80 Creative Ways to Customize Your MacBook

The MacBook and MacBook Pro are stunning examples of minimalist design.

Their sleek lines, simple shapes, and uncomplicated designs are pinnacles of modern beauty. But let’s face it: they pretty much all look the same.

Whether you have a basic 13″ MacBook, a MacBook Pro, or a MacBook Air, they’re all silver, they’ve all got a very similar shape (even though the Air is significantly thinner than its counterparts), and while they’re never boring, they can sometimes be a bit “blah.”

The beauty of the MacBooks though, is that they make the perfect blank canvas for customization. Whether you want to just carry it around in a spiffy sleeve or bag, or commit a bit more with a skin or sleeve, there’s something out there available no matter what your taste or personality.

Below you’ll find 80 different skins, sleeves, decals and cases to customize your MacBook and make it reflect who you are. Most of the companies featured have additional products available on their websites.

SeeThru Case from Speck for 13″ Aluminum MacBook, $49.95


Original AppleSac from ColcaSac, $29.99 for any size


Brown Denim Sleeve for 13″ MacBook by fernfiddlehead on Etsy, $32.00


Gray Felt Sleeve by FILEMILE on Etsy, $55.00


Sumo Orange Nylon Sleeve for 13″ MacBook, $34.99


Samonite’s Aramon Sleeve for 13″ MacBook, $29.99


Knomo’s Yellow Slim Sleeve for 13″ MacBook, $49.99


Antenna’s Classics Croc Matte Sleeve for 15″ MacBook Pro, $42.99


Olive Green Knit Sleeve by blackeyedsheep on Etsy, $29.00


Rainbow Knit Sleeve for 13″ MacBook by martice on Etsy, $28.00


The Peony Lace AppleSac from ColcaSac, $29.99 for any size


Big Trees Bag for 17″ MacBook Pro by TrackandFieldDesigns on Etsy, $48.00


News Print Fabric Sleeve for MacBook Air by Italiacraft on Etsy, $59.00


Beige Print Sleeve by sherrybags on Etsy, $16.00


IKEA Birds Print Sleeve with Strap and Pockets by annyandme on Etsy, $53.00


Rathbone Vintage Plaid iSockit Case by blytheking on Etsy, $45.00


Forest Messenger Style Bag by TrackandFieldDesigns on Etsy, $64.00


Mendocino Mermaids Sleeve for 13″ MacBook by Lollington on Etsy, $37.95


Designer Sleeves’ IOM MacBook Air Sleeve, $39.95


Built NY’s French Bull Sleeve for 13″ MacBook, $45.99


LeSportsac’s Big Sleeve for 17″ MacBook Pro, $38.00


Built NY’s Bumper Pattern Sleeve for 15″ MacBook Pro, $39.99


Recycled Coffee Sack Burlap Sleeve for 13″ MacBook by pippiberyl on Etsy, $25.00


I Just Need To Be Held Eco Sleeve by curiousdoodles on Etsy, $70.00


Vintage Leather Sleeve for 15″ MacBook Pro by meeri23 on Etsy, $64.95


Greensleeves Sleeve for 13″ MacBook by thinkgreensleeves, $44.95


Laptop Sweater Sleeve for 13″ MacBook or MacBook Air by sogrey on Etsy, $20.00


Custom Upcycled Coffee Bag Laptop Bag by labudde on Etsy, $50.00


Handmade Leather and Rosewood Limited Edition Sleeve for 15″ MacBook Pro by PalmerAndSons on Etsy, $300.00


Goonie-Goo-Goo Sleeve by brokesy on Etsy, $85.00


Thick Felt Sleeve for 17″ MacBook Pro by MacCover on Etsy, $75.00


Lap Sack’s South Padre Wide Zip Portfolio for 13″ MacBook, $155.00


Kena Kai’s Inter-Departmental Mail Italian Leather Sleeve for 13″ MacBook, $80.00


