14 Applications for Project Management and Collaboration

In this article, we list several great applications for project and time management as well as collaboration between you and your clients. There are free and commercial options available.

These project management apps are here to save you time, but they can also be very time consuming and not intuitive. If you have a team who works with you remotely, then this is an ideal choice. If you are a freelancer however, you will have to spend some time learning these as well as teaching your clients how to use and interact with the application.

Let’s keep the cons aside and give the apps a chance, you can then see for yourself which ones will suit your needs best.


1. Project Pier

ProjectPier is a free, open source, self-hosted PHP application for managing tasks, projects and teams through an intuitive web interface. ProjectPier will help your organization communicate, collaborate and get things done. It functions similar to commercial groupware/project management products, but allows for the freedom and scalability of self-hosting. Even better, it will always be free. I have this installed on my server and it’s very similar to Basecamp, which is one of the most popular project management apps out there.


2. Collabtive

Collabtive is a simple to use CMS to help you manage your projects, milestones, task-lists, tasks. It also supports Basecamp integration, time tracking and multiple languages.


3. Liferay

Liferay Social Office is an enterprise social collaboration solution. This full virtual workspace streamlines communication saves time, builds group cohesion and raises productivity. Use the collection of innovative social document sharing and collaboration features to get on the same page and stay there.



4. OpenGoo

OpenGoo is an open source web office. It is a complete solution for every organization to create, collaborate, share and publish all its internal and external documents. OpenGoo has a very responsive interface unlike some of the others options. The best part about this CMS is that it includes its very own email functionality and many other features that others lack.


5. Clocking IT

Clocking IT: Task filters, time tracking, milestones, timeline, calendar, graphs, drag and drop organizing, notes, comments, reports, CSV export, pretty much everything you will need. One neat feature is the Facebook like integrated chat, pretty handy.



6. Klok

Klok: Your time is your product. Every minute you spend working that goes unaccounted for is like giving away your product for free. Tracking your time accurately is essential to staying profitable. In addition, knowing how much time you spend on past projects can allow you to better estimate future projects. From what I can see, this Adobe Air app has a pretty good looking interface.


7. Less Time Spent

Less Time Spent gets extra points for Google id login, it will save you a minute setting up an account. The application is very clean, easy to use, fast and does the job of tracking time. It definitely tops my list for time tracking.


8. Google Docs

Google Docs is an amazing online office suite packed with features. It has a feature which you can use to collaborate with multiple users. It only takes a minute to get all of your users editing the same document in realtime.


9. Camp Fire

Campfire is an instant messaging app built for groups. I really like the simplicity and feel of this app. It does not boast a lot of features, instead it tries to accomplish one task very well. If you find yourself juggling between designers, developers and clients on email and IM, you will appreciate the comfort of the single place where you all can actively collaborate, share files, and do work.


10. Ta-da Lists


TaDa Lists, by 37 Signals, is a to-do list management application. To be honest, I have a text file on my desktop in which I note down my tasks and to-do’s. I prefer quickly firing up the text-editor to write and erase lines instead of opening FireFox > typing the URL > logging in > writing the note > finishing the job. On the other hand I know a lot of people who prefer their notes to be in the “cloud” to access them from anywhere. This is a simple app that will let you do just that.


11. Remember the milk

Remember the milk takes to-do lists to the next level, it brings you functionality, mobility and power.


12. BaseCamp

BaseCamp is one of the most popular project management apps around and definitely deserves that rank. The software is very neat and powerful and has an extensive range of features, but it cannot be installed on your own server and cannot be customized to your own needs other than changing the color scheme or logo. If you plan to sign up, make sure you try out the demo first to see if it suits you. Just because their site is filled with positive testimonials does not mean that they have the best software around. Starting from: $24/Month


13. ActiveCollab

ActiveCollab has pretty much the same features as BaseCamp, but you have to pay a one time fee and you can install it on your own server. Starting from: $200


14. SpringLoops

SpringLoops is very different from all the others I have mentioned here, as it allows developers to collaborate code which is very important in most web based projects that other software overlooks. A free version is available. The paid version starts from: $9/Month

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  • http://blog.insicdesigns.com/ insic

    nice list. maybe you need to check dotProject or flyspray they are usefull too.

    • http://www.webdesignerdepot.com Walter


  • http://wiredcandidate.com Matt

    Great List. Sharepoint could also be added to the list for more of an enterprise solution (even though I am not a big fan).

