign for this opportunity :) such great prizes! you guys rock! xoxo Christie (aka girloncanvas)

  • Thibaut Ninove

    Wow, this is definitely a crazy contest. Thank you for setting this up.

  • AJMaxwell

    I don’t really want the iPad, but the Licenses will definitely come in handy!

  • Sova

    nice :)

  • break

    would like to win! love wdd!

  • Kai

    Nice contest! let’s give it a chance…!!!

  • http://Offline Aidan

    This would be really helpful for my iPad Development!

  • Jake Wozniak

    Active Camp-Pain sounds like a get-slim retreat for chubby kids. I’d like an ipad.

  • Dan

    This would be awsome…thanks!!

  • Qiming

    perhaps. maybe. just maybe… nawh. maybe?

    seems cool though.

  • Kimberly

    To be honest, I would love to win an iPad. Dragging a laptop in your hands while on a walk is not a cute thing. Plus, the extension cord doesn’t blend that well into nature.

    Whatever the outcome, awesome contest and congrads to the winners.

  • tammi

    I’d love to win an ipad as I can’t afford one right now. Good luck!

  • Taylor

    Well everyone knows that I really want to win.

  • Karl Ringrose

    Thanks web design depot and ActiveCampaign, awesome prizes.

    What’s with the ‘Hope I win’ s isn’t it a given purely by commenting and entering into the contest…

    I hope people who are in need of a new Apple gizmo and email campaigns Win!

    Cheers again guys and gurls.

  • Gabriel Bianconi

    :D Good luck!

  • Nik

    Looks good… might look into it.

  • jranallo

    sounds awesome count me in :)

  • Lee Gustin

    wow that is a lot of comments. An iPad would be sweet to win!

  • Kevin

    An iPad would be the sweetest thing ever! Well almost. Email Campaign would also be sweet, as that is something I am working on incorporating with a client of mine now. AWESOME!!!

  • Chuck

    Wow a chance to win a ipad and I could easily use some Email marketing software for my blog. Count me in ActiveCampaign!!!!

  • Christy Kintzel


  • Ben

    Count me in!

  • Phil Allard

    Both the ipad and this software would be very useful.

  • josheat


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    Woo Hoo!

  • pimeo

    why not!! :)

  • Alison

    yes, please

  • Peretz

    Yes yes yes, i will win! :)

  • Philip Brown

    I see an iPad in my future.

  • Ric

    It has been a while since I’ve participated. Good luck everyone. That the ugliest guy wins!!!
    (I never win so I’m already insulting the winner lol)

  • David

    Pick me! :D

  • xunzou

    I like ipad

  • janglyang

    so many people here,hope i win.

  • Keith Lacey

    Count me in!

  • Joe Fletcher

    I can haz ipad?

  • Joey Kunin

    Very kind of you!

  • Rebecca Mastey

    I shall throw my hat in! Awesome opportunity. :)

  • Jeff

    What a great deal. Good luck everyone!

  • Patrick Laughlin

    count me in!

  • Richard

    This is my time to win LOL!!!! good luck

  • Oliver

    I’m not gonna win, but what the heck, at least now I have a chance no matter how small it may be.

  • Kannan Sanjeevan

    Great contest..I would love to win

  • mahmoud

    count me in :)

  • Michael

    Count me in!

  • Sean Choe

    I want to win!! Thank you in advance. :)

  • David Adorno

    Coming from the search marketing industry (years ago…jeez what a drag) I know how much this would benefit me. I’d love to win, just like these gents. Crossing my fingers you guys like Puertoricans :) (I know that has nothing to do with it).

  • mike

    Great prizes! Hope I win…!

  • Blupointer

    Yay! Both prizes are A-OK with me! Thank you!!

  • Alex

    Shiny new Apple product! Count me in… ;)

    Maybe I could set up a survey from the iPad? :D

  • jeff

    I wouldn’t mind being runner-up, but winning 1st prize would be super awesome! i will even throw a party! ha!

  • Sebastian

    Another one in the row of “Would love to win!” :) .

  • Erik Kubitschek

    Yes, I could put an Ipad to use, sign me up.

  • Roy Black

    Definitely a cool prize.

  • Marie

    Count me in!

  • dee

    This is an awesome giveaway. a comment

  • Jbow2208

    steve jobs knows that you would read this. he would want me to get an ipad. just do what steve would do.

  • Alejandro Aguirre

    Wow, great!! i´d love to win!! Thanks for the chance!!

  • DarkoAb

    Count me in

  • Shawn Limata

    I would love to win! I could do some great things with both!


