Win $2,500 from CodeMyConcept

One of the worst nightmares of some designers can be dealing with the coding aspect of a website. Design comes easy for many of designers, but not everyone.

This is where Code My Concept comes to the rescue. They’re a great company offering PSD to HTML conversions at really great prices.

All their work is 100% hand coded, and they don’t just do plain HTML conversions, they can also handle WordPress, Drupal, Magento and Joomla implementations. All of their work comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

One week from today, we’ll be giving away $2,500 worth of Code My Concept services in gift cards to 4 lucky WDD readers, which you can use for your design conversions with them.

Read more about Code My Concept and our great giveaway after the jump.

Here’s some more information about Code My Concept:


The Code My Concept Team

CodeMyConcept is the fastest growing and best PSD to HTML service on the planet. We take your designs and turn them into beautiful hand-coded and W3C standard compliant websites.

Here we believe in amazing design, web usability, and standards. We are an absolutely amazing team who work in an extremely creative environment. We aren’t a bunch of robots or a company without a face.

We are young, passionate and enthusiastic and it oozes out into everything we do.

Here you actually get to talk with us and your programmers. You ask them questions, they work with you on your project and make sure you leave 110% happy.

Code My Concept’s code is cross browser compatible, search engine optimized and loads fast. Their services start at only $79 for the first page and $45 for a sub-page.

Here are the awesome prizes:

1 x $1000 gift card for one lucky winner
3 x $500 gift cards for 3 lucky runners up.



Please note that winners of previous contests have sometimes been disqualified for not adhering to the rules, so please read the entry requirements carefully:

To participate, simply leave a comment about CodeMyConcept below or post a link below to a retweet that you made about this contest. The results will be announced here on WDD on October 13th, 2010.

Only one entry per person. Duplicate entries will be voided. Winners will also be contacted via email.

Good luck to everyone!!

UPDATE: Here are the 4 winners:

$1000 gift card for #60 – Pablo Seidel
$500 gift card for #300 – Sanat

$500 gift card for
#305 – ercn1903
$500 gift card for #168 – SteffenS

  • KiT

    Sounds great :)

  • Richard

    I’d love to try them out! it’s such a hassle for graphic designers like me to design coded websites and implement your designs perfect… hope i can make a chance to win! :D

  • Sean

    Sounds like a great contest! Very nice prizes!

  • kilinkis

    CodeMyConcept seems awesome! i think they are different to the other many companies doing similar work

  • Irene Demetri

    This is such a great opportunity for all us Web Designers out there…Hope I win!

    Retweeted ;)

  • Alex Nolan
  • mastersson


    and digging the idea of CodemyConcept. A tool I would consider using in the future.

  • Mathew Carpenter

    Looks like an excellent service – would love to try it out! Retweeted:!/DesignerDepot/status/26539373841

  • edwardo


  • Peter Brazier

    This sounds like an amazing contest, been a web designer I constant have trouble getting designs to work with wordpress and it would be a great opportunity to get it done otherways.

    Thanks Code My Concept

  • April Salvador

    Hi, first time i heard about Code my Concept and it seems that your services are great! At least now i know who will run to incase i”ll be needing this kind of services.

    More power to you guys!

  • Edward

    Yeah, coding my designs is really a nightmare. I wonder if $75 for the main page is an average price on the market. Any opinions from more experienced designers?

    P.S. Yeah and of course I am happy to participate and hope to win =)

    • Edward

      WoW – first time my comment is the first :->

      • DataMouse

        Or 11th ;-)

  • Aarti Pandit

    Was thinking of creating my own “home on the web” for sometime now..and this comes as great opportunity..Hoping to be one of the winners (fingers crossed)

  • otha

    Really, I like its services and work so much and I hope I have a change to work with them

    best for all

  • george

    Seems like a great contest! Good luck to everyone!!!

  • Kenneth Nordahl
  • Mario Awad

    Lovely office :D Good luck to all. Cheers :D

  • Jalal Eddin Omary
  • Peter Dedene

    That’s one awesome contest!!

    CodeMyConcept seems like an amazing company to do business with. I’m looking forward to using their service!

  • Eelco Verbrugge

    Pick me CodeMyConcept! ; )

  • flashmac

    I’m intrigued to know whether these companies offer such a service that it is cheaper and much more time efficient for them to code a site than for me to do it myself. I guess a gift card might just give me the nudge to try em out!
    Fingers crossed.
    Thanks WDD.

