Win 10 Fantastic Icon Sets from IconDock

IconDock is the brain child of renowned designer Nick La, more known for his popular blog, Web Designer Wall, and his portfolio site, N Design Studio.

IconDock features professionally designed pixel and vector stock icons suitable for print and web projects. The site contains a great collection of both premium and free icons.

With today’s contest, we’re bringing you the chance to win 10 sets of these wonderful and useful icons.

One week from today, on July 21st, we’ll be giving away 10 sets of icons to 10 lucky WDD readers.

Check out the beautiful icon previews after the jump and read on for more details about this contest…

Here’s a preview of all the icons that are available for this contest. Each of the 10 winners can choose 1 of these sets:

To participate simply leave a comment about IconDock and/or their icons in the comments area below. Only one entry per person. Duplicate entries will be voided. The contest is available to readers worldwide. Icons will be delivered as a download file. Winners can choose which icon set they will receive.

The results will be announced here on WDD on July 21st, 2010, and all winners will be contacted via email with details as to how to receive their prizes.

Good luck to everyone and thanks to Nick La and IconDock for a fantastic giveaway!

  • Chris Hale

    I dant build a web app with out these quallity icons!

  • Faisal Azad

    I want! I want! :)

  • Martijn A.C. Snels

    First! Love the icons a lot.

  • Chris C

    Awesome icons, I wish I could create them to such detail in the gradient.

  • piXelRider

    Wow, really beatiful sets – especially those glassy :)

  • RahulK

    $ first comment $


  • Bauke

    Ooh, I like icondock. Some really good icons (and some good inspiration).

  • Ali Demir

    Blockie set (bottom right) looks nice.

  • Justi

    I’d be glad to win :)

  • Cosmin

    Sleek an great looking icons !

  • Rick

    What a great set of icons.!!

  • Umer

    I love the icons .. i have been a frequent visitor.. and to tell you frankly .. you are the best… I loved all the ICONs you had up there.. even if i get access to those icons .. it will be every tough for me to select the one i need ..

    thanks ..

  • Milos Milikic

    Beautiful icons! I would be grateful for one of the sets :)

  • Carrie

    I would love to win this!!!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Djuka

    Love icons from IconDock!

  • http://. Paola

    The simplicity, strength and direct communication living in each Icondock icon. thank you for working so well

  • Matt Ashwood

    Icon dock rules

  • Unique Design

    IconDock it’s a beatiful designed website! I love its graphic and the drah&dropx cart! Naturally the icons stored in it are as beatiful as the website is.

    Nick La it’s a great designer and this is evident in all that he does!

    I hope to win :)

  • Kimosabe

    IconDock icons are lovely and perfect!

  • Jerry-Lee

    I want to win!!! :)

  • Serge

    I’ve always kept an eye on Icondock website. So many great and inspiring icon sets !

  • Darkened Soul

    Must win… great… icons… need to… win… this time… NOOOWW!!! (unfortunately, number 1 is kinda hard to get picked)

  • Dan

    HiGloss Collection looks really nice

  • Haim

    Cool!! (am i first?)

  • Ravi Shinde

    Nice set of icons….

    I want the black and white one.

  • Jmringuet

    I’m a dabbler in icon making (iPhone games mostly) so it’s really inspiring to see professional work.

  • dessain

    Icondock’s icons are stylish, clean and full of awesomeness!

  • Soeren Sprogoe

    Could really use some propper pro icon sets for some backend UI features I’m working on :-)

  • Peter Jay

    Nick is a magnificent designer and I really admire his work.
    I have already bought one icon set, and it’s easy to customize and work with…

  • ryan

    this could be handy.

  • Alex

    I’m the first to say, that IconDock has the best Icons ;)

  • Samantha M

    I like the diversity of the icons, there seems to be a style for everyone!

  • Ben

    IconDock is awesome!…

    Thank you.