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  • http://www.interactivered.com Interactive Red

    We have been using basecamp for quite a while but the lack of Gantt chart is it’s major drawback.

    We’ve been trying out 5pm (http://www.5pmweb.com) which is pretty good, in fact I only heard about it through banner advertising on this site!

  • http://sman96.com vin

    Just what I need. Thanks DD!

  • http://management.blogvis.com Arturas

    Most of these tools doesn’t have the full feature package needed, so you’ll need to use 2-3 tools, like to-do tool, time tracking tool and collab tool, but it is great that there are tools like ActiveCollab, Clarizen, Comindwork that have all the features you can think of :))

  • http://sarsini.it Martin Sarsini

    I have been using basecamp for a while but from your list I have discovered clockingit which seems very interesting. I will definitely give it a try!

  • http://www.frucomerci.com Frucomerci

    Great article, but you missed the one I use: Goplan.org

  • http://joaopedropereira.com/blog João Pedro Pereira

    Excelent list!

  • http://altenergyreview.com Michael

    dotproject has been ported and updated to web2project and it’s really good these days

  • http://greenflipflops.com Gabe

    Thanks for the list! I’m most intrigued by the open source solutions – as a “small time” I can’t start dishing out $8/month here; $10/month there; $14/month over there; it will add up quickly. I also like the idea of installing the app on my server and having a more personalized feeling of a central location for those I’m working with to come and collaborate on a project.

  • nicole

    I do agree with Interactive Red. 5pm wasn’t mentioned here but is totally worth checking.

  • http://designwithathought.com/ Elena Savitskaya

    Guys, thank you ever so much, found a perfect time tracking tool now! Brilliant stuff.

  • http://www.marksten.nl Marksten

    Nice list for people who can’t make a choice. My project just started and we’ve choosen for a forum to discuss, dropbox to share our files (up to 2 gb) and wiki for documentation. We also use Google Agenda for appointments and stuff.

    But after seeing this list I’ve noticed we don’t have a tool to maintain a to-do list. Perhaps I’ll send in this URL to my projectmates!

    Thanks anyway

  • Jorge

    I missed Google sites (http://sites.google.com)

  • http://adrianherritt.com Adrian

    Nice list. I tried Project Pier, which is a good option, but there simply isn’t enough activity or continual development in the community. So I use a port of Activ Collab customized to look like Basecamp – as AC used to be open source for a time. Only thing left to do with it is incorporate AJAX. Works great, looks great.

  • http://www.epsil.nl/blog Roderick

    Nice list, 6 months ago I did almost the same research you are showing here, and I came to the same conclusion.

    I also have ProjectPier installed in my server, it is free, it has almost the same functions as Basecamp or ActiveCollab (actually it is a modified version of ActiveCollab 0.7) and I can control everything. The only thing it doesn’t have is document group editing (I use Google Docs for that) and a good time tracking, but I don’t really need that.

    I would understand why some people will be inclined to pay for such a service, but if you are a freelancer or a small company, ProjectPier is everything you need.

    dotProject is fine too, but I found it too complex for clients to understand.

    I thought flyspray was a software bug-reporting system, but I could be wrong and it might be used for any sort of project management.

    • http://royalteam.org Max

      Try Etherpad – it’s realy great

  • http://www.sharepointbuzz.com Kanwal Khipple

    Another great tool for Project Management would Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (integration with Microsoft Project 2007 is there as well).

  • http://alisonfoxall.com Alison

    I’ve used Clocking IT and Basecamp. I didn’t like either one that much, but I thought that Clocking IT has an edge over Basecamp.

    I use Google Apps all the time. :) It’s great!

  • Bob

    @Arturas: I agree completely with you. We use ProjectOffice.net (www.projectoffice.net) that offers PM, wikis, issues integrations all in one… And we payed only $0.99 per user per month.

    • http://www.bestarticleworld.com best articles

      hi bob,

      i also use projectoffice.net..found it great…

  • jonlee

    Is there a free web-based project management tool that older, tech-averse people could embrace?

  • http://ryanburrell.com Ryan Burrell

    I’ve used many of these and found that most of them either A) have very strange workflows built into them or B) lack time-tracking capability, which to me is half the reason to use a PM setup. Those apps that do track time seem to come up short in the actual management areas; it always seems to be a trade off. I’ve yet to find a single app that contains the features needed for full project management, so you end up having to use multiple apps to accomplish what a single one really should (see Arturas comment above).

