How to use Google+ to improve your search traffic

When Google Plus was launched a year and a half ago, it set in motion a multitude of changes to the search landscape. From this point forward, getting traffic from the famed search engine is no longer about the number of backlinks you have.

A personal element was added to the search. The problem most small businesses have discovered over the past 18 months has been how to work with this new element in search to increase traffic, and continue delivering quality content.

Below are some suggestions for making Google Plus work for your search traffic.

You need to start thinking about Google’s search engine like a web instead of an engine. I know that this is a weird statement; give me a second to explain the implications of this concept in the following paragraphs.

In the “olden” days before Google+, search traffic had a predictable pattern: while Google constantly changed their algorithm, there was a predictable flow to their thinking; it was, keywords + backlinks + quality content + competition = winner.

The Google+ era completely shifted this attitude, so you had to participate on their site for more traffic.

This is mind-blowing when you consider that throughout Google’s history they were the equalizer in traffic. A site with no history could, when created in accordance with Google’s rules, drive massive traffic.

Now, the process works in reverse. The more attention and authority you have the more traffic you receive.

You need to connect with your market on Google+, so they can drive traffic to your site. The larger your Google Plus network, the more chances you have to drive traffic.

So, how do new entrepreneurs do this without freaking out? Well, first do not freak out: breathe, relax. Then leverage the work of countless entrepreneurs on Google Plus right now.


3 ways to leverage Google+ for increased search traffic

First, start connecting with your target market on Google+. Add them to your circles. An easy way to do this is add shared circles from other Google+ users. You would be surprised at the number of users who have hundreds of people in their circle, and can provide you with access to their circle for free.

All you have to do is add the circle to your list of circles. A great resource to find shared circles is Public Circles.

Second, join relevant Google+ Communities. If you want to find the best prospects for your business, you might want to consider joining Google+ Communities. If you have ever participated in a forum or Facebook group, you can easily use a Google+ community.

Third, add your name to Google Authorship. One of the things that Google is starting to do to help bloggers increase their personal search relevance is to start tracking Google Authorship. Google Authorship links content you write on certain sites to notify Google of your status as an author on a particular site. If you blog on multiple sites you can increase your authorship, and in essence carry your Google reputation across the search spectrum.

While this idea is still in the early phases, you will start seeing this concept mentioned more and more as the idea takes hold with bloggers, and Google tracks bloggers across multiple blogs more efficiently.

Google+ has turned the tables on how search traffic worked. The great thing about this is that it provides a tremendous opportunity for those willing to work Google+ for additional search traffic. 

Have you seen an increase in traffic via Google+? Have Google overstepped the mark by forcing bloggers to register with Google+? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Shaun Chatman

    Great post! Very useful to those who don’t realize that leveraging Google + in our social media campaigns, blogging efforts, or simply bring in more traffic and $$ to the site.
    Thanks for posting this!

  • Carla Ruiz

    Very useful!!!! let’s give it a try!

  • YourDesignPick

    Thanks for the useful info. Can you throw light on getting vanity URL for Google+ Heard that, recently they roll out this feature of having vanity URL. We have google+ page here Any advice?

    • Geneus

      Google decided to “reward” people who have a large following (circles) with vanity URLs. Meaning early adopters with relatively small circles were snubbed. To qualify for a custom URL, generally, I’ve seen people with circles of more than 40 people get them. Basically the idea is, you “deserve” one if you’re active on Google+ and have a substantial amount of followers.

      Looked at your profile and your best bet is to post more often in turn increasing people that circle. Then and only then will Google consider giving you a vanity URL. In the interim, use to get a custom URL.

      • YourDesignPick

        Hello Geneus, Thanks for the response. Will follow your advice. Hope, we get vanity URL soon. Thank you so much again.

    • Andy Nathan

      Vanity URL’s are great when you need to tell people what your G+ account is without having to remember the long string of numbers.

  • Design Deeper

    I’ve been meaning to get more active on G+ with my blog. This was the push I needed!

  • Design Deeper

    I’ve been meaning to get more active on G+ with my blog. This was the push I needed!

  • Real Projects

    I found it interesting the number of seo consultants who contact us that don’t appear to have fully integrated google+ in their mix

    • Andy Nathan

      Some of them are stuck in the past.

  • Morris Lindesey

    Why does my +1’s go up and then back down after I post relevant articles. I went from 132 +1’s to 145 then to 133 and then 138 within 24 hrs.

    • Andy Nathan

      Not sure. What type of platform are you using for blogging? If it is WP, what plugins?

  • N4more Design

    Thanks for the great article!


    Do you know how to see, in Google Analytics, which clicks to our site came from things (links to articles on our site) I’ve posted on our G+ page? I’m wondering if it all shows in analytics as “google” as the source, instead of being able to see the breakdown to specifically click throughs from the link posted on our G+ page.

    • Andy Nathan

      It should show up under the referral section as Google, not the search.

  • James George

    I love this aspect of Google+ and have started implementing a marketing/SEO strategy for my own blog and it has started to pay off. I am really seeing results because of it. You make some excellent points here!

    • Andy Nathan

      Thanks James! Glad you found this post useful.

  • Prateek Suri

    Great post! I think all bloggers should take Google+ equally important as facebook and twitter to increase their site traffic…

    • Andy Nathan


      Absolutely! Google+ is hugely important to site traffic.


  • zay howard

    Good tips and nice that you have some pro tips at the end! One thing
    that people should consider is revisit their existing posts. It’s
    great putting what you mention above in to practice for new posts but
    there’s also improvement that can be made to existing posts.

    i checked the Google analytics for my website ( ) and see which posts are getting traffic for
    relevant keywords and then optimize these posts more using the excellent
    tips above.

  • Yashar

    Hi. Thanks for the article it is very useful. But I have a question. My business is about car glass and car windscreen repair and replacement in London. How can I find and connect with my target market on Google +? Thanks

  • Nikhil Malhotra

    Nice share.Started using Google+ recently and its worth it.