  • Temma

    I would love to win!!

  • Rosana

    Really Great contest!!!

  • Mun Ki Kang

    Esta genial este concurso!!!!! espero poder ser uno de los ganadores~!!!!!!

  • phoenix voyages

    I would took the ipad only if we give it to me. Active campaign seems much cooler!!

  • Alex

    ohhhh pick me!

  • Fernando Ramos

    Wow! I wanna win! :-)

  • Zac Vineyard

    This is so awesome. I’m a mass email marketing specialist and I’d love an iPad. Sweet!

  • Mike D

    I would love to use the iPad as the biggest iPod ever.

  • Erica

    Oh what I would do with an iPad!

  • jeremy

    hey pick me..

  • Stephen Kui

    Could never pass up a chance at an iPad, guess I’ll join in the fun!

  • cena

    All sounds great to me!

  • addict3d

    “Contest available to readers worldwide.” Awesome !
    Pick me, please.

  • antofa

    I love to lose every contest I’m in.

  • Edison Leon

    Please let me in!!!

  • Gil Caserta

    Woa! Cleaning my fingers!

  • Ana Roxo

    I’m waiting mine!

  • Daniel Carranza

    One more!

  • La Ode

    Great price, i want my first apple

  • james zar

    PLEASE i love it

  • Max de B.

    Once in a life opportunity!

  • Working Stiff

    Sure could use an iPad.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Victor

    Sounds great. Hope it doesn’t end in the hands of an iPad detractor that wants to blend or other things. Wish you all good luck.

  • Crystal


  • Carlos Freitas

    iPad me up!

  • Scott Rarden

    Only 880 comments ahead of me — still better odds than any state lottery! Count me in!

  • Michele

    Good luck, everyone!

  • Lital

    iPad – iWant


  • Kyle Scollin

    I know I really don’t have much of a shot at this, but I’ve never really had the financial ability to buy something like this. It would be so amazing to win. Either way I’ll keep reading this blog :)

  • Brandon

    Cool contest. Thanks for the excellent website — it’s one of my first stops anytime I’m need to brush up on the latest design trends.

  • Joe E

    Thanks WDD and ActiveCampaign, what an awesome contest!

  • Jalu Wardhana

    Since a few months ago I use Email Marketing Tool to raise money for my charity. Now there is a new, more powerful tool. When I get iPad, then will I wear to work. Greetings WebDesignerDepot

  • Nyx Zamora

    I’d LOVE an ipad please! =)

  • Chris

    Wow awesome way to get participation. I’m in. Oh and insert would love to win comment here:” “

  • Shannon T

    Sign me up too!

  • JohnH

    I’d love to win one of them

  • Jeniffer Vargas Nieto

    Great! I would like to win!!

  • Azizuan

    may God bless

  • TDesign

    Oh how I would love to own an iPad…a graphic/web designer’s dream!! :)

  • John La’Gere

    Great pairing, can’t say no to an iPad and the Active Campaign service is awesome.

  • Yongning Liang

    wow, that’s sounds cool!
    good luck to all1

  • An

    Great! good luck everyone

  • Trendez

    In Southpark way, I’d say it’s Awchum!!!

  • Snow

    Wooo, a lot of comments XD

    I would like to win, even if the possibilites are very low xD

  • toddham

    this is awesome, Im in!

  • arnold

    I need to win

  • Timothy D

    great prize. love to win it

  • Md Habibi

    Im the iPad hater but want that iPad :p

  • Alex Flueras

    I thought the list is never ending, but with this prize is understandable… So here I am, count me in!

  • Kashif Khawaja

    This is definitely worth trying. Congratulations to ActiveCampaign for offering such worthy prizes.

  • Thierry

    A french reader would like to win

  • Trowa

    Amazing!! I want to get in !!

  • Mike

    IPAD IPAD IPAD. i actually went crazy and downloaded the Netflix app…eventhough i dont have one haha

  • OneMonkey

    so what’s the catch?

  • alvin edward gallardo

    This is really great!

    I really hope I’d win.

  • TAJ

    Would love to win ‘em!

  • Jonathan B

    Ipad here i come…
    gl every1 :)

  • Rafael Cruz

    Tanks for this!

  • Brian

    Hey… 1 out of 935 chance to win. Not bad at all!!!
    Looking forward to hearing who won :)

  • Al

    Gotta love a free iPad!

  • mike

    This is a great contest!!!! Thanks WDD and ActiveCampaign. I hope I win!

  • mike

    This is a great contest!!!! Thanks WDD and ActiveCampaign. I hope I win!

