The Workstations of Popular Websites

As a blogger myself, I’ve always wondered what other people’s workstations look like. I realize many of you probably wonder the same thing, so I’ve decided to prepare this post which includes photos of work spaces from popular blogs and websites.

Most pictures show Mac computers being used, sometimes in conjunction with PC’s and/or laptops. It’s also interesting to see how some spaces are very clean and minimalistic, while others draw inspiration from busier set ups.

Thanks to all of you that participated in this fun article and sent their images. Finally, if you have a popular website or blog and would like to be featured here, simply contact me so that I can include it here. The article will be expanded as other photos get submitted over the coming days.

Now, let’s go explore some interesting workstations and get inspired…

Chris Spooner’s SpoonGraphics

Brian Hoff’s The Design Cubicle

Darren Rowse’s Problogger

Jay Hilgert’s BittBox

Elliot Jay Stocks

Walter Apai’s Webdesigner Depot

Jonathan Snook’s Snook

Henry Jones’ WebDesignLedger

Gino Orlandi’s YouTheDesigner

Wolfgang’s Bartelme

Navdeep Raj’s Dezinerfolio

Steven Snell’s and Vandelay Design

Dan Rubin’s SuperfluousBanter

Todd Garland’s BuySellAds

Scott Willoughby’s SEOMoz

Nick La’s Web Designer Wall

Gabriel Segura’s CSS Mania

Chris Coyier’s CSS-Tricks


Kai Loon’s Kailoon

Niki Brown’s The Design O’Blog


James Qu’s PSD Vault

David and Marc Perel’s We Are Not Freelancers

Frank Jeitz’s FudgeGraphics

Matt Cronin’s Spoonfed Design

Adelle Charles’ Fuel Your Creativity

David Appleyard’s Design Shack and David

Jacob Cass’ Just Creative Design

Dmitry Fadeyev’s Usability Post

Andrew Houle’s My Ink Blog

Daved’s Broche’s Outlaw Design Blog

Alex Giron’s CSS Beauty

Alen Grakalic’s CSS Globe

Eli Burford’s Design Blurb

Eva Sajdak & Paul Wozniak’s My Photoshop Brushes

John Mills’ CSS Remix

Liam McKay’s We Function

Chad Mueller’s Inspiredology

Jan’s Dawghouse

Aran Down’s Studio 7 Designs

David Legget’s Tutorial 9

David Airey

Darius Monsef’s Colour Lovers

If you have a popular website or blog and would like to be featured here, please contact us and we’ll add it to the collection…

  • todd g @

    nice post, very cool to see the setting that all these incredibly influential (except for me ;) ) people work in.

  • Aaron

    Interesting, I’m surprised that many of the graphic and web focused bloggers don’t have Wacom tablets in their workspaces.

    Since I’m redesigning my work space, this was great inspiration. Thanks!

  • jthomas

    Wow, that’s a lot of Macs. I particularly love the Bartelme wallpaper and the Web Designer Wall “Starbucks” workplace…

    • Walter

      You can download his wallpaper from his website. Nick from WDW blogs from Starbucks, neat, uh? I’m so boring blogging from home! :)

  • neological

    hehe its like a appple store up there ^^

    • Walter

      Yeah, that’s so true!

  • Cristhian Bedon

    That is a lot of Macs. Making me think of getting one myself now.

  • Niki | The Design O’Blog

    Nice roundup! You forgot my blog :)

    • Walter

      Let’s add it – send it over ;)

  • Renee

    This is one of the coolest posts I’ve seen in a while! I always love looking at other’s spaces. My ideal office would be Walter’s set up in CSS Beauty’s old brick room. Would be sweeeet!

    • Micheil Smith

      I’d second that, I really like the sort of down to earth feel it’d give your environment..

  • MsaNkadI

    I was expecting a shabby workplace with lots of windows open and desktop full of shortcuts. I am surprised that the places as well as the desktops are so neat. I am just wondering if we could sneak up on them while working, would we get a totally different picture of things :).

    Different idea for a blog post, I like it. You keep coming up with innovative topics all the time, thats what keeps bringing me here.


    • Walter

      Nice comment, thanks, you made my day :)

  • Jacob Cass

    Go my PC, had to make a stand!