  • Web Designers

    Haha, am I first that writes a comment? Yes I am! Well, really would like to earn an icon set, really looks awesome!

  • Yongning Liang

    cool icons!

  • lightamatch

    Count me in please! Thank you.

  • webbografico

    I think Icondock has wonderful icons and I will be amazed to win on of their sets.

    great giveaway

  • Scott

    Icon Dock icon sets are awesome! (I really need to win them :D)

  • Mario Awad

    Excellent icons. Good luck to all. Cheers :)

  • Andrzej Mazur

    Yay, those icons from IconDock looks pretty amazing, I’d love to win and use them in my projects! Thanks to Nick La and WDD for the contest!

  • Abdelhadi Touil

    I always like IconDock works, they have a very good collcetion.
    Good continuation to you IconDock and to Webdesigner Depot..

  • Neil Hyde

    Awesome set – would love to have them in my arsenal :)

  • dsmetal

    In the project that I´m currently working, HiGloss Vector Set would be perfect.
    Good luck to everyone.

  • vanaheim

    Hello WDD!
    Hello icon dock!

    Great selection of icons!

  • Tri Nguyen

    I hope to be one.
    Thanks Icondock and WDD. Keep it on!

  • Alice

    Those icons are fantastic!!! I want some!!!

  • Pierre

    one can never have too many icons!

  • Jochen

    i love the icons Nick does, woho!
    would so love to win one package :)

  • Ratting Gergely

    It’s the first time I heard about IconDock, and I like it. Thx

  • nvmind

    I love IconDock ^_^

  • Christian

    I really like the 3D looking icons. Well done.

  • Tom

    Gosh, these icons are so delicious I could just eat them :o

  • Katie Steed

    oooh, first!

    Great icons, hope I win – they’d be mega useful!

  • Laura

    IconDock rocks socks!

  • Daniel

    I’m a fan of nick since years. And the Icon Dock is just beautiful. A free Icon set would be a big help for upcoming projects :]

  • Sune Pedersen

    Beautiful icons, would fit perfectly into my webapp under development :)

  • Lane Lester

    The IconDock icons shown above are very nice, and I would love to use some of them on my own sites. If I don’t win a set, I might even buy one! :-)

  • Michael

    Wow! This is a must-have beautiful set.
    So can’t wait to get mine.

  • Drive Net Consulting

    Tell me something good

  • Tim Cruickshank

    I need free things please!

  • SkiX

    Great examples of icons! It would be awesome to have access to these icons

  • Mini0n

    Not much to say about IconDock.
    You need Icons? Dock and Roll!

  • Andrea

    nice! :-)

  • ADEE

    I love Icon Dock.

  • Jordan Walker

    I really enjoy IconDock’s incredible icons that supplement outstanding design.

  • slackwaremax

    nice icons!

  • Devoth Design

    Nice icons, hope I’ll manage to get my hands on one of those packs. GL everyone.

  • Listoric

    I didn’t know the page but I love their shopping cart system. Very appealing, it really drives me to go through the page and buy some items :)

  • Jean Johnson

    I have always loved the icon sets that IconDock has available.

  • Sebastian

    me please! :)

  • Arturo Rey Soto

    I have the address icondock more than two years ago in my favorites, I always liked the finish of their icons and their details. Thanks for your work and good luck with your future work …

  • AK

    Just had a look at some of the other icons IconDock offer, i’d have to say they offer some of the sharpest quality icons i’ve seen anywhere on the web.

  • Dave S.

    IconDock rocks! Great icons! I’d love to use a few of these sets in upcoming projects. Great contest! Thanks WDD!

  • Mike

    I would put them to good use!

  • Sisi

    Icon docks are adorable!

  • Craig Paterson

    Really nice icon collections, would love to be a winner!

  • Fernando Cordeiro

    Very nice!

    I appreciate the work of Nick, and I’d love to win this prize.

  • Chris

    Those icons look very nice.

