An Artistic Homage to Michael Jackson

As the world pays tribute to the king of pop, we’ve decided to do so in WDD in a unique and artistic way.

In this post, we feature a selection of some amazing artistic creations portraying Michael Jackson, created by various artists around the world.

These creations bring an engaging and unique exploration into the multifaceted talent that was, and still is, Michael Jackson.

For more information about the artists’ creations, please click on the images below to visit their websites.

Please share any other great artistic creations about Michael that you may know of by posting the links in the comments’ area and we’ll be sure to add the most impressive ones to this post.


Please add links to other artistic creations about Michael Jackson and feel free to leave comments about him in the area below…


  • Wazdesign

    This is really Nics Collection……..

    Like all the Arts

  • Dnyanesh Mankar


  • maya

    beautiful! great works!

  • Greg

    All of these are great… except the one where he has reading glasses on. Kinda freaky looking…

  • N E X
  • Joe Hickman

    Nice collection in such a short time. Rest in peace dude.

  • Max

    Great pics! Very very good….

  • John G

    Gentlemen, this is all class. These are great. RIP, MJ.

  • Lucas

    so many wonderful works, a beautiful collection.

  • Karthikkumar

    RIP michael. you deserve heaven and beyond.


    awesome! long live the king!!! RIP dear Michael

  • Pandora

    This man will never be forgotten. Many of our memories are intertwined with his work. RIP

  • The Frosty

    Some good renders in there.

  • Joseph S.

    Some of those are good… most even… some are absolute rubbish… and some are just phots run through live trace, or photoshop filters… which is worse than rubbish.

    RIP Michael


  • FreeWorld27

    I have written a post at paying tribute to Michael Jackson. Find useful links, quotes etc. related to him.

    @Walter – I have included your post link as well in the article

    • Walter


  • Nakia

    These are amazing! RIP!

  • Mars

    these are amazing, i had also a post regarding his death

  • Gopal Raju


    Gopal Raju

  • Bunny

    Here is a link to a piece i made of him.

  • wowcss

    wao…these are great pieces of art! love them…

  • laurie
  • chirag


    Thank you so much for amazing collection of MJ we are miss you MJ

  • oxidizzy


  • Mahesh

    Great collection.. MJ will always be in our hearts! :(

  • nishad

    g8 works… all dem look g8

  • ashley benedict


  • David Appleyard

    What a wonderful post, and an absolute musical legend.

  • Yasin

    Beautiful, Really great like him……

  • om ipit

    i dont have any word to say about this post…
    this is GREAT, GOOD, AMAZING collections…

    goodby Michael…
    people in this world love you…

  • Igor

    Rest in Peace

  • Vinoth

    Great work dude

  • Satish Gandham

    Great collection
    Miss u MJ

  • Swetlana

    Those were some awesome pieces of art! They really deserved some attention, even if it’S because of such a tragic case.

    He really is and always will be a legend. No matter if you liked him or not. You just have to admid that he was an amazing musicians with an unbelieveable talent!

  • ksch

    These are some amazing artworks. Great collection, best artist ever and a lot of sad peoples. Rest in peace, hopefully you are free now. Im thankful that i could see him live once.

  • struky

    RIP king

  • Terrance(OXP)

    MJ is a legend so do these arts!

  • Birgit

    stunning artwork here! RIP MJ.

  • sea on the moon

    Need to pray for MJ. Great artworks…

  • Ethan

    Really enjoyed the art. Glad to see so many people saw past the oddity through to the genius.

  • Goutam Sathia

    Awesome , ever picture speaking its own language for MJ..

  • bebopdesigner

    These are great. It’s sad we had to see them under these circumstances. Other generations have lost their icons, and sadly for the first time it happened to ours. Will always love the man. Cheers

  • Felix

    RIP King!
    Great collection!

  • Sam C

    I’ve just finished a portrait + wallpapers in the memory of the great legend MJ. Please have a look at Regards

  • Sam C
  • Mike

    Nice selection..some are really good… .. a shy and private guy who didnt like the off-stage spotlight – rest in peace MJ your music legacy and dancing talent will live on..

  • Ofeliazinha

    Here are some, very good works.

  • Sophia

    Awesome work of art the mind is a great thing may Micheal rest in peace may we all in joy these picture of art for ever more in are hearts and mind RIP love u

    • Gre

      RIP MJ

  • Mahallo Media

    Thanks for this great collection. RIP MJ!

  • Van

    my little contribution :)

  • qinc

    good job!