  • Ekios

    3 things :

    1- Is this a sponsored post ? Non seriously because all this gigantic MAC … common … mmh ? Honest ? You can tell, the post is cool anyway ?? No ?? ( ;) )

    2- Is it an obligation to be famous to appears on the list ? Because, if not, I can mail you a picture of my workplace !! And I swear to you that it will give a real “cliché” of what can be the amateurism in web design … (i’m a mess … a horrible one … a French mess … I let you imagine)

    3- Thanks again for this post, I loved it, refreshing and inspiring as usual ! :)

    PS : i’m not a native english speaker, please forgive me ;)

    • Walter

      The collection is meant to be of some of the most popular blogs, especially if they’re design related.

    • Emile

      My work desk was a mess until I saw a similar post on Lifehacker. Then I cleaned up, made everything look pretty, but by the time I had completed my next work assignment I was back at square one. I think half the work desks showcased here were really messy, until it was time for photos at least.

  • Naldz Graphics

    Cool Workstations!!. Thumbs up to Henry of WDL and Chris of spoongraphics.i like your workstation the most=)

  • Moth

    Me and Toxel have a lot in common! The rest of you are spoiled brats!!!! Hehe

  • Henry Jones

    I have to admit, I did tidy things up a bit for this picture of my workspace, but not too much. I normally keep things pretty neat. :)

  • Anh dep

    Wow, cool workstations, almost everyone in this post use Mac, nice:D

  • Jacques van Heerden

    Awesome….Nice to see the variation in the ways some people work.

    Gonna See my name Up there some time in the future :P

    Nice post mate.

  • Arjan Terol

    Wow what a great burglar shopping list ;-) Really like some set-ups. Dan Rubin’s set-up is just awesome.

  • Seraphim Collective

    Those are some great set ups! Maybe when I finish pimping my station we can do a round 2?

  • evl

    Wow, i didnt expect this many macs

  • Gyorgy

    Mac rules.

  • James

    Really impressive. Makes me hang my head in shame at my desktop.

  • Brad McCall

    Great post! I have always found it works best for me to have a window right behind my screen or near-to. I seem to get a little stir crazy if I can’t look out on nature once-in-a-while when working. Thanks for putting this together. – @bradmccall (twitter)

  • Frog

    I must say this post has left me yearning over a second monitor, maybe a 30″ Apple cinema display. Some pretty sweet setups there, a lot of Mac lovin’ with the odd sprinkle of Dell and Toshiba. Great post, love it!

  • Chris Spooner

    Excellent idea for a post, it was a pleasure to be a part of it! It’s great to where fellow designers spend their days!

    • Emile

      CHRIS SPOONER!!! ai, i want to grow up to be just like you man :)

  • saurabh shah

    nice list man… it seems 2 b apple things only :)

  • Marco

    Nice collection – Loads of Macs out there ;) .

    And I’m one of them:

    Guess I need to “re-design” my working station too!

  • David Airey

    Nice insight, Walter. Some of my favourite blog authors included here.

    Ciao for now.

  • Phoat

    I love Alex Giron’s office! That brick wall is great!

    I have the same IKEA desk… it’s awesome…

  • acedab

    nice round up… particularly found Dmitry Fadeyev’s Usability Post’s workplace the best because of the kind of work he had to do… and the way his monitor is tilted in result to that…

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  • Francois B

    It seems that they’re is a lot of maniacs… Or probably just for the shot ;)

    Cool post !

  • Pliggs

    Nice post, interesting to see how many of them have multiple monitors. Makes my setup look so bad.

  • Davidino

    Yeah, what nice idea write this post ! Double monitor rules…

  • Brad Miller

    My personal favorite is Elliot Jay Stocks. I like how the Mac Book Pro is in the corner and there are not many wires out. Also they music and I’m a musician so that was cool. Nice post!

  • Brush This

    I love this post. It’s totally unexpected subject matter – sort of like being a fly on the wall, on the other side of cyber space.

  • Shane Eubanks

    Thanks for the peek inside how these sites are built and maintained. Amazing how “small” some of these are behind the scenes, yet appear “big” to their audience. Goes to show the power of putting a business online. “You’re only as big as people think you are.”

  • Ben Ho

    I love this post so much, I just love to see people’s workstations.

  • Walter

    I’ve just added a few more, like cssremix, cssglobe, inspiredology, we function and others. Check them out.

