Win a Wibiya Pro plan for one year!

Social media and web app integration is becoming a vital part of any successful website. You need to interact with your visitors on a variety of platforms is you want to create loyal, return visitors and fans.

The Wibiya toolbar lets you integrate a variety of social plugins, free apps, games, video and image galleries, and more into your website to increase page views, increase visitor engagement, and better promote your content.

Wibiya is giving away two Pro Wibiya Plans, each for a full year! A value of $119.40 each! All you have to do to enter is comment on this post!

The free Wibiya social web bar has plenty of great features for website owners. There are a variety of free apps that can be included in the toolbar to expand the exposure opportunities for your content. The toolbar also gives your visitors a more interactive experience.

The web bar can be personalized to enhance your site’s design, and not stick out more than you want it to. There are dozens of free themes and customization options, in addition to an icon bank where you can choose icons that will complement your site’s design.

One of the great things about the Wibiya bar is that it doesn’t require you to do any coding either to customize it or install it. Just log in to your account any time and edit the bar visually.

The Wibiya bar gives you direct integration with Twitter and Facebook, among a ton of other free apps. Boost interactivity on your site even further by integration chat and social sharing features.

There are over 70 different apps you can install to the Bar, including a variety of share buttons, search enhancements, bookmarking tools, Twitter tools, YouTube video galleries, translation tools, and much more. There are even apps you can install to help you earn more revenue from your site.

And of course Wibiya gives you analytics so you can see exactly what’s going on with your site. View how many visitors your site gets, where they’re coming from, and which apps they use most.

The free toolbar also includes a variety of options for messaging your users while they’re on your site. You can target visitors based on their interests and tastes, and send specific messages to specific users (or send a blanket message). This is a great option for drip marketing campaigns or other highly-targeted promotions.

The Pro Plan for the Wibiya Toolbar includes support for up to fifteen applications to be installed on a single bar, and also allows for more customization than the free plan. The Pro Plan is $9.95/month, though there are additional plans available with more features (and support for multiple bars).

If you want a chance to win your own free Wibiya Bar Pro Plan for the year, just leave a comment below! Make sure you post with a valid email address (not via Twitter/Facebook) so we can notify you if you’ve won. Only one entry per person. We’ll be choosing the winners randomly from the comments a week from today.

[UPDATE] : Contest has ended. Winners are: #5 thedoctor01, and #34 Jcav

  • Adam Anlauf

    Nice one – could be useful. 

  • Anonymous

    This looks really nice– I have wanted it for a while. This would really enhance my site and give a traffic boost for my client.

  • Nick Schultz

    Okay, You got me.  I love and use tool bars.  You know your a tool bar addict when everyone that sees  your screen says “…My God, how many tool bars do you have?”  My kingdom for the Pro plan.

  • garyfmoody

    Another toolbar and this one looks crazy good – Thank you Wibiya

  • Puneet Gupta

    I can add this app on my site.

  • Dustin Hensley

    Is this a single-site option, as in domain specific, or is it something that we have access to all over the place?

    • Ben Lang

      With the premium plan (which the winners will receive) you can add to a few different domain names.

  • Matthias Conrad

    looks pretty nice and handy!

  • Elspeth LaForet

    I really like Wibiya’s toolbar and have considered purchasing it but it would be great to win it!!

  • Dmytro Matvisyk

    Love Wibiya, they are best in the market


    would love this toolbar

  • Marlou Joosten

    Really looks wonderful ! Would love to bring my website to a new level !

  • Anonymous

    What an awesome freebie. usually you get something goofy like caterpillar brusheds or something you would never buy, this is actually useful. Plus if i dont win i would still consider buying it since I took the time to see if it was worth entering. Fingers Crossed

  • Matthew Ray

    Great to see! I was JUST in Wibiya today testing out a few new features. I have yet to use it for my teams, but I’ve been following for at least two years now and always wanted to implement.  Keep up the good work!

  • Vicky Salvadores

    great idea! hope i win

  • Amol Gavali

    Great I would Love to have one win

  • Joe

    This looks pretty awesome. I like all social stuff in one place.

  • Dawn Busch

    Definitely could use and would appreciate winning this!

  • Julien Moysens

    Interesting app… will test it asap :)
    Interesting app… will test it asap :)

  • Himanshu Gogoi

    Hope I win the giveaway as I desperately need one! 

  • Yelitza Cintrón

    Great!! Wibiya is an EXCELLENT tool!

  • Anonymous


  • .::Psyched Blog::.

    Commenting… below… win… win… win!

  • Synthetic Tone

    hope I am still in time for the drawing ;)