  • rommel

    Please let me be the winner!

  • Evan Jones

    Sweet, I’m in.

  • luck

    Another great contest and many competitors again :) Would be nice to be lucky enough and whin that shiny toy.

  • Maritz

    Winning the iPad would be the coolest thing ever!

  • Ionut

    Nice prize. I would like to win that :) guess anybody else too

  • Jansen

    Hope I’m lucky this time

  • poch

    I’ll see if I can be an affiliate of ActiveCampaign. Thanks WDD!

  • Chrisskapunk

    I want is a great gift and apple But whether I would like to see applications, and whether design software used for clipping to customers, I hope to win would be a great choice of advertising.

  • KC Rajput

    hey May I win this????????????? i love it very much.

  • Sven Digital Design

    Oh yeah, indeed!

  • heriberto

    count me in too!!

  • Dan QL

    Well, a 1/1000 chance is really better than nothing! Good luck everyone!

  • Zakaria Chowdhury

    Great news! I am interested to get it :)

  • http://JustBlogging Prathap

    Hello guys plz dont’ forget me, Count me In too :)

  • Jigar

    Great WDD..

    I would also like to Win… :)

    Thanks… Good luck to all…

  • whale

    gimme…. gimme…
    i want it ….

  • Ric Adrian

    Keeping my fingers crossed! hope I win!!

  • Diogenes Brito

    Time for pad #2m baby!

  • Thomas Biedermann

    Yes – let me get this!

  • Dizzy Dee

    I’d LOVE to win – I haven’t even seen the iPad in real life yet, so will be SUPERCOOL to have my own :-)

  • Dizzy Dee

    I’d LOVE to win – I haven’t even seen the iPad in real life yet, so will be SUPERCOOL to have my own :-)

  • jay ann

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  • Dinesh.G

    That’s a brilliant giveaway! Wishing all the readers to win it.

  • Dinesh.G

    That’s a brilliant giveaway! Wishing all the readers to win it.

  • DeDi

    Might as well enter the contest although chances are very slim :)
    Nice promotion by the way.

  • Bálint Molnár

    Hi, I’d like to participate. :) Thanks!

  • Peter

    Interested to see what all the fuss is about ;) that, and i also really really want one :) oh plus ActiveCampaigns goodies are pretty useful too!

  • Robert Hoppe

    I would like to win :)

  • Srini

    I too would like to win this :)

  • alex


  • Alex Heil

    Because I have never won anything, I keep on trying :D
    BTW: Great Blog!

  • Alex Heil

    Because I have never won anything, I keep on trying :D
    BTW: Great Blog!

  • Gert van den Brink

    That’s a nice contest, and as always, there are a lot of people how thinks the same. Good luck for everyone!

    And thanks to WDD and ActiveCampaign for making this contest possible!

  • Jamie Murphy

    wow! what a competition! the winner is going to be one very lucky person! I only hope it is me! :D

  • Dustin

    Me for the win!

  • Jacob

    Free stuff sounds good!

  • zbajki

    nice, ipad for me :)

  • Stefan Bruinsma

    Count me in!

  • Adrian

    My momma says – I’ve got to win :)
    nice giveaway – count me in

  • Juggles

    Just what I needed, an Ipad and new email marketing software :)
    Thx ActiveCampaign for the giveaway!

  • disgenia


  • Susan

    Send it to Germany please :)

  • Gert

    Send the iPad to Belgium ! Send it to Belgium ! Send it to Belgium

    * Damn those Belgians * :)

  • Kutlwano

    Wow, another great giveaway. Count me in. Would love to get my hands on that iPad…Woohoo!!

  • BuFFalOwiLL

    Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me

  • Rupert Jefferies

    South Africa needs more iPads purrlease! ;)

  • Emanuele

    I wish an apple Ipad and the only way to keep it’s win it here!!
    My probablies at the moment are 1/935..

    Hmm not to bad, good luck to everyone!!

  • Christopher Isaiah Fun

    WooHoo!! Give me iPad to do development !!! :):)

  • Terje

    I never win :-(

  • Tristan

    As we say in Africa, amayesplease!

  • Bartosz


    I want it bad! Good luck everyone!

  • Lee

    Fantastic Prize… and the iPad’s not bad either!

  • Nino

    What an awesome give-away!

    Good Luck! from South Africa

  • mcruiser

    Sure!! Winning might save the day. I’d like to win, too!

  • Stefan Leitner

    WOW. That is a really amazing prize.

  • mrbrookman

    wow, nearly 1000 comments.
    i’ve never heard of Active Campaign but looks usefull.