  • Charles

    Those are beautiful icons. Kudos Icondock

  • Stanislav Majerski

    Not only are their icons superb, but the web site is stunning and the drag’n’drop shopping cart is fun to use. :)

  • Andy

    Never saw better Icons as those at IconDock’s.
    Would love to receive a copy of the Rocky Collection.

    Thanks for this giveaway :)

  • Kim Phillips

    Leave comments here, or at the designer’s blog?

    • Walter

      This is the correct place to leave your comments.

  • Pokepoke

    Love IconDock! Theres an icon available for pretty much everything and the iconsets are complete. Most iconsets out there are lacking the exact icon you need.

    Good action, /throw icons :)

  • Mark

    Gotta love free icons!

  • Jerry

    Icondock’s icons are awesome. I’ve using the vector social icon set for a while.

  • yubi

    very coooool icons!! love the black ones and the orange and white ones!! :)

  • Judy

    Wow, these are fabulous icons! I love them.

  • Chinmay

    This is the best place to get icons for your small computer applications.

  • grinder74

    very nice set, especially this one on the right corner

  • Anne

    Swanky IconDock icons? Wonderful! I adore the versatile Rocky set as well as the colorful Moi.

  • teebee

    IconDock icons rock!

  • Martin Leblanc

    IconDock is a beautiful site with great content.

  • paul rostorp

    Really love these icons, hope I win !


  • Adam

    Who doesn’t need a good icon library. Icon dock puts together so beautiful sets that any web designer could make use of.

  • Garrett Murphy

    I have to admit, the right-column, 3rd from top set in the pic is pretty damn snazzy…yes, it’s full-out Web 2.0, but those things are sexy.

  • Eraser

    They are all nice. It would be hard to decide witch one to choose. :)

  • Pantso

    IconDock rules ! They are maybe the best icon makers in the known world

  • Janne Parkkila

    I think IconDock icons would make my applications to look pretty good. I have no skills in this area, but it would be really cool to get my hands on those sweet icons ;-)

  • designbyarm

    hope me lucky.

  • z0r

    IconDock’s icons are lovely, as well as their site looks and acts gorgeous.
    Definitely, I want to participate and win one of the sets.
    Good luck everyone!

  • Justin

    Me + Icons = *heart*

  • Marie-Andrée Lacroix

    Beautiful icons! I want them!! :)

  • arnold

    I use IconDock in some of my projects.
    and ah… I want to win yeah

  • Kevin Mist

    You can never have enough high quality icon sets.. these are very nicely designed.. I have actually found that you can design a whole website around a good set of icons.

    Cheers and thanks for the chance at a set of these


  • henk

    Awesome :)

  • Paul

    I am a huge fan of IconDock and I would be absolutely thrilled if I were to win. :) :) :)

  • JT

    me does like a good icon. Icon Dock has now been bookmarked

  • fffernando

    The icons of IconDeck are completely different from routine icons found there, showing a multitude in minimum space.

  • Bart V

    Very useful!
    I especially like the mini sets. They are very well balanced and would be perfect for a future project :)

  • Karl

    These icons rock. I love the variety. There are a number of icons here that you don’t normally see in an icon set. I especially like the megaphone and the film icons.

  • Michael Gaigg

    I love icons, they are my bread and butter. Icon Dock looks great too, would love to win a set ;)

  • Coranto

    Yarr! I’d love me some icons from yon Icon Wharf.

  • Barbera

    Normally I’m not a big fan of square icons like Blockie Collection, I prefer the ‘rounded’ icons, they seem more friendly (but maybe it’s because I’m a girl, don’t know). The thing I do like about the Blockie Collection is the shade in the icons, even in the pie card. Great work

  • Jonathan Búcaro

    IconDock professionally designed pixel and vector icons for print and web projects!
    Good Luck!