  • bahad1r

    It’s gonna be legen -”wait for it”- dary!

  • Essex Website Designer

    Apart from the one with the giant glasses these are all great

  • mary

    Amazing collection and tribute!

    R.I.P MJ

  • Luciana Luraschi

    I made this on 22nd of June, 2009 :'(
    I’m broken

  • Adam

    Wow, some awesome illustrations on here.

  • Jacob Yap

    Nice Pics.
    RIP, MJ!

  • Dainis Graveris

    And I thought for some time how to mention Michael Jackson from design look, but you’ve done it perfectly.

    Sleep tight, Michael! This is for you..

  • Tiana

    this is an AWESOME collection! great to see other artists giving tribute!
    i’d love to share mine as well:

    we love you mike!

  • Harry L. Harvey

    Just finished watching the BET Awards Show. A tribute to Michael. These renditions put a nice ending to the tribute. Great Job and the love really eminated from all of them. Thanks for sharing. Michael would be proud.

  • Mikk

    This is awesome, some very very nice pictures here!

    Awesome, RIP to the King of Pop!


  • Thiex

    I have made the same idea like you, friend, on my humble blog (…
    M.J was lot a Picture, Icons, Photos, painting… Inspiration !!


  • Web Design Sussex

    Seventh one down MJ as a child. He looked so full of joy but it seems it never stayed that way. Whatever happened on and off the stage he will always be a musical legend that will never be superseded or surpassed.

  • fabio secci
  • Artism
    • SEO Training

      Love the Wallpaper… long live the kind of pop

  • e11world

    Thank you for this beautiful collection. Michael Jackson, you changed my life!


    For me the first is the best! Have a good days..KING MICHAEL! :)

  • Lida

    Great artworks

  • Phey

    The one of the legend POP music, even has RIP… :( his history never been done until his rest of the life, a lot of art musician and graphic artis assured about his works from beginning till drop :p following his art, behaviour and comes up, it seems like the legend artis john lenon, elvis…hikss…recent entry for these art has an awesome one, go power michael jco…

  • Madalin

    R.I.P Mr. King

  • siv

    great works!

  • Terrance(OXP)

    Thanks for sharing!

    Loving M.J and hope he rests in peace.

  • DasHof

    great works, but where are the images how he is really when he is alone at night?

  • bambam

    everyone did a super job on MJ especially capturing his smile. Some of them took me back. R.I.P

  • Gabriel

    This modest casual drawer has done a soft but cool illustration that I like, not with the skill shown by previous images but I like it I don’t no why, maybe the “black and white” choice, bouncing on the “black or white” hit ;)

  • adri_

    Great pictures ! Thanks for sharing :)

  • Joffrey Kater

    Rest in Peace King of Pop..

  • Kiki

    What a beautiful collection of art befitting of a “King”.
    Goodnight, your highness. May you finally find your peace.

  • Kiki

    I found this tonight and wanted to share: A lovely drawing of Mike and Jan from Scream:

  • Daniel Errante

    Great tribute to the king of pop. RIP MJ…He is a legend.

  • Raj

    He is just the BEST in whatever he did.

    The most interesting fact is that he come from bottom to top and made the world turn its head.

    Awesome dude. May he rest in peace. He was just awesome.

  • ssong

    oh great!
    already miss him …

  • Humanist

    Awesome and impressive work of art…Appreciate..^^

    So long the king…

  • J

    Really beautiful.

  • Prabhjeet

    These are very nice.

  • MJ

    Its trually a Tribut to MJ.

    Great Effort.


  • Isaius

    Great works and beautiful homage. Thank you.
    I hope Michael will finally find peace.

  • Oleg V

    you guys are amazing. putting this stuff together was awesome and thoughtful. every single piece is uniquely artistic. R.I.P Michael

  • marisa

    very beautiful, thanks.

    have the mine, a retouch of one photo:

  • Monica Fuchshuber


  • crm


  • Avidedesigner

    always great compilation on this website ;)

    my contribution:

  • Monica
  • ms_kiki050

    this was VERY nicely put together!!! Thank you for sharing!


    Free tribute Flash Animations, widgets and gadgets of Michael Jackson for your web or blog:

  • Sapan

    Nice pictures.

    btw, I have also added it to my website in the form of a slideshow…
    Do comment whether u liked it or not…

  • Calgary Graphic Design

    Nice collection. MJ can’t get enough homage – a truly great human being.

  • .carolinecblaker.

