Design Treasure: Win 5 Licenses of Bundle Hunt

Bundle Hunt is a premium resource pack aimed at empowering the creative community, offering more than $1,400 worth of outstanding apps, templates, icons, eBooks, hosting plans and premium memberships, all for less than $50.

The design bundle will only be available for 15 days, from Aug. 2-16 and includes some of the most prestigious brands in the business.

This is a premiere service within the design community, a project started by Noura Yehia, founder of, and curated by well-know authors in the design community, including Walter Apai of WebdesignerDepot; Steven Snell of Vandelay Design; Henry Jones of WebDesignLedger; Jacob Gube of; and Jon Philips of SpyreStudios.

Read on for more details on the bundle and a great giveaway…

To celebrate the release of this great bundle, we’re giving away licenses to 5 lucky WDD readers, which contain a bundle of wonderful goodies:

To participate, simply leave a comment about BundleHunt and why you’d like to get the bundle. For more information, visit Bundle Hunt online at You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook, or sign up for their newsletter.

The contest will run for one week from today and we’ll select 5 random winners on August 10th. Only one entry per person. This contest is available to readers worldwide.

Remember that the bundle will only be available for 2 weeks, so if you can’t wait, be sure to grab yours while it lasts.

Good luck to everyone!

  • Christian

    I feel like it may be time for a redesign and this would be of serious help :)

  • digiboy

    Hi, Bundle Hunt is the best pack for designer. This is why i want this bundle :)

  • Umer

    This information was grateful and i loved to see all of the resource in one single place..Now that i am planing to build a website .. This would help me to get it all from one place rather than applying for each services.

    I would love to see things happen ..
    I could also hare this with my friends.. and if you help me out i will sure give to add WDD logo in my site :)

  • Jeprie

    I want it because it’s so cheap!

  • Nico Schneider

    I’m a young student and webdesigner from Germany. I’m not that wealthy, and I could really use the contents of this bundle for my workflow and organisation (billings app), because from time to time I accept freelancing projects.

  • Nick

    i would like to join the contest. Why i should win?
    I just have started with my own small biz and this package would be just great as i could really need all these features. Plus i could save $50 which is also good if you are just going to set everything up.
    Would be a great help!
    Thank you.

  • Craig Paterson

    Would love to get my hands on this bundle. If I don’t win, I will certainly be purchasing as there are a lot of goodies in there to help with all aspects of our business.
    I have purchased previous bundles before, but this one seems to have the highest value for the price of $49 and for once, there is only one product I already own in the bundle. Definitely worth the money.
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  • Lee

    I’d really like to get this bundle to help me improve my skills and my client satisfaction!

  • enzo will surely rock the design community, its really a treasure for designers like me and I want it! I am really excited on this contest but I am expecting less because I’ve never won any online contest as of now but I am still hoping that I can win this one! Good luck to us all! :D

  • Sarath

    Wow!!winning that is like a dream come true!!! thanks WDD and bundle hunt

  • Dasha

    Oh wow this looks amazing!

    I’m leaving my work in 3 weeks to go ahead with my dream and massive desire to became a freelance web developer. The bundle would be very very handy :)

    Thank you,

    • Tiffany

      That’s awesome! I wish you great success!

  • Michael Wrigglesworth

    Wow, this looks great, good work BundleHunt. This could really be useful, and would help kickstart some new ideas I have been mulling over!

  • Tobias

    Hey, there almost 14 good reasons to get it :)

  • tgarrey

    I did not know BundleHunt, but now it seems an incredible offer.

    I would like to get the package mainly by Photocase (of course) and Designious, but the rest also like a lot.


  • Benjamin Charity

    I would definitely LOVE to win this bundle! As a freelancer who is young and still trying to build his client base, any saved money is food in my mouth!!

    Great pack of resources here!

  • John

    Good luck to all! I would like to win because the services and the stuff offered in this bundle are awesome!!

  • duma

    Very good site design, brillant premium stuff. I’m follow on Twitter & FB. I love Mojo Themes.

  • Sky

    it would be so nice :D

  • Anders Åberg

    Sweet! Really nifty idea! Well.. i kinda need everything thats in the bundle.. and i can get first for free, i might just have money enough to buy the second bundle :) Peace!

  • Rachel

    This is amazing!! I would love to win a copy. Makes the bundle even sweeter than it already is :)

  • Wills Bithrey

    I’d love to win, as I (hopefully) have the first comment which clearly means I want it the most :)!

