How to use the flexbox layout method (part 1)

With every new revision of CSS, a plethora of new, exciting attributes come to light;  one of which being the understated display: flex approach.

The flexbox layout model has been floating around the web for a little while now, each time with its own variation on the approach (some outdated, such as the display: box or display: flexbox method).

In today’s guide, we’ll be discovering the advantages of utilising the flexbox technique in our own layouts.

Some great features of the new model include:

  • Easy ratio-based sizing; no need to touch your HTML
  • Reorder with a breeze by using integers within the stylesheet
  • Applies to all child elements within a correctly defined parent
  • No more clearfixes!

In part 2 we’ll be taking a look on how to take this even further, and turn your flexbox layout into a fully-fledged responsive design! 

Have you used the flex box approach to layout? Do you prefer a different method? Let us know in the comments.

Featured image/thumbnail, flexible image via Shutterstock.

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    Good video Sam, cant wait for the followup!

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  • Michael Patterson

    I’d really like to see some more indepth explanation of some more of flex-boxes properties, and their cross browser syntax. Such as the justify, alignItems, alignContent, they seem powerful but quality documentation is lacking

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    Useless not web standards yet.

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    This was SUCH a great video! Thank you!

  • Colin Horn

    IE 10 shows support to flex boxes. But has it’s own prefix of -ms-flex. IE9 downwards doesn’t show support, so once 8-9 dies a death I’ll be happy to use this. And with the use of LESS CSS you can get rid of having to type in the browser specifics prefixes every single time :)

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