MacCase’s Premium Leather Sleeve for 13″ MacBook, $99.95


Kena Kai’s Lizard Metallic Print Sleeve for 13″ MacBook, $149.99


Kena Kai’s Ostrich Print Sleeve for 13″ MacBook, $149.99


Casauri’s Citra Evelope Sleeve for 17″ MacBook Pro, $75.00


Colin Thompson’s Blue Willow, $29.95 for 15″ MacBook Pro Skin


Heather Haynes’s Rooted In Earth, $29.95 for 15″ MacBook Pro Skin


Simon Oxley’s Contortionist, $29.95 for 15″ MacBook Pro Skin


Kandinsky’s Farbstudie Quadrate, $29.95 for 15″ MacBook Pro Skin


Lawrence Yang’s Depths, $29.95 for 13″ MacBook Skin


Jeremiah Ketner’s Peeking Under Leafs, $29.95 for 17″ MacBook Pro Skin


Alberto Cerriteno’s The Enamored Owl, $29.95 for 13″ MacBook Skin


Colin Johnson’s My Pop, $29.95 for 15″ MacBook Pro Skin


Blue Blocks, $19.99 for any size skin


MARS-1’s Homemade Universe, $29.95 for 17″ MacBook Pro Skin


DAIM’s Lady Lion, $29.95 for 15″ MacBook Pro Skin


DAIM’s Red Metal, $29.95 for 15″ MacBook Pro Skin


Si Scott’s Swan, $29.95 for 15″ MacBook Pro Skin


Catalina Estrada’s Gold Flowers, $29.95 for 17″ MacBook Pro Skin


Aya Kato’s Kobe, $29.95 for 15″ MacBook Pro Skin


Bamboo MacTatt, $29.95 for any size skin


Rays MacTatt, $24.95 for any size skin


Stars and Flies, $19.99 for any size skin


Maple Leaves, $19.99 for any size skin


Keep Calm and Carry On, $19.99 for any size skin


Peace Dove, $19.99 for any size skin


Eye Chart I Read Your Email, $19.99 for any size skin


Fictional Underground, $19.99 for any size skin


Philip Straub’s Sosheskaz Falls, $29.95 for 17″ MacBook Pro Skin


Nathan Ota’s Robo, $29.95 for 17″ MacBook Pro Skin


Lyle Owerko’s Boombox, $29.95 for 15″ MacBook Pro Skin


Colin Thompson’s Underworld, $29.95 for 17″ MacBook Pro Skin


Derek Prospero’s Motherboard, $29.95 for 17″ MacBook Pro Skin


Colin Thompson’s Steampunk, $29.95 for 17″ MacBook Pro Skin


Golfer, $29.95 for 15″ MacBook Pro Skin


O Canada, $29.95 for 15″ MacBook Pro Skin


Stars and Stripes, $29.95 for 15″ MacBook Pro Skin


Union Jack, $29.95 for 15″ MacBook Pro Skin


Walnut, $35.00 for 13″ or 15″ Skin


Cork, $35.00 for 13″ or 15″ Skin


Vine Flouris Decal from Scribble on Walls, $12.00


Dandelion Blowing in the Wind Decal by lewasdesigns on Etsy, $7.50


Animal Footprints Decal by DesignsbyCat on Etsy, $10.00


Dude Decal from Scribble on Walls, $12.00


Son of Mac Decal by artwallproject on Etsy, $9.00


Laptop Invaders Decal by vinylwalldesign on Etsy, $15.00


Scrolls Decal by michellechristina on Etsy, $13.00


Fantasy Decal by post on Etsy, $13.90

Do you customize your MacBook? Which ones are your favorites? We’d love to hear from you!

  • http://www.webia.info Bogdan Pop

    Those animal footprints are lovely.

  • http://www.wpdesigner.net iwpdesign

    The skins are awesome. Unfortunately i’m not a MAC user :)

  • http://blog.callumchapman.com/ Callum Chapman

    Nice collection, I’m getting a new 13″ macbook pro (they’ve changed their line up of haven’t noticed yet), I’ll be getting a funky sleeve for extra protection! ;)

  • http://www.crearedesign.co.uk Adam

    I had no idea those skins and cases even existed – they look fantastic. The boombox and Union Jack skins look awesome. I almost wanna get myself a Macbook just to style it with one of those skins!

