Win Custom Stickers from Sticker Mule

Who’s ready for some great freebies? This time, we’ve partnered with Sticker Mule to bring you another awesome giveaway.

If you haven’t heard of Sticker Mule yet, they make truly awesome custom stickers in all different shapes and sizes as well as skins that you could use, for example for your laptop, iPhone or iPad. These are not only great fun but can also be used as promotional tools, or even gifts.

One week from today, we’ll be giving away 5 vouchers worth $100 each, with which the winners can choose any of Sticker Mule’s stickers or skins.

The winners will be chosen at random on September 1st. Read on more for details on how to participate as well as some examples of stickers and skins…

Here are some examples of stickers that you can create with Sticker Mule:



To participate, simply leave a comment about Sticker Mule and why you’d like to win. The contest is available to WDD readers worldwide.

Only one entry per participant. Double entries will be voided. All winners will be chosen at random and the results will be available on WDD on September 1st. In addition, all winners will be contacted directly via email.

You can find out more about these awesome custom stickers and skins at Sticker Mule. You can also follow them on Twitter @stickermule.

Good luck to everyone!

  • Unique Design

    Well… I love stickers! And I was already thinking about printing some sticker with my own logo… so… :)

  • Joey

    I would like to win this because I love putting sticker on everything that I own. Stickers just make everything pop so much. I don’t really know. I just want to have some fun!

  • John

    Hope I win :)

  • Sir Jog A Lot

    I’d love to win! Guerilla marketing, here we come…

  • Frederic Laforge

    I would definitely use Sticker Mule for some of our self promotions in the agency, we’d like to win so we can make very sexy Smithy stickers. All designed in house ;)

  • Rawsta

    I know that i don’t win but anyway.. i really could use them to make promotion for the new Album of a friend of mine ;)

  • Jerry-Lee

    Sticker Mule is very cool and I would like to win, because I have been nice to old people the whole year! ;)

  • StiligeCecilie

    StickerMule’s stickers look really good!
    I wish I could win so I could promote myself by making stickers with my logo…

    Great competition! :D

  • Uncleserb

    Oh yeah, stickers, stickers, stickers! I’d like decorate Paris with some custom propaganda!! ;)

  • Dan Miller

    I love stickers, actually everybody loves stickers… and I think i should win as I am (of this point as I type) the first to post!!!

  • niok

    amazing stickers!!!
    i like to win so i can promote my self with a few sticker !!!!
    thanks for the freebies!!!!!

  • eρHedro

    They have a very well cared for offer, as per their website, also with a thought design.
    I want to start a campaign for good spelling and create stickers that would allow me to correct signs on the street.

  • Richard Tapr

    These guys are absolutely awesome – the quality of their stickers is fantastic, so I’d absolutely love to win some freebies :)

  • Theo

    Just visited their website, awesome stuff there. Would be nice to win.

  • Darkened Soul

    We all like to win free sticker mule stickers, and especially me :D.
    But seriously, anyone should have free stickers to do whatever they want with it… stickering GF’s mouth shut or … personalising your pets… or making sure everyone knows that “my kid is the bestest student at whatever college” through their bumper canvas ;)

  • Benjamin Christine

    It is a design area i havent tapped into yet and i think it would be great to get some experience in! They sounds like a great company to start with.

  • Paul

    I would love to win because, who doesn’t love stickers =O?

  • tread

    I Heart Stickers! I’d love $100 in stickers, that would be a great day!

  • Jo Summers

    These look great, I would love to play about with these and see what I could create :)

  • Karl

    As a graphic designer in a small country, access to products like this is usually really expensive – so it would be great to win something like that to showcase some of my ‘brainfart’ fun design ideas. ;)

    Nice. 1st.

  • Lambiris

    Stickers are (once again) the new business cards ;)

  • Rod

    I’d like to win because my company is does SaaS for horse/donkey/mule owners and these sticker guys obviously know their mules! Eee oore!

  • Miss K.


    Sticker Mule would really help my fashion/style business in Nairobi. Looks like some amazing stickers can be made!


  • Ratting Gergely

    They aren’t expensive, and this is the first time I thought about promoting myself with stickers, but I think it’s a great thing. Would be nice to win. Thanks!

  • Bill

    I would love to win this one! I’d like some stickers made for my new site.

  • Mario Awad

    Would love to win some stickers to brand my start-up software development company (SOFTKUBE) :D Good luck to all.

  • Shiri

    I already have a design ready, just need the money :)

  • Donna Vitan

    I would rock Sticker Mule on my laptop for sureeee!

  • João Pacheco

    I would like to get sticked by your mule!.. oh that doesn’t sounds very well! So let me get mulled by your stickers!!… hmmm let me just get some Mule Stickers! :D

  • Sonali Agrawal

    I would love to win a custom skin for my MBP to show off my creativity to the world….

  • pesho

    Awesome Stickers an i love it very much
    thanks a lot :)

  • Kresi

    Great! I wanna win, ’cause Die Cut Stickers isn´t easy to get in germany and I need some for my project :-)

  • ryanb

    I’d like to win because… well, who doesn’t like stickers? And free ones at that? Oh, and I like to illustrate/draw characters that would be fun to have in sticker form. Thanks!

  • Jose Rosado

    Awesome sticker!!! Id love some of those for my band!

  • Laura

    Sticker Mule rocks socks, and I love their website too. I’d love to win because I’d love to create some cool stickers for self-promotion. Good luck everyone!

  • Seo Stuttgart

    I want to win cause i`d really like to win a custom sticker for my mum :)

  • Tom

    I’d love to win purely to get a bundle of branded stickers to brand my friends to death with. What else would you use them for?