  • David Horn

    Ah – CodeMyConcept looks great … hoping to win one of the vouchers! I’ve tweeted this page here:


  • Anders

    Tried a few PD2HTML services. Not happy with any of them, so I might try this one next time.

    Too bad their portfolio page is not working (links to code and live sites)

  • Alexander Carlsen

    Code my Concept seems like one of the more serious PSD to HTML services out there. I would love to win a gift card :)

  • Coworker Quotes

    CodeMyConcept sounds absolutely amazing. I hardly know php and trying to transform PSD files into WordPress themes is a huge issue for me. I would love to win this prize!

    Thanks guys!

  • Ann

    webdesign coding indeed brings me sometimes to the limit

  • konki

    Nice idea! Would love to win!

  • Jahangir

    I recently contacted codemyconcept company about 2 of my sites coding (from PSD to WordPress) and I find their quotation very reasonable. I will definitely hire them for my work. Just need to save some money first :)

    ~ Jahangir

  • Pierre

    Great prize, as I’m a WordPress theme designer, it would be quite helpful and will save me some time on a design !!
    Thanks for the giveaway …

  • Chris Meyer

    Really Amazing Services guys, keep on codin ;)

  • Andy

    Hard to pass up a great contest like this. Would love to have Code My Concepts convert a couple of my designs.

  • WPThemeInfo

    Simply want to thanks you as you have been giving us wonderful tips, tricks and news to the web design community and now you have come up with the future of the web technology resource which every one has to adapt at some point of time in future.


  • WPThemeInfo

    Simply want to thanks you as you have been giving us wonderful tips, tricks and news to the web design community and now you have come up with the future of the web technology resource which every one has to adapt at some point of time in future.


  • st.

    CodeMyConcept seems to have very good prices. Will recommend for sure.

  • Shane O’Grady
  • sada

    Very Good contest!!! I love to win this…

  • brianna

    I didn’t know company’s like this existed!! I will def. be looking into this!!/briannasue

  • Alex Inoa

    I think this is a really cool service, I hope they keep growing fast, but also keep the low prices… ;)

  • Babs

    I have always been a little hesitant about using psd-to-html services. Perhaps one of your vouchers can win me over :)

    Cheers, Babs

  • Minnix
  • Al Power

    WOOHOO :) i love CodeMyConcept! gimme gimme gimme! :-)

  • Donny Pandega
  • Martin

    I had a look at the site of CodeMyConcept and they offer some great deals! PSD to WordPress starting at just $119.- is like stealing candy from a baby:-).

    On their “Our Work” page there are some examples of what they have done and man that is some impressive stuff!

    I definately would love to win the option to have some of my coding done by CodeMyConcept!

  • Raoul

    awesome, That company is great…

  • Jake Rocheleau
  • Retouch

    I think $79 is a reasonable price for such type of work. I also like they are able to create WP, Drupal or Joomla themes.

  • Luca

    Wow! Cool contest this time…I’d like to win this prize.

  • Lucas Sebastian Vazquez

    Good luck to everyone.
    (Hope i win!)

  • Edwin

    Nice giftcards. I wonder if they can do it better then me ;)

  • ximi

    Another great giveaway from you guys!
    I haven’t used the services of “Code my Concept” so far, but they sure sound amazing and I would gladly see with my own eyes how good they are!

  • Aaron

    Code My Concept looks like an awesome company to work with, and I have a project coming up within a week or two that will allow me to give them a try. I didn’t have a great experience with my last PSD to HTML company so I’m hoping that this one goes smoother. I love that they do PSD to WordPress too!

  • chris

    YES, i will try teh services of CodeConcept. So, let me win ;)

    grz. Chris

  • Sarath

    All i can say at a moment like this is “WOW”….. thank you codemyconcept and webdesignerdepot….

  • Remus Corcaci

    Woot! One of the greatest contests I’ve seen thus far.!/remusc/status/26545723639

  • Jeremiah Selengia

    Simply the best service!! Love CODE MY CONCEPT

  • Shankar

    Wonderful one.
    Add me to in the list.

  • Jorge A. Díaz

    Wow!!! +3400 Happy clients. RT from:

  • Pablo Seidel

    That’s a great idea! Many webdesigners can create awesome templates, but fail in converting it to HTML. And those who know how to do that, charge too much. So, I’m thankful to know about that new company and their prices.

