iOS vs Android

It’s billed as the battle of the century, at least as far as app developers are concerned; which has better ROI, Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android? Consumers are split: Apple have the single largest market share, Google have numerous manufacturers on their side; iOS dominates North America, Android wins out in Europe.

If you’re targeting mobile devices, then ideally you want to have releases for both iOS and Android. But in the age of the lean start-up, where minimum viable products are all the rage, you have to pick a side and prioritize one or the other.

Not sure whose team you’re on? Keep reading and we’ll help you decide.

iOS vs Android


Are you an iOS or Android developer? Which platform offers the most for startups? Let us know what you think in the comments.

  • Jonathan

    Neither! Switching from iOS to Android to an awesome Windows phone (the Nokia Lumia 920 in particular) was the best decision I ever made. People who especially appreciate beautiful minimalist designs and a fast and fluid experience will love this phone. :)

    • Ray Rivera

      100%right, I love my windows phone! lol..had IOS and android as well..experience is just awesome all around. Big up to MS

      • Just saying

        WP8 is coming in the worst time to compete with iOS and Android. But iOS is for me and for many other the best OS ever made because it’s beautiful, elegant, simple and full of apps to make it useable in many other ways you never imagined but in the end, WP for me is just another copy of the existing OSs with no groundbreaking UI nor any massive change than its competitors so why should I change my iPhone and iPad for such a dying OS?

  • sonu rawat

    As Iam a web designer I want to learn and work as iso devloper plz give some suggestion abt to start

  • Just saying

    If you do a massive comparison between the App Store and Play Store, you will find that developers on android know that if they tried to charge you for a dollar, you’re app wont be sold and it will simply get hacked and downloaded for free and that’s the problem with Android that iOS totally doesn’t have now with jailbreaking is getting out of the picture everyday so developers know if I’m gonna charge an iOS user for the actual price I wanted let’s say 4 dollars, he will pay because 1st.: they have no where else to get the app from 2nd.: 90% of iOS users are willing to pay because of as you said they pay kinda more for an iOS device but in the end iOS App Store is by far the winner in this war

    • A Concerned Student

      Please use punctuation, I couldn’t understand what you were saying.

      • Just saying

        I’m sorry but English isn’t my native language. I did a few tweaks to the comment.

  • Stuart Gordon

    I have just written a blog (with lots of stats) on a similar subject – which platform to develop for in terms of smartphone usage vs smartphone sales.

  • Ryan

    …”desire quality”…


  • Dom Graham

    I do not believe that Apple users pay more because they “desire quality”; they are in the situation of having ‘hobson’s choice’ when it comes to everything with Apple – Apple wants to squeeze you for every penny with almost everything (apps, accessories, iTunes etc.) so you have no choice but to pay the price that they set. As a independent musician they’re a total bunch of bastards to deal with (iTunes), which makes me wonder if app developers have similar issues.

    Also, it is not entirely true that Apple users pay more as top end Android devices cost just as much as iPhones.

    At the moment Apple is the winner for revenue, but even though it has the single biggest market share for one device, it pales into significance to Android when looking at operating system reach, so in my opinion, sheer scale of volume will tip that eventually.

    As an owner of both an iPhone and a high end Android model, the closed and cumbersome nature of iOS and iPhone is looking more and more antiquated by comparison to the pace of the development of the more open linux-based Android OS.

    • david koenig

      Actually apple has the owners of the content set the price. The only restriction is music which has three price points.

  • Just saying

    Just another Android fanboy that classify Apple users as sheep. I asked this question many times ago and your type of Android fans couldn’t give me a straight answer but here I ask you, what does android offer that’s so innovative and groundbreaking that makes me change my iOS devices that in reality made Android and WP8 exist since Apple started the revolution in mobile phones?

    • Tzvi Perlow

      Truth be told! I don’t really know. And make it even better. I don’t own an Android OR an iPhone and never have, yet. (*disclaimer: I think Android and iOS are both awesome phones)
      But, as an outsider I can give you a better point of view (according to the specs I have read, and according to what I have experiance):

      Even if Android did not make anything groundbreaking, they are, as I explained above, sold by many different manufacturers, which therefore gives them, regardless, the upper hand…

      Unless! Unless Apple makes another ground breaking product. In my opinion, the reason why apple succeeded in catching the market, is definitely because of their ground breaking products, the fact that they were ‘first’.

      What? Microsoft made a tablet first (circa 2001)? Sony had an iPod like piece? Palm made a smartphone? Microsoft made Windows?

      Yes, correct, the others were first. But Apple was first to create a product that looked awesome, and was all full of swooshes and cool effects, and still easy to use (which most products back then were definitely neither).

      You don’t have to switch to Android if you don’t like it! Android users like their phone because they have control over it, and it doesn’t dictate how it works. They like it because of all the extra features it has (no, not groundbreaking, but definitely innovative and useful).

      Yes, apple did bring upon Android and Win8. But you have to learn to switch from the firestone to the lighter. Not because the trend dictates, rather because you have to give the trend a try, and a sincere one.

      • Just saying

        I agree with you but there’s a couple of small mistakes you made. First, Apple was the first to introduce a PC with GUI which Microsoft stole in windows 3. Neither apple nor Microsoft made the first ever PC running an OS. Apple’s iPhone was the first TRUE touch based smart phone to kill Nokia after 10 years of being the top seller. iPod wasn’t the first but like you said, it’s the best portable music player on earth yet. That’s it and sorry for my bad English.

  • Just saying

    I don’t see iOS taking over Android in sales at all any time soon. iOS only runs on iPhone as we all know and it’s the most selling PHONE in some major markets like the US which is pretty good. With the huge selection of Android phones, iOS won’t be able to takeover. But I hope iOS 7 delivers some new things with a much unique user experience because truth to be told, I’m kinda bored of iOS now.

    • Tzvi Perlow

      Yes, that’s the problem, they haven’t really changed much since iPhone 4. And also, every single product of theirs has the same layout :(

  • Mohamud farah

    Htc one x For Android is by far the Worst Os … Glitches App crashing and even it turns itself off at times

  • david koenig

    Jd power ranks iphone users as the happiest cell phone users. Apple has sold 600 million ios Devices. When you combine all andriod manufactures together they have sold 750 million. With these facts in mind apple isn’t going any where

    • Tzvi Perlow

      I’m not arguing with statistics. And yes, you are right, I’m sure iPhone users are the happiest, most are looking for a nice simple easy to use phone, while Android users are just looking to complicate them :P

      Like I said above, that is Android’s thing, sell to different manufacturers = give more choice = sell more phones. 150 Million more, IS a big number (although 600 to 750 doesn’t seem so). And no, Apple is definitely not going to shut down in the next 20 years at least (unless something major happens).

      My point is that they might lose many customers to Android. People today have gotten much more into tech then they were back in the ‘early 2000s’ and small changes to phones seems like nothing to them – even if many developers worked hard time to make them, people are looking for ‘major’ cool stuff. Innovation always wins at some point.