  • suki soo

    Beautiful icons that are professional & attractive~ Love them!!~

  • Todd Budnikas

    I’d love to have my hands on these icons. These would definitely be goto icons in my collection, amazing work!

  • Web Design Nottingham

    Over the last 5 days I’ve never seen so many icons come available! Is it icon season?

    Great stuff thanks!

  • Andy

    Nick is a great designer. Hope I win.

  • jona

    i <3icons. would be great to win. :)

  • Jose

    those are nice…

  • Puneet Sahalot

    this is for the first time I am participating in such contest…. Icon Dock has always been one of my favorites.. I try to incorporate its designing etiquettes into my creations…

  • Peter Brazier

    I love the icons available on their website and the great value of each pack. Great competition :)

  • leo

    i love the icons!

  • Aaron Harun

    I like the dark ones personally.

  • Ron Hollatz

    nice looking icons

  • Javier Mateos

    I’ve seen the icons from their website and they are amazing! Hope this time I get the chance to win! :)

  • Marcy

    All of IconDock’s icons are really beautiful. The first icon set I ever downloaded was the Christmas Holiday set; I didn’t realize until later that these were yours. My current favorite set is Rocky, but WebPro is great too.

  • Antonio Hernandez

    Excellent icon sets form IconDock and also excellent web page(nice drag&drop cart).

  • Giba

    Nick’s Icon Docks fits perfectly with my designs because they fit with my personality!!!

  • Alan Neese

    Icon win this!

  • Carolyn

    Love the icons! Would love to use this set, too! :-)

  • Nancy

    Nice icons from IconDock, wish I had the talent to make my own!

  • Ionut

    wow this is great i love IconDock’s icons

  • Ben

    Beautiful stuff.

  • Will Boyd

    Icon Dock makes my job easier.

  • ThomasG

    Icon sets from IconDock are, in my opinion, the best :)

  • tammy

    Love these! My clients would really like it if I won this. :)

  • Hector Benitez

    great set

  • Dannci

    Nice, clean, awesome!

  • Jim Carey

    Always great icons, clean, professional – would be wonderful to own one of the sets

  • Rick

    Awesome icons….pick me!

  • Yoshimi

    Icon Dock’s Icons are simply awesome.

  • nithhy2003

    WOW.. great to have them :)

  • Sam

    I would use these icons on my website!

  • sriganesh

    i like to win this contest ! may i hope i win this time !!
    the icon are very realistic

  • Elizabeth K. Barone

    I love Nick La’s work. I think it’s really cool that he’s doing this contest for you guys. You should have linked his other sites, though;,, and are really inspiring!

    • Walter

      His other sites are already linked to where they are mentioned in the context of the post.

  • João Ricardo Teixeira

    gimme this already. would ya?

  • Pontus Ekman

    There’s no schlock at IconStock!

    Good luck everybody.

  • Pontus Ekman

    Do’h! I misspelled. #131 is supposed to be IconDOCK, of course…

  • Maximus

    I am so hot for ICONS! I especially <3 the Rocky set!!

  • Mike

    IconDock icons, a must have…

  • Soninke

    This is very nice. I really like it.

  • knico

    Great looking icons! I wouldn’t mind using them on a few projects!

  • Vishu

    always a fan of the icondock sets..let’s see if I am lucky enough..

  • emrahgunduz

    Hmmm… My preciousss… :)

  • BebopDesigner

    Beautiful stuff they make. Love them all, it’d hard to choose. Thanks IconDock , and thanks WDD.

  • kit

    bring it


    Beautiful icons! I want them!!

  • Nick

    Wonderfully designed icons!

  • Ash Clarke

    Not familiar with them, but IconDock icons look pretty sweet.

  • Julien

    Lovely Icons by Nick, great designer !! I’d love to get one of these sets !

  • Michael Saathoff

    Wow IconDock does some really awesome work! would be super excited to win a set of these!!

  • Steve Webster

    Awesome icons, could really do with some quality icondock sets.