    Out of all the ones mentioned, I’d have to say Basecamp or activeCollab are the most robust, but even these can be highly frustrating to use.

  • http://www.bigslickdesign.com Big Slick Design

    I’ve used many of these, but have never found one tool that does everything I need it to. I’m in the process of reading Leo Babauta’s Zen to Done eBook, and we’ll see what kind of new philosophies it introduces me to.

    I’ve considered developing my own application, but I think with the market flooded already with so many useful apps, I would have to bring something truly unique to the table. Until I figure out how to deliver on that uniqueness, that project will be on the back burner.

    Thanks for the post, it introduced me to a couple new applications that I’ll definitely be checking out.

  • http://www.pushingbuttons.net Timothy

    Nice list. Should come in handy.

  • http://www.projectinsight.net Mark

    I agree with Arturas. You should be able to go to one location for all your project management needs. Project Insight is feature rich and easy to use. It has AJAX throughout and an interactive Gantt chart for quick editing.

  • http://www.smartdesktop.com/ Tyler

    This out performs all of the tracking tools listed above..It actually tracks how long you spend on a certain document.

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  • http://www.sunrise-promotions.com Robin

    I’ve been using Creative Pro recently – of the tools I’ve used so far, I like it the best – it has a lot of the features you need for project management.

  • http://www.blog.mookiedesign.com Cam

    I am a big user of Backpack and Creative Pro (although og lately i kinda fell behind with it) for my own stuff. We use basecamp for our 4 man design team.

  • http://www.pixmatstudios.com demogar

    I’m a big fan of Project Pier ~
    Really great article ;)

  • Jan

    Well this is interesting! Ten minutes ago, I finally decided upon a collaboration tool and selected OnStage. I am an attorney who wants an easy and secure way to post documents for client review, send short and easy messages, and store client documents while their case is pending so they can review them at their leisure (and stop calling me for a copy of blah because they lost their copy or email); and a calendar with court dates and due dates. I already have practice management software that takes care of time mangement, billing, etc., so we’ll see how this goes!

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  • http://www.RationalPlan.com Lucian Ioan


    Do you think that Ta-Da List and RTM are project management or collaboration tools? I have to disagree with you. I would recommend to take a look to the list from Wikipedia for such tools.

  • Ravi S

    I recently signed up for deskaway, seems good! Easy to use.

  • Serge

    I have used “5pm” and find it awesome.

  • Suruchi

    Nice list!
    @jonlee – if you are looking out for a free management tool, then DeskAwai is the best. It is providing a free account for lifetime, your account will never expire.

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  • http://www.planningforce.com Isabelle

    I’d like to introduce you our project planning software: Planningforce.
    You should really test it, you can anticipate risks and constraints, manage unlimited resources and projects and many more.

    Planningforce! :)

  • http://dave.showviz.net/ Dave

    You might also check out assembla.com. It has a lot of tools for managing software development projects, including svn and git source control, trac, ticket and milestone management, a wiki, etc…

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  • http://www.orangepeelinteractive.com Tim

    Well, this post is just perfectly timed, I have been looking for a good open source project management system for a little while now. Thanks for the compilation!

  • http://www.misty-blue.net Sarah

    Great post! I’m glad to see Klok getting some love. I not only use it for my freelance work, but for personal projects too.

  • http://www.centercode.com Luke Freiler

    I’m a huge fan of ActiveCollab – we use it for just about everything. I personally found it to be much more feature rich than Basecamp. It’s odd to me that there’s no “hosted version”, but the tool itself is awesome.

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  • http://webapprater.com/ WebAppRater

    Good List. i appreciate the efforts

  • http://www.gganttic.com Michael Kariv

    The comments and the original post illustrate a trend that I find amusing. There are so many online PM applications. When we started looking into the PM market we quickly found about 40 competing products. And we find new ones all the time. We stopped keeping the list. That is why we concentrate on add-ons to the best of breed (Google Docs, Basecamp, others to come).

    I expect that in 4 years there will remain only 6 or less. The numbers are made up, as all predictions, but I sure hope this insane fragmentation will end and we’ll get one truly fantastic PM (with gganttic providing addons to :)))


  • http://iplotz.com mark vernon

    iplotz.com also has collaborative and project management capabilities within the application, which allows rapid creation of mockups and wireframes for website, iphone and software development.

