Disassembled Retro Items Photography by Todd McLellan

Todd McLellan is a Canadian photographer, originally from Saskatchewan (Canada).

His interest in the creative field all started from a kindergarten finger painting class, with his father encouraging him into the field of photography at an early age.

In one of Todd’s newest projects, he disassembles various items such as a Pentax Camera and a Suffolk Lawnmower (among plenty of other things), rearranges the pieces into a neat presentation and then photographs them.

The high amount of detail and thought put into the work makes the project very inspiring and a joy to look at. You’ll probably find yourself looking at each piece and figuring out where it came from or how it makes the disassembled item work.

You can see more of Todd’s work in his portfolio, or at Sugino Studio, a Canadian based studio which represents Todd.

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Did you find yourself wondering how the mechanics of each product work? Which was your favorite piece?

  • http://www.maritsky.nl Marit

    Cool idea!
    And my respect for the patience :)

    It reminds me of the 1st Tomb Raider movie. Where she threw a timework in some kind of time storm.

  • http://trafficcoleman.com/ TrafficColeman

    This is been a photographer at his best. Its hard to catch some of those shoots without doing them countlesss of time..

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  • SampeiMihira

    Always inspiring and interesting, many thanks

  • http://nevillebarrettjr.com Neville

    Very cool! Todd McLellan is very talented photographer. I’m not sure he could do this with newer objects. Everything is on a chip now…very few parts.

  • http://mkweddingstory.com Matt

    how’d he do those action shots?

    • Luis

      mm if you see there is no shadow between the parts, so I guess he use separate shots for every piece..

  • http://www.felixblanco.net Felix Blanco

    Exploiting an alarm clock, a dream come true!

  • http://daillly.com Marcin Nieweglowski

    Nice, He probably has the patience of Job :).

  • pesho

    great collection…………..

  • http://www.photographerdetroit.net Photographer Detroit

    Love it! You’ve shown that photography is a fine art that requires a unique and creative eye. Thanks for the post!!

  • http://wordpressapi.com Sony

    great pictures. I liked this.

  • http://www.colourscape.co.uk Colourscape Studio Backgrounds

    Very cool and creative set of photo’s. This guy must have the patience of a saint when arranging some of the more complex images. Check out some of his other work which is very good as well !!

  • http://gauravmishra.com Gaurav Mishra

    Nice parts of body on the floor.

    Very inspiring… !