  • chris

    Those Icons are just remarkable. Would love to have some in my collection!

  • Kewl Lods

    Nice icons, keep doin’ your thing!

  • Duane Ashworth

    some nice looking stuff there , these would come in real handy

  • kchealy

    I love the WebPro set…and also the SimplyBold. Very nice work.

  • Kenn

    Sweet! I love IconDock icons!

  • Shelly Harrison

    Love the icons. They would be a great prize! Thanks

  • cx`

    These icons would be very useful for me..:}

  • Hannibal

    Wow, they’ve got some really nice icons there.

  • Laurence

    Very cool icons.

  • Lukas

    Icon Dock ftw :)

  • karl escritt

    Great collection, thanks for posting

  • Kevin Hunter

    IconDock has some of the best quality icons I have ever seen.

  • joel k

    :) me too

  • Paddy Griffin

    great post and the selection of icons look awesome!

  • Ben

    Nice work! These icons are awesome.

  • Mario

    Fantastic icons!

  • Sarah Kay Hoffman

    Love these icons! I would love them!

  • Felicity

    This form sucks! I didn’t see the numerical bit and lost all my data. Wrote a cool comment too! But now I can’t remember it. LOL.

    Cool icons guys! They come in really handy when you’re trying to make a website or intranet more user-friendly. This form could do with a few icons!!! :)


  • BT

    Love the drag and drop shopping cart. Someone not afraid to challenge conventions!

  • sirpaul1

    One can never have enough icons, especially if you program (or personalize)! These are great!

  • Steve Robillard

    Icondock makes some unique and amazing icons. Their icon sets are complete so that you can build the entire app with one of their sets.

  • ds


  • mary

    really nice professional-looking icons

  • Mihai T

    Me me me! I want theeeem

  • STL

    Lovely icon sets from IconDock !

    I’d sure like to win one of the sets ! Keep up the good work (or the good contests in this case) !

  • Fajar Sylvana

    Awesome icon, it will be great for my work!

  • Manhao

    IconDock – would love to use these icons on my project

  • Adrian

    Using some of these icons on my business website when it launches. Love the icons!

  • Keely

    Everything Nick La does is inspiring and I love his work. We are using his WordPress Theme “Glossy Blue” on a website:

    The icons themeselves are georgeous. I’d love to win a set!

  • andy

    Great Icons, I like them.

  • D Ross

    Icon Dock’s icons are second to none. Great work guys.

  • Aljiro

    Just checked out IconDock and might I say that their Icons and the design of their website is awesome. I particularly like the Shopping Cart. Nice concept.

  • Derek

    Fabulous icons. I hope I win a set.

  • Tony

    IconDock rules!

  • bala s murali

    I C O N S ! are clean & neat.

  • Alex Sinov

    Well it’s always nice not having to chase quality icons for every project. Quality icons are hard to find, because most of the creators don’t understand a quality icon does not equal “eye candy”. There’s more, a lot more.

  • Sada

    Lovely icons…. Very very useful…

  • Gert van den Brink

    Thore are some very nice icons. Good luck for everyone!

  • niciuzza

    Nice Icons, Hope I will get them

  • ndrew

    i hope i’ll be the lucky one..

  • dante

    Very nice icons. Nice webshop 2 on icondock site, but some for free would be nice

  • Matina

    I love IconDock icons!!!!

  • TaloWeb

    I never heard about IconDock, but I’m loving it! This is why I bookmarked it … if I’ll need an icon I’ll buy from IconDock!

  • phuc

    nice set
    you can’t work without icon dock

  • kok aan huis

    I want the nice icons, thank you :-)

  • Codrut

    I want to win!

  • Nico

    In Dutch we would say: “hebbe hebbe hebbe!”

  • Logan

    Amazing icons. ;)

  • Erico Lisboa

    Nice!! count me in!! =)

  • Alan

    Dock for your Creativity

  • theo

    this thread is becoming very popular! :-)
    btw nice icon sets!