  • Ankit

    100 photos, the icons, & wordpress themes make this easily worth $49. Winning it would be a nice addition to my collection of resources I use for clients.

  • Kem0sabe

    Is the contest open to European readers or only U.S readers?

    • Walter

      Open to everyone! I just edited the post to reflect that :)

  • Ray

    Some great tools and software would really help and Bundlehunt has come up with a unique way of obtaining them on the cheap!

  • mat.amine

    I always dreamt to be a tresor hunter, and I think I just found my biggest treasure ,
    If I win this one, I’ll be blacklisted among all pirates(web designers), they’ll certainly try to kill me and steal it, but don’t worry, I’ll make sure it’s in a safe place :-)

  • Wong

    This is a huge chance to win this Bundle and I don’t think anyone willing to give up any opportunity for this.

    The best items from this bundle to me are Mastering Photoshop(Smashing Magazine), Billings app, Icon set from Icon Dock and 1 year membership from Subernova. Surely it will help me to have a better freelance career and save my time on work.

    Why not to win it?

  • Naceron

    I need this because I’m a Dzigner ;)

  • Michael

    I’d love to win this, I need something like billings to help with invoicing and I’m sure the other resources will be useful.

  • Krusia

    In this package is a program that long I want to have – FLUX. And of course lots of useful things at work webmaster.

  • I. van der Wiel

    yay! :D

  • sand

    Thanks for introducing BundleHunt,
    they’re really good, I like the collections and i really want them :-)

  • Gimli

    Super idea, me likes…

  • Paolo

    I love IT bundles and I am a web developer: the BundleHunt Design Treasure is the perfect instrument for me ;) (if I will win I am going to restyle my website with one of the WP themes from WP Bakery: they are amazing!).

    Good luck to everybody :) and thank you guys for this great opportunity ;)

  • Himel Nag Rana

    I am a web app developer. I like BundleHut’s presentation of what they have got. I am interested about their Icon Pack and Vector Pack Service cause they are definiterly of my use. I am interested about their billing sercvice to use it in my comapny ( These are all why I would like to get one of their license free.

  • Christian Vermeulen

    Wauw, so they have actually done it at Bundlehunt,
    Amazing resource package guys, well done!

    This would definately help my freelancing to a higher level!

  • Daniel

    I wanna risk and wait to win it here :)

  • Abulafio

    Because is AWESOME!!!

  • Daniel

    btw, is this for real? It’s unbelievable.

  • mikesh

    yes please

  • Agustín

    Hi all.
    I am into designing, and it would be great to get the chance of getting this amount of awesome resoureses at my fingertips!!

  • Evert

    Why I want to win a Bundlehunt license? First because it’s a great bundle and second because I recently bought Billings and the SM e-book. So winning a free license would definitely make my day :)

  • klou

    Hi Guys and congrats for the amazing stuff gathered in one single bundle.
    I believe this is the most complete and value for money bundle i have ever seen.

    In fact, i can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t pay this price for all these goodies.

    Keep it up!

  • Felipe Rijo

    Wow!!! Bundlehunts’ idea is marvelous! This is a great way for designers to get to know all these great tools in an affordable way!

  • joel k

    wow! how can you give that for 49 bucks?

  • Martin

    I would love to get my greedy little hands on that bundle ;-).


    Do you really need to ask? Isn’t it obvious? This is an excellent bundle and an excellent giveaway! Who wouldn’t want to win it?


  • Katie Steed

    Wow! that’s worth it just for all the photos from Photocase alone! Great offer!

  • Kristof Orts

    I would love to spice up my design with this Grrrrreat treasure !
    yarrrrrr !

  • Ratting Gergely

    I’m going to build a social network site, and these are very good resources, I would be happy to win and use them!

  • Gbibbo

    The only fact that FLUX in in the package make this offer a real good thing.

  • Gildas

    As a freelance, I’m always seeking for inspiration and goodies. The Bundle might cover couple of my needs ;).
    Take care

  • Neil Cooper

    I would like to win this delicious prize!

  • Tiffany

    BundleHunt is awesome for offering this sweet deal. I love web design & development, and all things geeky, techy, and web-related, and this package would be great to have in my arsenal of tricks. I work for a newbie web design company and we could make major usage out of this pack. An excellent spring board to success in the field.

