Stunning Collection of Human Flowers

Take a look at these ‘flowers’... Are you sure you’re seeing flowers actually? Look closely and be ready to be amazed…

These are human bodies! Here is an unbelievable and out of this world compilation of “human flowers”.

These stunning illusions are created through the use of cleverly laid out bodies painted in different colors. You’ll find it hard not to be amazed and inspired by these images…

In spite of our best efforts, we weren’t able to locate the name of the author of these photographs. Since WDD has a large audience, we’re hoping that one of our readers can point us to the author and source of these so that we can credit them properly.

Enjoy this amazing collection and let us know what you think in the comments!

UPDATE: Many thanks to Jared for updating us about the name of the artist. Check her site, her name is Cecelia Webber

What do you think of this amazing collection? Please share your comments with us! 

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  • shonatiger

    Creepy! But .. Interesting.

  • seo expert coimbatore

    Very nice designs. Unbelievable..

  • Jodi White

    Oh wow! These are incredibly beautiful. They look like real flowers in the first look until you take a closer look, especially the peacock one.

  • piyansitll

    woooww very very nice works thanks for sharing

  • Hello07

    Very clever and creative. Thanks for sharing – now I hope I can do the addition to prove I am human :)

  • Jorgen

    These are great photographs.
    Via I found out there are apparently of the Iranian Progressive Group.
    See &

    • Walter

      Yes, I saw that link but it’s not the real author. Thanks to Jared we located the author and posted her name and website above.

  • Ryan

    Creepy but cool. Thanks!

  • Curtis Scott

    These are amazingly creepy to me. Thanks for sharing!

  • tiansworld

    Really amazing,
    First saw they were flowers, but when closely looking at them, fantastic!
    Especially the last one, too real to distinguish

  • Dale

    A lot of thought, work and effort has gone into these, hours, days, weeks …
    Just amazing … but will it be appreciated?

    • Dirk

      Not by me. Sorry :p

      To each his own, I guess :)

  • Jenna

    I wish there were also men in these images. They would seem a little more complete.

  • Heath

    Wow… never seen people used as an art medium before. Pretty cool.

  • Rafi

    Superb collection. I really like this creative human flowers collection. Thanks

  • SampeiMihira

    Marvellous !
    Thanks for widening our mental perception of beautiful form of arts !

  • Courtney

    A little weird, but cool!

  • Jared

    The art is by an artist I work with, Cecelia Webber. You can see it at Thanks for your support. Feel free to email me for information. I’ll alert her to this posting as well!

    • Walter

      Wow, a million thanks!!! I just updated the post with her name and link. Thanks again!

  • Barbara

    Definitely the coolest thing I have seen in a long time. Beautifully constructed concept art.

  • Magento Themes

    ohhhhhh wowww!

    Looking good! Great collection of flowers.
    thanks for shearing.

  • Allen

    The peacock looks crazy!

  • Cecelia Webber

    Hi guys, thanks for all the comments and to for posting my work! It’s really awesome to see your comments :)!! For the record there is a piece with a man in it – the one with multicolored (red, orange, yellow, and pink) flowers growing up on the same vine. There will be more pieces with men in the future works, and there is another one on my site “Bird of Paradise,” with a male modeling the poses. Right now I do a lot of the poses myself, so there is a bias towards the female form. Thanks again! Cecelia

    • Walter

      Thanks Cecelia :)

  • Childmonster

    Wow~ Very nice !!!

  • Boomer

    Amazing work, very creative.

  • John Peet

    Great images, though very freaky. Love the Dandelion

  • 24design

    wow..! cool
    This looks absolutely perfect.
    I like it a lot

  • andry

    Great idea. Immediately and can not say that this track mud people!

  • Web Designers

    this is awesome, so unique and creative :)

  • David Brown

    Thanks for sharing, really amazing and nice.

    David Brown

  • donetsk

    Very creativ photos and it would be interesting to know history of their creating and more about author or authors, unfortunately, on the site of IRP-GROUP I’ve found nothing.

    Thank you

    • Jared

      The artist is Cecelia Webber, and her website is, where you can find out all of that information about her!

  • pinky