Famous logos reimagined

We all love a good satire. It’s one of the highest forms of political wit and frequently bites at targets that would otherwise be unassailable.

Case in point: Maentis’ Universal Unbranding project, an amusing reworking of famous logos and emblems.

Of course, it’s pretty hard to find a satirical logo collection that doesn’t feature an obese McDonald’s logo, but Maentis has included some slightly more sophisticated political comment too: the Rolling Stones’ North Korean tour referencing freedom of speech; the disintegration of the € and the Red Bison are also very good.

Gillette may need to adopt Maentis’ variation on their logo if they keep adding blades to their razors, and I’m sure the Windows logo will be familiar to users of Microsoft’s operating system.

We were hoping to put together the LOGÖ to discover who it referenced, but there was a screw missing.


Which of these parodies is your favourite? Which brands are crying out to be satirised? Let us know in the comments.

  • joel kitts

    These logos are wonderful and creative. My favorite logo is by far the McDonalds rebranding. It is such an easy and clever transformation from the original and very clear on what it represents!

  • joel kitts

    These logos are all wonderful! The McDonalds logo parody is by far my favorite out of the whole group. I love how simple it looks and how easy it was to make such a “massive” transformation and still keep the feel of their original brand with a little laugh on the back end!

  • Ingrid

    Most of these logos are really funny. And I like the IKEA one because it definitely says the obvious about what the company is about.

  • http://www.sweetmag.my/ Sweetmag

    love how the lacoste re-imagined logo looks!

  • http://about.me/evanjacobs Evan Jacobs

    The IKEA one is gold.

  • Miray

    Well, Lacoste and Gilllllette are really good! And, of course IKEA and the North Korean Tour hit the target! We do wish people were that honest!

  • louhoffman

    Hard to beat the one on McDonalds. Beauty in simplicity.

  • Chris Targett

    Here’s my top 3:
    1- Angry Birds/BP
    2 – Olympic Rings
    3- IKEA

  • http://www.diempi.be/ diempi

    the mcdo one is nice, I like the Gilette one too

  • Anil Amrit

    Ikea and McDonalds logos are just genius. Simple and both depict there core attributes perfectly.