  • Sonali Agrawal

    Wow…this is awesome! It’s got everything ever needed by a web designer, and that’s the reason I would love to win it!

  • fffernando

    That looks great and would help me a lot! Thanks!

  • Liam Hammett

    I would like to win this bundle, because it gets very costly purchasing things individually, and the items included in the package would help my work without me paying extra for those items. From the looks of what’s included, I’d use all of them at some point. They’re all designed/made by professionals so it’d definitely be useful!

  • Mike

    Wow, looks a great prize!

  • alberto82

    Great! Need WordPress themes! :)

  • mamat

    I’d love to win the bundle, because I’m just about to start my own business and the offered package would be perfect to help me get started.


  • Chris H

    Wow, Bundlehunt is one of best bundles I have seen, especially for designers! I want the bundle mostly for Billings – to track my freelance work and want to try Flux, it looks fun! We can always use more stock art/services as well too. Also, I can’t way enough about the Smashing eMag – holy cow!!!

  • Johan Jensen

    I would love to win the bundle because it could really piff up my design on my future website.
    I’m a programmer, not a designer, so access to some of these resources would be wonderful. :)

    – Johan

  • Matthew Scheumann

    I am a lead graphic designer at a small web design and marketing firm in Portland, Maine. I use a lot of online resources for inspiration including WDD, of which is my favorite Web design resource. I would certainly benefit from the Bundle because as a sole designer, I need as much help as I can get in order to satisfy clients of all types. On another note I pre-ordered a hard copy of Smashing Book months and months ago and after reading all kinds of stories about how people had still not received theirs, I have to say, I am now one of those people still waiting and so the e-book version would hopefully get that content in my possession once and for all.

  • arnold

    Id like to get the bundle , I want to use it in some of my projects…

  • Drive Net Consulting

    The graphics from Bundlehut are absolutely amazing and that is why we want them!

  • jake

    I’ve been waiting to find a deal on Billings for months now. I think I finally found a good deal! I’ll be buying this if I don’t win!

  • Ashok

    Bundle Hunt is an excellent resource for all web designers and developers. packed with themes, icons, e-books, design elements, wp themes, project management application, and many more. every designer should have this bundle to streamline the design process and efficiently work on tasks.

    Thanks to Bundle Hunt Team for giving us Real Treasure…

    Visual Labs

  • Carol

    Well, I must say, looking at the Bundle Hunt site, they have really worked hard at gathering the selection for this bundle! It is a very inspiring site just to look at too – very well designed.
    I suppose I would like to get my hands on this bundle for the same reason as everyone else….. it is simply superb content.
    Many thanks for the opportunity.

  • Adam Bank

    Very cool bundle of goodies. Who wouldn’t want to win this! I think im the first comment … and that in itself is a first, for me!

    Thank you WDD for another great opportunity – you guys rock.


  • Gianluca

    cool , why i would like to get the bundle? so many reason …

  • Tyler

    I would love to get the Bundle Hunt bundle because I am a designer and the extra Icons and subs would help a ton. Also, Billings looks great!

  • biegun

    I haven’t heard about them… Sounds like good occasion to change it ;)

  • erika

    Winning the bundle would be simply STELLAR!

  • Chris

    The items in the bundle represents a significant injection of investment into a design business.

    Good luck everyone!

  • Vinnie

    I’d like the BundleHunt because it has a lot of good resources for freelancers

  • Lane Lester

    As a person who considers himself a website installer, as opposed to a website designer, it’s no surprise that I don’t immediately recognize all of the products listed. But there is a flock of them that I do see as very valuable, so I’m in for the draw. Failing to win, I’ll check out the unknowns and maybe purchase.

  • castrain

    Honestly I’m an icon pack-rat. I love collecting them no matter the style. I’m also curious as to what a few of these items are (100 resources from Vandelay Design).

  • Jonathan

    Like Macheist for Web Designers! Sweet. Why wouldn’t any designer want this? It’s already a pretty sweet deal at $50. Although, free is still better!

  • Adam

    I want to get back into webdesign and have been eyeing this bundle. I hope that you can pick me so I can work up the website dedicated to my 14 month old twin boys!

  • http://-- Johnathan

    Wow! This looks like a great resource. Amateur designers need more resources like this to help us. Keep up the great work.


  • Adam Haynes

    Oh man i need this. I saw the bundle but just can’t afford it.

  • torstennn

    That is an awsome collection of apps, themes and design resources in that bundle. Need it.

