20+ examples of beautiful and inspiring fonts

Choosing fonts for design projects can be a daunting task because there’s thousands of fonts out there all over the web that you could use.

Whether you’re looking to create a big, bold logo for your business or work on a poster for an event here’s a collection of inspiring fonts that are perfect for use whatever your project may be.

The collection covers a variety of themes from vintage to clean and simple.

Remember to check the license before using any of these fonts commercially and any restrictions on use. 


Neo Deco

Neo Deco is a beautiful, professional font that works well for logos. It’s clean, simple typography in action with a real sense of style.



PLSTK is a completely unique font. Its mechanical approach to each letter makes it stand out from the crowd. The effort that has gone into each of the glyphs is evident to see making this one of my favourite fonts for when you need to create something different.



Accent is another unique font, it’s thin, sharp and looks great on posters (like above). What I particularly like is the use of space within each glyph that makes Accent so good for poster work where you want an image behind the typography to be present.



Kabel is a well designed, interesting font. It looks best when used in conjunction with lighting effects and colour overlays, as can be seen in the example above.



Kilogram is a solid, bold and headline font. It’s perfect for use for big headlines that need to make an impact.



Code is a very nice, simple and clean font. It’s light glyphs make it an attractive font useful when you require a clean, professional look.



Another unique font, Telefono, has loads of added detail to each glyph. Works really well for poster work and logos too with the extra detail making it stand out from the crowd.



Novocento is another clean font featuring a variety of sets from ultralight to ultrabold making it versatile for use for headlines, logos and more general text, perhaps on posters for print.



Looking for a headline font that stands out? Hagin could be the right choice. Its got serifs, it’s bold and it’s very attractive.




Molesk is a big 3D font. It’s got serifs and lots of character to it. Not as clean as some of the other fonts which makes it great for making a distinctive impact on your designs.



Definitely one of my favourite fonts; Paranoid is a totally unique, beautifully designed font perfect for making designs that stand out from the rest. It’s not the easiest font to read so it’s more suited to titles than information text.



VAL is a fun font that looks great. There’s a few things to remember when using it; use all capitals or all lowercase to get the leaning glyphs to look right and it doesn’t work well at small sizes. Perfect for logos typographic art, just like the picture above.



Feeling the need for a vintage font? Absinthe may just be exactly what you’re after. It’s a great vintage font that has a very unique set of glyphs that really add to the vintage effect.



I can see Tetra working on posters for festivals and events. It’s fun with the added bonus of a 3D component making it useful for all kinds of situations.



Intro is a great, clean font. Perfect for sharp, attractive logos. Well crafted and looks great!



Lavanderia is a beautiful handwritten font that is lavish and sophisticated; perfect for use when a handwritten approach is needed.



RBN02 is a clean font that takes a more square approach that’s more Courier New than Helvetica. It works really well on the above mock poster.



Looking for something completely different? Nomed has to be your chosen font. For creating unique logos and titles that are like nothing else, Nomed is the best font to use.



Homestead is a well crafted, textured font that can be used to create all kinds of great designs. The textured element really adds to the feel of the font and, as seen below, can be used to your advantage.




Satellite is a smart, simple, clean font that looks really fresh.


Ananda Namaste

Ananda Namaste is font I really like. The smooth strokes and curves of the font make it stand out. Definitely one of my favourites.


Mosaic Leaf

Mosaic Leaf is an amazing font that looks really good. It’s a unique way of creating glyphs but one that works really well. Fits perfectly with the design above.



A font similar to Tetra that has a unique feel, Ribbon looks great in print work like the book above and has a unique character.



Finally, Nevis, a perfect headline font. Bold and proud, Nevis is a great font.

Got any favorite fonts to share? Which font here is your favourite?

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    works personally, if you hadn’t written it was called paranoid, I would have no
    idea what it had said on the examples below, I think with a little bit of
    refining it would be great for posters for night clubs.

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