Web Design Podcasts Which Will Improve Your Life

Last year we published a post on 7 Great Podcasts for Web Designers which went down well with our readers.

Since then, several of the podcasts have dropped off the radar including arguably the most famous one of all time: BoagWorld.

At the same time a whole load of new web design related podcasts have sprung up, so today we’re going to take a look at the best way to get your web design news fix in audio format.

All of the podcasts covered here are linked directly through to iTunes so that you can instantly subscribe and download them straight from the source.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to tell us what you think in the comments!



1Arguably the best new web design podcast out there (though I may be biased), ExplicitWeb is presented by three people on the front lines of the web design industry: @johnonolan, @erisds and @robhawkes.

The format of the show is conversational, light hearted and to the point.

Generally it’s aimed at an intermediate to advanced level audience with occasional guest appearances from some top names in the industry.



Think Vitamin

2Think Vitamin Radio is a bi-weekly podcast, typically around 20 minutes in length.

Topics will include web design, web development and web applications as well as news and views from host Keir Whitaker with Ryan Carson and Mike Kus.

The Carsonified boys do a great job of presenting a highly informative show which discusses a wide variety of web design based topics as well news surrounding Carsonified events and work.



The Big Web Show

3The Big Web Show features special guests and topics like web publishing, art direction, content strategy, typography, web technology, and more.

It’s everything web that matters. Recorded live every Thursday at 1:00PM ET. hosted by Dan Benjamin and Jeffrey Zeldman.

One of the new ones for 2010, The Big Webshow is absolutely full of big names. This is absolutely the place to be if you want to get your web celeb fix, as well as some of the most bleeding-edge web design related topics.




4News, opinion, and fresh thinking for web developers and designers. The official podcast of sitepoint.com.

The SitePoint podcast isn’t a new one on the podcasting scene, these guys have been around for a good while now and they know exactly what they’re doing.

The SitePoint podcast differs from the others in that it covers news around the web and technology industries as well as just web design.



Web Design TV

5Hosted by award winning designer and writer Paul Wyatt. Paul’s worked with some of the biggest brands in the world such as the BBC, Sony BMG, Playstation and many more.

From the creators of .net magazine (or Practical Web Design, as it’s called in the US), Web Design TV is a world class audio and video podcast.

This podcast goes through all the usual web design related topics but also covers the tech industry as well as exclusive inside content from big name corporates.



The Web 2.0 Show

6The Web 2.0 Show is a podcast hosted by Adam Stacoviak that profiles the technology, people and businesses of Web 2.0 and the direction and future of the internets.

Not strictly a web design podcast, the Web 2.0 Show covers the most important new websites and influencers in the web community.

While specific web design advice isn’t always present, a huge amount can be gained from the multitude of fascinating guests.



Layers TV

7Adobe Creative Suite Tutorials, Reviews and Resources for Photographers, Designers, Illustrators and Developers.

Created by Adobe themselves, Layers TV is an audio and video podcast dedicated to tutorials surrounding all of Adobe’s Creative Suite products.

If this software makes up your staple diet of web design tools then this podcast should most certainly make up your staple diet of regular audio indulgences.




8AppClinic (formerly Quicktips for designers) covers many of the major titles in professional graphic, web and media design software in a video tutorial format.

Covered are tips, techniques and best practices to enhance your design workflow and knowledge of the applications.

The ApplClinic podcast again covers a multitude of web design related topics, though frequently has fantastic insights into the uses of Adobe’s Creative Suite software.




9A look at the world of 37signals, the Chicago-based web application company. Discussions about business, design, experience, simplicity, and more. Featuring Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson.

Similar to the Web 2.0 Show, the 37Signals podcast isn’t specifically about web design but it does cover important news, products and individuals in the online web and business communities.

Again, a lot can be learned from the fantastic content covered.



Freelance Radio

10The panel of experts from FreelanceSwitch.com bring you advice, tips and resources for freelancers every episode.

Whether you’re freelancing full-time, doing side contract jobs or just starting to think about your own freelance switch, tune in to learn more about our chosen way of life.

Relevant to all freelancers, the FreelanceSwitch podcast is hosted by various members of the massive Envato team across the world. Not the most regular podcast in the world, but always worth a listen.