  • Franz Jeitz

    Thanks for asking me to contribute. There are some really slick workspaces here. I’ll certainly come back to this article when I’m changing mine :) I think the Starbucks one is amazing :)

  • webz

    greatly impressive… mostly are mac… where’s the pc? it’s really great to see the working place of the most inspiring designers and developers…

  • Dean Peterson

    Thanks for the post, very interesting.

    Am I to seriously believe that all these designers/developers keep their workstations that clean?

  • Aran

    Hey Walter :)

    Awesome post, Im handing mine in to ya today hopefully. My workstation looks just like yours does.

    So cool to see where people I know and work with work at. Its also amazing how we are all so lucky that we can take a laptop anywhere in the world and work away happily :)

    So cool!

    • Walter

      Nice zen feel, loved it :)

  • Matt Hancock

    Looks like a retooling of my workspace is in order.

    Thanks for the insight. :)

  • Enk.

    Wow, Awesome Post!

    First I’d like to ask how u guys managed to get to all of’em ? lol.. :D

    Well, I just loved the LCD at PsdVault’s place.. and saw no one uses CRTs now :D

  • Enk.

    I wish Smashing Magazine was on the list.. :(

    • Walter

      They were approached, but no reply so far.

  • Chad Engle

    Thats awesome idea/post! Seems the new MBP with the LCD 24″ monitor is a pretty popular choice. I really like seeing the contrast in people work spaces. I think it is interesting how designer’s work/design. Nice post!

  • Bogdan

    Wow, so many Macs. Impressive!

  • Steph

    I enjoy these kind of posts! I’m surprised not many people had printers around… I know we’re all mostly web designers, but still. I still print a lot.

    Eva Sajdak & Paul Wozniak’s desktop was so nice and clean, and comfy looking!

  • Sean

    Nice to see I’m not the only one with 1 horizontal and 1 vertical profile monitor – posted my desk setup back in November – here:

  • Jason Kester

    Wow, so many cubicles. Depressing!

    Here’s mine:

    • Walter

      Oh, cm’on – that will make any of us feel terrible…. I don’t even have a window in my office…. explain yours, please :)

  • spellathon

    Really it is inspirational how people have set up their offices, hopefully I will be more or less like them in near future.

  • Michael Shelton

    Very cool to see this. I believe the space you work in is very influential on your creativity and productivity.

    I think it would be interesting to see the work spaces of anybody, amateurs included, not just the top bloggers. I bet you would find quite an array of spaces.

  • cameron

    Wow, awesome post!

    One question.. how can there be so many creatives, and non of them are Lefties!? or did I miss something..

    didn’t think left-brained people could be creative.. hahahaha

  • Gary

    lol Gabriel Segura, brilliant! love cssmania btw

    • Bariel Segura

      I love you also. :D

  • The Frosty @WPCult

    Hey, that’s a really cool look into everyone’s setup!
    But people, STOP with the default desktop backgrounds! Come on, design your logo?

    Still a great collection..

  • CyberFox

    Where is the clutter?
    I am sure they all cleaned up for the pics!

  • Anne-Kathrin

    Where are the left-handed creatives?

    Very interesting: they all seem to be right-handed.
    I would always put the mouse to the left of my keyboard – even if I just cleaned up the desk ;-)

  • 30THREE

    Very nice post! i like to view others work spaces! Lots of Mac’s but I’m more jelious of the dual monitars!!

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  • Nico

    Nice post! It’s amazing to see how many use more than one screen. I’ve tried dual screens, but to me the additional space used by the second monitor does not outweigh the benefits of two screens, then again I’ve tried this with old school CRT monitors, might be different with LCD screens as they hardly need any desk space. My setup is completely opposite: 2 PC’s and a Mac, all sharing a single screen.

  • Fergus Dawson

    My god, these people’s desks all look the same. Why are they so sterile and conventional?

  • Ed Polquin


    Yeah- I’d like to see what they really look like without the tidying up! I like the way some of them show their iPhone as part of their workstation. They have no pencils, paper, books, folders, but they do have their iPhone ready to go!

    Great post! Add some more photos!

  • Tom Sinclair
  • Jake

    Although I’m not a website designer, I do maintain The Story’s Story and keep an eye on Seliger + Associates Grant Writing. You can see my setup in this post about workspace, although I have to admit that some of the people with multiple monitors put mine to shame. Still, the Humanscale keyboard tray is a major plus with my setup.

