Win $1,000 in PSD to HTML services!

Designing a new website is great, but not everyone loves taking their PSD designs and converting them into actual, working HTML and CSS.

In fact, there are some designers who positively hate it (and often get someone else to do that part for them rather than suffer through it themselves).

A PSD to HTML service can be a huge time-saver even for designers who don’t mind coding their own designs. After all, the coding of a basic theme or template can be time-consuming even though it’s a relatively simple process.

Why not outsource it so you can focus on the creative aspects of creating websites?

W3 Markup is just one of the best services out there that can take your PSD file and convert it into valid, pixel-perfect HTML/CSS code. They can even work with AJAX, sIFR, Cufon, MicroFormats, mootools,, and jQuery. Their finished files are semantic and search-engine friendly, optimized for usability, accessibility, and loading times, and they’re always cross-browser compatible (for Safari 5, Firefox 3.6+, IE 7+, Opera 11, and Google Chrome). See some of their testimonials.

You get 100% control of code and style preferences on their order form, and can choose between XHTML or HTML5 and CSS3, or have your design coded for various CMSs (WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla), or for use as an email template. See their pricing and order page

In today’s contest you get the chance to win one of 5 prizes for PSD to HTML conversion worth $200 each for any W3 Markup! You can use the credit to get a single page marked up without paying anything out of pocket, or use it toward the coding of multiple pages or CMS-ready files.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below (one entry per person, please). Make sure you use a valid email address (do not post with a Twitter or Facebook ID) so we can let you know if you won. Get a bonus entry by tweeting about this contest and leave a second comment with a link to your tweet to double your chances to win. Winners will be picked randomly and announced on January 26th, 2012!

Good luck to everyone and thanks to W3 for a great giveaway!

[UPDATE] Contest has ended, here are the winners:

#80 – Philipp
#76 – Brian
#175 – Cheryl
#59 – d2mike
#48 – Puneet Gupta

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