Win 7 WordPress Themes from Template Monster

WordPress themes continue to grow popular among designers needing to deploy websites effectively while looking always sharp and professional.

By now you’ve probably heard of Template Monster. It’s actually one of the longest standing companies offering website templates, and also WordPress Themes. They feature over 1000+ beautifully designed themes for the most popular blogging platform.

They have recently launched a nice campaign where you can now get all of their WP themes with an amazing 20% discount. This offer expires February 20th and is now available on their site for anyone to take advantage of.

Today, WDD is partnering with Template Monster to give away 7 WordPress Themes to 7 lucky WDD readers, that is one WordPress theme per winner.

Template Monster’s massive 20% off all WordPress Themes is available through February 20th, 2011. Browse all WordPress Themes

We provide our customers with high-quality designs, great functionality and easy installation of WordPress Templates perfectly made for any kind of online blog.

Impressive and professionally designed, WordPress Templates are simple to customize and are guaranteed to give you a pleasant blogging experience! So, choose a theme to your liking from our great collection of WordPress Templates.

Win 7 WordPress Themes from the hundreds of themes offered at

How to participate:

Simply leave a comment containing the ID of the WordPress theme that you’d like to win and why you like that particular theme. Simply go to Template’s Monster’s website to preview the themes. One theme per winner.

Only one entry per person. Duplicate entries will be voided. Winners will also be contacted via email.

The winners will be chosen at random on February 9th and emailed to as well as announced here on WDD.

Good luck to everyone!!

[UPDATE] The winners are:

#72 – Ege Özcan
#59 – Dobre Bogdan
#128 – Mario Chiesa
#64 – aShocka
#56 – ness
#66 – Danielle
#122 – Duane Doogan

  • Rasmus P.

    Great contest!

    Would love to win Template 31673 :)

    Thanks :)

  • SkiX

    Hi, I’d like to win #32015 theme. Nice colors, fonts and general apperance make it an ideal theme for my next project.

  • svoess

    I want to win the Worldpress theme “item: #32561” because this is verry clean an business like…

  • Otyg


    wordpress ID: #32359

  • James Griffin

    I’d love the 32438 template. It’s perfect for a project I’m about to start to work on. It’s beautiful!

  • Simple

    31775 looks nice….

  • John

    Great giveaway!! I would like the 32266 because it’s great for an upcoming project! Good luck to all!

  • Jeprie

    Nice offer. I want this one, #32289

  • Gershom Charig

    I love this theme: #32472

  • WPThemeInfo

    I am very impressed with House Style ( Item number: 32026 ). stylish clean layout with amazing display of furniture.

  • Michelle

    Theme ID: #31730

    This theme caught my eye because it reminds me so much of something I designed for Joomla when I was first starting out. Then my computer died (a lightning storm made the graphics card explode….literally), I lost the files, and never revisited the idea.

    Wouldn’t touch Joomla with a bargepole nowadays but I still like the design!

  • Alexandre Giesbrecht

    Theme #27338. Among the travel-related ones, it’s the most eye-catching, and quite possibly the most useful!

  • Daniel

    ID: 32550

    The colors fit with the colors I would like my future company to have, so I will most probably use that for our blog. We’ll see about that when I’ll launch the company

  • g3niuz

    31454- Halloween is my fav…

    and thanks for this great giveaway :D

  • Christian Strain

    I just finished making my own theme for the first time. It’s more simple than these, so I’d love to try one of theirs.

  • Codrut

    ID 16297 for my personal blog

  • Dhaval Shah

    I have just purchased 5 new domains for css3 and html5 gallery and I am finding a cool sexy wordpress templates to make it live asap.

    Great Thanks!

  • Mário Santos

    Wow! Nice giveaway!

    No doubt templatemonster is one of the biggest references in templates.
    The item 32121 is very clean and objective, would be great even for a personal portfolio. Loved the color distribuiton and all the global layout areas.

    Good luck everyone! And thanks for the “always-great” content here on wdd!!

  • Ammar


  • Bestr

    why not this one ;-)

  • antoine

    30149. Sober with a large banner. perfect!

  • Andrew Pitt

    I would like to win template number 32026.