  • Codrut


  • alberto82

    Good luck to everyone!

  • Lisa

    Wow!! Exciting competition

  • Anca G

    Very nice idea with the contest. Good luck to everyone!

  • JaL

    Ok, that’s enough for comments now, you can stop posting new ones :-p

  • Prakash

    I am in.

  • Philipp

    Count me in. :)

  • Callum

    Would be nice to own an iPad :P

  • Godsie

    Now that’s one we would all love to win…

  • Bogdan

    Great blog and contest ! Here’s to winning ! :)

  • Jörg

    I can’t live any longer without an iPad. So please save my live!

    By the way: Thanks for great infos, tips and tricks all the time…

  • DjRedStorm

    good luck and have fun :)

  • ilaria

    Here I am!

  • Seeta

    WOW these are wonderful prizes…hope i can get one of em

  • matt mooey

    Another great prize! thanks WDD!!

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    Gotta be in it to win it =/

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    me also =)

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    Pick me ! Pick me !
    iPad not available in France yet, don’t have time to go to the US, so pick me !


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    I need this big iphone…

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    Yay! go iPad

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    Good luck all, for me too.. hehe

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    I would love to win the IPad! #936 :P

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    Well the odds are 1 in 1000 at the moment so it’s unlikely but i’d love to win.

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    I would love to win this contest

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  • http://www, Marika

    wee, it would be great to win an I-Pad…here in Italy will cost too much!

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    Whoa, almost one-thousand comments! I might as well give luck a go! :D

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    WOW! What an amazing competition!
    Fingers crossed!!!

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    Hi. Pick the guy from germany. thats me! Thanks…

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    iPad! =D

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    WOW! Excellent prizes guys!

    Thanks a lot Active Campaign – Don’t know which prize I want the most!

    Keep my fingers crossed!

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    Good luck to all and me.

    it is a nice chance for every body.

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    Definetely made me write a comment

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    If the Ipad can travel to France, I participate !
    Count me in.

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  • sugeng

    Good luck all, for me too.. hehe

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    i would love an iPad since i’m grounded from health resons to bed…

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    and the ipad looks good too… ;)

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    today is my god day! good post :)

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    I might otherwise have to wait months before the iPad arrives in South Africa…
    Although that ActiveCampaign could also come in handy :)

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    Great Give-away. I want to win.

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    Ah a lot of comments! :) Love to win though!

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    Me too! great prizes and great web ;-)

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    Well thanks to active campaign, really a nice way to discover them!

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    I’m posting in the mid 900’s far as this comment goes, but I’d sure love to have a chance. Even if it is 1 in a 1,000 or more! haha


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    935 comments and counting… So, please count me in ;)

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    Wow, lots of people want this ipad then! I’d love an ipad but I also like the sound of the activecampaign stuff too :) Would come in handy I’m sure!

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    I will die for an iPad right now :P

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    I would die to win an ipad! I would be then among the first to have one in France ;-)

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    WOW!!! what a wonderful prize! way to go!

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    “gimme gimme gimme iPad after midnight”…

  • Portenart Emile-Victor

    i just hope to win ! :)

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    best of luck !

  • Tom Townsend

    Wow, could not think of a better way to help get the word out on our new portal, site is live but under development. Expecting big things in May/June time frame, this would fit in nicely with an official launch.

  • Ebow Andrews


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    Sure! Why not. Would love an iPad (or an ActiveCampaign license…).

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    I want one and after reading alot lately about the iPad I realize need one. Thank you

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    #936 is my lucky number right?

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    But i would realy like one. :D

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    Come on iPad, I know you want me. :P

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    I’d like to win too and hope that Dame Fortune is with me.

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    Wohoo, as Snow said, a lot of comments!

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    Both of these are great prizes, but the ipad is the game-changer. Would love to develop publications for it!

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    You gotta love a free license for ActiveCampaign, iPad wouldn’t be bad either!

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    Please award me the iPad, or the puppy gets it. Thank you.

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    Good luck everyone!

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    the iPad isn’t even released in Germany

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    Good luck everybody!

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    like to see the winner asp (memememememem)

    Greetz and thnx

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    quiero un ipad, lo ganaré? ojalé! a ver si pillo este, mola mucho, quizás sea mío… o no? jaja un saludo y sigan dándole caña al wdd, es lo máximo!

  • Maxxis

    Apart from the obvious iPad up for grabs I do believe that ActiveCampaign is offering a very good product. I am in charge of finding a similar solution for a large banking group at the moment and I do believe this is it.