  • Neil Cooper

    Very useful set.

  • pesho

    oh my God , these just group of Creative icons
    awesome IconDock :)

  • Rajarao

    wow,the icon dock icons will look great on my desktop….thank you for such a wonderful giveaway icondock, wdw and wdd…

  • Alexaltea

    Awesome icons… I want to win! :)

  • Jo Summers

    Great Icons, thanks for sharing. : )

  • El Boletaire

    Nice icons these from Icon Dock. It would be nice to win a set!

  • Dominic

    Wow-I like these a lot!

  • volker

    really nice icons.

  • Phil

    These Icons are the business, I’d love a set of these they would come in really handy for my design work!

  • Didou

    WOW ! So cooOOOOooOOOOoool !

  • sand

    I really like the details made by Nick, not only the icons, but the webs and illustrates!

    Anyway, I want the icons! :D

  • Philipp Illgen

    I’ve been using for quite some time, the Free Social Network Icons by IconDock and inspired me again and again this vectorized form! I would appreciate to get more icons of them in order to use them in my later design!

  • Laurens G

    as a webdesigner would this be very handy

  • vertoo

    Nice icons, I need this pack.

  • Luiz Lopes

    Simple like this? Ok.

  • angelika

    I must win

  • Jamal

    Great icons! These would go great in some of my designs :)

  • Marco Kunz

    IconDock – you schmock – Way to go!

    Do you see those icons? Oh, you so want to have them for your project.
    This brilliant 3D look of them, thus it’s almost possible to take them off the screen into the palm of your hand.

    They come in Web 2.0 style, too, can you believe it? YOU CAN’T!

    Oh my god those minimalistic ones are just what you needed. How could you ever have lived without them? Unobtrusive, crisp, straight, on-point, marvelous!

    And the colours! Ohhhh the colours! Look at those amazing colours! They will burn your eyes out of the sockets in your skull in no time. MUAHAHAA.


    Seriously! Use them wisely or you will have a DDOS in no time. Literally every person on the internet will take a look on your page because you’re using the IconDock icons!

  • Diana

    These icons are great and professional-looking!

  • Brandon Nielsen

    Love me some Icon Dock!

  • Charlie

    Excellente having this kind of icons for free, they’re very useful!!
    I want them! I want them!

  • AdamV

    Come on big money (icons)!!

  • Obee

    I want it want it!

  • Liam Hammett

    Well, these icons I’ve admired for a while. They seem a little too expensive per icon for personal business or small websites, so I’ve not bought any myself, but they are amazing icons, and the designer is absolutely astonishing for making them.

  • Atinderpal Singh

    Awesome Icon. neat, clean and beautiful. if i won will use them in my designs.

  • mutti

    thank you for this opportunity.. I wish I’ll win… :)

  • krzysiek

    Nice icons :)

  • http://BlueAlta Jeff Cemer

    Thanks for the icons!

  • Justin Cerebrl

    My favorite of this icons from IconDock are the top left group. They, in my opinion, are the most mature. Although, I do like the all black ones. Subtlety is very important to me, and some of the others are a little “over-designed” with glassiness or bold outlines. Yea, top left, definitely.


  • Robert Hoppe

    nice icons i wanna win them!

  • Marco

    Let’s try, maybe this will be the right one!

  • BeatShot

    Would like to get my hands on those.

  • campolar

    All hail WDD!!!


  • Saurabh

    Good looking icons from IconDock…

  • Nyx Zamora

    me want! U.U

  • Sean

    Those IconDock icons look nice! I want some!

