Incredible Paper Artwork by Julien Vallée

Julien Vallée is a graphic designer and art director from Montréal, Canada.

One of Julien’s favorite materials to use in his artwork and design is paper, hand-crafting it to create unique one of a kind pieces.

He has worked for some important clients, including the likes of MTV, The New York Times Magazine and Computer Arts Magazine.

On top of these amazing achievements, Julien has been featured in countless publications all over the world, and has also held exhibitions of his work in various countries.

If you like the work you see here, be sure to check out more of Julien Vallée’s work at his portfolio, and follow him on Twitter.

This post was put together exclusively for WDD by Callum Chapman. Callum is currently writing a book about (and called) Junior Design Jobs.

Do you know of any other paper artists who produce awesome work like Julien Vallée? Do you think paper should be a material we use more often when producing modern design – if so, why?

  • Dessign

    Julien Vallée your art is amazing, its all hand made how incredible, Marios

  • Jeremiah Selengia

    Wow, this guy has some truly amazing stuff. I’ve never seen artwork represented in this way.

    Great stuff

  • Derek Brown

    This is incredible! I love it!

  • Robyn

    Your art is so well executed! It definitely stirs the mojo! Thanks for sharing with us all.

  • Dave

    Love this guys work, also really like they way the niche illustrators and artists get to work for the top guys like the New York Times. Good inspiration!

  • Nikolaj Meedom

    The smell of glue, the sound of cardboard. What a magnificent excuse to get away from the computer. Pure art. Thanks.

  • sifalı bitkiler

    to work for the top guys like the New York Times. Good

  • Omer Yaqub

    Amazing designs. Thanks for sharing..

  • Sony

    what a paperwork. Great idea.

  • alexandra

    Very cool work. Congrats!

  • Nikita Hengbok

    Nicely done! I love them. Thanks for sharing. :D

  • jom

    perfect handycraft :)

  • Paul Marcinkus

    Amazing work; opening another window on this incredible and wonderful art…
    Congratulations and many thanks!!

  • Tristar Web Design

    Julien Vallée is fantastic. I’ve never come across any of his artwork until now, its so quirky! The bright colours and sharp edges give the art so much vibrancy and the selection of work he has over gridded paper, with the hands and the added illustrations are so unusual. I love the work he did for MTV and the ‘We Love Fantasy’ poster is really nice. Design can be so much nicer when its not all completed on screen.

  • Laura


  • Karim Zinati

    I’ll congratulate all of this creativity. I know it is very difficult especially cutter to cut the chair to be successful elegance

  • tanya

    amazing..congratulacions for the great work =)

  • Chris

    Awesome work… it’s unique and amazing, thanks for sharing

  • naro