Doing Social Good with a Great Hosting Provider

Let me first get this out of the way: my blog posts at WDD are not for sale, and I stand to profit in no way from this post.

That being said, I want to tell you about my success in finding great web hosting, as well as a good hosting deal for WDD readers that also lets you do some social good (more about this below).

Choosing the right web hosting provider is one of the most difficult business decisions I’ve had to make.

I realized early on in the game that the quality of the hosting and support is much more important than the price, because a website can build or break your reputation, and I didn’t want to mess around with hosts that would leave me in embarrassing situations.

Having worked in the web business for several years, I’ve seen my fair share of hosting companies. I switched from two of them in particular, Media Temple and Mosso, because they were unable to handle my site’s needs, certainly not without the costs becoming exorbitant.


My experience with Media Temple

I hosted many sites with Media Temple (MT) for several years and was generally happy with them. After all, MT is advertised all over the place and at the time was a great company to host with.

After a few years of success, MT grew so big as a company that things went downhill, at least for my sites.

My websites went down constantly or would become slow and unresponsive. As if this wasn’t enough, their usually excellent support gradually became unprofessional and uncaring.

The good technicians seemed to be replaced by novices, and their once fast response time eventually took forever. It was as if support was not a priority for them anymore.

They seemed to have too many unusual causes of downtime. I certainly did not expect this from paying top dollar for hosting.


My experience with Mosso

So, I switched to Mosso for hosting. Mosso is a very good company and its support is far better than MT’s in my opinion.

However, because of its “cloud server” load-balancing system, I’m left as a user with very little control of the back-end of my sites.

For example, I had no way of changing certain settings in the .htaccess file or getting the information I needed from the server logs.

Also, its bandwidth and compute cycle overage fees became excessive: Webdesigner Depot is a big site and can get tens of thousands of visitors in a single day.

Although Mosso was a very professional company, its infrastructure didn’t allow me to customize the server to my needs, and its service was probably one of the most expensive out there.


Things get better: My experience with AN HOSTING and UK2Group

For several weeks, I was unhappy with Webdesigner Depot’s hosting situation. The site was slowing down, and its costs were increasing as it became more and more popular.

That’s when I got an email from Nick Nelson, Global Commercial Director at UK2 Group, which owns many brands, including ANHosting. Nick wanted to help me solve my hosting crisis.

I’d never heard of UK2 Group or ANHosting before, so I was reluctant to host with them, especially since so many other web hosting providers contact me constantly with similar offers.

However, he convinced me that their services were different and to look into them further.

After some research, I found out that UK2 Group was founded in 1998 and is actually one of the largest web hosting companies in the world.

I also found some old articles in which people complained about ANHosting, but that was before it was acquired by UK2 Group, so things are different now.

Now, let’s be honest: with hosting, you get what you pay for. But in the end, the support behind the product is what matters most to me. Admittedly, Webdesigner Depot is not on ANHosting’s $6.95/month plan, but all of UK2 Group’s customers get support from the same team, which is based in the United States and answers to the same management team.

I’ve been hosting with them for a while now, and so far I’m really impressed. Here’s what I like about them:

  • Excellent support
    Support is the most important aspect of hosting to me. ANHosting and UK2 Group’s other hosting providers are supported by a team of great staff based in Chicago and in Utah. While most companies are outsourcing their support, UK2 Group is shifting to insourcing, as reported by TheRegister.
  • Fast servers
    Webdesigner Depot always loads quickly now and has a fast response time. UK2 Group purchased ANHosting in December 2007 and shortly after migrated to SoftLayer. I’m no techie, but from what I’ve read, the servers and network at SoftLayer are top-notch.
  • Handles the Digg effect
    Articles from Webdesigner Depot have appeared on Digg’s home page without causing the site to crash or become unresponsive. I know other sites sharing the same server that I’m on and are also frequently on Digg, and when they are, they don’t slow down my site. I should make it clear though, that you can’t expect a $6.95/month hosting account to be able to handle the Digg effect every time, but ANHosting will work with you, and it has many products built to handle such effects, such as VPS.NET and If you know you’ll be getting a spike in traffic, contact its managers ahead of time, and they will make it work.
  • Transfer assistance
    If you’re with another hosting provider, as I was, but dread the idea transferring to a better hosting company, don’t despair. UK2 Group’s team will help you transfer your site. It helped me with mine and assured me it would do the same for you. Just let them know you’re a Webdesigner Depot reader and would like to transfer to one of their companies.
  • Data security
    Backups happen several times a day and are kept for a while, giving me peace of mind. Every UK2 Group server is backed up, too. Ask about packages that support R1Soft backups for added comfort; otherwise, the $6.95/month package includes backups once a day, if that works for you.
  • Loads of bandwidth
    UK2 Group give loads of bandwidth, even with their lowest package, and provides as much as 10 TB on their dedicated servers. Also, they don’t cut you off without warning if you go over the limit, as many other hosts do. They work with you, knowing that your site is your priority.


