Then and Now Portrait Photography by Irina Werning

Irina Werning is a photographer who loves to look at other peoples’ old photographs. Instead of just admiring the photos, she wonders how people would feel and look if they were to reenact the same photos today.

This project, titled Back To The Future features a collection of her photographs of individuals and groups of people reenacting a photograph that was taken in the past (usually many years ago).

The result is somewhat beautiful. You can tell just from one photo that a lot of work has been put into research, locations and props for each and every shoot – even time and money has been put towards finding the same (or similar) object in the background, such as wallpaper or curtains.

Irina Werning is a photographer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. If you like her unique style of portrait photography, be sure to check out her portfolio.

This post was put together exclusively for WDD by Callum Chapman, the man behind Picmix Store and Circlebox Blog.

How do the photos in this project make you feel? From the use of photography and editing techniques, can we create a false sense of – or lack of – time?

  • Nick Toye

    Some of these are awesome, and some are quite disturbing, and some are not really a match – but the ones which are a match are fabulous.

    • Angelee

      and hilarious…

  • Jinny

    This is a brilliant collection of images. Very impressed. It’s fascinating to see the two photos together.

  • Idil

    WOW! that’s amazing.. surreal

  • wendelle

    this is awesome! it feels like they have grown in just one day! thanks for sharing!

  • Matt

    What a cool idea she had! Pretty amazing she was able to recreate the scenes. Thanks for sharing!

  • Hasanah

    This has got to be one of the coolest, most-inspiring photography projects I’ve seen lately. Kudos for the idea and all that effort put into it!

  • SkiX

    More ‘then and now photos’ at

  • Pixeno Web Host

    Thats an awesome idea! These look great.

    You can tell in some of the backgrounds where things back been replaced and renewed, like the stone pillar and the tiled flooring.

  • suzanne

    Love this project! Look forward to sharing the link with others!

  • Amelia Johnson

    This is the most fascinating photography project I’ve ever come across. Thanks for sharing the website and the images. I’m going to definitely be looking at some more.

  • Architectural Photographer

    This is a great set. I’m an architectural photographer and would like to do something similar with buildings. Great post.

  • Maria

    Am I crazy or is that Justine Bateman in #14?

  • Illiya Vjestica

    These photos are awesome yet slightly worrying at the same time. There are some photos you have to look at twice to spot the differences. Very Clever idea indeed.

  • Pedro Sttau

    Absolutely mesmerizing work!