  • michal at manoofa

    Firstly that is nice list. Of course there are many more tools/implementations better or not, but it is nice to see like an article and people can see something interesting and also comment and start discussion about usability of them. Thank you! Just 0,02$ as comment, I use OpenProj and FreeMind, but now I ma trying to adjust web-based application.

  • http://www.webpixelkonsum.de Ralph

    Thank you for this list, because i will use one of them for my diploma, perhaps ;)

  • http://www.blog.mookiedesign.com Cam

    i tried for the life of me to get projectpier to work but xoops and another local server i was running didn’t have php5. so frustrating! trying opengoo and klok

  • http://www.infosistems.ro Cosmin

    Thanks a lot!

    I’ve been looking for some time now, for a tool to manage our projects, and Collabtive looks awesome!!!


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  • http://souravs.corexprts.com sourav sen

    never used such stuffs before.
    now thinking to give a try to as many as I can to know which one suits my needs best.
    any way thanks

  • http://www.dynamicalsoftware.com Glenn

    Good list. I’ll check them out. Thanks. Those who need to manage software development projects should also check out Code Roller where project management and collaboration features are built in to this web application where the deliverables of each phase of the project are authored. For example, when the release gets frozen, the analysts are automatically tasked to review the requirements.

  • Capt’n Morgan

    I’ve been looking for a PM app similar to basecamphq, but with a built in ticketing type system to assign single tasks with priority for weeks, but haven’t found it yet. Some good options here, but the search goes on.

    On a side note, in my search I thought I came across an app that reads incoming mail and can assign a task based on that. The more I thought about that, the more it makes sense. Almost every email leads to a task. It might just be to renew a domain name, reset a password, update a website, etc, etc. If I could set an app to automatically create tasks when they come from certain addresses, or TO certain addresses (as help desk software does now), it seems that in and of itself would be a time saver. No need to filter through a bunch of emails, they will all be tasks.
    Was I imagining the base concept of this, or did I see it somewhere?

    • Kelly Jones

      @Capt’n Morgan did you ever find a system like you described above? I am looking for exactly that for SEVERAL weeks now. Help!


    • revlt

      flag messages in gmail and imap/exchange server them into entourage auto creates tasks. you love it i hate it cos you cant turn it off ;-)

  • http://www.flashcoms.com/ flash chat

    Hey guys!

    what about VCSonline and their products? They should be good in PMS industry? What do you think of their apps and services?


  • http://www.pmpathway.com Project Management

    Good list ans stuff… Thankz.

  • http://www.geniusinside.com project management software

    all products listed have a very limited functionality. Thanks for the effort.

  • http://www.blindschalet.com/ Wood blinds

    That’s really a fantastic post ! I added to my favorite blogs list..Thanks

  • http://www.designityourselfgiftbaskets.com/cat--Birthday-Gift-Baskets--2BIRTHDAY Birthday gift baskets

    I have been reading your blog last couple of weeks and enjoy every bit. Thanks

  • http://www.appointment-plus.com schedule software

    Wonderful list there.. some I’ve never come across before, very useful, Thanks :)

  • http://www.pmphq.com Jerom

    You have missed PMP HQ http://www.pmphq.com. PMP HQ is easy to use web-based online project management and collaboration tool. It includes calendar and gantt charts to aid visual representation of projects and their deadlines. It supports multiple projects and subprojects. PMP HQ is SaaS offering providing integrated project management features, issue tracking, and support for multiple version control options. Currently PMP HQ provides user interface in more then 30 languages including English, German, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and many more. With simple pricing model without “per user” or “per project” charges, PMP HQ is an affordable and attractive alternative to costly in-house deployments.

  • http://dotjinks.com Dotjinks

    Hey, don’t leave out http://nokahuna.com/ really simple and great little project-task manager.

  • http://www.wrike.com Daria

    You could also add Wrike.com to your list. It’s a project management app that is integrated with email and has Gantt charts with drag and drop support.

  • http://roopindersingh.com rs

    Great list! Do have a look at http://xp-dev.com as another project management and collaboration platform. It has a goot set of features.

