Beautiful Contact Forms for your Inspiration

Contact forms have evolved a lot since the days of simple bland html forms. This holds especially true for portfolio websites and design agencies.

The current designs are beautiful and can be extremely creative. Besides the common fields that everyone expects, forms can be enhanced by adding extra features such as maps, social networking information and appealing illustrations.

A solid and elegant contact form reassures the viewer’s confidence in the person or company behind the site and improves the overall experience.

In this post, we’ve collected the most creative contact forms which you can use for inspiration in your own designs.








Daniel Hellier






Trendy Web Design






Brian Handley Design






Try Triangle









Electric Pulp



Vincent Mazza






The Kabro



Red Bull Soapbox Racer





















Z-Index Media






Alexandru Cohaniuc



Orman Clark






Ready Made Designs






Bullet PR



Envira Media Inc























Bert Timmermans



Matt Dempsey





Which ones did you like best? Please share other great examples with us…

  • Cliff

    These look great! I love how a lot of them are so customized that they exactly match the style and design of their websites.

    Something webdesigner depot should try employing instead of just an mailto link to show everyone how it’s done :)

  • Auré

    Great source of inspiration, thanks for this hi-quality list )

  • Vitor Balocco

    Great list! I specially like the Socialsnack form, very simple yet so clever!

  • Amey

    Wow some people get really creative with contact forms. I would have never thought of half this stuff.

    I always felt it was a waste because people are obviously landing on that page because they want to contact you, so there isn’t a need for anything fancy.

  • enam

    These are really great….thanks for sharing…;)

  • c0de

    Great inspiration!!!

  • Webstandard-Blog

    Great looking, OK that’s true, but the implementation of some (like Alexarts ) is horrible. No labels (Name, E-Mail,…) nothing. Where they are? They are part of the Background-Image! Never heard about accessibilty?

    • Swat Chap

      What are you talking about? There are labels in Alexarts. Look carefully

  • Eddy

    That was pretty funny, I saw all these awesome designs so I got curious to see what the contact form for this site looks like. So I clicked the link and my e-mail program opened up… Fail!

    PS Good article though.

  • Michael Simm

    Thank you for together this inspiring collection!

  • rod rodriguez

    This is awesome, I’m still in the process of creating a contact form for my site and boom! I could really use the inspiration you have compiled here, thank you very much. Great post! *Thumbs-up!

  • Jonathan

    Wow great list!

    I really like the postcard from Lionways

  • Mark James

    Some amazing examples! Its surprising how much difference a well designed contact form can make!

  • DIY weB duDe

    Some of these are really cool, others seems a bit over designed, but I guess it keeps surfers a bit longer on your site.

  • wien

    great post, the postcart is a really nice idea.

  • Arif R.

    Cool, I like #4

  • trimbakeshwar temple

    This is a great list, I’ve been looking for inspiration for my own site.

  • Melody

    These are so incredibly awesome, I especially like the “writing in sand” contact form, and the one that looks like note on paper..

    I just recently redesigned one of my sites, and this reminds me to go back and ad some of these details that only fellow designers could appreciate =P

  • Stanley

    Wow! Truly inspiring … some of them are mindblowing!

  • Storm


  • Angelee

    Splendid! Very unique and lovely….

  • Webporter

    Wow – I love these. Gorgeous designs!

  • Christopher M Kennedy
  • No.1 Web Design

    Amazing! thanks for share.

  • Matt Hardy

    well there is a lot of design inspiration for the web developers on this page and a useful resource to see the GUI of the all the website contact forms and it is recommended too to make the design more user friendly cause it will attract more users for using them


  • Shawn Ramsey

    Excellent List! I haven’t seen several many of these.

  • Sam

    Great inspiration. I like this one too –

  • E. Serrano

    That’s a great collection of contact forms which demonstrate that designing them goes far beyond a boring list of empty fields.

    On the other hand, you need to be careful with usability related subjects. While many of them are really nice to the eye, you cannot make your visitors stop and think about how to use a contact form.

    So I think that my favourites as real world forms are those that are still recognizable as standard contact forms so they don’t scare away potential contacts that have little knowledge of online media or that are really in a hurry. While it seems excessive for us, web coding / design professionals, web stats usually prove that this reasoning is mainly true with most average Internet users.

  • Peter

    They’re great. I’ve seen some before but I’ve been inspired to redo ours

  • wpBlast

    Awesome inspiration. These are really making me want to spice up my contact page.

    Although I like almost all of them, my vote goes to Yodaa.

    Thanks for this post.

  • Rob T

    This is an inspiring post for me. My current contact forms are all plain. I think it’s time for a change!

  • mtrang

    great compilation of form designs.