    Good luck all!

  • Devon

    let’s see if i have any luck with this one.

  • Mary Koster

    Those stickers look great! I would love to use them to promote my business, or promote a worthy charity I work with for free. :) What fun it would be to do a bit of both!

  • Vikram

    I will be waiting for my sticker Mule gift!

  • Sabine

    WOW these stickers are amazing! i’m just starting my freelance work, and i could really use them great right now :)

  • Mihai

    This is awesome , I would like to win because it would help promote my new design biz , I could like stick it on my laptop , cup and even backpack . I really enjoy theyr website, it’s nice and clean , just perfect and easy to use. Not to mention that the prices are ok

  • Joel Emberson

    Stickermule makes such great quality stickers – They’ll last forever (unless they’re on the bottom of a skateboard, of course!) Love the unique die cut shapes you can do too.

    Please set me up with some of these awesome stickers!

  • konki

    I’d like to win a custom sticker for my mac book pro to personalize it a bit.
    would be great! ;)

  • Chris

    I’ve been looking at getting stickers for a while now and have been researching companies. Sticker Mule always seems to be at the top of all of that research. I would love to win a set of stickers from sticker mule not only for myself, but to show off to clients as an affordable and cool way to market themselves.

  • Julien

    A giveway’s always nice!
    I’d like to win to create stickers for the logo company I am launching.
    Props to Sticker Mule which obviously masters the craft!

  • mattmooey

    I need to win cos I need ta, alright? Gotta Caddy that needs sticker yaol. Fank yoo and have alovely day!

  • mattmooey

    I need to win cos I need ta, alright? Gotta Caddy that needs sticker yaol. Fank yoo and have alovely day!

    • mattmooey

      ops…please remove.

  • Claudiu Cioba

    I have the first comment and those stickers are awesome! I can think of a thousand ways to use them if I win.

  • Rogerio Caetano

    i dont’t know nothing about the sticker mule, so I deserve to win some stickers to know more to could have my own opinion.

  • Mike


  • Kory Gorsky

    Would love to win this for a cupcake business I’m helping start.

  • ximi

    Awesome giveaway!
    I would love these to promote myself…I could tag the whole city with my stickers…:)

  • Heather


    I’m an artist who has been interested in having some custom stickers printed for a while now. Whether to send out to prospective clients, or to include as fun extras in Etsy sales… I have decided it’s time to make the leap and invest in some… so winning my first batch to really test out the market with would be absolutely wonderful.

    I love the versatility of stickermule’s selection, and I love the quality of it… and I would love to win. Thank you for giving me the chance!


  • Grigoryq

    Hello Sticker Mule!

    I read about this action from twitter and decided to win one of the vouchers :). I have not ever order the stickers and of course did not know about Sticker Mule, sorry. But want to know them!

    I should win because: I work as web-developer freelancer. Now is the time to create my own site (blog) with abillity to share my developer`s thoughts and to advertise my projects. I think stickers from Sticker Mule can help me. Is not it?

  • Brett Pappas

    Sticker Mule has some pretty neat concepts that would be a lot of fun for a youth baseball club I am a part of. I think all the kids would get a kick out of having their team logo stuck on their school binders and things.

  • tom

    Yeah !
    I like to stick stickers every where !
    Good luck ;)

  • AevumDesign

    I first came across Sticker Mule in a showcase of good web design sites. I love Sticker Mule’s website, and their work is awesome! If I were to win, I would use the $100 to create stickers to advertise at my university the need for an Interaction Design program. I would create stickers that would say “Vote for Interaction Design at UVU!”

  • Kewl Lods

    Cause it’s awesome and i’d love to stick it!

  • Argenis Ferrer

    This would be really helpful for an upcoming website which I wish to promote!

  • Richard Kligman

    I love to cover myself in stickers and $100 worth should get the job done!

  • Nathan

    Sticker Mule. Hmmm. This comes at a perfect time because I was going to check out sticker companies today for use in a skatepark fundraising campaign! This looks perfect.

  • virginia garcia

    I’d love to stick a few of them around my office and make this place a bit happier

  • Cindy Cage

    Sticker Mule’s skin for the Mac Book is really cool. I’d love to win because it’d be great advertisement to have my business logo showing up every where I open my laptop.

  • Kusal

    Wow awesome, Could promote my site if won :D

  • Cesare

    First comment!! Wow…great site I didn’t know about. I’d like to win ’cause I’m thinking about a customization project for my Vespa! Good luck to all partecipants!

  • jorge

    I want my stickers!

  • Will Plummer

    Some of the stickers that stickermule produce are awesome. I’d love some as we’ve jsut had a re-brand with a cool new logo I think would make some awesome stickers! Please enter me into the competition :)

  • Carolin

    A Sticker Mule voucher would come in really handy! I was looking for a company to print decently prized cut stickers for some time…

  • Melinda

    great variety of sticker options! would love to win the voucher to promote my comic book.

  • tolga

    I haven’t heard of stickermule before. I’ve checked their websites just now, its awesome stuff that they are making. Even if I don’t win this giveaway, I’ll definetely get some skins for my macbook and iphone.

    keep up the good work guys…

  • castrain

    I’ve considered using stickers to promote my freelance work before. Sticker Mule has some nice designs here.

  • Philip Brown

    Sticker Mule seems really cool. I would use the voucher to create some cool stickers for my business, my band, and a ministry that I’m involved in. At least that is the for now.

  • Steve

    Sign me up! I might even order some stickers if I dont win. I’ve been looking for a quality sticker company and they may be it!