  • http://epapier.pl epapier.pl

    v. nice soft…

  • http://www.timecenter.com/ Online appointment scheduling

    Remember the milk is cool, i like their logo! :)

  • Henry

    the established provider – Projectplace.com – is not on the list, but the greatest of tools. Used it for 5 years – can´t live without it…

  • http://www.urnshopper.com Cremation Urns

    I didnt see projectcentral.com on the list either. It is a great resource.


  • http://www.inkatechnology.co.uk Facebook Application Developers

    Great article. I was looking for online project management applications, and this article was the first ranking in Google.

    Thanks for the insight!

  • http://www.myintervals.com John

    Great list. There are a lot of good options to choose from. May I also suggest taking a look at Intervals for onilne project management and collaboration?

  • http://www.teambox.com Pablo

    Missing Teambox, a twitter-flavoured project management tool. Similar in many ways to Basecamp, but open-source.

  • Steven Taylor

    The world of online project management software is really interesting. There are plenty of them. Almost every week there is a new one. Since a couple of days ago I’m using Doolphy (http://www.doolphy.com ). I found out about it through Twitter and up to now I’m pretty happy.

  • http://inspirationfeed.com inspirationfeed

    Great list!

  • http://www.world-of-zune.com Headphone Reviews

    This is a fantastic list! This is going to save me a lot of time and research. There are some great time tracking tools here that will be useful to freelancers. Thanks!

  • http://peninggi-badan.com tinggi badan

    If you are a freelancer however, you will have to spend some time learning these as well as teaching your clients how to use and interact with the application.

  • Ricardo

    I am looking for a solution for a company. We are sophisticated printing and mailing company moving into a more technology-driven arena. We have offices in CA and UT and as we move forward much collaboration will be needed within our marketing departments to track projects so there’s accountability by each part so things dont fall through the cracks. This post is a little old and I’d be curious to know if any of the people that were looking at a solution a few months ago would like to share their findings to help me narrow down my search. There are so many options. I’m looking for a project management software (dont need the social networking aspect of it) and we’re investing separately on a CRM system so dont need that either.
    AcitveCollab, Basecamp, 5PM seem to be in line with what we need. I just want something that is user friendly, has a great user interface, flexibility and customization, etc.
    Any helpful comments are much appreciated!

  • http://www.seoaustralia.net SEO Melbourne

    This is a great list, but I have spent 2 months trying to find ONE system that will handle everything for me – a solo web developer and online marketing consultant. So far I use MYOB account edge for Mac, plus spreadsheets and google docs. I have looked at Freshbooks, Basecamp, Xero, Saasu etc etc. No matter what I find, you still need at least 2 apps to be able to run your business. What I find amazing is that I cannot be the only solo consultant out there – there has got be tens of thousands. So why are we all happy to use separate systems and have to copy and paste customer details, invoice numbers and project IDs all over the place, wasting time? If anyone has found a single web based system for the Mac that does accounting, billing and PM, please let us know.

  • http://mavenlink.com Casey

    I have been using Mavenlink for Project Management & Collaboration and really like it. Plus, it links with Google Docs and all of Google Apps so you are collaborating with multiple top notch products.

  • Sebastian

    Amazing post! But personally I really like TaskPoint http://www.taskpoint.com. It offers all I need in terms of project management and collaboration, it is hosted so i do not have to maintain it, it’s very nice priced for my taste (and I’m greedy :) ) and has amazing reviews at Google market place

    • ScottyDoo

      Why pay for TaskPoint and not just use Redmine (http://www.redmine.org/) for free?

      It even says right in the footer that it’s powered by Redmine, which is a free, open-source product.

  • http://www.worketc.com/ Barbie Adair

    Thanks for this helpful lists! The best project management and collab tool for me is Worketc, it is an integration of crm, project management, collab, helpdesk and billing tools. All in one platform that is cost-effective for me, and giving me the efficiency I well deserve. 1

  • http://www.seoexpertsaustralia.com SEO Experts

    Thanks for this list, i am sure its going to prove really helpful for me, am looking forward to work on it…especially the active collab

  • http://karthickkumar.com Karthick Kumar

    Very impressive and well researched list. I used Google Docs & Base Camp. I wish to try others and see which suits me best in realtime game development

  • Gretchen Dale

    Remember the milk has a totally cute logo, but the app itself was helpful only when I managed my personal tasks with it. For our corporate needs we evaluated at least five tools. The one that best meets our needs is Wrike.com. One of the best things about is the instant adoption – you log in to the workspace and start using the app any training, Wrike is very intuitive.