  • Cathy

    I’d love to win this. Mostly because I’d love to try out the two programs, Billings and Flux, which sound like they’d help me as a freelancer. I’d also love to play around with all of the graphic resources.

  • Xpluscal

    I Mighty Not Be the Most Advanced web developer, since I started discovering this passion 2 years ago. Though I am more than excited about every enhancement pushing me forward and that is why I am overly interested in a Bundle Hunt license.

  • Sharon Wall

    I’d love to get this bundle for the inspiration it offers. Imaginative work inspires me to create the same, which is why I love Webdesigner Depot!

  • Svilen Popov

    Why? Because it contents lots of great resources that could help my freelance work.

  • Hypesol

    wow this is really a great offer

  • Mike

    I am a student and I’ve been trying to start my own website, so this bundle would be of great value to me.

  • Marc

    I think the Bundle Hunt bundle is a really nice bundle and I’d like to get it because I would use all the stuff that’s in it. Thanks.

  • pesho

    winning this will help me so much and let me doing my job well :)

  • isral Duke

    This would be very nice to use in some personal works on Flickr.

  • Char_Los

    What a great way to make your work look. function and trend just like everyone else’s….sweeet.

  • arno

    Winning this would be really nice, would save my starting company some money.

  • Florian Taltavull

    I’m thinking about investing in those things for a long time now, but never had enough to do it. To have such a help to have a great start as a freelance designer would be the best thing ever!

  • Jeff Kes

    This looks like an awesome bundle they was put together. Hope I can get one.

  • Chris

    I really like the nice selection of WP Themes. I checked out the demo pages and all are really compelling.

    I own Billings and Flux already, but the rest might still be able to push me over! Great ressources here!

    Keep it coming,

  • Maïs

    Need it ! Because it’s amazing package ! :)

  • Chinmay

    This would be a great push to my designing and free lancing career …

  • Lucas Vazquez

    I have a new project on my mind and this bundle would be great help to start it! Thanks for the news!

  • Yongning Liang

    wow! another cool stuff here.

  • Johnny

    I just noticed this bundle and would consider it an outstanding selection!
    I think it’s perfect for people who want to start web design (maybe Pixelmator instead of the eBook would have been even better) and I was looking into some of the bundled content for some time already and I would just love to win this one!
    Anyway, thumbs up to the guys doing it!

  • Sandra D

    It’s the must to have pack for each web designer! It’ld be great to have it ;-)

  • Alysia

    Uh…I’m the self proclaimed coupon/deal-finder in my role as a wife/mom AND a theme-a-holic in my design-nerd/business owner role. Yeah, this is right up my ally. I’d love to win!

  • Saurabh

    Sounds something that would be really beneficial for students…!!
    Waiting for it..!

  • campolar

    This is just what i need :D I would love to win this :)

  • maxsimms

    This is a great bundle, not only because it would help me with my immediate need of creating a new site, but also because it would give me a trial of some premium services that I have been very interested in trying, but haven’t wanted to commit the money. With this bundle I’d be able to find out precisely which apps and services help me most, guaranteeing that they would see more of my business in the future.

  • webbografico

    I want because 49$ is a great bargain but free is a far better bargain…

  • Zeonym

    I’m a trainee in a media agency in germany and would like to learn and do more. I think this bundle would help me a lot!

  • Hector Lee

    Being a freelancer juggling between web design and music, I can’t have that much time building everything from scratch. This bundle would definitely revolutionize my workflow and probably get me up to speed again.

  • Kellogs

    Yo querer, pichudo!

  • Herring

    Designers can never have too many resources, especially free ones… ;)

  • sdfowler

    I’m just now, in the middle of my life, embarking on a new career, learning as I go.
    This would certainly help me in my future endeavours

  • alex

    i need a new redesign too.. ;)

  • Marianne

    I am always on the lookout for great tools I can test and play with; then recommend them to our professors here on campus. We want to empower them to create fabulous content for their online courses!

  • JD Hoss

    I could really use most of the items of the list. When doing some design work it’s great to have the additional resources.

  • suki soo

    This is great!~ Thanks!

  • Barbara

    Wow! That’s a great set of tools. I would love to have the Vandelay resources and the Photocase photos. They’d be a huge help.

  • teebee

    I “need” the bundle cuz I’m a programmer with very weak design skills. I’d rather use someone else’s professional skills rather than show off my weak ones! ;)

  • insic

    A site5 hosting is awesome and design goodies really helps. Hope I win!