  • Ecrmnn
  • Rachel

    What an absolutely AMAZING giveaway! That is so generous of Code My Concept. This would be so good for some sites I want to do – just have no knowledge of coding in Magento and other systems – they’re quite scary! This is definitely my favourite giveaway so far as well…good luck everyone! :)

  • Kevin

    Wow I can’t believe the price that offers to convert a PSD into HTML. I will defiantly use them for some future projects. Sometimes even a programmer doesn’t have time to code designers concepts and this service is cheap fast and affordable.

  • Mohammad
  • Brandon

    All your concepts are belong to me!

    No, nice site! Good luck everyone!

  • Sean

    Wow! This sounds great. I’m more of a developer than a designer so I’m usually the one doing the coding. However I am attending school to learn more of the design side of things and I would love to have this service from CodeMyConcept. I can definitely see me using them.

  • Thomas Townsend

    Code My Concept “YES” seems to be what I need for a new Nutrion/Fitness CMS EZINE site I am working on.

  • Fernando

    Looks like the work of is great! They “translate” PSD to the web.
    Looking foward to win this one! Thanks!

  • Filip Ciahotný

    For every work, there sould be a profesional :-) and these people looks profesional enough ;-). I have never tried their services before, but If I’m lucky I’ll look forward to. Great for not-coding webdesigners :)

  • adam becker

    I’ve used these guys before and they’re great. Would love to use them again with those beautiful gift cards.

  • Kevin @Designer’s Digest

    wow, awesome giveaway. I haven’t tried codemyconcept yet. I would love to test their quality. I will surely review about them after trying.

    Please do count me in.


  • Karin

    awesome service!

  • Ryan Lowe

    I’ve heard good things about this company but haven’t had a chance to use them yet. Maybe soon. Great contest/promo.

  • Ari Arsyadi

    Hi, as a freelance designer as well as a graphic design lecturer in a college in Indonesia, I surely need high quality website to get my business up and running. I believe this giveaway will be highly useful for me as I have a design to be coded but I don’t know how to code. I imagine how easier my work and design process will become with this service and I will absolutely pass on this news about how important high quality code service to my students and my peers.

    Already followed both WDD and CodeMyConcept on twitter and here is the retweet:

    Many Thanks.

  • go

    cool office!

  • Evan

    This company has a great idea, and coding is a special service that everyone could use. I def think this business is a winner. I’d love to try them out!!

  • Amanda Garcia

    This is exactly what I need for the projects I have been wanting to do! I feel held back by the coding aspect all the time and this is a great solution and affordable :)

  • Julian

    Nice offer. Really like to get one of those. Keep up the good work and contests WD. Cheers

  • Will Plummer

    I’d love to enter this competition :)

  • Gert van den Brink

    I never used the service of CodeMyConcept but from the information I got from the website your work looks great! The FAQ page cleared out all my questions about the service.

    Of course I hope to win the giftcard, but even if I don’t, there is a good chance I’ll be using this amazing service soon.

    Good luck everyone!

    And of course, thanks to this amazing site for one more contest :)

  • Austin

    CodeMyConcept looks like a great service! I’m actually wanting to create an online design portfolio, but don’t have a lot of experience with coding. It would be amazing to be able to submit my psd files and receive proper coding.

  • Michael

    These guys are great. Fast, responsive with spot on HTML and CSS. You could not ask for more!!!! Awesome company!

  • Jake

    I’d love to have a gift card to Code My Concept! I haven’t used them before, but I have used PSD to HTML services before and it saves me a lot of time and headache!

  • Matt27

    Winning this would be an actual life saver for me at the moment! magento is KICKING my ass :(

  • Vitor Marques

    This looks like a great company to work with.. and such a lovely office space =)

  • Kyle U

    Here’s what I have to say about CodeMyConcept: CodeMyConcept is the fastest growing and best PSD to HTML service on the planet. We take your designs and turn them into beautiful hand-coded and W3C standard compliant websites.

  • Richard Kligman

    Sounds really great! Would really like to try them out!

  • Jeff M.

    This is an interesting prize; I typically markup my own sites but this could come in handy if I am in a time crunch. It may also help me to be less hesitant do a favor for a friend. Seems like a pretty awesome prize!

  • disgenia

    I wanna win! :-P

  • Alexandru

    codemyconcept office seems really nice. I’d join the team :)

  • Braden

    Being a graphic designer this service would help me immensely! I am not to verse in coding but understand how to create a nice layout. This could have helped me out with some big projects in the past and look forward to checking these guys out when i need to build a new site!

    Great article!