  • KiType: WordPressm Baker

    Type: WordPress
    Item: #26411
    Author: Astra

    I am a Realtor in Bryan/College Station Texas. I love this template because it is easy to read and the navigation is clear without having too much clutter on the home page! I have been a licensed Realtor since 1995 but took a couple of years off 2008-2010 recently. I am trying to get my business back up and running and would love this template so I could expand my marketing and website. Thanks


  • cyrex

    Simple and clear layout. I would change the girl in the header :)

  • Caziuc Stefan

    I like theme named Book Reviews with Id no. 24621. Great design with good usability. I have a project to make a site for book reviews in my language (romanian). More, I know to use WordPress templates so will be a very good theme for this project. Thank you for this opportunity.

  • Andrey Korobitsin

    I’d like to get the item #32439. If I will win, of course. :)

  • Dhaval Shah

    Oh sorry! template no.32289 is one of my best one!

  • Stefan

    The theme combines centered (Logo & carousel gallery) with grid-based content. I like that. The color scheme is also really nice.

  • Dick van Egmond


  • Joel Emberson

    Wow! Thanks for this generous giveaway! I love WP and I could really use template #32570 from templatemonster – it would be a perfect fit for my next project… Nice and clean.

    Please, please, pick me! :-)

  • Milen

    #27255 – because I love the ecology and the flash technology :-)

  • Lucy Felthouse

    Hi, I’d like to win this theme: Item: #30731

    Fingers crossed!

  • Jordan Kohl

    I’m really liking the MediaRox theme (28372). The modular, photo heavy setup would be perfect for a product review site I am working on right now! I really like the colors and the use of transparencies. It is simple, stylish, and still has space for ads. Perfect!

  • Rafael

    ID: 32285

  • e2ek13l

    id: 32085
    i like the classic and clean look
    and the effects on the starting page :)

  • Steve Webster

    Some great themes, but I think i’d go for Item: #32480

  • Jessica Hand

    Ooooh! I love number 31901 – it’s so clean – it would be awesome for my site and the colours are perfect! :-)

  • Pavelin

    Yeah, taxi is here. Yeah.

  • teebee

    I like WordPress theme #32402 for the animation, clean design, and complimentary colors. I especially like the animation of the page buttons in the flash file.

  • George Bounacos

    Great contest! Template Monster is a place you can wander around and get lost forever looking at ideas.

    We own 3 recall-related names and are retrenching a consumer advocacy website that takes information from the different government agencies regarding recalls and combines it with info from the FTC and State AG offices.

    Been thinking more about structure and when to bring in a designer, but theme #26591 from Template Monster would be awesome for that purpose.

    eBay and CraigsList are hotbeds of people listing previously recalled items. You know what’s even worse? Garage sales and thrift stores. Many people legitimately don’t know items they’re selling or donating are dangerous.

    By clustering announcements and warnings by product type rather than by date, we hope that someone looking for a crib or car parts or a lamp or whatever can come to the site and download or read a handy list of items that have been recalled rather than trying to go to multiple agencies and reach each announcement.

  • Jesper Nielsen

    I love #28861 WordPress theme. It’s very nice!
    And at the moment, I don’t have luck in my love life, so now my luck depends on this :-)

  • Maria

    well, if you ask like that, I’d favour #28721 ;-)

  • Shawn L


    Looks like it could be extremely flexible and come to life with vibrant images. I would love to toy around and create a site using that template.

  • Codeindesign

    I like that template 26805!
    Corporate style I would love to use for my website :D
    I hope I can win it.

  • Fabian Israel

    1st.- WordPress theme #30531, I like this theme would be perfect to handle my blog

  • Annie

    Template #28371
    I’m just in love with that theme >D

  • Web-nerd

    very Nice & Clean colors are eye catching just enough.
    Site Navigation is easy & simple.

    Thanks hope I win

  • Nathalie

    ID of WordPress Theme: 32026

    I like the large space allocated for the footer and how it has more of a website/gallery feeling than a blog stuffed with information all over the main page.

    The use of widgets is also a great feature (love the live tweets) and the simpleness of the design makes it all about the content. The fade-in photo animation is also very simple and not over the top.

  • PhantaNews

    22680. I like the clean approach and the way the header image is integrated into the template, extending into the topnav

  • Kristin

    Would love to win Item: #32312

  • Carlos Romero

    It’s an awesome site. Even if I don’t win I will get one. Anyway, I want Item # 32312

  • Crazyhunk

    wow… Thank You…

    I like the Wp theme by Hugo, #30185…. it has this subtlety in the color, texture…. type… I just love the design… :)

  • Yuni Ardita Sari Dewi

    Great giveaway!
    I pick:
    I love it.
    Nice template.
    Hope for the best.