Summer of Social Good: Exclusive offer for WDD readers

This summer UK2Group will be participating in the Summer of Social Good with and many other partners.

Starting today take advantage of any of the offers below and UK2Group will donate $100 to the Summer of Social Good for every signup!

Signup at either or and use the coupon code “WEBDESIGNERDEPOT” to receive 3 Months of FREE hosting on top of your purchased term. Simply sign up for at least 12 months, stick around for at least 31 days and they donate $100 to this great cause (and you receive great hosting at the same time!).

Midphase and ANHosting honors a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee so there’s no risk.

We are hoping to raise $10,000 this summer for charity. So, help us out by signing up and let’s do some good. ;)

If you have any questions or concerns, Nick has authorized me to post his email address here so that you can contact him directly with any questions or concerns: nick.n [at]

  • Lunedi

    3 months free hosting? Not bad! I’m trying to look for a good webhost. If their service is good for the given free months, I’d probably stick. Besides, it’s for a good cause. :)

  • insic

    :) this is a bad review on MT and MOSSO at the same time. Good for us to know about them. thanks

    • redwall_hp

      Remember, this post is just one user’s experience with MT and Mosso. Many blogs swear by MT (TechCrunch, Mashable, the Envato blogs (FSW, *TUTS, etc), and Pro Blog Design come to mind). They both are solid hosts, though with any company of that size, some customers are bound to have bad experiences. People trash 1&1 all the time, for example, but I’ve never had any trouble with their services. Their support isn’t great, but I haven’t had more than one or two cases where I had to call them in my 2-3 years with them.

      I’m considering moving my sites to a Media Temple DV server this fall, having spent the last few months researching VPS plans at various companies. You find an occasional bad review, as can be expected, but overall they seem very solid.

  • kyutums

    I have a number of sites on ANHosting. They occasionally go down, but their uptime is still much much MUCH better than any of my previous hosts. :)

    And yes, I agree with the article above – their customer support is wonderful! A quick email and any of my problems are solved in a jiffy. :)

  • Alex

    Nice post! How about ? I’ve heard good things about them… does anyone have more info?

  • Siddharth Menon


    I was almost about to consider Mosso as my solution. Another reason why I was banking on mosso was cause it offered .NET and php solution which works best for my requirement.

    Would be glad if someone can suggest hybreed solution at lower cost.

    Siddharth Menon
    Borget Solutions

    • Michael is what I use and I have been very pleased with their service and uptime. I have been using them for over 8 months now – I have the reseller plan.

  • Adam

    I agree with your comments about Mediatemple. Though it’s a good solution for my e-commerce sites because of the easu installation of Magento, the support are very slow and unhelpful – not only that but the sites hosted there seem to go very slow.

    • redwall_hp

      Do or seem slow to you? They’re both on Media Temple, and the sites generally feel snappy to me. NETTUTS and the other Tuts+ sites are hosted on a DV Nitro plan; I remember Collis Ta’eed twittering about moving them there awhile back.

      • Walter

        Don’t be fool by this. I’m pretty sure they get special treatment and dedicated servers and that’s why they’re fast. They can technically do this, but they don’t seem to care about smaller websites, so you usually will get the slow overcrowded servers and the bad support ‘just like everyone else’.

        I’ve been back and forth with MT, as I was a big fan of them, but I’m being completely honest with you and these comments are 100% truthful.

        If in doubt, Google MT, and you’ll find many many disappointed clients, not just me. Also, I hosted several sites with them and there were problems with all of them.

        It was certainly a solid company to host with, but they simply just stopped caring.

        I wouldn’t support them and I strongly recommend to anyone asking me about them not to ever host with them.

        Just run the opposite direction, believe me, you don’t want their troubles.

      • redwall_hp

        You haven’t said what plan you were using. I’ve done my Googling already, and most of the bad reviews are from the year they switched from shared hosting to their Grid Service plan, as it was a bit unstable in the beginning for sure.

