Great Ads of the 2010 World Cup

The world cup in South Africa continues to be one of the hottest events of the summer and the fascination for this event continues strong as we approach the finals.

Last week we featured the best website designs for the 2010 World Cup (check it out if you haven’t done so yet) and this week we continue with this theme.

In this post, we’re featuring some great ads made for this worldwide event that you can use for fun and inspiration.

Please feel free to drop us a comment and let us know which ads you like best, and if you know of any other awesome ads that we may have missed.


Dutch Football Federation T-Shirt


EA Sports – Make the World Wear your Colors


Hyundai Ad Campaign


World Cup on IMAX


Lua de Papel, Mundo das Copas: Brazil


Lynx / Axe




Nike Football 2010 – Do you see what we see?


Nike – Write The Future, Ronaldo


Optus Posters


Virgin Atlantic


South African Airways

Compiled exclusively for WDD by Zoe Ajiboye

Do you know of any other great ads with the World Cup theme? Please share them below…

  • Dan @ wpevolved

    Very cool ads. My favorite is the Dutch Football Federation T-Shirt. The Nike one with “2010” taking the shape of a soccer player is very creative as well.

  • prashish

    nice collection..

  • Chris Spain

    Absolutely love the ‘Do you see what we see’ ad from Nike. Beautimous!

  • Neil Quadros

    I love the IMAX ads and Netherlands shirt ads. Very nicely put together!

  • Oliver Twist

    Funny to see how many of the players in Nike’s “Write The Future”-campain turned out to be the World Cup’s biggest disappointments – but the campain idea is great.

  • Inky

    Awesome!! The Dutch t-shirts are a brilliant idea :)

    The Nike statues are also great, but a pity so few of those players are actually making their mark as the ad suggests they would be…

    The Aussies got the cat wrong in that Optus posters: we don’t have Tigers down here, Lions, Leopards and Cheetahs, yes. Considering how some players behave, it would probably be more appropriate to have used a Cheetah, hehe.

    The last one for SAA is pure brilliance, but might not make sense if you’re not in South Africa at the moment: absolutely EVERYONE here right now has a flag (some have dozens) attached to their car windows. The streets are literally a-flutter with flags of the world, super stuff!

  • Matthieu

    Great selection again. Thanks again for your great posts. The South African is awesome. I have by the way just created a Top list inspired by your post on where anyone can vote and suggest their favorites.

  • Aidan

    I love World Cup!!! Though there are lot of surprises for this year world cup…

  • Tanya

    Awesome Collection. I just love all of them. Great work of digital art.

  • Davinho

    Since when is Wayne Rooney Dutch??? :-)

    • Celwin Frenzen

      That’s not Wayne Rooney mate, it’s Wesley Sneijder :P allthough I see the resemblence!

  • Abdou

    nike and hyunday ones are great, and lol at the tiger one..There is no tigers on africa !!!

  • Joe Valdez

    The shirts are hilarious! Great collection.

  • Web Risorsa
  • Schulze

    Lovely pics and great input. Unforrtunately all Nike players lost!

  • usa cheap webdesign

    AWesome ! Amazing !

  • Waheed Akhtar

    Amazing ads. I Liked “The Moment Lasts A Second. The Legend Lasts Forever”

  • Jordan Walker

    Those are really a neat way to portrait the World Cup via advertising.

  • Eko iBrand

    Wow..very creative ads. I love the all :)

  • Michael Saathoff

    the Dutch Football Federation T-Shirt’s are awesome!

  • Kaleem Akhter

    good ads, i like the iMax ads.

  • Business card expert

    The world cup rules, futbol is everything, to bad Brazil is out, but that doesn’t mean that the world cup is over, great ads by the way, that is what futbol inspires.

  • Jae Xavier

    lol… the mongoose one i really like.

  • Dizzy Dee

    Brilliantly done!

  • Sojopollo


  • Joe

    That’s a sweet collection.

    I personally enjoy the Nike ads.

  • Mark Wallace

    Some great ads however, the Optus ads depicting the wild animals of Africa are incorrect being that Tigers are not from Africa unless in a zoo….

  • Punta del Este

    lets go URUGUAY!!!

  • Deborah Frenkel

    Hi there,
    These are awesome…
    I’ve got one to add – it’s an interactive billboard (part of a wider adshel and general outdoor campaign), for Emirates airlines, and it’s currently running in Sydney.
    I love the way it links soccer and travel.
    Pic and info here:
    – deb

  • Celwin Frenzen

    Great collection. I love the fact that all players mentioned in the Nike – Write The Future campaign were out by the quarter finals haha :-D

  • Web Design Nottingham

    The Nikey advert is by far the best, the television advert (full length) is legendary!

  • alex:)

    I too like to look football, especially the World championship!!!

  • Affiliates Online

    The one with the meercats is cool. I didnt see too many nike ads during this world cup though…
    Sure there are going to be some good ones for the olympics coming up soon.

    Nice job.

  • Scarlett

    I absolutely adore the Virgin Atlantic ad; so simple and to the point! Thanks for the collection :D

  • Mustapha NAJAH

    Great colelction i like it