The Word Art of Juan Osborne

“A picture is worth a thousand words’. We’re sure you’ve heard this expression a million times before, but you probably have not quite ‘seen’ it yet…

Juan Osborne is a Spanish architect and designer, that has literally taken this expression and created stunning art with this concept. His amazing compositions are made up of words,  literally thousands of words!

He starts his process by collecting words from books, speeches, movies and recreates photographs and painting using these words laid out in a way so that they form the picture.

Just like with tags on blogs, the more repetition he encounters for each keyword, the bigger it appears in the final composition.

In this post, we’ve compiled some of his more unique works, which include classics such as “The Scream” to more contemporary visualizations for a character on the TV show “Lost” and even Obama speeches.

You can find out more about Juan and his art at his website. Larger versions of these images can be accessed by clicking on any the images below.




Honore Daumier




Peace for All… Tastes


Warhol’s Revenge




Claude Monet


Country Road in Provence by Words


3D Alphabet Experiment




2011 Binary Calendar


2011 Spiral Calendar


The Most Difficult “Where’s Waldo?” Ever


The Scream


The Beatles


On the Origin of Words


Kate Evolution


Obama’s Word Relationship


The Bible


Jester in Words

You can find more about this art and the artist at

What do you think of this type of art? And have you found Waldo? Share your thoughts with us below…

  • Graham

    These are absolutely incredible!
    Juan is extremely talented – I am thoroughly inspired.
    Thanks for sharing these.

  • mariess

    this is really just another form of pointillism and if your replicating another images using this method its nothing more than tracing… the fact that it’s made up of words is almost irrelevant as the words are illegible, i especially dislike that people refer to this kind of work as “typography” that is wrong!

    that being said Jaun is a very talented illustrator.

  • Darkened Soul

    Great stuff, I love most of it!

  • Daniel

    Amazing work. Here’s a link to an on-line tool that make tag clouds, very useful to create some nice works!

  • Daniel

    Ops. Forget the link:

  • Curtis Scott

    These are AMAZING!!!

    My favorite is Jester in Words – Freedom, these are great! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Julia May

    I love love love it! Especially Country Road in Provence – thanks for this great discovery, WDD, it made my day!

  • Dan

    Really interesting works

  • susan

    Honestly, this is a rip off of a company called LA Pop Art. LA Pop art has been doing this for years with the exception of a couple things.

    #1 – all of thier artwork is done by hand.
    #2 – all of their artwork is licensed.

    LA Pop Art Godfather
    LA POp Art Rocky
    LA Pop Art Scarface
    LA Pop Art Wizard of oz
    LA Pop Art Bob Marley

    I have seen some of stuff on blogs for years now. much better than this junk. It looks like their website is mostly clothing now (same word art) but their posters were amazing… google them, you will find them.

    • Juan Osborne

      First I want to thank to webdesignerdepot for this nice post about my work. Thanks A LOT!

      Then I would like to say that I didn’t know, but the true is that I don’t care. I think that first geometries with words were made in ancient Greece, so it’s nothing new at all. There is a thousand of examples along the history… images with words, poems or even images with objets or fruits (Giuseppe Arcimboldo, 1500) lapopart invent nothing, me neither of course.

      There are hundred of artist doing this kind of images, you can find tons of groups in deviantart and incredible nice examples of talented artist… just do a little research, you will get impressed.

      The only ‘new’ thing of my images is that I add ‘information’ to it. Some of them are visualizations that represents data. And, of course, I dont make this ‘by hand’… I coded my own tools that help me in the spread process so I can manage 500.000 words or more to generate an Image. I just take care of the creative side of the process that still requires effort and time… And my tools let me start to think in new ways to implement this technique, like in my word search games…

      My site is NOT a rip off, I get shocked with similarity of the Peace symbol poster, but you can find similar images just using google… why, because the Peace symbol is an universal icon. Oh they also have an Obama text image… you can find TONS of similar images of other artist…

      Images with words is not a new thing… I just try to make it better…

      • Angelee

        I’m on your side Juan, you are a pure talent! While I scroll down looking at each of your artwork here, I can associate few personal experiences with it. Every image reminds me of something in my past…

      • stukinabox

        Why is it that people always have to go an hate on people’s work. This post was made by WebDesigner Depot, not by the actual artist and it is meant to be inspirational and help you think in a different way than you would otherwise.

        Juan is a true artist and does phenomenal work. With that said, if you think is better than Juan you have problems. Although they have some nice things, I rather pay more to get Juan’s work than a cheap $14.99 crappy image.

        Juan keep doing your thing, great work.I really like the Binary Calendar but again, I am currently developing mobile applications so I guess it is second nature.

        Thanks WebDesignerDepot for a great post.

  • Jarod Billingslea

    I’m lovin the last one for sure =]. It actually gives me an enlightening feel hehe.

  • raybak

    thats an incredibly amazing art and must be very difficult.

  • jyo

    Very creative pics.

  • anton

    Really interesting


    Really nice…congratulations to Juan Osborne! Amazing some works..Fantastic!

  • Bill

    Imagine is amazingly realistic.

  • Nate

    Jaw dropping. Amazing work!!!!!

  • laskala
  • Juan Osborne

    Thank you everybody!. I really appreciate your comments!. See you!!!

  • Aaron

    Juan, you’ve created some fantastic and truly inspirational artwork here, and its great to see people creating original uses of the tools that we have available to us.

    As we all know, every ‘original’ idea will have its roots somewhere that someone done at sometime before, and if people would only take the time to celebrate new takes on old ideas rather than point out the similarities with something already done, then we as designers would be more free to create and interpret the art which inspires us.

    Unfortunately some people find it easier, and think it more important to criticise art. but they don’t understand that if you take it back far enough, you end up blaming it on some caveman who got the big idea to start writing on a wall and in doing so ruined a lifetime of ‘originality’ for all of us.

    Keep up the great work, Juan

  • Andy

    Wow, the arts are amazing. I wish I could have those into my room. I really love those pictures that is portrait with lots of words. I love all of them but I have two favorites the The Most Difficult “Where’s Waldo?” Ever and Jester in Words..

  • D2S technologies

    Great Design! Great Work!…Keep it up…

  • Katakam Studio

    wow…. excellent work of art.. thanks.. my eyes r enjoyed a lot with this designs… :)

  • BRad

    AMAZING! Your patience astonishes me…