        I’ve been looking at their VPS plans, not their Grid hosting. I’ve seen a couple of bad reviews, but it seems their problems have mostly been righted in the end.

        And I’m 97% sure Michael from Pro Blog Design isn’t getting any special treatment. His site isn’t too much bigger than mine…

  • Martijn

    I am from Belgium and first I had my websites hosted with PriorWeb, a belgian hosting company.
    Because I saw the logo of MediaTemple all over the place when surfing the web and because they have that high tech look and because they were cheaper than my current hosting company and had a great controle panel and,… I decided to transfer all my sites.
    It lasted for … 12 hours. After 12 hours I transfered all my sites back to my previous hosting.
    At one point I had several websites simultaniously running on both hostings and it was stunning how slow MediaTemple was compared to my other hosting company. With my ohter hosting company the sites popped immediately on my screen, Media Temple made me wait for ages for like just the images to load for a not so big website. And that website didn’t even have the cms attached to it.
    So I chose to transfer everything back because I expected Media Temple to be technologically superior to everything else out there and they couldn’t even load a simple website faster.
    I am now still hosted with PriorWeb. The company grew and so did their controle panels and service. They also offer online support by chat and that is really handy.
    I pay more but I get more and that’s how the world works I guess.

    • Walter

      I wish I had moved after 12 hours, and not after a few years! :) Glad that PriorWeb is working out for you.

  • Gerasimos

    For your european readers (same here, no profit for me or any association with the company) have a look at

    Moved a while ago all of my customers and personal sites and i must say the rock. Excellent support (most important for me).

  • Ash

    Thanks for this. I was looking in to moving our hosting to MT, but after I read this, it confirmed the questions in my head about them. I gave a call and now they sound like they are the right guys for the job.

    • Nick Nelson


      Let me know if you need anything else. is our founding company – hosting providers don’t make it 11 years without doing something right.

  • Tommy

    Good to hear from fellow UK2’ers! I’ve been with Midphase/AN Hosting for 5 years now, I love them.

    One thing you may not know about yet is that they just developed their own stats software. I’ve been beta testing it and its simply amazing! It totally blows Google Analytics out of the water, and it can even integrate your Feedburner and Twitter info!

  • Mark

    Checked out the offer. So much for “no catches”. It’s not three months free. It’s three months EXTENDED to your 12 month commitment.

    * *
    The coupon code you entered has been accepted!

    We will extend your hosting contract for 3 month(s) for FREE!

    NOTE: This offer is only valid on 12 or 24 month terms.
    * *

    Same result from both ANhosting and Midphase. Tried with both the “WEBDESIGNERDEPOT” and “Another3” coupons (ANhosting offers the same deal on their front page), to the same end result.

    I’m not sure why you’d even put up this post with the “no catches here” line, since you’d have to know a lot of people would check it out, and find out there is indeed a BIG (12 month) catch.

    I’ve been hosting with for almost a decade, and have never had my sites down. I found the Mysql server was down one time (site was otherwise functioning), and with a single email, that was fixed in under 5 minutes.

    Without having done business with ANhosting, I already don’t trust them, after they thought they could fool me like this.

    • Walter

      Hey Mark,

      I updated the text there, yes, you’re right, it’s a minimum of 12 month commitment. I’ve fixed that.


  • Eric

    I have been using for a few years now. I recommended them to all my clients that have us design websites. I have at least 7 websites hosted with them (my own and some clients) and they are up 99% of the time. Their support is great and the price is reasonable for what you get.

    If I didn’t already have a good hosting company I would definitely take you up on your offer because I would love to get 3 months free. Maybe I can recommend some new clients your way so you can reach your goal….


    Zero 3 Computers

    • Susan

      They are great for a client sites as long as the client only wants one. Not a good choice if you need to have multiple domains on one account.

  • John

    UK2Group recently purchased my long-time favorite host,

    Since UK2Group took control of Dotable the service has gone to crap. Not only is the support something to laugh at (unanswered questions for days or weeks at a time) but they double billed me twice, and the servers go down without reason for hours at a time.

    They also make changes to the server environment without even a notice of warning, which can severely mess up your websites if you are using certain settings.

    Anyway, I’m glad you’re happy with your service… but I have had nothing but bad experiences with the company.

  • Nick Nelson

    Nick Nelson here. I think Walter meant “no catches” with the $100 donation. Comment #11 is correct. It’s not strictly free hosting – you do have to make a purchase, and then we give you 3 more months of free hosting on top of that.

