7 Personality Types of Designers Today

Design is a universal language. It transcends all cultural and national boundaries. It is diverse and ever-changing. Despite the fact that designs can be universally appreciated, the artists behind them are all unique and talented individuals.

What kind of designer are you? What is your philosophy? How do you contribute to the design community? Designers from different walks of life might have similar answers to these questions, and yet we are all different.

Some designers take it upon themselves to educate those who have not yet developed an appreciation for Web design and art. Some designers aim to improve the overall quality of design on the Internet.

And of course, some designers strive primarily to make a good living from their talents so that they can live a comfortable life.

Whatever your reason for being a designer, you are unique.

  • If you want to be a well-paid designer, please the client.
  • If you want to be an award-winning designer, please yourself.
  • If you want to be a great designer, please the audience.


Spotting the 7 Different Designers

Human beings constantly wear masks to hide their true feelings, thoughts and personality quirks. Designers wear masks of their own: one to attend to clients, another to handle a project’s details, another to collaborate with colleagues and yet another to communicate with family and friends. Human nature is to wear a different mask according to the role one is playing.

Despite these masks, our true personality still shines through. There are seven different personality types of designers. Which one best describes you?


1. The Pablo Picasso Designer

A perfectionist, the Pablo Picasso designer does not stand for any pixel to be out of place or unsightly. Egotistical, he does not care about other people’s opinions, and he belittles them for their ignorance and lack of appreciation of design and the arts.

Principled, the Pablo Picasso designer has a strong mind and set beliefs that cannot be swayed by any amount of money. His only concern is for the ingenuity of ideas.

A man out to change the world of design, he does not succumb to the whims of clients, and he believes it is their loss if they do not heed his advice. Believing he is a cut above the rest, he admits to only a few other designers in the world being his peers. The Pablo Picasso designer sees himself, above all else, as an artist.


2. The Albert Einstein Designer

A smart man with an excellent work ethic, the Albert Einstein designer has the motto “No pain, no gain.” Unafraid of ridicule, he dares to be different.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again. Failure is the mother of all success, and the Albert Einstein designer has a never-give-up attitude that pushes him to continually reach his goals despite countless failures.

The Albert Einstein designer continues to create his own designs, putting them to the test in various design competitions. He may not get it right each time or win every competition, but he believes his hard work will eventually pay off and that he will be recognized for his talents and effort.

His strong faith and his belief in himself enable him to patiently wait for the day when he is praised for his contributions. To him, the question is not if he will be successful, but rather when will he attain his goals and be successful.


3. The David Copperfield Designer

The David Copperfield designer is a great storyteller and illusionist. Capable of anything, regardless of how seemingly impossible it is, he conjures the best designs for his clients.

Convincing his clients to hire him and only him to do everything is a simple task. Given everything he delivers to clients, he does not come cheap. After all, he gives them everything they want, which amounts to a cleverly constructed illusion. Using his great storytelling skills, he leads clients to believe that he is the only person they need to achieve their goals.

Behind the scenes, the David Copperfield designer orchestrates his illusions down to the second. Appearances can be misleading; outsourcing his tasks, he packages the result as his own work.

The client doesn’t realize who are the hard-working talents who support him. He manages the project and delegates work to others but claims credit in the end.


4. The Captain Hook Designer

Image credit: South Florida Pirate

Why create when you can steal? The Captain Hook designer is cunning and sly. He scouts for the most innovative and successful designs and makes them his own—not by blatantly duplicating, mind you, but by cleverly working in his own ideas and inspiration.

Craftily avoiding outright plagiarism, the Captain Hook designer mashes up several successful ideas to create a fresh “new” concept.

Money being his sole interest, the Captain Hook designer tries to squeeze as much as he can out of his designs. By making small, simple changes to the color, font and layout, he passes off designs as new creations.

Unfazed by whether he loses some clients, he simply finds new ones who are unaware of his tricks. His lives by the pirate code that dictates, “A good designer copies, but a great designer steals.”


5. The Mahatma Gandhi Designer

Believing he is obliged to right wrongs, the Mahatma Gandhi designer takes it upon himself to effect change through peaceful means. He feels an obligation to improve Web design standards, regardless of any difficulties or opposition he might face. If he has to achieve his goal one client at a time, he will gladly do so.

Sharing his design philosophy with whomever will listen, the Mahatma Gandhi designer tries to persuade others—designers, clients and the general public alike—to help him make the design industry a better place.

A forward-thinking man who sets trends, he advocates for what he believes is necessary to improve and sustain the design industry. Willing to sacrifice himself for the benefit of other designers, the Mahatma Gandhi designer does whatever he can to improve the world of design through peaceful and lasting change.