  • Ruud

    Made this one for my girlfriend.


    • http://www.jessicalee.ca Jessica Lee

      Where did you get that?! It’s very cute! Thanks for sharing.

    • CamilleB.

      i loved it ! just perfect.

    • GundamWB

      How did you make that one. Wanna make one for my daughter.

    • http://www.semblance.co.za Semblance

      Wow, yours are the most clever one of the lot – you should go in business!!

  • http://www.sonichtml.com/en/ sonichtml

    Nice~ thank you for shared..

  • http://www.nburmandesign.com Graphic Design That Works

    That’s it, I’m decorating my MacBook Pro!

    Altho I have to argue that putting your laptop in a bag isn’t really customizing…
    Nice post tho!

  • http://www.duoblogger.com Hendrik

    Awesome post. I must say that I personally like the green one most :-).

  • http://www.andreaugusto.com.br Andre Augusto

    There are few options for use in Macbooks. Most can be used in any notebooks. I miss one option which actually uses Apples Symbol. Example, Would be nice to use Ironman with the apple symbol in the center, something like that. But you bring a very good subject again, cool!

  • righteousradiogirl

    I got mine at Mac Styles.. I’ve had it for a long time. It’s a black turntable, everyone knows that I’m a DJ (because why would I be carrying something that looks like a record player?!)


    Fun, distinct AND protects it a bit.

  • Stacey

    Great collection! I use a (purple!) hardshell Incase case, and whenever I’ve had my Macbook out with me I always get people asking me where I got it. I really want some decals now though!

  • http://www.truenorthe.com Courtney

    Skins are pretty cool, especially Fantasy, but the sleeves are still boring and a little ugly, actually.

  • Manoj Vimalassery

    I miss a cool bag it’s from switzerland from the Company Freitag.

    There’s not many things you can turn a tarp into that will continue to be trendy enough to carry around in public. Made from repurposed roof tarps and sleeves from neoprene, the bags come in a large number of colors found on their online store.


  • http://newlayer.hu davidkolbi

    i love the laptop invaders…nice collection

  • http://www.borange.com Nate Davis

    Some beautiful options here, but I don’t think any of them can beat http://www.engraveyourtech.com/featured.

  • http://twitter.com/pdenya Paul

    Nice collection but very misleading. This was 4 ways to customize your macbook:
    1) Get a case
    2) buy a bag (this is not a way to customize a macbook, this is a way to carry a macbook in a cool bag)
    3) add a skin
    4) add stickers

    Still awesome to see all of this stuff though, I especially like that son of mac decal.

  • http://browneyedjeeae.com vicky hong

    I have the Colin Johnson’s My Pop skin on my MacBook Pro and every time I go out with it, people always give me compliments. I usually get the “where did you get that?!” first tho.. ^^

    I love the cute stuff they come up with, its great!!!

  • http://www.orphicpixel.com orphicpixel

    woow! good looking, i want one of those

  • glnster

    These are so cool! Love all the skinz. To share another skin maker…
    Mine’s skinned (img- http://www.twitpic.com/11nx2) with the Blu Mozaikit by Shalgo Industries – https://www.shalgo.com. You get four colored sheets of pre-cut tiles so it’s really customizable.

  • http://www.aledesign.it aledesign.it

    Green is my preferite, and is really nice! should be good for my site too! ;)

  • http://www.blunck.dk/loves-apple-mac Henrik Blunck – Denmark

    I love these skins. But a shame that not all designs implement the lighting Apple logo… :-)

    Have a nice weekend everyone. :-)

  • CamilleB.

    I just loved Rudd’s creation 4 his g/f.
    I’m just wondering… what if i want to take the skin off… what happens to my macbook ? will it be all sticky ?

