An Artistic Homage to Michael Jackson

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Jun. 26, 2009

As the world pays tribute to the king of pop, we’ve decided to do so in WDD in a unique and artistic way.

In this post, we feature a selection of some amazing artistic creations portraying Michael Jackson, created by various artists around the world.

These creations bring an engaging and unique exploration into the multifaceted talent that was, and still is, Michael Jackson.

For more information about the artists’ creations, please click on the images below to visit their websites.

Please share any other great artistic creations about Michael that you may know of by posting the links in the comments’ area and we’ll be sure to add the most impressive ones to this post.


Please add links to other artistic creations about Michael Jackson and feel free to leave comments about him in the area below…



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