  • ChrisR

    These are cool stickers, and it would really come in handy to have a cool sticker with my logo on it for the crafts I sell under my Girl Meets Art identity.

  • Gavin Smith

    When you work on the web, its easy to forget what it feels like to actually hold one of your designs in your hand. Stickers are great for this. Give them out to existing and prospective customers to stick somewhere or just to pass around.

    I really like the die cut stickers that sticker mule has, way better for branding than a straight edged rectangle.

  • daniel

    stickers are way cool! i am imagining bumper stickers with some offbeat wisdom on them should i be chosen to receive a voucher! (-:

  • Mike

    I want to win because these stickers are awesome, and I like to personalize everything!

  • droppixel

    Running through the site, I think Sticker Mule has some super reasonable prices for custom stickers compared to a lot of other sites I have seen. I would like to have a set for myself to do….not illegal things ;)

  • ness

    wow i LOVE stickers and think yours are really cool. My Co. logo would be great as die cut sticker as it’s a good shape. x

  • Jake

    I’d love to win and make some iPhone skins to give my clients! That’s a neat little thank you! (Better than the daily planner I was planning on sending them at the end of the year)

  • Brian

    I’m a huge fan of your site and would love to win custom stickers to help promote my little freelance endeavors.

    Best of luck to you!


  • evan henderson

    even though i have never ordered from them, stickermule looks to have great quality and customer service. This makes me confident that I will get complete satisfaction with any order i place! @evan_henderson

  • Kim Phillips

    Looks like Stickker Mule has fabulous clients and I want to be fabulous, too1

  • ami

    i like to win!! stickers are my life!!!

  • Michael

    I would like to win because I want work as a freelancer in the next time and this would be awesome to have some nice stickers :-)

  • Michael Trang

    Sticker Mule sounds like they could be a great marketing resource for my upcoming site launch. Handing out stickers and giving the consumer something tangible to hold onto and potentially even stick somewhere gives it a very high “sticky” factor – pun intended. With their custom die cuts and designs, they separate themselves from the standard crack-and-peel stickers most vendors offer.

  • Mamzelle

    I would like to win because I always wanted to design sticker and can promote my art project (urban) with sticker.

    I think it a perfect time to start with Sticker Muler :)

  • mare

    I have an awesome NON-PROFIT that could benefit from this wonderful gift. Thanks for the opportunity … and thanks to STICKER MULE for their services.

  • edzn

    great way to add a blammy/snipe to print collateral on the fly!

  • Filip Ciahotný

    I have to thank Sticker Mule for this chance, I would love to use them as a bussiness cards :)

  • luis acosta

    would def like to use some stickers for self-promotion!

  • Aynex

    Those stickers are awesome!

  • Adam

    Who would love some free stickers.

  • Sandra D

    Nice idea! I’ld like to win this for my laptop or for promotional actions :-)

  • Joe Curley

    Common there stickers, who doesn’t like stickers. Stickers are KICK-ASS and honestly it would be sweet to get some work done from STICKER MULE.

  • David Runkle

    I’d love to make my wife some stickers to give out her up coming exhibit

  • Alejo


  • Ben

    I do some web and design work for free for a local band that is trying to get out there and winning these stickers would be great for us. It would help us promote the band more.

  • ercn1903

    awesome high quality stickers!!! i want them!!!:)

  • Wojtek Witkowski

    StickerMule is awesome. I’ve heard a lot of positive feedback about them in the design community.

    I’d love to win, so I could put stickers all over my car and drive around town and make people jealous. ;-)

    Good luck everyone!

  • Lee Driscoll

    Sticker Mule rock!!!

    Just look at the variation in the stickers they do. There are literally hundreds of uses for stickers – Who wouldn’t want to win these vouchers!

  • Todd

    Great business good prices.
    I’d love to get them to build out my design business identity.

  • Alexandre D’

    OMG! That Mule sticks! I’d love to win the stickers because I can’t find something like that quality in my country.

  • Dani

    My fiance and I ( are currently working on building up our collective brand and for virgiliart we are looking into printing artwork into usable products. Let’s face it, stickers rock! I would like to win the voucher to start the process of what could become a beautiful relationship with sticker mule! Thanks for the chance!

  • campolar

    I have heard of sticker mule before, never tried them. I would really like to win this, this would be a nice opportunity to try them out, and become a good customer if they really are good! :)

  • Brandon

    Awesome! Wasn’t aware of StickerMule before, but I know I can find some great uses for their products.


    I found their cool site couple of months back when I was looking for stickers online. I had hard time (and I am still having) looking for stickers for my laptop. Where did you guys get your stickers?

  • y3rt

    Nice site, they will fix your low quality artwork for free, WOW! I’m impressed!

  • Amorz

    Stunning stickys, I like to win because i want to let my creative beast get printed on a Sticker Mule.

  • robby c

    Would LOVE to promote an up-n-coming clothing line! PLEASE choose me! :D

  • Justin

    Die-Cut stickers… nice.

  • Allie

    Sticker Mule looks interesting! I’ll certainly give their website a look, even if I don’t won. I’d like to win so I have an excuse to design logo stickers for my company :)

  • jeremy

    How perfect is this?
    I need Sticker Mule to help me clean up that empty paint job on my new single speed bike.

  • Cheryl Mikel

    Id like to win a set of stickers from sticker mule because I use a lot of stickers for my catalogs. Id love to have some fun stickers made by sticker mule for
    Something bright, flashy, and goes “POW!” like my Wickless Candle product!

  • David Cole

    I love stickers, this is a great prize! :) Thanks for the give-away.