  • http://www.elegantmedia.com.au/ Website Designers Melbourne

    This is a great list. I’ve used Project Pier and Collabtive before. But never tried OpenGoo. I’ll try that because of the slick interface.

  • http://www.clickfactory.com.au/ SEO

    Wow that’s a really great comprehensive list! Must really check some of these out! I wish there was one web based app that combined elements of all of these!

  • http://www.marmoset.com.au Melbourne Website Designer

    I agree with some of the comments here about lack of programmes and features to run a complete business. One app would be great that did all your accounting, PMing and customer tracking.

  • Vishy

    you can try out BootStrapToday as well http://bootstraptoday.com which was recently launched. Free account provides 10 project and 10 users.

  • http://www.mattersolutions.com.au SEO Brisbane

    The problem with project management tools that I’ve found is to actually choose ONE (not more) that is good enough to be able to catch all your needs. Once you start using different systems for different things it usually starts to fall apart.

  • http://www.devoxsols.com Ahmedij | Website Developer

    Good list.
    But still looking for all in one solution :|

  • http://www.projecturf.com Project Management App

    Projecturf is quite different and very user friendly. Great post, thanks!

    • revlt

      i love the look and feel of projecturf. lot of others just dont do it for me and look to confusing. i put out dozen of projects with multiple tasks to a studio team of eight and most of these packages i need to spend more time inputting stuff than do actual work. projecturf price plan is a bit 2 high in my opinion. 150 projects a month for over 160 $. thats 2 much.

      if you like off line stuff take a look at http://www.jobprocentral.com/ filemaker based, highly customizable even an option to buy the source code to fine tune it yourself.

  • http://www.financialadvisertoday.com/ Jami

    Very impressive…Many person following this …like this…

  • Gregory Gaskill

    I’m surprised Redmine (http://www.redmine.org) is missing, it’s by far the most feature rich open-source project management web application.

  • http://www.apollohq.com Tony Mobily

    Hi there,

    When you write this article, we hadn’t released Apollo yet! http://www.apollohq.com

    Apollo is a single-page, snappy AJAX application that does project and contact management…

    Just my (biased) 2c :D

    Thanks for the review!


  • Nate

    I would add: http://www.project2manage.com to the list, it’s pretty much the best application for the money out there.

  • http://www.thomascraigconsulting.com Thomas Craig Consulting

    Very nice post, noticed that opengoo link goes to a different company, did they get bought up or go commercial. I recently published a post similiar to this with the focus on free or open source apps.


  • http://www.collaborationideas.com Lorie Vela

    Very interesting list. Collaboration and management tools are attracting everyday more businesses and users. I also have made a list on my blog, maybe you’d like to check and compare, then we could update our lists!


    Thanks for sharing and regards


  • http://www.crystaladmiral.nl Crystal admiral

    Very informative, like this list as it remains a challenge to find good management and collaboration tools.

    PS A great list Lorie, like them a lot.

  • http://www.planningforce-express.com isabelle

    We’ve just released Express Planner as freeware :)
    You can download it here: http://www.planningforce-express.com


  • http://www.techbridge.ca Sasha Baksht

    Nice list!

    But I absolutely can’t understand how you guys can ignore Zoho Projects? Seriously this is the best PM app I ever used for years. And well balanced pricing policy too. Highly recommended!

  • http://www.binfire.com david robins

    Great article. Also consider http://binfire.com. This is a new entry in online project collaboration. It is free and comes with 10GB online storage. In addition to traditional project management tools like tasks and milestones with dependencies, status reporting, project folder and project member categories and permissions, it has great collaboration tool too. Collaboration tools include real-time whiteboard, group chat, file and task staring (to follow any object) and many more.

  • http://www.teamworkpm.net Sam Kidd

    I can see from the comments above it might be time to re-visit this article and do one for 2011.

    App’s I can’t live without:
    http://www.dropbox.com for backing by and sharing files
    http://www.viber.com/ for making and receiving free calls,
    and of course our app
    http://www.teamworkpm.net for managing your projects online.

  • http://kinecthouse.com/ Kinect

    What a useful list!

    It’s a bit old but nonetheless useful. Project pier has gotten better since this was written.