  • Peter Cooper

    To all the people wondering where the clutter is.. I was thinking the same! I’ve always worked in a total mess and probably always will. Mine: (and, yes, I do have a popular Web site so it counts, lol).

  • mr.zer0

    oh man :D thats more than nice…
    hmmm, most of them are using macs, i wonder why ?! ;P


  • Vincent Le Pes III

    I’m encouraged to see that so many of these great designers are working in small spaces – often at home. I feel much less crowded in my little home studio nook now ;)

  • Ryan

    Great post! I am always curious about other designer’s setups and spaces. For me, the space I work in plays a major role in my creativity. Unfortunately, my space isn’t all that inspiring right now…it needs some work!

  • Phoat

    Peter, finally an office that looks like someone actually works in it… all the other pics look like they came out of the pages of a catalog…

    I’d take a picture of my office also, but you wouldn’t be able to see anything behind all the mess.

  • krebaltzer’s journal

    These desktops show a creative side. love all thos macs.

  • Michael M.

    That was a clever idea. It was very cool to see some of the places where great websites are born.

    I would love to share my office space, “headquarters” in this picture:

  • Derek Underwood

    Walter asked me to submit photos of my workstation for readers.

    Warning: I didn’t clear off my desk or plug in my iPhone first! Just a couple of quick pics.

    Later in the week, I’ll try and post some photos from my professional office at Above Systems where we have the big guns including a 100 inch multi-touch projection display.

  • fonsogfx

    Wolfgang’s setup looks pretty neat! I like the wallpaper.

  • at9t

    This is interesting!
    Quite nice desktop~

  • Mabuc

    Wow, these are beautiful. Wondering of not including tutorial 9 in the list I want to see his workplace too.

    • Walter

      He’s been contacted – new pictures being added over the coming days from othr famous blogs. Stay tuned!

      • Mabuc

        thats nice I will wait for it, thank you walter.

  • mangoo

    Nice. Interesting.
    But why are those people and those readers so much MAC-addicted?
    If a MAc helps to be more crative – I should overthink my workstation too ;)
    I am more than glad with my IBM. But I think all this doesn´t matter. We are all working with the same programs, don´t we?
    But anyway. Good post! Thanks.

  • rybaxs

    So great! how about Collis.. mmmmm

    • Walter

      He never replied

  • Fubiz

    Mac and Apple everywhere :)

  • Allen

    I just recently found some on Flickr. You can view them here

  • Chad

    A very fun post, thanks for letting me be a part of it… it’s very inspiring finding out what some of most respected bloggers workstations look like….

  • Creamy CSS

    It’s really interesting to see all those website’s workstations. Thanks for the post!

  • Ben G


  • Mark

    Brilliant post, really interesting to see everyone elses little workspaces!

  • Greg

    lol at the crappy PC setups

    • GrandmasterB

      Good to see all of the Mac setups.

  • insic

    this one is nice for real. hmmm i have a better workstation but not a famous website though. lol

    • Walter

      Go ahead and add it here in the comments section :)

      • Richard

        Cool comment!

  • Shuki Haiminis

    That was very cool to see the desks of some very talented designers. I should take a snap shot of mine one day.

  • Carl

    I really loved this post and it brought a question to my lips that just won`t go away.

    Why is it the trend for us designers to use APPLE?

    ..personally I am using a PC, but that was more due to early budget reasons and I don’t yet have the time to make the transition. As soon as I have the time I will, but I struggle for a reason than “Apple looks nicer”.

  • Monsieur Alex


    Workstations of “le clubclub” blog


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  • http://none OSR

    This proves you dont always need a high-tech workstation filled with macs to build great sites/blogs.

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  • Kristin Andrews

    Walter, love this. I’ll definitely be tweeting this.

  • Rishi Luchun

    Think a visit to ikea is in order

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  • Brandon Hansen

    That is awesome. I was actually thinking that some of them would be more extravagant than they were.

    I wonder how many of those Mac’s have bootcamp with XP installed. What other way do you all test IE functionality?

    • Kai Richard Koenig

      We do test the IE6 with a virtual machine inside of our OSX :P

    • Seth Alling

      I was wondering the same thing about IE testing. I also am a Mac user and I use VirtualBox to run XP with IETester installed.

      It’s amazing how many of these workstations seem so small, just like mine, although it’s impossible to work without two monitors. Once someone tries it, they will never go back.