  • Tina

    I would love to have some for my dragon boat team in the shape of a boat or paddles! We don’t get a lot of press and a lot of people have no idea what we do or what it is. Stickers would help! That, and maybe remind people to come to practice.

  • Serendipity

    Just this morning, my wife told me to “stick it, ass!” So it’s only fortuitous that I run across the Sticker Mule promo. For that I should win.

  • Irene

    Love the die cut options!

  • Ricardo Un

    Great, love the idea of die cut stickers. I really want to try them! Thanks!

  • Heather

    Thanks for another great giveaway! The custom stickers from Sticker Mule would be perfect as a giveaway for my business. You know… sort of “Paying it forward!”

  • Alyssa

    I would love to have sticker mule stickers help promote my business.

  • Matthew

    Webdesigner Depot always has the best giveaways! This Sticker Mule situation is no exception. I look forward to checking out Sticker Mule more right now!

  • evan

    Amazing Idea, I would love to win in order to promote my new blog, ( I always was a sticker “lover” even from a young age and I remember that I was trying to print out my own but never made it :P

  • Kyle

    I’m just getting my freelance presence developed. Looks like these stickers could be a huge boost! Plus, I wanna see if I can challenge them to make a never been done before sticker!

  • Justin Ryan

    I love stickers, pure and simple.

  • Robins Mathew

    Design is ready….i would love to have the laptop sticker :D

  • Rick

    Those stickers are awesome! I would love to start using them immediately

  • Alexandru Pitea

    I’ve had in mind something like this for ages.. would really appreciate some free stickers!

  • Dave Knox

    I’d love to give stickers to the startup companies that will be starting at The Brandery next week. I was planning to order stickers anyways, but as a non-profit, free would always be better!

  • Mllx

    Stickers are always fun. Been thinking about making some, but never gotten around to it. Hope I win tho :D

  • David

    Oooh, stickers. Likey.
    Could be useful for a site relaunch that I hope will be happening soon…
    Fingers crossed!

  • K

    Everybody loves stickers, especially free stickers

  • Bret Juliano

    Awesome stuff there. Would be nice to win.

  • chris morris

    Srickers would be an awesome for a promo I’m gonnna be doing.

  • msabas

    Great Give Away, I would really use this up ad another way to advertise.

  • Gaz

    Just starting my own design business as I was laid off and these stickers would be great to help me promote it. I looked at some examples and these are great, good work guys!!

  • Le Minxxx

    Stickers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love them. I want to give some away. And come on, who doesn’t like stickers….Sticker Mule as the nice kiss cut sheets too. oooOOOOoooOOOOoo

  • Schmoopsy

    I heart stickers. And Stickermule’s stickers are super cool.

  • Simon

    I will certainly use them for my brand!!!

  • Ana

    I’d love to win! Great examples, and have some good ideas also I could use for the stickers!

  • Matt

    I’d like to win because my new website ( is a non-profit community with no adverts or premium subscriptions. I’ve paid from my own pocket for stickers that I gave away at shows but free stickers would be much betetr :)

  • amidude

    My 1986 NJ Series BC Rich Warlock Bass has a few spaces left just itching for some custom designed stickers. Why not my own designs?? :-P

  • Myles Becker

    Very cool giveaway! I’m a huge fan of stickers and have heard very good things about Sticker Mule, so I’m excited to have a chance at this. My main thing would be dressing up my laptop at bit. I’ve always liked the idea of the laptop skins, so this would be a great way to do it.


  • rishi

    I would love to win so I can promote my new blog:

  • Cesar Vargas

    Wow, the quality of Sticker Mule’s printing look great, and they provide a great low cost entry into printing even custom die-cut stickers. So awesome I’ll definitely be trying sticker mule for my next sticker project!


  • DzDz

    Condictio indebiti.

  • Carlos

    Oh nice!!! I’d love to promote my business with em! =P

  • mikeapolo

    Great stuff for a Sticker Happy like me. I’m in!

  • miami web design

    nice stickers from sticker mule….love it.

  • Ryan C.

    Love the name- love the give away :)

  • Luis M Ruiz

    Sticker Mule and WDD are pure awesomeness!!

    The situation:
    Feeding four toddlers and a wife.

    The plan – Phase 1:
    Winning Sticker Mule stickers from WDD.

    The plan – Phase 2:
    To flood my town with awesome stickers promoting my business.

    The plan – Phase 3:
    Buy a few cases of redbull to keep up with the demanding hours of awesome work.

    The plan – Phase 4:
    Feed my four toddlers and the wife.

    The plan – Phase 5:
    To personally thank WDD and Sticker Mule.

    The plan – Phase 6:
    If for any reason plan A does not go well, think of Plan B.

  • Owen

    Perhaps I could get enough to make my old beater car look like a race car with lots of lovely corporate sponsorship!

  • GR3G

    I need it to promote the design in France.

  • Romey

    Awesome! It would be great to be able to use these stickers!

  • Lars Ebert

    I so much want to win some stickers. I already heard from Sticker Mule and it just would be great to get some of their stickers!

  • Kevin Mist

    I am helping a friend start up a new business and she is currently working on getting some stickers designed to put on products. So not only would this help in her start up costs but it would give her a chance to use a company that would continue to get business from her if they did a good job on the freebies.


  • Francois

    Would love to get the 100$ !
    I hope it does include the shipping in that to Canada !

  • Ed

    I’d like to win so I could use them to market myself in a unique way. Hey you gotta start somewhere :)

  • Ed Arias

    Sounds awesome. I’d love to set up something funky and funny for the re-launch of our website.