  • Thiago Esser

    I would be glad to get this one: 32285.

  • Charlie

    Excellent contest!! I’ll like template #27859.

    Thanks to WDD and TemplateMonster!

  • ness

    theme 28311 would be fantastic for a new job i just won today! what an opportunity. x

  • mateusz saniewski

    My wife is going to open a kindergarten. I would’t be forced to design her a website and listen to all that burbling…Pleaaaaaaasssssee help me! :)

  • Tom

    I could really use #28371. Trying to put together a site that my fiancee can run. She just was laid off a few weeks ago.

  • Dobre Bogdan

    Hello, I would like item nr. #28055 because i have an actual website and I kinda need a professional wordpress theme. Thanks and good luck with the sells.

  • Martin

    This one would be perfect: item #30532

  • AJMaxwell

    Item number: 24315
    Type: WordPress
    Author: Decoy

    Love the contract between the background and the foreground. The use of color is very well done. Usually making a design with lots of different colors ends up looking like a box of melted crayons, but this looks spectacular!

  • Adam

    I like: 32439

  • Cheryl Ellemberg

    Fun contest! I like 32312 and 32285….Fresh and vibrant colors. Thanks for posting!

  • aShocka

    I like 30285.
    Great contest!

  • Ann

    Beautiful theme: #27409 lovely colors!

  • Danielle

    WordPress theme #32402!

    I love love love this one..Very classy and smooth-looking. This is perfect! It doesn’t even LOOK like a wordpress theme! Wow!

  • Gabriel

    i would love to win item: #28055

  • Miikka

    WordPress theme here I come!

    Item: #32359

  • jorge

    I love to have those WordPress templates, Yes!

  • Brett

    I would love to win WordPress theme #32285! It ahas all the functionality I need and I really like the design too!

  • Cathie

    It’s hard to pick just one, but 30230 would be perfect!

  • Ege Özcan

    32438 is simply awesome. It is simple enough to tell the user what is where and still looks amazing.

  • Peter

    I wish to attend an Ironman Triathlon Race and I was thinking of a blog to describe my training. So I will have chances to get sponsors and to inspire other people to race. Thank you anyway.

  • Camilo Jones

    Hi, the item number: 32289. Will be perfect fot my personal portfolio. BYE!

  • Erwin | Good Web Design

    Gimmie #32289, gimmie #32289, gimmie #32289, gimmie #32289 (hehe) love to throw some nice pics on the internet…

  • Aaron

    Theme #31100 !
    It has a great flash intro, perfect for displaying featured headers. It’s a simple and clean template that looks to be very versatile. I think it would be ideal for my new portfolio site.

  • Heriberto

    #32026 this theme has the STYLE & its a really good one to goo deeper into wordpress

  • AleLife

    ciao mi piace 22.680.

  • alecs

    #32569 !!! thank you:)

  • Abby

    I would love to win Item: #27982

  • Matthias

    32472 is a pretty slick theme. Thanks!

  • Susi

    I like the Theme 31775, but they have many nice Themes.

  • Rawrs

    Might wanna rename the headline. I came here thinking Template Monster came out with Windows 7-style WordPress themes. I was kinda confused, felt a little ill until actually reading what it was actually about :)

  • Superman

    I always go to TM for my themes. I have bought several of them. My next theme will be #32467

  • Pam

    #31125 would work well for me. The color scheme and elements of the template are great.

  • mehow


    It’s clean and simple. Well structured too. And you can’t look away.
    My site is waiting for it.

  • Derrick Dedmon

    I would like to win #32327

  • verdiana

    i want win the theme 32359.html

  • Trish

    I like 32353 for it’s clean animation.

  • Logan

    I’d love to get Item: #32266 because of it’s friendly and stylish layout and also since it appears that customizing or re-skinning it wouldn’t be such a hassle.

  • Keirston

    I would pick item #32015 because its stylish and is loaded with cool featured

  • Erico Lisboa

    Call me big popa!!! COUNT ME IN!!!!!


  • Cheryl

    Browsed over 50 pages of inspiring templates and looked through some non-Wordpress ones as well (for my wedding).

    Tough to pick just one but will go with #32285. I like how it’s simple but with a nice flow to the layout; fresh and clean yet still very flexible.