  • Andy Smiff

    Just retweeted this comp at This is the first comp on webdesignerdepot that has really grabbed my attention!

    I wonder if Code My Concept would code a web application I am wokring on? If I don;t win the comp I may just have to ask them ;-)

  • Bridget

    Awesome! love that they create can wordpress themes too.

  • Evan

    I really am slow at coding and I think I do it a bit incorrectly…which is why I would love to have code my concept code up my designs :D

  • Luc Lapierre

    First comment. I should win.

  • Paul Sanduleac
  • Tricia

    CodeMyConcept appears to be a great solution for those who need a quick turn around from a PSD to a HTML file. I would love to win one of the gift certificates.

  • Jenny

    Awesome giveaway!
    I have been struggling trying to make wordpress themes out of my PSDs, so Code My Concept would be the perfect solution :D

  • William

    Cement doc copy is an anagram of Code my Concept, and I’m sure they cement relations with your customers, fully document all their work and…and…and I’m sure you can complete the sentence!

  • Prose Princess

    CodeMyConcept seems like a respectable and friendly company, I hope I win!

  • William

    …and that should be ‘their customers’.

  • Lonnie

    Count me in.

  • Steve

    I have been wanting to try one of these PSD to HTML services. Very Cool!

  •!/janejavier jane

    good day!
    hey how to win this thing. i need a tons of money to buy car. this is a great page. thanks. more powers to you guys.

  • Eric C

    I could really use this service! I just have to figure out which project to use it on…

    • Eric C

      I’ve tried other competing servies in the past – sometimes results have been good but more often than not I’ve been left wanting more. Code My Concept looks interesting and I’d love to give them a shot! There are no where near enough hours in the day so this is exactly the kind of service I need :)

  • Mu

    Maybe I’ll try that later winning the first prize. :-)

  • Adrian

    Seem like a cool bunch! Looks like a nice office as well!

  • ami

    me! me !me!

  • Rachelle

    Here’s a link to my retweet:

    *fingers crossed* hope I win!!

  • t hopkins

    I would love to try this… I’m what you speak of… designer without a coder!

  • Simon

    Sounds amazing, cant wait to check out their work.. :)

  • Mija

    This is a dream come true. So many times I have a nice idea and dread figuring out the coding!

  • Ting

    I’m starting over and Code My Concept is fantastic!

  • Antonio williams

    I would like to win

  • Mark

    This place sounds great. Can’t wait to try them out. Thanks WDD!

  • Vincent Valentino

    Coding without Curry? Fantastic concept! Love it! I’ll give them a call whether or not I win. (Winning is cool though)

  • Sarah R. Lewis

    I haven’t used CodeMyConcept before, but I’ve used similar services with wildly differing results. I like that CMC lets customers communicate with the actual programmers and generally seem to be customer-centric, and I’d love to win a gift card and try them out on my next project! (Though come to think of it, I could really use them on my current project…. hmm…)

  • Thiago I.R
  • kim edgard

    Nice ^_^

  • Dougydoug

    Yeah! Great idea, I’d like to be the one who will win the 1000$ gift :-p Who knows… Ah ah!

  • minaz

    Great concept, I wish I had heard about you when I implemented my website!

  • Ivan Escalante

    This is great! awesome!

  • Jeremy Andrews

    This contest sounds great! I’ve looked at using “code my concept” before but had never jumped in, this could be a great opportunity

  • Oliver

    CodeMyConcept reminds me of psd2html. Although I like the fact they also do wordpress, etc. Wouldnt want just the plain html. :P

  • olga

    Nice concept and great gift!

  • Joel

    They like what they do and it shows- also looks like they have a cool office. I hope I win, but even if not, good to know they are out there- might need to call on them for a special project!

  • Shane Scranton

    Sounds like a great contest. I’m working on site a design right now that could use some hand written HTML!

  • Robert Hoppe

    Winning this card would be awesome :)

  • Andy

    This could be pretty useful.

  • Annie Burns

    This contest is great. With everything merging towards object oriented scripting and programing now it’s sometimes a bit hard to catch up. There are so many more things we can do on the web now which are making way more dynamic. Yeah! I hope i get to win this contest!


  • Gabrielle Aizenberg

    This is an amazing opportunity! I am a designer in NYC with a bunch of projects on my plate. Usually, I work with a specific programmer, but he is currently swamped too and I would love to get some outside help… Pretty please pick me :)


  • Bas


  • Aldo Gustavo

    This is a fantastic tool to the designer who makes a great layout but don’t know how to code that with the web standards. Thanks a lot, this will help a teach a lot of people!