  • kelly

    I’d love to win. I’m just about to launch a new website, and would be great to use stickers for publicity.

  • Kate

    I’d like to win because…

    I have a little dream I’m working on right now…its fun, frivolous and a little goffy. Stickers would be perfect! Stickers remind me of childhood, when everything was sketch books and crayolas…my little dream is a bit of a throwback to that.

    Help a girl promote a little dream, and maybe create a little happiness at the same time!


  • Adam

    I want to win so I can make myself some awesome stickers to throw on the laptops. Custom stickers for me :)

  • Azulalnacer

    Free is freeee!

  • Patrick

    Just great for my ready-to-go campaign! Hope to get those =D

  • alan

    I do not know what the Sticker Mule is. I have not even read this article however….
    I really really would love to win this competition and get some free stuff. :)

  • Jeremy

    Stickers that I can add my own awesomeness to? Of course I want some!


    Well, we have launched the first social community and network made for artists and stickers would be lovely for promotion. We would like to send every member of GLARN a sticker for free – shipping included :)

  • Eelco

    I just started my own one-man-business and it would be helping to get some stickers from Sticker Mule with my business logo on. :)


  • John Kemp

    I would really love to win this because the company for which I work needs some pizazz. Obviously, stickers provide pizazz.

  • Doug

    How awesome would these be!? Great brand image idea.

  • michelle

    cool! a custon sking for my mac would be awesome!

  • Christito

    Free fun stickers? What could be better? Great giveaway guys!

  • rafael armstrong

    Definitely a cool concept for marketing materials– and I already have some ideas churnin’ n’ burnin’ in the ol’ noggin…

  • rick

    I would like to win because one of my dogs is stubborn like a mule.

  • jkiel

    We need more stickers for our race car!

  • kajivar

    This is a great action! As I can see, I’m not the only one who would love to win this ;-)

  • Josh

    I would use them for our non-profit to spread the word

  • Gail Tuthill

    Would love to win the Sticker Mule voucher to use for my husband’s new business. He is/was a custom home builder and out of necessity has been developing a new business. I do the print/web promotional materials for him. The stickers would be a great way for us to promote his new venture- and heaven knows, we could use something free! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  • MPR

    I think I’d like to win this from Sticker Mule because it seems like a retro-idea for my business. In other words, I’d like to “stick it” to my competition!

    That’s right, I said it.

  • Tim Z.

    As a grown-up, former punk-rocker who used to rock stickers, patches, and pins everywhere, a voucher from Sticker Mule would allow me to, as an adult, rock some awesome designs on my snowboard(s), Macbook, and just about anywhere else.. Rock on!

  • Anthony

    Would print some stickers for my band and ministry.

  • kristen

    i want stickers ’cause stickers is rad!

  • xDee

    One of those stickers would look awesome on my Macbook :-)

  • DonZoran

    When I was a child I collected stickers, would love to create my own!

  • mermaid

    I’ve heard of them before and I think it’s awesome to be able to design some stickers but I’d like to get a custom skin for my laptop, so hook me up please!

  • mel

    Awesome!!! I’ve already been thinking about having some custom stickers printed. Free stickers would be amazing.

  • Brett Lieberman

    I would love to have stickers for self promotional purposes, also a custom Mac Book Pro sticker would be amazing.

  • Iain Spanhake

    I’m a ‘sticker fiend’ and I’d love to get some to give out to our Monster Graphics clients!

  • Charlie

    I started a bussiness with some friends 6 months ago, and this give away will be the nicest way to do some branded stickers!!!


  • Mark Northern

    I just graduated college and have found it quite difficult to find gainful employment. At this point I’m looking to start running my own business, a record label. Being able to have some free stickers for promotional purposes would be absolutely great and could be very beneficial to getting this thing going for real.

  • Duane

    My bare walls definitely need something to brighten them up , hate staring at white white white all day .

  • Jaap

    Now that our branding had almost finished we’re running our style-guide trough the presses! Stickers would be loved very much :)

  • Ren

    you can’t ever have too many stickers!

    they’d make great pseudo-business cards! :)

  • Nick Smith

    Awesome, awesome, awesome. I’ve been wondering if there was a site out there that did precisely what Sticker Mule does, and while I haven’t searched hard, I am still thrilled to find it. Cool!

  • BlackSunForge

    It’s not enough for a one man web ninja to use stealth anymore! I am so used to doing so much with so little for so long that I now can do anything with nothing! If they get here before Burning Man, half the artists in the universe (that counts) will have these stuck to their @$$e$! Thank you for the solid promotion to your community!

  • Alysia

    Because my macbook needs some sprucing up.

  • Chateau

    I want to win!

  • Barry Horbal

    I love stickers because they remind me of going to the doctor’s office when I was little. It was always a lollipop and a scratch-and-sniff sticker! Grape was my favorite!

    I am also starting a new section of my business, and this would be a great way to publicize it!

  • Izzy roll

    I will love to have one of those nice stickers on my laptop.. already have some good ideas

  • Mihai T

    I loooove stickers!

  • Stuart Holmes

    These stickers will be perfect to promote my latest project!

  • Kay

    :O I wanna go sticker ad crazy!

  • Ken Nielsen

    I’ve been really looking for a place that would do die-cut stickers of my logo for self promotion on a wider scale. None of the local companies seem to be able to do this well so I would like to try someone else.

    Stickermule seems to have their act together (based on a review of the site) – I’d like to see the quality work on the output as well.