    Thanks for the info guys.

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    Top of the hat, ActiveCampaign, for this great giveaway.

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    1:936 odds… It’s possible lol

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    I’d love to win! Great contests and great marketing tools.

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    This is an awesome contest; 2 great products. :) Hope I get one.

  • RIchard

    I would love the ipad
    but wow there are a lot of comments!!
    The odds are very lot but why not try!

  • Kevin Marsh

    The math equation below the comment box tripped me up a bit. I bet the Ipad has a calculator i could have used.

  • Joseph

    My Atari system broke, so an iPad will be a great substitute until I get it fixed.

  • Johan

    Ipad! That’s awesome.. and so is Activecampaign

  • Chris

    Good luck everyone, ten people are going to be very happy!

  • Can

    Woo looks cool, I hope luck smiles me ^^

  • Ade Hart

    Nice, nearly 1,000 comments. Great promotion!

    I’m more interested in the Active Campaign license than the iPad, of course!

    class=”lie” style=”tongue:firmly-in-cheek;” alt=”mmm… ipad, can I have one?”

  • Adriano Ribeiro

    Alea iacta est

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    I would be wonderfull have an ipad P:

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    will it be more than 1000?

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    amazing contest and this looking like a big contest so im 100% in + I would love an Ipad =)

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    Wish that I will be the one

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    Crosses fingers.

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    That’s great, thanks!


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    Chances are low, but hopes are high. I want an iPad!

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  • Krzysiu

    It’s awsome. Good luck everyone :)

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    Good luck everyone ;)

    #comment:after {
    content: “Me! Me! Pick me!”;

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    Here’s to winning! Good luck everyone!

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    Ipads and email campaigns are a natural fit. Let’s make it happen! :)

  • August

    Fantastic, interesting way to do a marketing campaign :) Creative.

  • http://inprocess Deana Cunningham

    This sounds great! I love the giveaways on this site.

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    damn, these contests are getting better and better!

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    Fingers Crossed

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    I’ll add my drop of water to the ocean….The iPad sounds cool and the software will open up new possibilities. Here’s hoping.

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    I hear iPads taste like candy.

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    Yes, please.

  • Steve

    Good luck, everybody!

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    commenting before #1000

  • Stelian Andrei

    Looking forward for the results. Maybe, just maybe, I get lucky. My birthday is coming up soon and an iPad would be a great present.

  • Viki

    Hi Guys,

    Great Giveaway! I’d love to win an iPad. Count me in.

    PS: I share a lot of Stuff from WDD with my friends and Social Media contacts, so an incentive would be appreciated very much! :p

    Keep the good posts and giveaways coming! Ciao!

  • Tony Virelli

    I am trying to transition from Windows to Apple. A friend said the iPad would be a good start!!!

  • james

    let me win.. for once

  • Haricot

    I’m in for sure.

  • Nikola Grcevski

    Great site you have here, great tweets, keep it up. And I’d love to win too :)

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    ActiveCampaign seems like a great tool, not to mention the Ipad also!

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    I was just checking out ActiveCampaign for work last week, what a cool coincidence. Sign me up!

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    What a great opp, count me in! :D

  • Jacqueline B

    Sounds awesome! Great giveaway!

    And amazing blog!

  • Tyler


    I would really love to win this. Even though it is a low probability, I LOVE THE IPAD!!!!

    Every time the Apple commercials are on, I drop everything and become entranced in the features.

    Good luck,

  • Jamie Calder

    I could use an iPad, despite the lack of Canadian content.

  • Chris

    Great idea. Good luck to everyone

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    I would love to win an iPad!

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    0,0001% to win > 0,0000 !!!!! Good luck to everybody!!!

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    Awesome contest WDD and cool service by the sponsor ACtive Campaigns. Definitely going to look into their service more. Thanks again.

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    If I keep entering these competitions, I will win eventually… will I!?

    Please… ;)

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    Would love to start developing for the IPad… only problem is I need an Ipad :)

    Thanks, love the blog!

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    Good luck everyone!

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  • Márcio Duarte

    iWant too!

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    935 comments? lol
    where did all these commenters come from?
    sureeee the come out of hiding when free things are being offered -_- haha

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    Please put my name in the winning cup – danke.

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    iPad + me = good times. Fingers crossed!

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    Ipad? Toss it my way!

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    And if your ipad starts playing different tunes, I’ll throw this dark side of a zune :)

    Thanks !!!!!!!!!

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    1:1000 isn’t too bad

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    Lookin forward

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    An iPad would be the best gift to get on my birthday =).

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    Count me in!