    • http://www.scribbleoneverything.com Jon Bybee

      Nope most of the decals are lowtac adhesive that leave no residue.

  • http://www.misty-blue.net Sarah

    Loved how the Magritte skin incorporates the Apple logo.

    The one problem I have is deciding how to decorate my own Macbook Pro! Buy a skin, design one myself, use decals/stickers? So many options!

  • ellemnop

    These are great looking, but some of them are really bad for your laptop. Speck skins trap dirt and scratch the surface while also causing overheating. Burlap sacks and sweaters can also damage the surface, while trapping small fibers in ports and your optical drive.

    A good neoprene sleeve in another bag is the best way to carry it. Rough surfaces and things that trap heat are a bad idea. And don’t leave your sleeve sitting under your computer while you’re using it — that will also cause overheating.

  • http://www.photodesigners.net Samuel

    There are many really nice things here is the case I love. IMG – http://img401.imageshack.us/img401/9681/081203rainerspehl2.jpg

  • http://www.kadaffy.com kadaffy

    a very nice saturday morning article.Tks

  • http://www.evaq.etsy.com Eva

    More knitted ones on: http://www.martice.etsy.com. Very nice!!!

  • Kate

    great list (I’m smitten with the Union Jack Skin) but don’t forget to mention http://hardgraft.com – smartest sleeves on the market – got mine a year ago – still love it to bits!

  • http://www.jsxtech.com Jaspal Singh

    wow! I’m dying to have one for my MacBook AIR. In India from where I can order these laptop skins.

    • Rajat Chodhary

      you can just dream for them. i struggle for mac skins, finally, designed and crafted @ my own.

  • http://www.laptopskinsplus.com/ macbook skins

    You can use your own design at http://www.laptopskinsplus.com

    Note that its recommended to use 1 MB or higher for decent resolution.
    Skins are precut, durable, and precision fit.

    We’ve seen a lot of customers create amazing designs, from minimalistic to incredibly detailed.

    The great thing about using your own designs is its about your personality.

  • http://www.fonkstudio.com pima


    amazing good prints, some frome Eboy collective, i’ve skinned my iPod and my iPhone (but MacPros aren’t really skinnable… too bad !)

  • http://www.scottkilmartin.com Scott Kilmartin

    Great MacBook sleeve selection guys.

    haul in Melbourne, Australia make MacBook sleeves from recycled advertising billboard vinyl lined with neoprene. They are called PROPHYLAPTICS.
    Eco and designer.

    No two are ever the same.



    & yes i work there !

  • Merijn

    Wow pretty nice skins!!

  • http://www.notebooknotes.com Michael

    Hi, nice round-up!

    I think, the Pacman sticker on Obama’s MacBook Pro is also worth mentioning.


  • Shannon

    Some nice sleeves and skins, etc… but I would hardly call using someone else’s pre-made design a “creative way to customize your MacBook.”

  • http://rivervision.com/ brooke

    i just go down to the local craft store and buy scrapbooking stickers that i like and then put them on my mac. i’ve done this since about a week after i first got my 13″ macbook 2 years ago. http://picasaweb.google.com/rivervision/ImagesForTheBlog#5322199399636771026 is the current design on the outside. the inside has small flowers around the screen. total cost = $4.00

  • http://www.knomo.com Caroline Mackay

    Glad to see our yellow Slim laptop pouch is included in the bunch – an even slicker one for Mac fans is the MacBook full leather sleeve with bright yellow lining – see http://www.knomobags.com/eshop/knomo_product.asp?SS=5&C=85&CA=87&P=296. Maybe that will make the next list…

  • Mike

    Hmm. Misleading title.

    There are only two things here. Protecting your laptop and a huge sticker / etching on the lid.

    Nice as some of the designs are for cases and finishes it’s hardly 80 customization ways is it?