  • Jen Walter

    I’d love to win, simply for the reason that we’ve been looking at doing this – ordering some stickers for our business and our marketing efforts. This would be a great intro into it and a way to try before investing more money.


  • Danielle Signor

    I’ll be attending an event in October that would be a great place to promote my blog — stickers with my logo are an AWESOME idea. Please pick me! :D

  • DesignMango

    I love all kinds of stickers, and they would really help me promote my website!

  • Nik

    Awesome Stickers!!!! Great idea to have it all online!

  • http://www.sleep-zero robert go

    It’s pretty damn good timing for the launch of my updated website! Stickers are sure hit for the young and old. :)

  • Khoa

    Wow, I never heard of stickermule till now, it’ll help me with upcoming projects in mind. :). Probably use this in one of my branding projects in the future.

  • Sebastian

    Starting promotional activities next week for latest project. Would love to have something fancy and cool like that!


  • Julia

    ….because it forces me to design the sticker I have in mind

  • Raoul

    The stickers are great!!!

  • Demitra

    Just got my real estate license and in serious need of branding myself! Thank you for the opportunity to win such a cool gift!

  • Valerie

    I just started my business and have been looking for ways to spread the word. Stickers like these (or those awesome iphone skins!) would be a great conversation starter.

  • Amy

    Stickers are fun!!

  • philip wyers

    Very creative stickers! I would utilize your stickers in many social and networking around my area.

  • jay mcleod

    This would be great! I have just started a new website project, and have a few upcoming shows where I plan on speaking in some capacity or another, and it would be great to pass these out to clients. I also place stickers on all of my major items I use, such as my moleskines and sketchbooks, so this would be perfect!

  • Sarath

    Wow..that’s a great giveaway….hope I’ll win this time ;) …
    thank you WDD for great giveaways…

  • Claudia


    Nice giveaway. I would love to win this stickers so I could promote my website. I was thinking of making stickers a while ago to do it, and this would be a perfect oportunity!

    I find the service of stickermule really amazing because all the custom shapes they allow you to make.

  • Tom Jenkins

    My naked MacBook needs some clothes.

  • Kevin

    I would love to win some stickers to promote a friend’s band!

  • Robert Hunter

    I’d use this to get stickers to promote my wife’s blog, which focuses on the local (Pacific NW) kids’ music scene. Check it out:

  • Sean

    This would be sweet to win! I hadn’t heard of Sitcker Mule before. Definitely checking them out!

  • Steve Robillard

    I would use these to print some stickers that said things like my other car is a wheelchair.

  • AnggaRifandi

    I hope today is my lucky day. :)

  • Juan u

    Did somebody say stickers? Nice!

  • Daphne

    Sticker Mules products look awesome. If I got the voucher, I’d pass it to a friend of mine to help in his harmony with song campaign :)

  • Chris Mower

    Hey… sweet! Do you guys remember those ol’ scratch-and-sniff stickers? Those who the bomb! Anyway, scratch-and-sniff or not, what an awesome contest! :)

  • Carolina M

    I would love to win some stickers to decorate my laptop!!
    I´m feeling lucky!!!!

  • Roba

    I’d like to win those stickers so that I print that same mule sticker, but I’d turn that mule into a unicorn.

  • Codrut

    I hope to win!!

  • Bee Dee

    I always NEED Stickers…. !


    I need stikers to promote my activity

  • Shelly Harrison

    This would be a great prize to win! Stickers rock.

  • Mikesh Vulco

    if i win i will finally buy a mac book air… logic behind it; first get the sticker thene the hardware :)

  • nspire

    Greetings! Well, obviously i should get these stickers because i just started to invest to my 1-man company called “nspire creatives”. I got a bank loan and if i fail … im screwed. It would be nice to get at least one thing for free :) … Besides i’m kinda nice guy :)

  • TheodorosPloumis

    Amazing stickers!
    I ‘d like to win so I can promote my self by this lovely way.

  • Brian Lucas

    This would be excellent. I have a few personal projects that would be greatly enhanced by stickers. Not to mention, I’ve always wanted to help mules get work in this country.

  • knico

    Stickers, awesome!!

    Because high quality stickers kick ass and you can never have enough!

  • AlexAltea

    I’d like to win because my “hobby” :) is to put stickers everywhere. They are simply great!

  • arno

    I have a starting webdesign company and need some branding. Maybe Sticker Mule could help with some nice stickers for our cars or just to decorate our office. Every sticker will help with our campaign, people need to know us. Every help is welcome for our startup.

  • Vincent K

    My middelname is sticker, so they are mine!
    Btw love to promote my band with them stickers.

  • Tom Klaassen

    StickerMule for the win! Nice contest.

  • matty

    I am redoing my website and it would be a great idea to give away some stickers to people if the sign up and upload content to my site. Awsome idea! :)

  • Neil Cooper

    I love these guys, and i also love stickers. Whats not to love?

  • Claire

    I would love to win too!

  • Aaron Kato

    I would love to win stickers to put my logo onto everything around London :)

  • Peter Brazier

    What a great advertisement took they would be. you could leave them all over the place. im well interested.

  • Ron Rieckenberg

    I really would love to win because I have not a single sticker. Not that I don’t like stickers, but because I need a very special sticker. A quality sticker. Having many stickers diminishes the value of each individual sticker. Here in Tanzania it is hard to have a good sticker made. My NGO would appreciate a good quality sticker. I thank you in advance for considering us.

  • Raul

    Sticker in the shape you want, the design you want, the quantity you want! Easy to stick, easy to remove. The dream of any street publicist! (And every housekeeper as well!)
    I will most probably make a personal than an institutional use. Anyway, your imagination is the limit!