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    My husband would die if I won an iPad! :-)

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    I’d love to win an iPad! Because I’m awesome! Can I get a woot woot?!?!

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    Could i win?

  • Mikenj

    Just began to read your blog, great site. Hope more interesting post will come later.


    This giveaway is unbelievably rewarding, it would be heart stopping to win :) Many thanks WDD && Active Campaign .x

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    I would love to have an iPad!!

  • LL

    Please allow me to win this contest.

  • Mitsi McKee

    Wow…a truly amazing giveaway! Interesting product offerings as well.

  • matt salik

    Moe Greene: “Yeah, let’s talk business, Mike. First of all, you’re all done. The Corleone Family don’t even have that kind of muscle anymore. The Godfather’s sick, right? You’re getting chased out of New York by Barzini and the other Families. What do you think is going on here? You think you can come to my hotel and take over? I talked to Barzini – I can make a deal with him, and still keep my hotel! ”

    See, I got enough problems, not having an iPad shouldn’t be another one!

  • Josh

    It would be a fun thing were I to win a fun thing from a good site.

  • Jesse Dijkstra

    Would love to win! Would love and get my hands on the ActiveCampaign licenses as well, mind switch my clients to it :)

    Hey, it would at least be easier than winning the lottery! :P

  • James

    Wow, well over 1000 comments – reckon WDD’s the real winner here!

  • Chris

    Could be my lucky day :D

  • Ross M

    Would love to win :D

  • Balam

    Oh, I would absolutely love to win either >,<'. It's a very generous prize :p.

    Loving the website : ), found alot of helpful information thus far.

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    Awesome Giveaway! I would love to own one of these!

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    pick me!!

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    hey…its nice…can i win too

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    Thanks WDD y ActiveCampaign

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    I would love to win. Thanks for the offer!

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    OMG! i can feel the luck is on my side.

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    Lovely Contest

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    I really really would love to win!!! <3 <3 <3!! thank youu!! :)

  • Swat Chen

    Thanks for this giveaway! I hope i WIn

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    Yeah. As unoriginal as it is, just like the the other 1291 commenters, I’d like to win.

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    this activecampaign seems to be very useful and id love to win that ipad :)

  • Ben

    Greets to everyone! Very nice giveaway, thx for that! Good luck to all :)

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    very nice giveaway :D I’d love to win!

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    It is clear I am in :-D

    Best regards

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    1291 comments so far… I just need one to win!

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    Count me in too. Awesome offer! Thanks

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    How awesome if I win!!! Thank you~~

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    I am in!

  • Vinícius Andrade

    I never win this kind of stuff. Maybe this time?

  • aristo

    OMG! so many people, well i will need so much luck this time…

    Where is my 4 leaf clover?

  • Dan Arabia

    I’m in. Thank you activecampaign.

  • Maddy

    Yes Please! Awesome!

  • Henrik R


    Would love to win one :]


  • Roberto k

    Very Nice Giveaway !!!!!

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    yeeeah i wanna win!

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    Chances are slim, but what the heck…, count me in ;)

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    i love the iPad and wanna start email marketing.

    I must win

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    Nice touch about worldwide delivery

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    Yup, nice thing ;)

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    How exciting!

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    I want to win too!

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    Wahooo! I’m the 9 millionth comment!

  • Vincent Donnachie

    Yes, please? Please, please. Yes? Why, thank you!

  • Carlos E. Romero

    That iPad is mine!!!!

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    Would love to win a I pad!!! Wish me luck :)

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    I want an iPad!!

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    I. Want. An. iPad.

  • Ricardo Barrera

    Dum spiro spero…

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    Nice, I love giveaways. Count me in.

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    good luck everyone :) nice present from Active Campaign

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    I really want to win an iPad! I am so excited!

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    Good luck to everyone! :)

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    I would love to win an IPOD!

  • Jen Walter

    Oooh I’m entering!

  • Steve

    U rock my face… that is all…

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    Interesting idea!

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    PLease me, me , me!!!! :)

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    sign me up ;)

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    Count me in!

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    Free iPad? Yes please.

  • Derek

    Wanna win that iPad.

  • Poyan

    Ill throw my name in that hat!

  • MB

    Maybe … maybe … :p

  • Fran

    I want one of these white ones on my bed :P

  • Justin Herrick

    So basically its a 1 in 2000 chance by the time the contest tends. I”m up for it!

  • Robert Fisher

    Great giveaway and looks like you have attracted lots of attention.

  • Ibrahim

    I hope I could win something here :)

  • Ben Carr

    I’d love an iPad!