This post was authored exclusively for WDD by John O’Nolan, a core member of the WordPress UI Team, writer and entrepreneur based in Surrey in the United Kingdom. John loves to talk to people, so why not follow @JohnONolan on twitter too?

What do you think? Have we missed out any really great podcasts which you think web designers should be listnening to? Are you a fan of any of the ones mentioned here? Let us know in the comments!

  • http://www.christopherpinches.co.uk Christopher Pinches

    Hey we have an up and coming videocast / aduiboos for web / graphic designers. We have a few big names from the industry which have also agreed to do interviews with us.

    Have a check here:


    Cheers Team Chirpag

  • http://helikopta.com Bill

    Great list of podcasts, especially 37 Signals which is a must listen. Here are a couple more I listen to related to web, but not all specific to web design:

    Boag World & Boag’s Audio Boo (currently dormant for the next 6 months)
    Adaptive Path Podcast – in-depth business-level analysis of design
    The WordPress Podcast – all about WP
    Nettuts – Web tutorials
    Net@night – More entertainment-style web news
    BBC Digital Planet – short documentaries on the latest digital happenings

    Few more subscriptions, but yet to really get into them:

    UIE Brainsparks
    Web Standards Group Podcast
    The official jQuery Podcast
    CSS Tricks – CSS tutorials
    Pop Tech
    Please Start from the Beginning – Interviews with popular designers

  • Derrick Koon

    I have to say that I would include DOCTYPE even though the show is on a break at the moment it is definately a great source especially for beginners.

    • http://www.bobbyadamson.com/ Bobby Adamson

      Yeah DOCTYPE! needs to go up for sure.

      Also, Freelance Switch podcast is over (sadly :() It was great though and the old episodes are still great listens

  • http://www.jasonneel.com Jason Neel

    I think you need to include Doctype (www.doctype.tv) in your list. While they are currently on a brief hiatus, and the format of the show thus far has been more tutorial in nature rather than a conversational or news focused podcast, I think it’s very relevant for web designers and developers.

  • http://www.childmonster.com/ Childmonster

    Alway improve yoursefl

  • Cedric W

    I would like to recommend The Faceoff >> http://faceoffshow.com . They have a great weekly podcast on web, design, business strategies, applications, and more.

  • John

    Really? iTunes links for them all?

    • http://john.onolan.org JohnONolan

      Hi John, really sorry the article wasn’t formatted to your liking – what would you prefer? For future reference?

      • http://openskymedia.com Jason

        Nettuts did a very similar list today or yesterday. They provided links to RSS (feedburner) as well as iTunes. Some of us don’t use iTunes. For example, I use Miro to watch and listen to podcasts and transfer them to my android phone for listening to elsewhere. It would be nice if you provided links to more open formats and not a closed system like Apple’s.

  • http://www.bradstrickland.com Brad Strickland

    FreelanceSwitch was canceled. =(

  • http://www.thefreelancegeek.com/ The Freelance Geek

    Excellent! Many thanks.

  • http://www.MarkHiatt.com/ Mark Hiatt

    I really miss Boag World and wonder what came up, there. I’m looking forward to their return, if it happens. It was about the best blend of tech, news and humor, or humour, for me. I can’t go along with the recommendation for “Freelance Radio” though. I subscribed for a while, but man, some of their podcasts were nearly two hours long! Who can give up that much of their working life to listen people talk about improving your business?

  • http://etomco.com Tom

    My 90-120min commute to work and back just got a little bit more tolerable

  • http://febriansyah.biz/ febri

    Try Yayquery. They great, funny, and informative. But they not regullary update anymore :(

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    Nice roundup.

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    great, thanks for sharing.

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    Nice list of podcasts – I am sure going to have a listen to some of them.

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    lol as soon as saw Explicit at the top I knew John wrote this article! ;-)

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      What are you trying to say Ian? That ExplicitWeb doesn’t deserve to be at the top?! =O

  • http://www.kelleythompson.com KelleyT

    Looks like a great list – I’ll have to check them out!

    One issue – the first one I tried to check out (The Big Web Show) is linked to http://show/.

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    I’m assuming it is http://5by5.tv/bigwebshow.

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      Thanks for pointing that out. We’ve corrected this.

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