40 free high resolution leaf textures

Design, Resources | Mar 28, 2012

Stock leaf textures could be very useful to have on hand if your design is nature-related. Green is perfect for creating calming and relaxing effects, and it can bring a comfortable experience to visitors of your website.

Proper use of these high-resolution textures can make your artwork or web design look more natural and realistic.

While most textures in this collection are green, there are also yellow, red, orange, and purple leaves that can be indispensable for indication of seasons or adding bright colors to your design. Grey or black and white textures can bring something new and unusual.

I hope this collection of 40 Free High Resolution Leaf Textures will inspire you for your new amazing designs.

Pear Leaves

Slightly Dried Leaves

Round Leaf

Lots of Dried Leaves

Wet Leaves

Little Water Drops On the Leaf

Green Long Grass

Water Drops On Dried Leaf


Bright Purple Leaves

Dried Crisp leaf

Yellow Leaf

Lots of Little Flowers

Earth Soil Leaves

Green and White Strips Leaf

Purple and Green Leaf Picture

Fallen Leaves Pentacles

Leaves Bunch

Dried Big Leaves

Fallen Dried Leaves

Papaya Leaf

Flower Blossoms Dried

Hi Resolution Leaf Textures Pack

Long Thin Leaves

Long Thin Veined Leaves

Shiny Leaf Close up

Rhubarb Leaf

Variegated Green Leaves

Clear Details

New Leaf Texture by Anginelson

Plain Leaf by baspunk

Lots of leaves

Dried Dust Leaves

Lots of Shinny Leaves

Leaves and berries

Fallen Paper Flowers

Shiny Leaf with Details

Leaf with Insect Eggs

Dried Coconut Leaves

House Plant Leaf

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Seen any great leaf or similar natural textures lately? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Miguel

    What an amazing collection. Many thanks for sharing good resource also.

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    Thanks for sharing :)

  • Web Design Essex

    AHHH my eyes! So many leaves! 

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  • Fastdesign

    very nice collection. thank you for sharing :)

  • Walter Apai

    Different files will have different rules, so please check carefully before using.