  • ChrisR

    Daniel Heller’s looks great, nicely coded: BUT: it’s a single-page site and there is no visible link on the opening screen to get to the Hire Me form–a major usability issue in my mind.

  • Zach Walsh

    These are all great creative examples, although i think some are a little less practical than others. Still very fun to look at.

  • SamD

    Most of those are very nice but a couple of them seem overdone/overly complicated. If the form is confusing to use it may turn away potential users.

  • raman

    fantastic collection ya.How you got all these things.really great man.

  • Rachel

    Nice list. Whats a great source to go through. i really like Pixelounge Contact forms. Elegant and simple

  • Jeff G

    These have really opened my mind to some better ways to design a contact form! Thank you!

  • abeedo21

    very creative


  • Catherine Azzarello

    These are beautiful forms! Thanks.

  • Grün Weiss

    nice designs, soo great

  • Mimi

    Holy crap, perfect timing alert! I am redesigning at the moment and lack inspiration for this very thing. Awesome!

  • Oliver @

    I love inspiration…
    But not AFTER I have just created my contact form on my own site! @$#* !!

    Just kidding.
    I love a lot of the designs and the one from Gpacheco – how did he/she come up with that stuff? Genius. Sand. Wow. Beach. Great!

    Thanks for this post which encourages me to make better contact pages from now on.

    Kind regards
    “Contact me!”


    Awesome collection. Thanks for the list!

  • Luke van der Hoeven

    How many of these are flash based I wonder??

  • BooshMedia

    great list, very inspiring

  • Operation Technology

    Awesome collection.

  • Chris Mower

    Inspiring! I personally like the Daniel Hellier contact form. I think it’s classy and functional.

  • Jonathan Búcaro

    Ty for sharing, great source of inspiration :)

  • Buy My House

    What a startling and implausible list thanks for sharing it.

  • e11world

    This is a really good place for inspiration.
    I don’t even design contact forms or any other forms for that matter.. I just build them using the standard look because I’m always under pressure and tight deadlines. O well.

  • zikoon

    pretty awesome thx

  • Andrew Rogers

    Awesome forms. I am doing myself now and this is inspiring. Also found a very simple but nice form too. Check out:

  • Paul

    Beautiful designs! Very inspiring!

  • Marc

    Wow, styling contact forms is soo difficult. I can never get them to render the same even in the three main browsers. We should have awards for this by now like the emmys or something. I might have to try some of these out, hope the owners dont get mad :)

  • Ben Stokes

    The Brian Handley design is nice . . . Thanks for the isperation yet again :)

  • Javascript Belisma

    Thank you for inspiration!
    Very beautiful design!

  • Mirac

    nice designs, thank you for sharing this awesome collection

  • Blogartz

    Cool, this is a great list. I like a lot of them. Thanks for the source.

  • Hilde

    A great and truly inspiring collection. Thank you so much for sharing these! :)

  • pesho


  • richard hughes

    some nice forms there – thanks for sharing.

    you could include this one –

  • Bizbell

    really never seen before

  • Viet Nam Software Outsourcing Services

    Great collection…. i nerver seen before

  • Meggie T

    I think mine is pretty good. I do love most of these though!

    • Martin

      I like your version as well, especially the fact that the submit button is in inside the commentfield. Very creative thinking on your part:-).

  • Blaze Pollard

    Here is a good one,
    Ajax’d Form with Fancy Email

  • Yehya

    nice forms usable and clean thanks for the post

  • prem

    very Nice forms design thank you……….
    Good Inspiration ………………….

  • Livescore-center

    wow, this is just amazing, thanks for sharing with us.

  • Mariusz

    These are really inspiring examples. Some of them maybe not so practical, but still… brilliant :)

  • anna maria lopez lopez –

    Great samples , I can add another one, the vintage style contact form of Editorial Primerapersona, you can see it here .

    Greetings and thanks for this contac-pilation!


  • Quick House Sale

    Thanks for the post, nice clean and usable forms. I’ve been using the capture on Awebber but some of these look great

  • Mark

    Very nice collection. The company that designed my logo had a nice looking contact form, check it out at

  • Dimis K

    Great forms, like the creativity !!

    what about this one ;)

    Have fun

  • Xcellence IT

    Great forms for inspiration…

    thank you for sharing

  • Adie

    wow what a collection.

    Just redesigning a site and was looking for some contact form ideas and have certainly found some here.

    What a post

  • Architektura wnętrz

    Great contact forms for inspiration…thank you for sharing. We ąre in the process of developing our new website and were in need of some ideas to liven up the boring contact form we have at the moment. Some great stuff here

    Thanks again!

  • Chintan

    Forms are inviting and tempting to be filled up. Thanks for your efforts to collect them ans for sharing.

  • Car Collections

    Very complete and awesome design :) but I’m not expert to make it :(