6. The Bashful Dwarf Designer

Shunning the spotlight, the Bashful Dwarf designer always feels like he could have done a better job. When praised, he is quick to share the credit with colleagues. Insecure about his talents, he is content to work behind the scenes and let others take the honor.

The Bashful Dwarf designer doesn’t think much of fame or fortune, and he prefers not to show his name or face. Lack of confidence is the cause: he believes many other designers out there deserve more recognition.

As long as he makes enough money to put a roof over his head and not go hungry, he remains content with his lot in life.


7. The Ella of Frell Designer

The real Ella of Frell fell under a spell and couldn’t say no to anyone. Slightly different, the Ella of Frell designer actually has a choice and does not have to do everything she is told.

Instead, she chooses not to decline her clients’ every wish. Believing the customer is always right, she goes out of her way to please clients. Clients never find fault with her because she is ever willing to make whatever changes they ask for. “No” is not in her vocabulary.

Often ignoring her better judgment, the Ella of Frell designer subjugates her design sense to the clients’ will in order to avoid displeasing them. She is at the client’s beck and call, night and day.


We Are All Different

Each designer has their own personality type. Whatever yours is, the important thing is to be true to yourself and honorable. Any one of the seven types covered here could be an extreme version of you. or you may see a little of yourself in each.

The only constant is change, and perhaps we have all been more than one of these seven at different times in our lives. We are, after all, always growing and hopefully wiser.

Written exclusively for Webdesigner Depot by Aidan Huang, a freelance developer, designer and ingenious blogger. He is one of the editors-in-chief at Onextrapixel. Follow him on Twitter @AidanOXP

Do you see yourself in any one of these personality types? Which best describes you? Share your thoughts on any Picassos, Einsteins, Hooks, Bashfuls, Copperfields, Gandhis and Ellas you may have encountered in this competitive industry.

  • http://sickdesigner.com Radu Chelariu

    This could, quite possibly, be the best Webdesigner Depot post. Ever.
    It was a great read and while, I’m sure, in reality there are many other typologies of designers out threre, the ones listed here are diverse enough to comprise most of us.
    It would be curious to see if any commentators will attest to being part of the Hook / Copperfield / Bashful typologies.

  • http://www.katalonian.com Ziya

    4. The Captain Hook Designer :)

    Very nice article!)

  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/fontburgercom/127348273564 fontburger

    Fun read! Definitely seeing myself as the Albert Einstein designer, “has a never-give-up attitude that pushes him to continually reach his goals despite countless failures.” I’ll get it someday! Just gotta keep trying!

  • brandon

    put me down as 90% Einstein and 10% Picasso

    • http://deliciousroom.com/ Yaro

      I’m 70% Einstein and 30% Picasso.

      • http://joefriedl.net Joe

        You two should hook up.

      • Eru

        Lol! Brilliant cheap shot!

  • Nish

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  • http:www.la-ladesign.com Mgal

    I’m Bashful Dwarf with a dose of Ella…don’t know if that’s good or bad…hmmmm….

    • http://michelledancer.com Michelle

      Exactly the same as me. I’m pretty sure it’s bad while also being adorable.

  • Jared

    I’m very much Picasso haha. I guess a little bit Hook, but only when I see something great that could have been awesome, then take it upon myself to “fix” it lol.

  • http://rorschach-design.com rorschachdesign

    Loved the post. I relate more to musicians myself. I’d say my make up is part Mike Patton, part Amon Tobin, part Beatles. I definitely enjoyed it though and I wish I was a bit more like the ones described here. Cheers to a great, well thought out post.

    • misteraidan

      Part Beatles?.. but which part? There could be a whole post like this one on which Beatle are you (as a designer). It’s all just about choosing a set of caricatures you can apply to yourself.

      Don’t you just find yourself exhibiting any of these behaviours at different times. Sometimes you feel like your always saying “yes”, but with other clients you have the empowerment to lead them in the right direction. Or when given the time you spend way longer than you usually would, or for what is required, in order to achieve your own vision, regardless of what the client, the budget or your manager says. Or a particular issue comes up and you get all Gandi about it for a while because THIS IS SERIOUS MUM!

      Or maybe there should be one more .. the “I don’t fit in a box” or “chameleon” designer who can’t decide on a single particular focus for their energies.

      (PS-Mike Patton!)

    • http://outsourcecom.wordpress.com Elizabeth Kaylene

      I’m so excited that you referenced Mike Patton!

