24 extraordinarily cool motion graphic designs

Motion graphics are flat out neat. They’re what dazzles our eyes at the beginning of movies and during commercials. They’re what takes stagnant illustrations and makes them great animations. Even little pieces of motion graphics are implemented in video productions as well. There’s no other way to say it—motion graphics are cool.

As connection speeds go up, and users crave more and more immersive experiences, we’ll see motion graphics play a larger and larger role in web design. Recently I’ve noticed a lot of designers taking this route rather than learning coding and all that technical stuff. If you are a sure fire creative, video and motion graphics could totally be for you.

So to fire up those creative juices, we’ve put together a collection of incredible motion graphics. Let’s jump right in…


TVC Documentary


Sugar of the day


Cinco radio buenos dias 25 aniversario


Life on mars


FITC Toronto awards


Typomania festival


Sweet for After Effects (demo)


Social Media Awards opening titles


Think with Google


shoobAKA reel 2013




Breakout ident


Clear History title screen



MTV Idol


By Any Means title screen






Kankin free font video



The Customizers






Cumbia Ninja



Amsterdam Open Air festival



Health Spots GCBA 



Foxlife worldwide TV branding



20 century logos 14

  • Reginald Malubane

    This is really awesome. ‘Think with google’

  • lennels

    what software is this type of stuff done in?

  • DC

    social media awards nailed on every front, good job guys!

  • DC

    social media awards nailed on every front, good job guys!

  • RanIbarra

    A good compilation of motion videos that features motion graphics.. thanks for creating this good article! :-) I hope there would be a tutorial on how to create motion graphics.