  • Sharnee

    I really like the pleasing aesthetics of template #32096
    Just lovely!

  • Hastimal Shah

    I like theme #32403,#32285 for my company website and #31673 for my web development blog.

  • Niju Mohan

    I like theme #32439. Nice and fresh look. Soothing for eyes…

  • Vivek Parmar

    would love to win. best wishes to all participants
    template id: 32472


    Template Monsters are the real deal :)

  • Jonathan

    I like this one #32472

  • Michael

    i would love to have 31602 since i love its dark contrasts and the color differentiation.
    good luck everyone

  • Djuka

    Pretty nice theme #32352. Will love to have it.

  • matetoth90

    I’m in! #31673 is my choice.

  • A C P

    Definitely, 32272. Love everything about it!

  • Lisa

    I like #31454. Very nice layout :]

  • Thomas

    Hi ! Item: #27256 would be great :)
    Best regards,

  • Bencik

    Amazing colors. Colors. Yeah, colors…


  • Adam

    if I won #32402 that would be the bees knees.

    just sayin

  • Will Plummer

    Love to win!

  • Sandy

    I Would like the #20658, because it’s just what I need : pure, clean, soft & simple ! :)

  • Ezequias

    Gostaria de ganhar o tema #32472

  • AlexAltea

    #32359 It’s amazing!

  • Neuee Perez

    Template #32571
    The love colors and I believe I can customize it and produce amazingly vibrant designs :D

  • Stephen Van Tuyl

    I have a client who wants an “in your face” design and he wants to admin the site himself. I usually use a CMS like WordPress for those clients and theme #32404 would be perfect for this project.

  • Glyn

    #32023 would be great. A very professional and versatile theme.

  • Dalibor Simacek

    I’d love to win template with ID 32472 since I’m preparing a new version of magazine-style blog about independent music for a friend.

  • MyCall

    Nice contest! Theme #31602 would be perfect for making a portfolio site. A nice detail is that this template has an ‘active’ state for the parent+child page if you’re in a child page. A must-have navigation feature!

  • Free & Easy Blog

    We would love it if we could win Template Item: #32472 , hopefully we will get to win it.

  • Sohbet Arkadaslik

    thanx you post wordpress themes listing..

  • Adam McArthur

    I love the lines and how clean Template #32327 is. Great contest, hooka brother up!

  • Paolo

    32571 FANTASTIC!!

  • Fabrice Pouliquin

    My choice goes to :

    Type: WordPress
    Item: #28371
    Author: Hugo

    It sounds cool!

  • Duane Doogan

    Type: WordPress
    Item: #32571

    Cause I’m poor and man alive do I want this theme! I’d leave a link back to WDD as a thank you also!

  • Sagar Ranpise

    I liked the clean and elegant look of below mentioned wordpress theme!

    Item number: 32569
    Type: WordPress
    Author: Glenn

    Thanks a lot for your generosity!

  • Erik Dwelly

    Item number: 30149
    1) I really am a fan of Hugo’s work
    2) I love the design
    3) It would be nice to compare Template Monsters work with other theme designers


  • Maelstrom06


    Simple and clean

  • Minisite Designer

    Wow! What a great contest. I’d love to win a copy of: #32402. That slider is simply sublime and would look amazing as the site for the new range of website optimisation services I offer to clients in the UK. What I like most is the effective use of the coloured bars behind the text to really give it some emphasis!

    PLUS, It’s widgetised! A lot of high class themes like this aren’t but this is great because now I can customise my theme just the way I want with new plugins, e.g. social media and featured posts.

    The inner services pages are just magnificent, and this is one theme that I would absolutely LOVE to own a copy of!

  • Danielle

    I really like the clean and professional look of theme 29527, not too cluttered but still a lot of information is visible

  • Mario Chiesa

    I’d like to win the 27409 WordPress template. I love its design: it’s clean, colorful, flexible and fresh! thanks in advance!

  • fred

    i choose this template: 28372

  • Sandra D

    Nice idea! ID 31673 i love it!

  • luis garcia

    31485. Love it XD

  • Ken



  • Robert

    Nice Idea.

    I’ woud like to win Theme #22849

  • Lis

    Hi Team, thanks much for this opportunity!

    I am choosing Item ID 18980, as I am planning on creating an art website. This template is going to help me rock! I hope I win! Thanks again!