  • Martins

    I’m more like 50/50 Einstein and Picasso

  • http://gauravmishra.com Gaurav Mishra

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    i think i am probably in the bashful corner but with elements of picasso

  • Daniel Winnard

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    I would class myself as a bit of them all. Depends on the client I am working with.

  • http://annadesigns.us Anna

    I fall pretty squarely into the Pablo Picasso category.

    And good job making the only woman in the group the spineless, submissive designer =\ Women don’t know how to stand up for themselves.

    Not accusing it of being intentional, but it is really insensitive.

  • http://www.18five.com Rosti The Snowman

    I want to be a Einstein/Picasso but at the moment I think I’m a Captain Hook/Bashful Dwarf!

  • http://www.ruthycat.tumblr.com Ruthy

    I wish you included examples of the designs each personality made. Or maybe I was mislead that you meant how designers work instead of what they work on.

    Great post.

  • http://tomasvaril.com Tomas Varil

    Very nice article, I find myself in Einstein :-D but the truth is, that I find something mine in other characters too…

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    Great read….very funny :)

    I’d like to think im mostly the Einstein type but sadly I have to admit im probably more Bashful Dwarf mixed with a dose of Ella of Frell…….but im working on it!!! ha ha

  • http://www.creativeindividual.co.uk Laura

    Nice article and a great lunch-time read. I think I’m about half Bashful, half Einstein (with maybe a touch of Picasso?). And I have been consciously trying to become more Einstein than Bashful, which is mostly down to the confidence that each persona has – or at least it is for me. Thanks =D

  • Clare

    ok, i get the idea of this … but don’t you think you could have come up with a few more positive female “types”. I kinda stop reading if designers are only ever referred to as “he”.

    • http://www.twitter.com/etsurcreative Christopher

      All of them are both male and female. The author used the gender of the historical figure in his description. Don’t be such a feminist, it’s annoying.

      I’d say I’m 60% Gandhi 40% Einstein.

      • Amy

        “Don’t be such a feminist, it’s annoying.” What an enlightened point of view. Good thing women/minorities don’t have to deal with these kinds of attitudes on a daily basis or anything.

        “Be the change you want to see in others.” Mahatma Gandhi

    • Claudia Snell

      I have to agree with you, Clare. It’s a bit sad that the only ‘she’ he refers to is a weak little doormat. What he’s describing is actually a bad designer. To be any good, you have to have a bit of backbone. If they were all ‘he’ I wouldn’t have a problem in seeing it as just using ‘he’ to mean everyone.

    • http://www.chrisly.info Chris

      AP style dictates that when referring to a single ambiguous gender, use ‘he’. It may be a bit antiquated, but it’s not sexist, nor does it cause harm. And using ‘He or She’ is just convoluted.

      • Claudia Snell

        The author should have used ‘he’ for all examples. Only the last example was a ‘she’ and it’s the most negative one up there. In fact, it’s the only completely negative one up there. That is what I was responding to. If they were all ‘he’, I’d be all good with this. As it stands, it looks like he’s strongly implying that women are mousy little things that can’t handle themselves in a professional way. Why not have a mousy little guy that lets everyone else push him around? I’ve seen a lot of those in my career, actually.

        Really not trying to fight, just trying to let you know how this looks to people that put up with being put down constantly.

      • http://www.onextrapixel.com Aidan

        Hi Claudia,

        I wish to apologies for the misinterpretation caused. I have intended to use “he” to represent both gender in all the type but in the end decided to use “she” to represent “Ella of Frell” just because Ella, herself is a female character. I have no other meaning.

        Hope this clarify.

  • http://www.cajebo.com Michael

    We all at one point I’m sure, touched one of these seven points.

    Thanks for this great spin Aidan, I’ll look for more of the same from you.

  • Ty

    60% Picasso, 40% Einstein here. I’m very sensitive about my craft as I love what I do. Taking years to sharpen and somewhat perfect, I don’t take being shunned or overlooked too lightly.

  • jason

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    Totally a 50%/50% Captain Hook and Mahatma Gandhi. I’m all about efficient standard code and white hat SEO (Mahatma Gandhi) but my design skills are lacking (where Captain hook comes in handy).

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  • http://www.krishnasolanki.co.uk/ Krishna

    Loved the article Aidan! Definitely an interesting read.
    Personally I see myself as an Albert Einstein Designer..always striving for more and believing all the hard work will eventually pay off.. :)

    Cant say I have ever submitted any designs to competitions, but maybe I should start? hmm… one to think about I think!