  • Carlo

    cool! I want them…

  • http://www, Guisella

    These are fabulous!!! good luck everyone :)

  • Lukbarnes

    Nice looking Icons! Good work IconDock :)

  • Mario

    I’d like to be a cat and get 9 of these 10 icon sets, the remaining for another lucky reader ;)

  • yulianti

    thanx for this icon.. i love that :D

  • Daniel Falci

    Really nice icons! Great for using in systems, blogs, portfolios, etc. I want them =)

  • Jaaved

    Apart from truly awesome icon design, I love how you can drag an icon to the bar on the left to add to cart – haven’t seen that been done before and it makes for a truly comfortable icon buying experience.

  • Alpesh

    Very nice collection, will use in next project

  • charly

    Best icon source on the web!!!

  • Kangai

    Icons from IconDock?

    Who wouldn’t want them?

    I can’t wait!

  • Senthil

    i want it! :D

  • James

    Awesome quality as always, great website too. The shopping cart just makes me want to buy something!

  • Bas

    These icons look iconic-tastic! Really gorgeous!!

  • krislogy

    Nice ones..! Wonder how you perfect them..

  • David Naeve

    Great looking icons. I would like to have these in my Dreamweaver library.

  • yohan06

    i like, icon from icondock :)

  • lil

    ★☆ i love this icons!!!! ☆★

  • Bastian

    Let’s try it!

  • Jesse Drujon

    Nick does it all! Love these icons bro…good luck everyone

  • Vallel

    Nice icons from IconDock, they have a nice webpage too.
    I hope i win :D

  • Albert

    nicely designed icons. very detailed, yet simply elegant.

  • Karen

    Crisp icons which are beautifully designed; clear user recognition and wonderful clarity even at smalll sizes; blends with most color palettes; trendy and friendly, all at the same time. In essence, the perfect icons for my needs!! I would be proud to own these icons!!

  • Daniel Charon

    Nice looking icon set. Thanks for the giveaway…

  • Brian Pohl

    Icon Dock is great! They really have icons for every occasion. I’ve spent so much time looking over their site and wishing I wasn’t too cheap to buy them that it would be sweet to win a set!!

  • Phil

    Beautiful icons! I’d love to win them.

  • kazz

    I’m loving it.

  • Anton


  • Eelco

    We love IconDock!

  • Punta del Este

    wish me good luck

  • Toby Cummings

    Phenomenal icons!

  • paf

    Hi, thanks a lot for this opportunity. The icons are superb. Please count me in, if possible. Thanks in advance. Cheers.

  • jeypi

    win! win! win!

  • Sebastian

    I like the icons from icon dock. They are my starting point if it goes through icon search.

  • kmit

    they are nearly perfect ;)

  • Tony

    Nice hope I win!

  • Matthias

    The icons looks great! Want ;)

  • Andrew-David

    I purchased a few icons a while ago for a website I was developing and designing for a company.
    The .zip file for one of the icons was corrupt and its containing .ai file didn’t open up in illustrator, I emailed icondock and they sent me a proper zip just a few minutes later!

    The service is great and the icons are amazing =)

  • BSDesigns

    I like the style.

  • Nico

    Great icons!

  • Amorz

    Let me win those stunning Icon’s

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    great icons and great website!

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    Blockie set looks very nice!

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    Love IconDock icons! Could really use some new ones!!!

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    IconDock has amazing icons. Would love to add some new sets to my collection!

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    I need this pack for my App!!!! :)

  • matt magi

    Nice Icos IconDock, could defiantly put these to use. Keep up the good work.

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    I’m writing from my new iPad maybe this will bring me luck :)

  • John

    I want it!!! :D

  • Daphne Blumenthal

    Count me in as a candidate for your fabulous icons!

  • Bob Pease

    I constantly add icon sets to my library at home. Icon Dock is a site I’ve frequented for some time now for great additions to this library. High quality all the way. Great to see them getting recognition here!

  • Anders Åberg

    Love it!

    Thoughts, why won’t you leave comment form before all the comment? Seems more userfriendly, am i wrong?

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    great work on these little masterpieces!

    I’d love to get my hands on some of these :-)

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    Cool icons i wish i could icons like these… :)

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