  • Michael Nicerio

    Wow! as in Wow gotta try one of those.. not the mac but the setup :)

  • Nick Pagano

    Very cool post! Your right, it’s very interesting to see how others work! Great job.

  • Luke

    Wow everyone is so clean. I have papers everywhere on my desk.

  • Vpin Babu`

    nice article…

  • dev.My

    Really Great workstations, hope i will own one later

  • Joefrey Mahsuay

    Really great post. I really like the workstation of chris spooner. very clean..

  • Brandon

    Very nice blog post. I love checking out other graphic designer’s workstations. My favorite workstation was ‘Usability Posts’ workstation. Super clean and love the monitor setup.

  • 123freevectors

    Wow! Interesting!!

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  • Webdesign Frankfurt

    Tried to make a Trackback. Is it possible in this Blog?

  • rizq

    hahahaha…….great workstation ! buy a mac ? any suggestion ?

  • Andre

    Very interesting & inspirational for my future workplace endeavors.

  • Dezignus

    I suppose my workplace was too primitive to be published here =)

  • ikram.hakimi

    OMG, my place are well mess, i need to have a w/s by now. LOL

  • Kai Richard Koenig

    Thanks for putting this post together.
    If you like to look at other peoples workstations, you should definitely look at


  • Baris

    Nice Workstations. I should take a picture of my station ^^

  • mocarew

    And live perhaps well the boys of one times have such computers. respect boys

  • Rob

    Very cool. Love how some are so cluttered and other so simple.

  • Franz

    Nice to see

  • vebusta

    Hi everybody!
    Can somebody tell me, what’s (white) keybord in most of photos?

  • Taroogs

    drooling all over my keyboard right now… :-)

  • Fabian

    So cool to see where everyone does there thing!Jacob…dude clean your room LOL

  • Pendekar Melayu

    OMG … you can see how nice place they have to do their work.I need to do something wit my room .. hehe ~

  • theartsLave

    oh damn clean it.

  • Max

    I am always curious about other designer’s setups and spaces. For me, the space I work in plays a major role in my creativity.

  • Thatcher Michelsen –

    Nice post. How long did it take you to get ALL those photos wow, impressive.

    For those using multiple machines at one desk I highly recommend a great utility that emulates your mouse and keyboard across your home network. Its called Synergy just google that word you will find the software at sourceforge

    It is a life saver! :) Rock on.

  • Jay – Work At Home blog

    Great collaboration of blogs and locations you have put together here. It must have taken you weeks to get everyone together to do this really impressive.

  • Steve

    Great post. It reminds me to tidy my desk. However I know their desks were cleaned 5 minutes before the photo was taken and now feel better.

  • John Hamelink

    Yay for InstantShift, and their Ubuntu Desktops! I’m glad I’m not the only web developer/designer that uses linux :D

  • d65blade

    One word… Wow!

    I would definitely want to design in one of those desks. Great pics on this post! Love it!

  • Darmoid

    cool nice post

  • Ali

    How clear desks!!
    on my desk, there are over 200 CD’s and DVD’s.
    pack of my K850i (bought ~2 years ago) and pack of ADSL modem (bought 4 years ago!).
    some English learning books, a pen, some visit cards, and a lot of papers, with a AsiaCell SIM card (bought last year, when i go to Iraq for photographic.). a deodorant, a logitech mouse pack (bought last day) and so on!!

  • Tuan

    Awesome workstations…

    I should take a snap shot of mine one day… :)

  • Vaughn

    Wow, some really nice looking workstations. I like this post because it gives me an idea of how other freelancers set themselves up for success. Other show and tell areas like this, such as the Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool ( don’t provide any context for the work environment.

    I hope to start bringing in some substantial income soon and I tool will put together a workspace that fits me perfectly!

    Thanks for the post!

  • Lucas Tadeu

    man… my workstation sucks @_@ *frustrared
    Nice post by the way =D
    I think I might be changing a lot o’ stuff around here
    Congratulations for the cool workstations you guys (:

  • Ondrej

    Nobody’s using CRTs! I’m quite surprised, I think for web development they can be still pretty good, especially because of their color rendition… and also for proofing the results, because there are still some users (visitors) with these old large monitors. It really surprised me :-).

  • Giselle

    Wow, these are great. Makes me want to keep rearrange my desk!