    I definitely agree with your closing statement, “The only constant is change, and perhaps we have all been more than one of these seven at different times in our lives. We are, after all, always growing and hopefully wiser.”…..

    Brilliant read… well done and keep up the good work!

  • http://www.squiders.com Web Design Kent

    Fun article, maybe I’m in the Pablo Picasso, I’d like to think so but i do concede to daft client requests in the end if they really won’t see reason!

  • http://www.throneofeden.com Tyler

    Definitely Bashful Dwarf + Ella… thought he bashful dwarf probably comes FROM the Ella.

    I finish designs, then my client has a problem with them… so I change them to please the client… but then I feel like I could have done it better as a whole (if I could have kept it the way it was).

  • Brad

    This really is a great article. Well written!

    I’d say I am split between Bashful Dwarf and Picasso. Odd combo, I know. I’m not cocky about my work and I like to lurk…but in those dark corners I am an opinionated and unwilling to sway my beliefs. Hell I am even leaving my job simply because my boss told me that it is about “quantity over quality”…screw that.

  • http://www.behance.net/leventegaal Levi

    Perfect article again at WDD!!! Thank you guys so much!

    There are so many great designer with great ideas in different style, habit and passion.
    But I think all of us – the designers – are tired someday and we need inspirations like any other artist. So it is not the HOOK effect it is like perfectionism and the never-give-up attitude!! :)))


  • arnold

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    another quality post…thanks

  • http://www.thisisinspired.com Derek Land

    Excellent read. I love to see how designers are segregated and compartmentalized by others :D (not sarcasm, btw)

    Thanks for posting. :)

  • http://twitter.com/ngassmann ngassmann

    “Good artists copy; great artists steal” Picasso

    Albert Einstein “dares to be different”? Pshhh

    “The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources” – Albert Einstein

  • Sweenie

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    I’m totally 80% Gandhi 20% Einstein – teaching and improving web standards is a day-to-day mission ;)

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  • Dink

    Great article

    20% Picasso: detailed and aesthetic driven.

    20% Einstein: trial and error to explore and learn.

    30% Captain Hook: sometimes you have to borrow because of budget or timing. If so make the concept your own, expand and improve upon not just duplicate.

    30% Copperfield: you typically can’t be an expert in all aspects of design and dev, so hire experts to fill the gaps. As the agency owner you have invested time and money in fostering relationships and creating a positive reputation. I find most designers/developers don’t want to do sales and networking so I provide interesting work and completive rates to my consultants. It is chicken/egg, they are partially the reason I have a profit margin but without me they don’t have the work.

    Working smarter not harder is the name of the game if you want a work/life balance.

  • Pierre

    I am definitely a Picasso… I regularly tell clients off and I will not think twice about dumping a client if they try to tell me my business. (I don’t care what your wife thinks about my design either)

    It’s there loss. I would rather spend the time working with someone that appreciates my talents. I have more than enough paying work to not even think twice about it.

  • http://www.ectomesh.com Ectomesh

    80% Picasso, 10% Einstein, 10% Hook.

  • http://iznyn.com iznyn

    I trying to become Einstein with the collaboration of Picasso and Gandhi.

  • http://illusiveforces.com illusiveforces

    As much as I hate to admit it, this Hook description is making me feel guilty. While I’m certainly no mercenary, the great works of others heavily influence my design.

    Nice comparisons here… resisting the urge to write a similar type blog post

    yahrg! ;)

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  • http://p163.sg Angelee

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  • Denis

    Nice post bu I’m not agree to put to Picasso as a model, in my humble opinion, Picasso even belong to the group 4. The Captain Hook Designer. Cause Picasso in his begining didnt had a style as many painters, and he was copying and stealing concepts.
    Remember his quote: “Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal”.
    That by real, that quote is a modification of another more older quote, just with different Topic.

  • http://www.kingdompeas.com João Diogo

    I Love Cake.

    Oh btw great article. :)

  • http://www.kaplang.com Michelle

    What an interesting post but I cannot decide which one is me, it all depends on my mood for the day :)

  • Bart

    Great read!

    I would say I’m 25% Picasso, 25% Einstein, 25% Hook and 25% Bashful Dwarf.

    But it could be different, it depents on the situation!

  • Jim

    Great post. I knew an “Ella of Frell” designer who found a unique way to overcome her inability to say “No.” She realized that, despite the quality of the design/comp she presented, every client she ever worked with would propose a change or two. She couldn’t say no. Over time she realized/theorized that the client’s suggestions had less to do with the design, and more to do with the client’s need to control the situation. So, she started experimenting with and perfecting this approach: When her perfectly executed design was ready for the client, she would deliberately “break” the design by adding something to the design that was superfluous or obviously wrong, then while presenting to the client, she might overtly suggest or subtly hint some reservation about the added design element… in one way or another planting the seed for the client to make the decision to remove that element from the design. She couldn’t say no… but ended up with a happy client AND getting sign-off on the design as she wanted it to be.