  • Nick Nelson

    Dotable was a special case. There was a lot that went into that that was poorly planned, we fully admit to this, I’m not fully aware of it’s conditions now..but if you would like to move to another brand – or a refund or anything of this sort – please email me and I’ll make sure you’re squared away. I do know that they have almost completed the move to a new datacenter.

    When you purchase a host, there’s always a period of transition, like any transition (moving, new jobs, new family members) it’s tough…it doesn’t go as planned always.

    The ball was dropped there. Nobody in UK2Group management will refute this.

  • Manuel Núñez

    What about Dreamhost, i used it and don’t have any complain.

  • Maikel

    Yea, what about Dreamhost, I’m a happy dreamhost customer.. even though I live in NZ.
    I love the control you get over almost everything in Dreamhost, and their tech support is outstanding.

  • cssfairy

    And what about ?
    Is anyone here who tried it?

  • Bogdan Parcalab

    I switched many hosting services, from cheap to vps and so on. Now I’m using Steadfast Networks. Very stable, good support and cheap.

  • Mark Williams

    I have had very a frustrating experience with uk2net in the past week or so. I signed up for their business hosting package (after switching from who are another bad story) and it took days and numerous emails from me before PHP started working, and when it did they didn’t even inform me – I found out for myself using a test PHP file that I hit periodically. Then when everything was up and running, and I was happily editing a web page via SSH, I was kicked out of my session only to find that my websites and IP address were now pointing at a sex toys website! It took many hours before this problem was fixed and I didn’t get any responses to my urgent emails aside from an automated ticket response. After a few hours I gave up and paid 1 pound for a one week trial of a virtual private server with; it was provisioned within four minutes, my website was up and running in as much time as it took me to upload it and I’m very happy so far.

  • D

    GoDaddy FTW! :)

  • Nick Nelson

    There will definitely always be good and bad stories of hosting. And, there’s no such thing as the “perfect” host. Only a hosting provider perfect for your needs.

    With that said, UK2Group makes mistakes, but we stand up to them, and correct them.

    If anyone has any standing issues, I always invite you to email me at the address on this blog post.

    Walter (WDD) is a valued client, and we would never want a recommendation he made to go sour, we will do everything we can to make sure every client is a happy client.

  • E

    With most webhosts, dedicated server customers usually suffer a lot less downtime than shared plan customers, and usually are offered much better customer service. Reverse IP indicates that WebDesignerDepot is on a dedicated server, so I suppose that your experiences have been better by far.

    • Nick Nelson


      WebDesignerDepot is not on a dedicated server. They are on a dedicated IP, and on a server with many other high profile sites. As Walter said, he’s not no the standard $6.95/mo account, but he’s definitely not on a dedicated server.

      I can’t disclose all the other clients on these servers, but I can say is on the same server, as well as, and many others. (I requested permission from them 2 to mention their domains here, can’t reveal others due to privacy agreements.)

      Any other questions, let me know.

  • Diablo

    At the moment i´m using the german hoster “Strato”. Service is a bit poor, but prices and performance are very good.

  • drilltrimd

    We used to host with Netcom, then MT, but for the past few years we’ve used Above Systems. We get a dedicated rep and they have 24-7 tech support by phone or email in USA that really know what they’re doing. Downtime ? Can’t remember any plus they have 99.999% guarantee. Not familiar with Anhosting but sounds good.

  • Nick Nelson


    WebDesignerDepot is not on a dedicated server. They are on a dedicated IP, and on a server with many other high profile sites. As Walter said, he’s not no the standard $6.95/mo account, but he’s definitely not on a dedicated server.

    I can’t disclose all the other clients on these servers, but I can say is on the same server, as well as, and many others. (I requested permission from them 2 to mention their domains here, can’t reveal others due to privacy agreements.)

    Any other questions, let me know.

    • Decent Weblog

      Hello Mr. Nick,

      You are saying is hosted on but on footer it is clearly written that “Hosting for is provided by WestHost” ( is also a part of UK2 Group?

  • Nick Nelson


    Strato is in the process of selling their business. Not sure who to yet, but it’s public that they are selling their hosting division. :)

  • Media Temple Sucks

    I also must let everyone know that Media Temple Sucks hard.

    I have about 50 sites currently hosted on Media Temple, three of them are as large as WDD in traffic and rank.