  • David

    Great contest!

  • john michael

    i actually want the software just as much as the ipad to use for my small business (ipad for fun of course). it would make my life a whole lot easier with this setup. and yes my website sucks so HELP! ill even comp some audio for AC if they want it…

  • I want an iPad

    I would really like to win an iPad but any freebie is a good freebie.

  • Antonio R.

    Great Giveaway! I AM IN!

  • JayC

    Why not, hey? I love those things

  • Vinicius Francatto Boaventura

    I need an ipad for me
    An ipad to make me free
    I need an ipad today
    An ipad make my way

    I Love APPLE.

  • Christopher

    I would love to win both prizes.

  • Esteban Díaz Asúa

    The Gods of ramdomness be with… me

  • Alejandro

    I want the iPad!!!!

  • Sean Stearns

    Looking for a different email marketing vendor now as well – lucky find!

  • Marilyn

    I’d love an iPad!

  • Zoran

    My retweet was 111th, that must be a sign… Would like to win iPad, but thanks for this giveaway contest anyway!

  • jared thompson

    its a long shot but hopefully my name is the lucky golden ticket!

  • Gert-Jan

    Yeah! i hope , i win! :)

  • Gary Stephen Callaghan

    I would love to win this prize ! As ever WDD continue to provide its readers with unbelievable opportunity’s to win !

  • R Bugi Aditya

    whoa,such an generous giveaway!
    give me the activ campaign instead, ;)
    technology such like ipad is gonna disappear anyway, but knowledge and skill wont :D

    cant wait the activecampaign :p

  • Jorge de la Mora

    I always love pc, i defend my pc, but when i taste the apple…all my computer life change, now im vegetarian…

    Amazing site guys…absolutely fenomel.
    Still like this.

  • Jake Fuller

    Well of course i would love 10 licenses.. oh and the iPad is a nice addon.

  • Daniel Lange

    Oh what a contest, I’d really appreciate an iPad! I think it is going to take a while untill Apple is going to release the iPad here in Sweden, so I’d love to win an iPad!

  • Kristian ‘L’ Matthews

    This is relevant to my interests!

  • Carissa

    i would l♥ve an iPad :) this is an awesome giveaway!

  • Pawel W

    So I will try as well. Count me in.

  • Alexis

    I want an iPad more than a fat kid craves chocolate

  • Jane

    An ipad? I don’t even have an iphone yet… What a great contest! Thanks for posting about this! Count me in!

  • db

    Ooh, piece of candy!

  • HNFR

    E que tal mandarem esse iPad aqui para Portugal?

  • Tarek Naser

    Oh how I would love an iPad lol :)

  • Nana

    iPad = iWant :D

  • Dan Dau

    This is great! Crossing fingers!

  • Collin Schneider

    I do a ton of work for non-profits who would appreciate my having an iPad on which to test their web apps and websites. Here’s to winning this contest! :)

  • Dustin

    I’m in. Thanks for doing this ActiveCampaign!

  • Kevin Hallmark

    Oh I want to win an iPad so badly.

  • Darwin Soontiraratn

    I hope I gets. so far my odds are 1:1375

  • Cynthia Rivas

    OO I hope I get it

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    OMG! Gimme please, i’m a huge apple fanboy ansd I just named my son Steve :P

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    My psychiatrist says that part of my behavior modification therapy is to send myself email blasts and then view them on touch screen device that is bigger than a moblie phone and smaller than a netbook.
    Please help!!!

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    Win an ipad !, whats an ipad? I don’t have a sore eye, I don’t need an eyepad, but if I win I’m sure I’ll find some use for it.

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    I like my chances in this comp – already 1300 comments :/ Oh well lets give it a try.

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    Fingres crossed

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    I love contests :)
    I never win though…. :(

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    What a giveaway! =D, it’s working though, currently checking out the email marketing software. =)

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    Thanks for the opportunity to win the iPad and survey / email software. Our company our actively searching for new ways to reach our customer base and as of yet haven’t decided on who or what to use. Cheetah mail seems to be one of the main options, but I’m not convinced that it’s the way to go. It may have some decent reporting options, but I’m looking to have a tool where you can design, send and report on a given campaign, so this would be a great way to make myself look good to my supervisor / manager.

    As for the iPad, it would just be icing on the cake for me doing such a great job getting my company the software we need to take the step forward into online marketing. If I dont get picked as the winner of the iPad and only the software, maybe I can bribe an iPad and a bit of other gear out of my employer in exchange for the software, haha.

    Good luck to all!