  • Jamie

    I’ve never really experimented with sticker design, I would really like to see what sticker mule has to offer and what I could do with it….. anddd my birthday is September 3rd soo it would be a great birthday present :)

  • GKHN

    They have a great UI to make whole experience easy for their visitors. I’m a big fan of “Tintin” and not sure if anyone can produce good quality sticker, looks like Sticker Mule is the place i can give it a try.

  • Vinz

    I definitely need stickers !
    my logo, my stickers, everywhere… kinda cool huh?
    i’ve just re-branded my little entreprise and need to do some buzz around it, so please pick me pick me pick me pick me

  • Scott

    It looks like Sticker Mule does some good work. I would like to win so that I can promote my side graphics business.

  • Cynthia White

    Love stickers. Love mules.

    Some self-promotion would be awesome too.

  • I Shoot With Dorothy

    Who doesn’t want to make themselves known through a means so reminiscent of childhood!

  • Mairlyn


  • Michael Saathoff

    wow – how have i never heard of this site before!! what an awesome site/idea/business – dont know how many clients/employers have asked me about a good resource for stickers and i havent been able to answer! i am for sure going to give them a try!

  • Adam Pieniazek

    Been wanting to get some custom stickers done up to complement the stickers already on my laptop for a while. Sticker Mule looks awesome though they’re just out of price range for right now. Would love to get some free stickers! Would literally make my month. :-)

  • Sam

    Sticker Mule looks really good. I have never heard of it before but it looks like i may start using it more. This would be great to use to advertise my website.

  • deiner

    because… you know…. its free :)

  • Hello Kitty Junkie

    Just checked out the Sticker Mule site — pretty dope! My favorites are the die cut stickers… And I might order some. Thanks! :)

  • Brian

    I like their site, it’s extremely easy to navigate through, no road bumps in the way.

    I’d like to win because: I’d make some kick ass stickers for my sibling’s birthday party on Sept. 4th!

  • erik

    I would like to win because I will use this to purchase stickers to help spread the word for my new up and coming non-profit organization donating money, food, and shelter to around the world!! (seriously).

  • Tom

    I would love those stickers. The website looks great. Awesome for guerilla marketing.

  • Deric

    Having my logo on a sticker mule sticker would make me the cat pajamas for sure! I could promote to young and old alike.

  • Pavelin

    Sticker Mule.. the best
    stickers… nice

  • Joel Van goor

    I’d love to have custom stickers to use as a business card for my clients.

  • Brent Hobbs Design

    Props to Sticker Mule for offering up a uniquely creative product and at amazing prices no less. And heaps of praise to for providing great tips and resources. (Shameless kissing up!)

    Getting my freelance business off the ground and nothing would be a cooler handout than stickers from Sticker Mule. With the help of the fine folks at, of course!!

  • hellsing

    I’d like to win. My son will be 4 in October. It sounds funny to give him personalized stickers. To give it for free – even better :-)

  • H4x0rch1ck

    Sticker mule is awesome! I had been looking into promoting my upcoming site in a fun cool way, definitely the way to go!

    If I won I would use it for just that purpose, promotion! :3

  • My First Kitchen

    I don’t care what business you’re in; everyone likes stickers. I’m in the process of rebranding, so stickers with my new logo would be perfect.

  • Sonia

    I’ve been meaning to order stickers from Sticker Mule of my logo. Free stickers would make them sweeter!

  • Laurie

    Ooooh. stickers. those look so fun!

  • Punta del Este

    because its free

  • Matt H.

    Stickers are a great (and simple) way to advertise and are “in” right now to boot – definitely something useful for any business in the current day in age!

  • Richard Suttles

    I would love to try these stickers out. If I like them, I may them in an upcoming social media campaign. Thanks!!

  • Trino Alvarez

    It so awesome that Sticker Mule is doing this AND for worldwide range! :D I hope really hope I win, I need a bunch of stickers to cover-up some Windows logos *ehem..* :D

  • Aljiro

    Cool! Custom Stickers. Just what I needed for my gear. :) Hope I win.

  • Hedronist

    I could use them to end World Hunger! Or … or maybe just because I’m hungry!
    Hungry for … stickers!

    Mmmm …. stickers!

  • Jonathan Curran

    Wow, thats awesome. I would so use these to help out some of the nfp orgs i do work for.

  • B-82

    I could stick them all over the city ! and everywhere else !

  • Stefan

    Stickers make cool business cards and fun to stick on your friends’ back!! (Viral Marketing :D)

  • melissa malone

    i’d love to win because my macbook is covered in scratches and i’m too broke to buy a skin for it! (hey, atleast i’m honest!) :)

  • Hollis

    I’d like to win some stickers so I can put logos on my gear, and maybe even my car…

  • Shelley Luster

    Gee I have that hardhat sticker project I didn’t finish yet. It would be much more fun to order from sticker mule! Our relay technician likes to pass them out to all of the guys at the power companies. They particulary want ‘cool’ stickers for their hats. Sticker mule stickers would be the bomb!

  • Koowy

    Sticker Mule´s stickers are over the top ! I would love to have some to promote projekt I´m working on.

  • Naphtali Stein

    Cool stuff! I want some.

  • Brandon

    Awesome! I’d get some stickers made that say “YOUR UGLY AD HERE” and slap it over all those other shameless self-promotional stickers you see on mailboxes, drive thrus, park benches, etc. Actually, I’d make Christmas gifts for my friends.