  • Jonathan P
  • Pacek

    I feel like winning it ;)

  • Clement Wan

    It would be cool to try them out!

  • Darwin S

    Me win

  • Steven

    One of the biggest annoyances of a graphics designer is the time spent trying to take his design and put it on the web. I can’t wait to try out Code My Concept!

  • Jessica Weber

    Code My Concept looks like a fantastic service, they have really great prices and I can’t wait to try them.

  • Jesse Drujon

    I haven’t used Code My Concept yet, though in my email correspondence with one of their reps it was a very painless experience. They responded to my inquiry quite promptly and answered my difficult questions. I hope to use them for my next project actually…would be great timing!

  • Fatima Burke

    Code My Concept works wonders for my company. They do awesome work! They also listen to and make changes when their customers make suggestions about things that can be improved upon. I won’t use anyone else for as long as CMC is around.

  • Felix

    sounds nice :)

  • Boost Inspiration

    Great contest. Here’s the retweet link!/bstinspiration/status/26556615820

  • Rahul Arora

    I have never used such service so it would be definitely nice to give it a try.

  • Jonathan Curran

    awesome contest as usual. code my concept is great. they have been involved in many projects i have worked on and always deliver excellent results.

  • Ap-3

    “Retweeted” :)

  • Richard

    Code My Concept should like a wonderful service and this is an awesome prize!

  • Brian Lucas

    I would love to try this out. (If they’re good, I’d like to start outsourcing my code, too, it’s just not my strong-suit.)

  • todos
  • Matt

    Great opportunity, and their service sounds great.

  • Nadine

    I would love to win this (fingers crossed!!) – I have a few projects in mind that I could use this for!

  • victoria pandaface

    love your work guys! my company uses your services a lot and we are very happy with it

  • Austin Knighit

    I’m working on a new site right now, never tried a PSD to HTML before! :)

  • Adam

    CMC rocks

  • mstarback

    Wow ! I would be so lucky to win ! I just hate code ! Ahah !

  • Kevin Mist

    It would be nice to take a break from coding for a site! Let someone else haggle with ie6 and all of the other annoyances that come with proper coding..

    Thanks for the chance.

    Kevin Mist
    kMist Design

  • Mike

    Sometimes its tough to actually get your pretty PSD to translate into a great semantic website. Code my concepts looks like it bridges that gap!

  • Maggie!/mharrah/status/26569301299

    Thanks for the great contest! This sounds like something I could really utilize.

  • Steve Robillard

    This is a great opportunity to see the process from the designers perspective thanks Code My Concept.

    My tweet can be seen here

  • Justin DiMucci

    I love how many PSD to HTML companies like Code My Concept are popping up these days. Being a designer, building out the groundwork and slicing and coding the PSD files is my least favorite part. Using companies like this is a great tool and helps turn projects around at a much faster and efficient rate as well as lets me focus at the parts I do best. Hopefully I am lucky enough to get my hands on one of these gift cards.

  • Ben albers

    Everything I have heard about the work done by Code My Concept had been very positive. I can’t wait to work with them.

  • Megan

    CodeMyConcept seems awesome! I could really use this to finish up my portfolio website…finally!

  • Nicolas Sztabzyb

    Cmc has a nice office.


  • Daniel

    I bit pricey, when used to getting designs by unemployed students etc ;)
    But a simple and useful service!

  • Sara Franklin

    This looks fantastic! I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. I’d love to try them out!

  • Bob

    I love concepts and code :)

    I also like how open these guys are, they have done a great job building a service that you can trust + it is not offshore.

    I would use this up very fast.


  • SteffenS
  • Brent Spore

    Wow! I hadn’t heard of these guys till now (go RSS). I can guarantee my next project will have CodeMyConcept in the mix. Thanks WDD


  • brian piercy
  • Chez

    I just called them and spoke to a rep. They are super friendly and helpful. Going to give them a project later today in fact. Can’t wait to see how it turns out. Thanks for sharing WDD!

  • embro

    Have made good experiences with services like this. Maybee I’ll give it a go.

  • Alex Cheng

    Wow, I would love to try out some of their services. Better yet I hope I win =)

  • Jenny

    Wow – I am so excited about CodeMyConcept services. Their services will give me more time to design (which I love) and spend less time coding. Perfect!