  • Matteo

    Fingers crossed. :)

  • Erich

    You really can’t go wrong with an awesome bundle like that. Billings & DryIcons, whaaaat? Sweet.

  • Blake Imeson

    Cause this looks like an awesome set of resources that could be of real use on client projects.

  • Godsie


  • Rob

    I love new tools and would love to try some of the great tools listed.

  • Will Boudle

    Oh yeah this would help so much. Recently unemployed and making a go as a freelancer. This would be a great boost.

  • Nyx Zamora

    I’d love to be working with those kinds of tools. It looks great!

    Write me in! =)

  • Jaden Brulotte

    Oh this would be really sweet!! Billings & Subernova!

  • Daniel Carranza

    How could one not want it? That’s why I need it!

  • Francois

    That is a pretty cool giveaway ! would love to see the smashing book.

  • Ian Brennan

    Really cool idea / offer. Would love to get my hands on it! :)

  • alvin

    I’d really love to unearth this treasure… and if bundlehunt will be around to regularly bury great bundles I’d love to join in the hunt!

    (On Web Appers’ description is the same as that of Webdesigner Ledger’s.)

  • Izzy

    This could really help jumpstart my fledgling freelance business. The tools in this bundle are fantastic!

  • Ron

    Looks like a great bundle. I could certainly use this for my web design projects.

  • Justin DiMucci

    Sweet giveaway, what web designer couldn’t use these great resources from some of the better known companies out there. Count me in.

  • Gerardo

    This would be an amazing bundle for me. Flux alone is worth it, and having all those stock vectors and photographs would make my life much easier.

  • Ed Croteau

    I would like to get a load of cool icons and try out some of the services!

  • Sebastian


  • powerboox

    I really like to try Subernova!

  • pceasies

    It’s an amazing amount of of great resources. It would be awesome to win.

  • http://None Rollin

    I’m a startup and love bundlehunt and their treasure because it would help me get off to an awesome start.

  • Sam

    This would be great to win as it would be good for all my designing and these tools that are provided are really great.
    Thanks for the opportunity

  • Sam Harding

    I’m about to (re)start my freelance career after my exams at school and this would be a massive help for designing my new portfolio and to manage my new clients.

    Good luck to all!

  • Shari

    What a fantastic resource! I really think it is to the design community’s benefit to make these items so accessible. I’d love to have it!

  • Julia

    Besides the content ? Just to proof my witchcraft ;)

    Great win-win-win action again !
    And.. as I usually don’t leave comments an opportunity to say thank you for all the great information arriving in my inbox !

  • Jeffrey Smith

    I am interested in learning web design, and think that this would be a great way to start that!

  • Evan Deerfield

    I’m about to post my own site and would like to work with these tools.

  • otha

    not clear, how its works and how its gain

  • knico

    This is awesome!! Great resources for every freelancer/web project!!!

  • Jari

    Dang! I just wondered if I should start one of the gazillion projects I have been sketching to my notebook – and then this shows up in my feed reader. I’m so in need.

  • Adrian

    Count me in, please. Would definitely get use out of the apps and subscriptions to further my college education and design freelancing. Thanks!

    *drops name into hat.

  • Timothy

    What a great bundle. This is the first time I have ever heard of Bundle Hunt. I have however heard of every thing in this bundle and I am extremely impress by the cost and value. Love billings. I’ve tried it before but I currently use Ballpark. The icon sets look fresh and everyone could always us a few extra wordpress themes. I own a few Designious packs and they’re a great value. Being a freelance designer any help you can get and any freebies help lower your overhead and they are greatly appreciated. I hope one of these great packs.

  • jerry bernard

    This sounds like a great deal. Count me in.

  • Kevin D. Mist

    BundleHunt would be a great boon to my new freelance business. Having these resources available to work from. Thanks


  • Argenis Ferrer

    Billings plus the icons would be an amazing help!

  • raizamn

    Bundlehunt is awesome because it has Billings and some very cool WordPress themes ini it. Just what I need these days :)

  • http://www, Rafael

    I guess this could come in handy! :D

  • Jamal

    Those Icons look great and would really help a student freelance designer like myself.

  • Daniel Lange

    This bundle looks really great. I have a license to the previous version of billings and this would be the perfect way to upgrade. Also the hostingpackage and graphic ressources (espacielly the photocase) would be of great value to me.