  • TaloWeb

    Stickers are fancy and Sticker Mule is the easiest way to buy cool stickers. Take a look at their website: fantastic…

  • Jacina

    I would love to win stickers! I am starting to promote my business…and I feel this would be a good alternative way to reach more people. As a recent grad, I love anything freeee

  • lurch70

    need a handful of new stickers to promote my biz and been looking for a new printer recently.
    would need a nice big one for the back hatch of my Mini Cooper!

  • Melissa

    A set of personalized stickers would be really fab.
    This is a great giveaway.

  • fffernando

    Jah Bless! I will get some of those to giveaway some nice peace´n messages!

  • Rafael

    stickers are easy to carry, and can transmite a full idea, when is good designed…
    feeling lucky!

  • zeroSignal

    I’d love to win some stickers – I’d use them to promote my new web design business! So, gimme gimme, please! It’ll be an epic win for me!

  • Stuart Altschuler

    I’d really like to win these great stickers to use in publicizing a new product that we’ll be coming out with shortly.

  • Swat Chap

    Thanks for this giveaway! I hope I win!

  • Keith

    Having cool stickers would help me promote my stuff to new clients, keeping me happy, working, housed and fed! Plus – I like stickers… they hide society’s flaws!

  • David

    I especially like the Die Cut Stickers! And that exactly why I would appreciate to win this giveaway: Because I would never have the chance to get such cool stickers, as I do not have any money left to spend on such fun things like stickers!

    Ya’ll know the situation of a freelancer ;)


  • Corey

    I’ve been hesitating to get stickers, questioning how well they’ll last outdoors. Getting a free round of stickers would be great to let me test the quality. I’ll blog about it if I win.

  • Jacob T

    Hey, I Would love to win some free stickers to help publicize myself and my work. And.. it’s free! Thanks for the opportunity Sticker Mule! Good luck to the winner!

  • Nic

    I need the stickers

  • Jai

    My best friend and I just officially launched our freelance graphic design partnership, and we’ve been looking for ways to get the word out to our peers on the college campus. Having stickers made with the quality like the ones the Sticker Mule company produces would be a really cool way to establish a presence. Especially the diecut stickers. It’d help make our brand more recognizable. This giveaway would be a great way to strengthen our promotion & a huge boost for our brand.

  • Chris Ebert

    I love stickers like every other big kid here. They are fun and server so many uses. It would be neat to win a voucher to make some with StickerMule

  • Ben Dodson

    I love stickers. Please let me win! Thanks! =)

  • Jan

    stickers RULE!!! :)

  • Alex De La Force

    Like to win this stickers.
    Will use them to flood the local clubs (inside & outside) to remind them of my DJ presence, to remind ’em they must book me more often. :)

  • Patrick Farrington

    I’ve been thinking about getting stickers to help promote my photo business but money’s been tight. Winning these stickers would be just what I need.

  • Aaron

    I would love to win a chance to make some awesome stickers! I wouldn’t be able to afford it in my current situation but it would sure help with some great publicity and get me out there. Fingers crossed on this one!

  • howard

    if i can make awsome stickers, i can show my friend, then i can tell them where i printed them from…this is killing two birds with one stone! win win situation for both~<3

  • Andrei

    I can haz stickers

  • Alex Abbey

    I’d really like to win these! I’d be using them mainly for the home made wine I’m making and designing, and also for gifts and little stuff like that.

  • Guin

    I’d like to win the free stickers because I work at a small contemporary Native American art museum. The economy’s taken its toll, plus we were closed for six months this year. The stickers would be a great (FREE…this time, at least) way to re/introduce us to the world. Plus, I know we’d be inclined to reorder if they were a really cool design!

  • Katie Steed

    Oooh good prize! Yes please!!

  • MojoWill

    The world needs covering in shiny, sticky brand ambassadors!

  • Brian

    I would have some made to promote one of the charitable organizations that I work for – or to give to friends, family and church members to promote one of the ideas that I’d like to remind people of.

  • Rolando

    I love stickers and there isn’t much else to say. Would love to have some fun with $100 worth of stickers.

  • alislas

    I would like to win because here in Mexico there aren’t stickers of that quality :D and I think that are cool all of them

  • Gaurav Mishra

    Stickers wanted.
    Comment #318

  • Ann

    On this last day, just in time to make a chance these fabulous stickers

  • Rob

    sticker all ugliness away!

  • BSchildt

    I’d like a voucher for sticker mule because the last time I had stickers made I didn’t have enough money for the cut, so I hand cut about 50 stickers. My hand still hurts when i think of it.

  • lumi

    stickers are one of the simplest solutions for personalizing, customizing, promoting, sharing, advertising, making people smile,…basically they’re perfect for everything :)

  • Madeline

    If I won stickers I would be able to stop writing on bandaids.

  • hannahcloud DESIGN

    The stickers look great. And why do I want stickers? Why DON’T I want stickers?

  • Lucas

    The stickers look very good and… Stickers + free? They are almost the best words to put together!

    Do want!

  • Vern

    i’m getting ready to launch my own photography business and some new stickers would be an awesome promotional tool! :)

  • mike

    I’m lookin’ for stickers!! I love Sticker Mule!!

  • JLee

    I need a vehicle to spread my propaganda!

  • Natureszen

    StickerMule looks like the perfect companion for designers, the shear variety of die cut stickers add that extra finish that sets your project apart. Count me in.

  • Jen

    I love stickers! Designing, purchasing, and collecting :)

  • Anna Dulmes

    Hello tagging! I’d love some stickers of my logo/website to post all over campus!

  • Lien

    Yes, please! I need stickers so I can start my totally awesome design business.

  • Jacob

    I’d like to win to promote a new business I am launching