    • http://www.onextrapixel.com Aidan

      Thats sounds like a great technique she is using.

  • http://www.alejandroperazzo.com Punta del Este Real Estate

    i guess that every one is a bit like capitan hook, is great to innovate but we wont pretend to invent the wheel.

    “6. The Bashful Dwarf Designer” LOL

  • http://www.q2interactive.com Jennie Q

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    Sorry, I have to admit that I feel completely as the Pablo Picasso Designer :)

  • Bryce P

    Like Alex I too have some sort of disorder. While I don’t steal, I do love to find some good scripts in open source and I will use and modify those till I am blue in the face. Great writing and I saw that your “she” was only in reference to Ella and not a bad female type designer. Seriously people don’t be so quick to get offended. Being a stuck up Picasso type isn’t all that great either.

  • Majeed

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    Thank you!

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  • http://www.evanjacobs.net/ Evan J

    I loved this article. I think I’m a Picasso/Hook for the most part. I come up with my own ideas and then adapt other sites to my vision sometimes if I don’t know how to code something.

  • http://NON BUDEANU

    Like Alex I too have some sort of disorder. While I don’t steal, I do love to find some good scripts in open source and I will use and modify those till I am blue in the face. Great writing and I saw that your “she” was only in reference to Ella and not a bad female type designer. Seriously people don’t be so quick to get offended. Being a stuck up Picasso type isn’t all that great either.

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    I would love to hear a judgment from my friends.



  • http://outsourcecom.wordpress.com Elizabeth Kaylene

    I don’t really fit into any of these. I was nodding along to the perfectionist part of Picasso, until I got to the word “belittling.” I know someone who is an Ella, though, and it drives me crazy!

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  • Lucy

    I feel like I’m part Picasso, part Gandhi and part Ella.

  • jeffkjh

    I’m a mix of Hook and the dwarf! That’s coz I’m very rarely original and I procrastinate like hell!

  • Jessica M

    40% Hook…60% Ella. It’s a vicious cycle.

  • lafla

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  • http://www.iamyung.com Yung Tsai

    So I’m a dwarf??? =P

  • CoperHook

    Hi all, I like this article, and I have also read all the comments on it, I find hard to believe that theres only one David Copperfield Designer and with percent.
    I’m a freelancer, as a freelancer I get the chance to do whatever the hell I want, but, here’s what I think.
    Pablo Picasso Designer: I can not allow misplace pixels, a perfectionist you may say.

    Albert Einstein Designer: It has to be done no matter what, if you fail once you may fail twice and you have to keep trying and trying and trying until is done.

    David Copperfield Designer: If you came to my office you must be prepare with a juicy wallet, you gonna love what I to show and you will want it, but, there’s nothing free, and IF I don’t have what you may looking for… well let say that Captain Hook Designer is always there for me, and I’ll twist it, blend it, re-paint it, re-arrange it, just to make you happy.

    Bashful Dwarf Designer: at the end of the day, I’m happy with what I have, I’ve always share my projects with other developers/designers, above all I’ve never claim something mine when is not mine.

    Honesty is the main thing that has keep me going for the last 7 years and it has give me an excellent clients, what ever you do just keep it real, feet on the ground, and don’t try to chew more than you can bite, the cake is well size for all of us.

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    A bit of everything I guess, nice post !

  • http://audeemirza.com A u d e e

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    But one of my client surprisingly says that I’m also The Ella of Frell Designer.. lol
    Great post btw

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    fantastic post bro…keep up the good work :)

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    I don’t get why doing what a customer asks for is necessarily all that bad… they are the ones paying your wages after all. I don’t see how that is a negative trait. It’s better than being a complete diva anyway.

    • http:jcfoto.net Juan

      Most of the time the client has no sense or idea of design, that’s why they hire designers. If you don’t make them see your point and give them logical reasons on why you are right and they are wrong you’ll end up with a horrible design, a piece that you may have gotten paid for but won’t be able to use it in your portfolio.

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    Would one day like to get a bunch of Bashfuls together and become a Copperfield :P

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    I think I’m mostly a Picasso (although being a Perfectionist can be annoying) with some Einstein (I don’t give up easily) and Gandhi (I’ll fight against our industry being cheapened).

    Great article :)

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