  • J

    I would love this bundle because it could save my family from the streets.

  • evan

    I want to win because is such an amazing package…wow.

  • Claudiu Cioba

    I want the bundle because I designed it :)

  • skitch

    i want this bundle because it will boost my entire designer and blogger activity… it’s a must have

  • Mario

    I’ve just known and was very impressed. Very nice project of very nice people helping us everyday. I’d like to get the bundle because many of that services and products are quite expensive for developing countries like mine, so this is a good opportunity to get all of them. Thanks for this giveaway!

  • Kelvin Howard

    Nice Bundle!

  • Christoph

    Cool Bundle!

  • AlexAltea

    OMG! It’s incredible! :)

  • Jason Morton

    I think this tool is pretty cool. Hope I win it.

  • Daniel

    Nice bundle, looking forward to use Billings

  • nameless

    Cool stuff…just in case :)

  • Adam

    Would love to win this Design Treasure. C’mon BundleHunt pick me pick me!!!

  • Alex L.

    Pure awesome, every web guy should have this amazing pack.
    Just count me in, If I didn’t win most probably I will purchase it!

  • Robert Hoppe

    i have to win this to save my life!

  • Rahul Joshi

    Having such an amount of massive freebies and offers as a combined pack is a real good deal. I would definitely like to give this a try.

  • Patricia

    hi i am a student from el salvador and am just starting as a freelancer.. i would love to have this kind of professional tools for do my designs.. pls give me one license!! :D Finger crossed!
    plz! plz! pls!

  • krzysiek

    Very nice bundle, I will be happy to have one :P

  • Derek

    Awesome set of goodies. These are resources I could use not doubt. Count me in.

  • David

    I NEED this bundle to brush up on my web design skills!

  • sirpaul1

    Starting a website in September. Would love to go in locked and loaded!

  • Dannci

    Cool stuff! Great!

  • Andy

    Particularly excited about all those WP themes.

  • Rick

    Having this bundle would be a life saver for me. As a freelance designer I dont have the funds to buy some of these awesome products, but if Im one of the lucky 5 I would be out there doing even more and not having to worry nearly as much when it comes to billing and creative funds!

  • Matt @ DVQ

    I could really use Billings and the Icon Dock Icons.

  • Duane Ashworth

    Talk about being handy and totally affordable at the same time, definitely worth picking up.

  • Jenelle Bautista

    I would love to win because it’ll be cool and a great help for kickstarting my design career online :)

  • Lee Gustin

    This bundle looks like it would be really useful for just about any designer (especially a freelance one)


  • full Download

    I wanna risk and wait to win it here

  • Eelco

    I love it! Pick me ^^

  • Eelco

    I love it! Pick me ^^

  • David

    Bundle Hunt have done an amazing job at getting this all together – very well publicised on the run up to the launch too! The tools in the set are exactly what I need to give my career a boost; and with so much to do at the moment, the help that the tools would give me would be a blessing. This is a really sweet competition – just hope I get chosen!

  • Eelco

    Woops, something did go wrong there..

  • z0r

    I want to have this bundle just because it is really awesome.

  • AlexH

    Bundlehunt is the marvelous treasure of goodies for any designer. Like any other treasure, it’s worth having available and opened to your requirements!

  • Bret Juliano

    What a great contest from BundleHunt. I’d like to get the bundle because it would drastically improve my web design business and portfolio.

  • Brent Lawson

    I am just getting going on my freelance web design business and I need all the help I can get getting all the tools and resources necessary!

  • nithhy2003

    WOW!!! This is amazing :)
    Would love to get one!!

  • Raul

    It’s just amazing! I want this bundle. I want this bundle. I want this bundle ! ! !
    (And if I don’t get it from WDD, I’ll buy it!)

  • esranull

    very nice thanks

  • nitin

    Because it Awesome Deal and it will help me in every aspect of my work from design to project management, truly good deal

    Count me in :)

  • Daniel Charon

    Winning this fabulous bundle would make me happy!

  • Nik

    Great bundle of resources there!!! Something there for all aspects of business & design… Awesome stuff!

  • Sebastian

    great bundle – seems to be very helfpful.

  • http:/ Pablo Lara H

    Because is exactly what I need!

  • Ash Clarke

    I’d like the bundle as it covers a broad spectrum of tools and resources to aid web designers.

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