Spectacular Fountains from Around the World

While fountains were originally used as a source for water and for bathing, already in ancient Rome they started to be used as decorative elements in gardens and courtyards.

From the beautiful world famous Fontana di Trevi in Rome to the Jet D’eau in Geneva, these fountains vary greatly in design from the very old traditional styles to the ultra contemporary.

These wonderful architectural pieces continue to attract crowds and inspire millions around the world.

In this post, we’ve compiled some of the most spectacular fountains from around the world, for your enjoyment and inspiration.

Feel free to post links to others and share them at the end of this post.


The Archibald Fountain – Sydney, Australia


Bayliss Park Fountain – Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA


Bellagio Fountain – Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


Big Wild Goose Pagoda Fountains – Xian City, China


The Buckingham Memorial Fountain – Chicago, Illinois, USA


Crown Fountain – Chicago, Illinois, USA


Dillingham Fountain – Ithaca, New York, USA


Dolphin Fountain – Costa Del Sol, Spain


Electric Fountain – Denver, Colorado, USA


Fall of Atlantis Fountain Show -Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


Five Rivers Fountain of Lights – Dayton, Ohio, USA


Fontaines de la Concorde – Paris, France


The Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi – Rome, Italy


Fort Worth Water Gardens – Forth Worth, Texas, USA


The Fountain of Wealth – Singapore


Frisco Square Fountain – Frisco Square, Texas, USA


Heartland of America Park – Omaha, Nebraska, USA


Horace E. Dodge and Son Memorial Fountain – Detroit, Michigan, USA


Jet d’Eau – Geneva, Switzerland


Julie Penrose Fountain – Colorado Springs, Colarado, USA


King Fahd’s Fountain – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


The Magic Fountain of Montjuic – Barcelona, Spain


Mall of Dubai Fountain – Dubai


Mulholland Memorial Fountain – Los Angeles, California, USA


‘Oklahoma Bombing’ Fountain – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA


Oval Fountain – Tivoli, Italy


People’s Friendship Fountain – Moscow, Russia


Pineapple Fountain – Charleston, South Carolina, USA


Pyramid Fountain – Lima, Peru


Ross Fountain – Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh


Ponte Dom Luís – Porto to Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal


Tanner Fountain – Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA


The Grand Cascade – Saint Petersburg, Russia


The Meeting of the Waters – St. Louis, Missouri, USA


The Mirage – Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


The Unisphere – Queens, New York, USA


Trevi Fountain – Rome, Italy


Untermeyer Fountain – New York, New York, USA


Vaillancourt Fountain – San Francisco, California, USA


Volcano Fountain – Dhubai


Woodward Fountain – Detroit, Michigan, USA

Compiled exclusively for WDD by Zoe Ajiboye.

Which ones did you find the most inspiring? Which other fountains do you like?

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    Thanks for the spectacular compilation. Since you added some of the more “quiet” fountains as well, I’d like to introduce the Fountaine Igor Stravinsky, Paris. It’s not as spectacular in the sense of your article (which focusses on the visuals) but it is for its artistic approach in general.

    In front of the Centre Georges-Pompidou in Paris, the artist’s couple Jean Tingely and Niki de Saint-Phalles designed mechanical sculptures which do all the “fountain work”. Stravinsky was a Russian music composer which is why the sculptures generate different kind of sounds when the water moves and hits the different surfaces. Their idea was to remind the audience of Stravinsky’s music by this.

    If you’re interested, read more about the fountain in the French wikipedia and see some pictures at Google images.

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    Some very cool fountains. Julie Penrose Fountain and Jet d’Eau are my favourites.

    But, last thing I heard, was that Las Vegas would have in the future or already has a water problem. Ironic 3 fountains in this list are located in Las Vegas.

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    One of my favorite is not here. It’s not spectacular, but very original: th ‘fontaine moussue’ (moss-covered fountain) in Aix-en-Provence, France. there a link is you want to see it : http://travel.webshots.com/photo/1185023474032925080mrXLZl

  • Brick House

    Kansas City is known as the City of Fountains and is rumored to have more fountains than Rome. With over 250 fountains around town, they are everywhere you look. From the famed JC Nichols Fountain and the Children’s Fountain, to the Muse of Missouri and fountains that run red during football season–fountains are everywhere in Kansas City, you just have to stop and look.


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    Moscow, Russia – http://g1b2i3.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/bolshoi-theatre.jpg near Bolshoi Theatre

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