Amazing Type in the Sky Photography

In 2005 German student Lisa Rienermann spent a semester in Barcelona. While standing in a little courtyard, she looked up to the sky…

“I saw houses, the sky, clouds and a “Q”. The negative space in-between the houses formed a letter. I loved the idea of the sky as words, the negative being the positive. If I could find a “Q”, other letters should be somewhere around the corner.”

Lisa spent the next few weeks running around and looking up to the sky, and slowly found all the letters of the alphabet. This became a project for her Typography class at the Folkwang School of design in Germany, which has won her several awards and recognition.

In this post, we present Lisa’s work in both poster format and for the first time, Lisa has also kindly provided us with the large image of each of the letters.

You can find more about Lisa and her work at her website

Here’s the full poster containing all the letters:


And here are all of the letters at large sizes. Note that some letters have more than one variation. The exclamation and question marks are included at the end of the post.

You can find out more about Lisa’s work by visiting her website:

What do you think of Lisa’s work and the combination of type and architecture? Please share your comments below!

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  • Windtee

    Now this… is original! Awesome effects.

  • Darkened Soul

    nice find, nice find, not very usable for designing readable websites though, but indeed, nice find ;)

  • Bart Jacobs

    It’s original, that’s the least you can say! I’d like to see an entire website with a font based on this type …

    • Samantha

      You would…?

  • fuzzimo

    This is very cool and original! Thanks for posting it.

  • Jim

    Interesting work, great job.

  • Izzy roll

    really cool, love the idea.

  • Eze

    Very cool, but, some looks photoshoped

  • Curtis Scott

    Creative and could easily be created using Photoshop!

  • Tomasz Kowalczyk

    Amazing! Please post more posts like THIS one. ;]

  • Justin Carroll

    The creative ways in which one can use negative space never ceases to amaze me. Great work.

  • w3bdesign

    wow :) Cool font!! Thanks!

  • Istvan

    Nice typo! Beautiful work Lisa!

  • David Landi

    These are really cool!!!

  • Kaj-Ivar

    Really cool collection! Very creative and inspiring.

  • John Peet

    Great innovation, I think the “Q” is my favourite. Can see this being widely followed

  • Lisa Miller

    Interesting. Now, how the heck does one find such buildings? ;)

  • http://rolling-webdesign-com Theo

    Great idea, i like this sort of stuff !

  • Bernie Carpio

    Wow! Amazing

  • Shankar

    Cool And Amazing

  • 337design

    I love photography………first time I see sky photography thanks for sharing

  • Eigil Hoeyrup

    Oh this is Sooo Barcelona! Makes me smile :)

  • adam

    Oldie but Good.

  • Nate Hunzaker

    Oh wow… I avoided this post on my reader for a while because I just thought it was text drawn by airplanes. This is totally different than I expected.

  • supremus

    Nice thing , great job.

    Where are that buildings ?

  • crumble

    Created using photoshop was what sprung to my mind too. I see how you can find several letters in this way, but all of them I find it hard to believe. The Q in particular, am I to believe that has not been manipulated in any way?

    Great idea though.

  • Scott

    Wow, it’s a clever idea but definitely works better when viewed further away.

  • Windandsummer

    Awesome, douce, simple et extraordinaire :)

  • Maxime De Greve

    Wow this original! Like it! Long time that I saw such an original type!

  • rmmoul

    Anyone else get confused for a second by the 2nd ‘E’ in the high-res versions?

  • Aeris

    Great artists sees things that others can’t and this collection showcases that kind of imaginative thinking .. thanks for sharing :)