  • Dragos

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    Please select me as the winner . . . I REALLY need the new iPad to make my life better!

    My mom is sick and my wife just told me she preferred “the company of” my best friend, who just recently told me that he has herpes (ouch!). My children conspired together to rob a liquor store and were all just sentenced to 10-20 for armed robbery. My snake is hibernating and refusing to eat. My dog got ran over by my neighbor’s kid on a skateboard and someone stole my car last night.

    Please, I desperately need a new iPad to make everything better! I think I deserve it more!


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    Thanks for frequent giveaways along with the incredible knowledge base.

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  • DevonH-iPad Winner

    Since I’m shooting down pop-ups on this old laptop, and about to have to toss in the bin; a iPad would perfectly accompany the iMac I’m about to finance. So, if you pick me to win I’ll send you cinnamon rolls basted in 34.5 ounces of sweet, sinful frosting, and rub your feet!

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    I’m in! I live in Argentina and an Ipad is out of my reach. (in here, they charge everything, twice the price in u$s.)


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  • sanjay modha

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    -WTF! Can You Afford That!?
    -Yeah, But I Really Think That They Haven’t A Comment-Exchange.”

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    Nice promo keep it up!!!

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    Incidentally, I have been researching different email marketing and survey software, so winning a handful of ActiveCampaign licenses would be outstanding! Plus winning the Apple iPad, I could not ask for more!

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    Unbelievable, i’d love to win the iPad since at the moment it’s the only way to get one in Europe :-D

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    I’d love to win an iPad… it’d make a great new platform to develop on.

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    Nice giveaway guys. You’re right, who doesn’t like free stuff… especially brand new free stuff with an Apple logo on it and a 10 inch touch screen. :)

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    If I win this iPad, I will revolutionize the world.

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    I WOULD SO LOVE TO WIN!!!!!!!!! PLEASE COUNT ME IN, I would possibly die of ecstasy if I won!

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    Wow. Lots of comments. Would love to get my hands on that iPad. :D

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    I loves me apple products.

  • Philip Davis

    1/1141 – My odds are going up ;)

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    You can definitely count me in.

  • Ella B.

    I have yet to win in any online contest. Care to help me win my first? Thanks.

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    Thanks for the contest and keep up the good work.

    – Thala

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    Thank you!

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    I would love to lose.

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    Of course I’d like to win! Especially since I’m Italian (no iPads in iTaly) and live in Poland (no iPads here either).

    By the way this page is driving my browser crazy, using 100 MB. What’s going on?

  • Pierre Gaboriau

    I’m pretty sure I deserve an iPad more than pretty much anyone mainly because… no not really.. best of luck to everyone =D

  • Teodoro Lopez

    Im in! wondering how fast you will hit 5000 comments lol

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    Nice idea for a competition, just a few entries!

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    Congrats for this amazing giveaway!!! I’d love to be rewarded!!!
    Good Luck to all!

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    Well, this will be interesting :) I don’t usually enter these things, or win the ones I do. Would be nice if I did this time…

  • Matthieu THOMAS

    An iPad ? What is that ??


    Have Fun

  • Maz

    “I have a dream” MLK


  • Jason

    Ok, well it took almost half an hour for this page to load (just kidding) and I live in New Zealand – so what are the odds (huge no doubt) but hey, I’m an optimistic kinda guy – so most definitely!

  • Deva

    The iPad would be an awesome birthday gift! :)

  • Jepchumba

    Here goes nothing. I wanna win!

  • Amber Weinberg

    I want an iPad sooo bad! It looks like my chances are low here…over 1600 comments, wow!

  • Daniel Muntean

    Heeeere iPaddy. . .paddy. . .paddy.

    count me in.

  • Juan Carlos Peña Romero

    I feel lucky, this ipad is mine hahahaha

    thanks to WDD and FreeActiveCampaign

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    WOW! I nearly missed this….count me in. :-)

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    whaddup free ipad!

  • Tony

    Crossing my fingers and anything else that I can twist into a pretzel.

  • Peter

    I don’t have an iPhone and I don’t have an iPod Touch. Only thing that I have that comes close of my iPod 3rd Gen that I was made to buy off a friend because I dropped it on a hard tiled floor. So please randomly pick me so I can join in on this new Apple phenomenon.


  • fruituitous designs

    hmmmm will work for ipad? wait i have one better….i+pad=love!
    pick me pick me!! i will use it for good promise!

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    Thanks WDD & ActiveCampaign for this awesome giveaway! I hope I win =)

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  • Kumail Hunaid

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    Tchuß. Skjebne.

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