  • mymoen

    Very nice post! i like to view others work spaces! Lots of Mac’s but I’m more jelious of the dual monitors!!

  • gemal

    great.. there’s no words to say.. Very fantastic..

  • Paul Warren

    They’re pretty ordinary !

    I now have three monitors running off the one main system though..


    MD of Warcom & Insiteful.

  • Carl – Web Courses Bangkok

    Just showed one of our trainees and she liked David Airey

  • Shanghai A-Stock

    nice apple.

  • Web Desiging Company New York

    Awesome…. this is great and pretty good

  • Gedichte

    nice apples and actually great workstartions at all :) some of them look really good I have to admit ;)

  • Rajkumar

    I am really amused to see this much dual monitor’s. . . + a pretty good collection of MAC.

  • LastWebdesigner

    Were is the Smashing Magazine’s workstation? :P

  • Cameron Baney

    It is great to see how others work, and comparing to how I work. I wonder how many cleaned up their station before they took the picture, I know I would have to lol.

  • Yigit Ozdamar

    Great post but there is kind a message like “use Mac if you want to have some awsome blog or job” lol :P

  • Talat

    I wonder Smashing Magazine’s desk. :)

  • Ben Peck

    This is very interesting to see how other people work. I’ve always thought about it and have asked a lot of designers but I’ve never seen a compilation of pictures like you’ve done here.

    Thanks for sharing.

    BEN PECK //
    design / interactive / art direction

    Twitter // @benpeck
    Skype // ben.r.peck
    Facebook //
    Linked In //

  • Luke Jones
  • Web Development India

    Nice Collection. these are very beautiful and looks good.

    thanks sharing.

  • mickaservices

    Cool :) I hope I can post mine here….

  • Froilan

    Cool workstations gotta love the dual and triple monitor settings.

  • Website Designing India

    Awesome Collection. Thanks sharing with this informative post.

  • Padd Solutions

    It’s always a exciting to take a peak on where these great designers create their ideas. What about guys at Envato and Smashing Magazine? :)

  • Richard Cloutier

    Hey Walter,

    I really enjoy those articles where we can see other people’s workstation setups !
    In fact, I like them so much that I decided to create a webste dedicated to workstation setups from all around the world !
    Thanks for the inspiration ! ;)

    Feel free to submit your setup !

  • Erwin Schro

    Workstations of top bloggers would be nice too for the next posts…

  • Benjamin Rama

    very interesting – check out deskography dot com its a potmantuea word of deskpace and photography – jjust loads of cool workspaces – one dude had more than 6 screens
    damn that maths is hard

  • Wade O

    Once you use Photoshop or and Adobe product on a Mac or in my case a Hackintosh you will never go back to using a PC.

    • wades wrong

      you cant build a mac
      you cant run many apps on a mac eg– 3d s max

      statistically macs break down as much as pcs get it right

      they do not make you a better designer

      the truth is pcs are better running windows

  • JM Leon

    Pretty cool, I love to see the workspaces of other people.

  • Murtaza

    my personal fav is spooner’s and david aire!!

  • Waasys

    Cool post, really interesting to see whre it’s all done!

  • Nafa

    Hmmm…really nice workstations

  • pramod

    Thanks for providing a good information.

  • chandan

    Really awesome.Thank you.

  • Muzi Mohale |

    they come in all shapes and sizes, wonderful to see the working environment of big name bloggers in the industry. It’s safe to say, it doesn’t matter how your workstation looks, so long as you’re productive and comfortable with the setup it’s all good…and the majority of bloggers don’t attend to visitors most of the time.

  • EdzGurl

    Strange and Pleasantly Suprising!!! LOVED the post!!!

  • Alvaro Hernandorena

    =) is cool to see where other peoples work.

  • Jess

    I love Nick La’s style: a mac book and some starbucks! :)

  • joel k.

    good post

    it gives me hope lol….

  • Dan Gayle

    LIES! Where are the notepads, the pens, the random scraps of paper, the doodles and drawings and wireframes and starbucks coffee cups?

    The yellow stickies with passwords written on them?

    I’ve never ONCE in my life met creative people who’s work stations were as organized as what has been shown here. Something fishy is going on.

    Very enlightening about how many of those websites come from home offices though.

  • Retheesh

    Really nice post..really loved this, to see hw the workstation of others, that too of famous blogs…

  • ways to make money from home

    I really like this post!

  • Siddharth Menon

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