    I was hoping for more…

  • http://bastienlabelle.fr/blog/ Bastien

    Or, if you are rich, you can laser-etch your macbook as seen on http://leahculver.com/laser-etched-laptop/ :)

  • Pau lJ

    Should be titled “80 ways to spend even MORE money on your macbook”

    Sigh. I don’t understand the obsession to having to “customize” everything you use. To me, my MacBookPro, like any computer I own, is just a tool. You don’t see people trying to skin or customize hammers, screwdrivers, or other similar tools, do you? So why the computer? To each his own, I guess.

    Anyway, Paul makes a good point in that the article is really only describing 4 ways to customize your MacBook; definitely misleading.

  • Ed

    I use a fabulous bag/sleeve from http://foofbag.com/ but getting one of those vinyl stickers would be nice.

  • http://www.optikerschuetz.de/blog Kay vom Optikerblog

    I am a optician… the Eye-Chart could be a cool thing for me ;)

  • http://twitter.com/tommythewolfboy Tom

    I’m with Nate Davis and a couple of others – laser etching is definitely the way to go …

  • http://pelfusion.com PelFusion

    really creative stuff here

  • http://www.myspace.com/sophlovett Sophie Maree Lovett

    Wow these amaze me I got a mac book pro about 5 weeks ago but it hasn’t left my desk since purchasing it cause I get public transport to tafe and don’t want to destroy it and my bag is huge and full of stuff some of it is useless.

  • http://www.SelectCeremony.com/barmitzvah Bar Mitzvah Photographer

    I’m gonna need two or three macbooks to carry around in those cool little bags.

  • http://www.neckcns.com Oliver

    http://laptopskins.net sells nice sticker designs as well – and there’s a flickr pool of the stickers on real laptops, not just those photoshop mock-ups: http://www.flickr.com/photos/laptopskins/sets/72157603503192522/

  • http://www.creativeindividual.co.uk Laura Montgomery

    Son of Mac! lol Genius!

  • http://www.scribbleoneverything.com Jon Bybee

    Hey I am the humble owner of Scribble, one of the companies featured in this blog. I just wanted to point out we have a new site with new laptop designs at http://www.scribbleoneverything.com/macbook/cat_2.html there is a really cool one that would have been cool for this article http://www.scribbleoneverything.com/macbook/day-of-the-dead-macbook-decal/prod_66.html


    pixel pusher

  • Sarah

    I thought the See Thru hard cases featured here from Speck were really cool – went ahead and ordered one and after it arrived a week later I found it didn’t fit my Macbook. I’ve tried multiple times to contact their customer service department to get a replacement (with one response via email asking for a code that doesn’t appear anywhere) then nothing! Almost 3 weeks after the initial order I’m $50 down and the owner of a useless bit of blue plastic. Really disappointing, give them a miss.

  • http://www.salesdesigner.com.br Marcelo Sales
  • http://ccpmultimedia.com Connor Crosby

    The Son of a Mac is good, incase some of you don’t know, that is a real painting except it was called Son of a Man I believe. Those are all really nice, can’t wait to get my macbook pro!

  • pesho


  • Kshitij Bhanu

    It’s amazing & unique as well

  • http://www.alejandroperazzo.com/ Alvaro Hernandorena

    Loved the peace one
    i was wondering, how can i use a photo in the posts little img? im new

  • http://www.stopthecut.org/ Skyler McCaw

    BOOKMARK THIS PAGE!!!!!! Thank you for this! :-D


  • http://www.wildlionmedia.co.uk Video Production Cambridge

    Wow! great list here!

    My favourite has to be “Son of Mac Decal by artwallproject on Etsy, $9.00” Think i may actually buy this for my mac :D

  • MacGirl24

    Hi all
    just bought this one:

    what do you say???

  • http://www.brillcreative.co.uk R Brill

    I think I might have to knit a Macbook sleeve myself, it can’t be that hard surely…?

  • http://ap-jam.ru ann

    i’ve got skin Apple Jam
    on imac and on macbook

  • http://ap-jam.ru ann



    so funny)))

  • OZz

    Check these ones, I loved them all :D


  • doodle

    i found some good quality decals at http://www.macbookdecal.com