The Creepy Art of Human Bones

François Robert is a photographer renowned for both his commercial and fine art photography work.

In the mid 90’s, Robert purchased three lockers from a school for $50.00 to furnish his studio. To his surprise, one of the lockers contained a human skeleton, which had been mounted for teaching purposes.

Since he always had a fascination with bones, once spending five weeks photographing skulls in the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, he decided to take some of his free time caused by the recession of 2007 and trade in his skeleton for a collection of 206 loose bones.

He arranged these into simple, yet controversial shapes to form the images that you see below over a period of hundreds of hours, resulting in a collection that he titled “Stop the Violence” – a series that he created to increase awareness of war violence. The results are amazing, yet haunting. Check them out below…








Dollar Sign


Fighter Jet






Hammer and Sickle




Islamic Symbol









Mushroom Cloud




Skull and Cross Bones


Star of David







Compiled exclusively for WDD by Zoe Ajiboye.

You can visit Robert’s website here. What do you think of this type of art? Please share your thoughts below…

  • Levi

    This is craaaaaazy!!!! :)

    May I ask: how many free ours they have in a day????? :))


  • steve

    nice but creepy! :)

  • Luis Lopez

    Execllent this is art, that show us that you can use anything to create art, in this case I don’t think is creepy, cause the idea about war is clear and what else could represent better that concept?

  • Jerry

    Stunning and simply amazing….

  • SEO Birmingham

    Very cleaver idea and to think it had stemed from 3 lockers lol! Great post once again.

  • Rahul

    Great Job..

  • Boomer

    Wow this is great, wish I ad the idea first.

  • Darkened Soul

    I wish I had come up with this one though, I like it alot!

  • Al-Kanz

    C’est glauque 8/

  • trimbakeshwar


    i m just appraised by looking at this..
    what made u to think like this…..
    u must be different….

    good luck…

  • Bálint Molnár

    Levi, I agree with you at all :D

  • Jordan Walker

    Awesome depictions.

  • Brandon

    Lumping all of these subjects into one collection doesn’t express discernment, and frankly this isn’t very original.

  • Michael Saathoff

    very creative stuff, a little dark for my taste but definitely creative!

  • Chris Mower

    Having graduated in Biology and spent my fair share of time around dead human bodies in the cadaver lab, I just have to say that this doesn’t creep me out at all. It’s rather artistic for sure though, and does help express his point.

  • Kelley

    Wow! Beautiful!
    Amazing how many textures can be created from arranging bones. Reminiscent of textures in wood-cut lettering.

  • pesho

    so creeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy

  • Daniel Hagy

    Bone-chilling but very creative, telling a positive message to “Stop the Violence”.

  • http://MELIJOY.FREETOSERVE.INFO Melissa joyce

    No words can compare these work because it is too fantastic .Great Thanks for the variety posting….

  • javi

    magnific! original and explicit!

  • wildanr05

    Bone art

  • Tegin

    Islamıc symbol is just a crescent , don’t have star.

  • Tanya

    Amazing work. I remeber my biology class after looking at these graphics ;)

  • sokak trendi

    Really creepy, but I like his way of thinking.

  • Jae Xavier


    I saw a post on bones used for platform heels…

    Now this…

    I can make a library of 3D skeletons bones and accomplish the same thing… but I don’t want to.

  • 丕子


  • Tom – New Evolution

    That was pretty cool, and different.

  • Gert van den Brink

    Really creative, but a little creepy at the same time.

    Thanks for sharing

  • RedKoala

    that’s seriously creepy but in the same time so awesome. What a guy!

  • adam

    Saw this the other day, really interesting and great work.

  • Ali Sipahioglu

    This is the second comment im writing about that moon and the start not being the islamic symbol. you guys didn’t approve me first one for some reason

    • Walter

      Your first comment was probably flagged as spam and deleted. My apologies for the oversight. As for your comment, can you elaborate on what you mean? This link seems to indicate that the symbol was correctly labeled:

      • Ali Sipahioglu

        No worries. It was adopted by the Ottoman Empire, as it is also stated in that article, from the Byzantine Empire so it actually was used by a Christian empire first. It is usually mistaken just because Ottoman Empire was a big Muslim empire and just happened to use that symbol.

        The symbol is also used in the Turkish flag and the flag wasn’t chosen like that because of its islamic relations but because of other reasons.

        Also you can see towards the end of that article it says;
        “Based on this history, many Muslims reject using the crescent moon as a symbol of Islam”

  • SeraphimChris

    Wow, these are some nice works of art. creepy yes, but still inspirational.

  • Mars

    poor bones, i hope their soul is well rested

  • William Baldwin

    Talk about your Visual metaphors! Bones portraying the causes of death and suffering.
    Excellent! diversion from the stifled straight line thinking.

  • shawn daughty

    fantastic and creepy

  • I-kandy

    Creepy!!! But interesting…

  • ellroy

    Maybe you could find this similar & intersting too:

  • Elizabeth Kaylene


    I don’t like that he did the Islamic flag, though; I’m taking it that each of these symbols and words he constructed are things that cause death, and I’m tired of the stigma that is being attached to Muslim culture and religion. Suicide bombers and terrorists are extremists. The real Muslim religion is actually very peaceful, similar to Buddhism in some ways.

    Still, this is a stunning gallery.

  • yulianti

    it’s cool..

  • Annagloul

    Great composition and use of “the bones variations” and writing “War” with bones really stresses subconsciously what war brings, I enjoy art with concept, Great work..

  • Website design shrewsbury

    I think this is just great, a lovely example on how to use bones for art :) The images actually have a great meaning to the if you look into them properly with an open mind, great work.

  • Rushty


  • arieff

    Talk about your Visual metaphors! Bones portraying the causes of death and suffering.
    Excellent! diversion from the stifled straight line thinking.

  • Chris J.

    Who would’ve thought our bones could be a nice piece of art? Robert did.

  • ardhan

    it’s creepy enough

  • utari

    awesome..great design!

  • eric

    thanks for share… :)

  • wij

    that’s crazy idea….
    amazing imagination design…

  • tedted

    so artistic and unique

  • selena

    so amazing. i love it