30 inspiring calligraphy works

Inspiration, Typography | Apr 4, 2012

Calligraphic fonts have been popular in the design world for a long time. But we don’t see hand-lettered calligraphy nearly as often, outside of wedding invitations.

Hand-lettered calligraphy is beautiful and has an organic feel to it that’s often lacking in digital designs.

Even hand-lettering or sketching your designs prior to digitizing them can add a whole new warmth and style to your finished work.

Below are thirty beautiful calligraphic works of art, all of which at least started out with pen (or pencil) and paper.

Ornamental Lettering

Welcome to Transylvania

Poems in Calligraphy

Poems in Calligraphy

Too Old to Die Young

In 2012…


Abstract Calligraphy

Type Lovers Project

Daily Calligraphy

Arabic Calligraphy

Lettering Collection


Rebel Squad

I love Paris


Calligraphic Birds

Calligraphy 5

Love Calligraphy

Chinese Calligraphy


Abstract Calligraphy

Arabic Calligraphy

Raghad House

Tongue and Pen

Arabic Calligraphy Tree


Twelve Zodiac Calligraphy

Arabic Calligraphy VII


Written exclusively for WDD by Cameron Chapman.

Seen any great calligraphy lately, either digital or hand-lettered? Please share in the comments!

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  • Anonymous

    Beautiful collection :)

  • Rian Ariona

    Love all arabic’s calligraphy

  • web designing

    These are amazing calligraphy writing. This is great
    combination of simple design and calligraphy fonts which looks so attractive.
    Any web designer easily gets idea of font design from this calligraphy works.
    Thanks for this images.

  • Web Development India

    Really fantastic Calligraphy collection shared. Thank you.

  • yvette llorance

    extremely clever and creative designs

  • Prathima Venkatesan

    Very colorful and intricate!  Love em

  • ksp

    Amazing Calligraphy..!

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful collection. Amazing

  • Rohit kothari

    its really a nice collection of work can you provide it us please

  • Lisa Holtzman

    Beautiful examples of calligraphy. The colors in the Arabic calligraphy are amazing!

  • art176

    excellent work gathered
    would like to add mine, I am working on a series of poster, based on arab calligraphy, I avoided the religious message, but the believer can find coherent meanings to each combination of letters

  • Semanticppv

    I love those calligraphy works, those are very nice.

  • Mel Gardner

    Thanks for sharing, Rebel Squad and Next year just be happy are my favorites, great use of textures.

  • Web Design Bournemouth

    Awesomely Designed, Wish I could draw like some of these people.. Would make my job so much easier when designing websites for clientels :P

  • Nitesh Ahir

    Love these all are very creative and simple with there style, my fav is number 19