  • Vincent K

    Really like to win, and send-in some funky designs over to Code My Concept. I like to handcode designs myself but are also curious how CMC code my PSD to rocksolid HTML.

  • DataMouse

    It’s a great service. I used it a while ago for a Joomla! conversion. Very good.

  • James DiRito

    CodeMyConcept would be a great blessing in my world. I’m a full time student who could really benefit from having a team help make some important ideas come to reality

  • Dave H

    I would love to win this… I’ve got multiple projects coming up — from web sites to CMS to MailChimp html emails… I would love to have help from CodeMyConcept.

  • Yvaine

    I trully think Code My Concept is a brilliant idea. As a graphic designer I sometimes have to deal with my strange and sometimes difficult to code projects, that’s why I’ve always wanted there was somebody who does it instead of me. Finally! What a great concept for a company! Anyway I’m gonna use you guys for sure one day! Best wishes, Code my concept!

  • AlexAltea

    WOW! Nice contest! I’d like to win..! ;)

  • kit

    the possibilities are endless. would like to win this one.
    fo show

  • Rahul Joshi

    Whenever I have a design in mind.. I am unable to come up with it what exactly I started with. I think getting it done from CodeMyCocept would be a good try.

  • Yoshimi

    Geez, CodeMyConcept sounds like a dream. What an awesome giveaway :)!!

  • Eric Wicks

    Sweet! I’ve been looking for a new coding company and with prices like that I can’t resist using code my concept!

  • Will B.

    CodeMyConcept sounds like the kind of company that needed to exist, but had not until now. I would definitely use this service for building client websites.

  • Piotr
  • taloweb

    I would like to try “codemyconcept” services, but I hope I can win this price…so I can enjoy more!

  • Luis Acosta

    WOW! def a service i’d be interested in!

  • Philip Stringfellow

    Through Twitter I’ve found CodeMyConcept awesome guys who really dig the work they do, and every one of their customers are happy. This is a great contest, and whoever wins will definitely be happy with the final outcome.

    I’d like to win so I can complete this project I’m doing for a charity for free, and can’t quite get my head around the final design I’ve done to turn it into code.

  • suki

    Wow fantastic!~ would definitely love to try them out ^.^
    Thanks in advance if I win~

  • MAX
  • David Cole

    This sounds like a great service, it would really come in handy with my clients!

  • http://- David

    It’s a great opportunity to take advantage of, since they do wordpress convertions!.

    Would like to give it a try!

  • Aze

    Oh my! excellent service for those last minute and adjusted deadlines that come my way! All the best =D

  • Superman

    Ya maybe i will use them…

  • Louis Lebel

    CMC rocks !

  • Chris

    SweeT! the lip concept of the office is odd

  • Chris Cox

    Wondering how the per-page pricing model applies to something like Magento…

  • Nik

    Awesome Stuff! Prices are really good!

  • Jerry-Lee


  • Nick Koster

    I checked out their website earlier this week and i really love the way they present themselves.
    It was the first site about slicing that i really liked. I read every single letter on the site and it was cool to get to know the team and all that stuff.

    I really hope i win, just starting as a freelancer and this would sure kick things off!!

    Thanks for providing such a price :)

  • Milena Markovich

    My problems are over! I’ll just win $2,500 from webdesignerdepot and CodeMyConcept, and I don’t have to suffer any more.

  • Jesse orndorff

    They lost me as a customer. I sent them 3 projects, communication was late on all of them, one they forgot about changes I requested and let the project sit for a few additional days. I found the code to be fine, but nothing amazing.

    Sorry to burst the CodeMyConcept bubble but I have had better luck elsewhere. They were quick to refund my money back though, which was nice.

  • Alex

    Great Team pictures ;)
    Also I’d like to start working with them.

  • tim

    nice work from code my concepts just watched their portfolio!

  • Jon

    I would LOVE to win! Thanks for offering this!

  • Connor Crosby

    This is an awesome giveaway! Thanks!

  • enoch
  • Andrew Champ

    *fingers crossed* Sounds like a great win!

  • Bill

    That’s totally awesome! The office is beautiful too.

  • ngassmann

    Love CodeMyConcept. Use them and have tried many others. Haven’t found one as reliable as them. Free gift certificates to use them again? Count me in!

  • YR

    There’s tons of places that do PSD to HTML, but….templates? Hard to find places that do that, especially at CMC’s prices.

  • Tracy Wallace

    Had never heard of them so thanks for the heads up and the competition

  • Alex A

    Great stuff

  • Jade Colley

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