    .. another artistic homage to Michael. Completed just after new year’s this year. RIP MJ

  • Web Design SEO Essex

    Really amazing pictures, makes you remember all the good about him.

    You’ll be missed MJ.

  • Nabeeha

    lovely but how can i do this…

  • Nabeeha

    u’ll be missed mj

  • Char

    Beautiful collection

  • Jells

    I’m so speechless… This is amazing!
    P.S Love you Michael, rest in peace. <3

  • pesho

    He gone also
    Michel Jakson

  • Donna Massa-Chappee

    I have designed an Illustration called “The Giving Tree” as a tribute to Michael Jackson. This Illustration is my way of communicating to all his fans how I percieved this extremely talented man and unique artist.

    The Illustration can be viewed here:

    We miss you Michael. “We love you more!”

  • Val
  • http://Webdesigner Soraya Castillo

    Dear Designer;

    Congratulations! This is amazing and hard work that you did.
    It is simply beautiful, incomparable and unique Michael Jackson images.

    RIP Michael Jackson, we always love you! God bless you!


  • http://google miley

    wow!its just so amazing…luv u mj n may u rest in peace..

  • Deeko

    this is my tribute for the king of pop :)

  • Raven
  • Demian

    this is a tribute to Michael from my mother!

  • julio A rivera

    Awesome Michael Jackson art really really like it and some i would frame a put in my room.

  • Mel
  • josh

    Beautiful Art, horrid subject matter.

  • Luca Borelli

    il mio omaggio a Michael Jackson

    My tribute to only king of popo Michael Jackson

  • Luca Borelli

    il mio omaggio a Michael Jackson

    My tribute to only king of popo Michael Jackson

  • http://MichaelJackson Deborah Higdon

    Michael Jackson You are not alone You were meant to be the king of pop for your fans that ever loved you. Michael You are alway’s doing the moonwalk when you are dancing. You are not alone forever Your fans love your music and so do I. We will miss you in our hearts but keep the music with you whereever you go. I really think that I want to meet you someday. But I know you passed away at the age of 50. Rest in peace and sleep in our hearts. We do know that you were really the king of pop.
    We are very sorry about your death and we care about you and your music and your dance moves plus the moonwalk. I want to dress up as you for Halloween.
    We really do love your song’s that you sing when you are on the stage in your concerts. I am very sorry that you died, I feel your pain we had a chihuahua dog which we named Jose but he died of old age and I really am starting to miss him to, I really feel your pain.
    We love you Michael Jackson
    You are not alone
    Deborah Higdon

  • Upendra

    This is what i call Creativity…..

    How Creative you people are…..Keep It up guys

  • Nike Chaussures

    love your song’s that you sing when you are on the stage ……

  • Hamilton Banks

    Great list dude, Here’s one that should be on the list me thinks!

  • James

    Nice collection…

    He deserves to be remembered for a long long time..

    He was a great artist

  • Cassandra Allsworth

    Thats some great artwork!!
    I’ve done a few portraits that i’d love to show you!

  • Julianna Soares

    Thank you to all the artists, all the creators, for your magic talent and, please, keep remembering the King of Pop Michael Jackson.

  • MJ’s DarkChild

    Fantastic artistry…..well done to all the artists….Michael would be proud. Great Work

  • Emma Gillard

    A very nice collection. Some of those would make very nice t-shirts.

  • ijansempoi

    Nice, here is one of my friend’s illustration of MJ.

  • gagsy

    Excellent collection.

  • Donna Massa-Chappee

    Please view more illustrations of Michael by going to
    I’m working on a series of Michael Jackson so check in once in a while to enjoy and view.

    Peace and Love,
    Donna Massa-Chappee

  • Mushera

    hiiiiiiiiiiii,i want to ask if it is drawen or made by editing prog.????????and if it is by prog.what is it??????

    • Donna Massa-Chappee

      Dear Mushera,

      Are you asking about my illustrations? What peticular artist or name of the art piece are you referring to. When we get an e-mail on our site we don’t necessarily know to whom the comment is addressed to. There are links to the artist’s site, on the site is usually their e-mail address that might help you get your answer.

      Hope I was of some help,
      Peace and Love
      Donna Massa-Chappee

  • WPClubs

    Amazing portraits, you paid great respect to the king of pop, thumbs up!

  • Lito
  • CSSHunt

    lovely work great man MJ

  • Cassandra Allsworth

    I’ve done a few portraits of MJ and i have prints available on deviantART and Fine Art America : )