    Big issues with slow load times, esp with wordpress for some reason, like wordpress with 2-3 plugins.

    Last few times I called for help, they are rude, and don’t help.

    Good luck with online ‘support’ they have like a 2 freeken day wait time.

    Since I host a lot with them, and have referred over 50 people to them, you would think they would give me a little discount, even 10% since I estimate I have referred at least 30,000 bucks worth of yearly business to them. NOPE… they don’t even give a crap, they basically say that you are a small fish and don’t matter, even though I know for a fact that my sites are within the top 1% of their hosting bandwidth users.

    So have been moving everything to Slicehost. Its not the best solution for most people, but they are way cheaper, and super fast, helpful and friendly.

    Im now going to be looking closely at ANHosting, love that they will help transfer all your sites to their hosting.

    Im going to be moving all my hosting, including every single person I referred to MT in the last 3 years to another host in the next few months.

    Another thing, if you have a DV 3.0 ($50 USD per MONTH) they dont give you any support to update it to DV 3.5 (128mb ram, now up to 512mb ram, about 2 years late)

    I know that a lot of the sites that are like WDD (top design and tutorial sites) were on MT and are now actively moving away from them.

    Sorry for the rant, but MT has cost me a lot, and I mean a lot of money, time, hassle, and stress.

    • Nick Nelson

      While I professionally don’t want to take any credit away from MT, they are a great operation with a (generally) good product. Contact me if there’s anything I can do for you. I’m the man for all your hosting needs.

      Email address above :)

  • Veyton Design

    I have been using the hosting from for a long time now and I can say : these boys make`s a good job.

  • Carl – Web Courses Bangkok

    Well I must admit i`ve been very happy with Host Gator and we offer our students a free two months hosting with courses cause they are very helpful and good servers.

  • Shibi Kannan

    Very nice review on hosting providers. For more info check out Hostjury dot com where anyone can review hosting providers. I strongly recommend to check out the reviews their before selecting your next hosting provider.

  • Kate

    Dreamhost is the best! They have great tech support, offer good prices, are employee owned and use green energy to run their servers.

    • Rich Schmidt

      And what’s more, they provide free hosting to non-profits. I’m a fan. :)

  • Keith McLaughlin

    And to think that I was contemplating moving from ANHosting to MT. Highly unlikely now :-)

    • Nick Nelson


      If you’re thinking about going to MediaTemple, maybe look at

  • madbadcat

    my experience with anshosting was less than stellar. i dumped them over a year ago- i wrote about my experience with them without mentioning them by name here

    at that time, when i called to notify them that i would not be renewing my account so don’t charge my credit card, they cancelled my account on the spot and i lost 2 websites on my shared hosting package. they were kind enough to reactivate so i could ftp into the site but anyone who runs a wordpress site knows that is just useless. up to that point i never had a complaint with their tech support

    either their servers have been upgraded considerably in the last 18 months or you have a dedicated server.

    i use polurnet. i love them. i recommend them. they are helpful and quick to respond.
    my other choice? hostgator. my clients who want environmentally friendly are happy to go with hostgator cause they windpowered.

    • Nick Nelson

      ANHosting was purchased about 18 months ago – so it’d make sense that we have improved since then, with that said, WDD had a realistic budget and expectations and they definitely get a great value for that.

      If you expect to have a site like WDD on a $6.95/mo account, then you will be disappointed.

      Thanks guys.

  • andrew

    I’d recommend if you are in the UK. They are quite good and specialize on Joomla Hosting.
    Their support is usually quite responsive too.

  • sriganesh

    what u siad is corect and new ppl should keep in mind that these thing to be remind when buying hosting.
    i am using a local hosting service. cos now only i launched ma site. and it should take some time to popular(atleast 1 year),so the next year i ll be anyway in job and i ll choose uk2. still iam a student ,i dont need to take risk.

  • Sohbet Muhabbet


  • 墨尔本

    Quite cool.
    Now i’m considering the anhost.

  • Jordan Foutz

    My sentiments exactly w/ Media Temple. We couldn’t get my CMS (ModX) to install properly, their support was meh, and to boot, it was 50 dollars for their base package that would allow for reseller hosting. I’m on now and its been okay. Support is alright, but its half the price for way more storage than w/ Media Temple and its carbon neutral hosting. Thought I would mention that since greenness is a selling point for most these days.

  • Mike

    I haven’t tried (mt), but I’m on bluehost, and I love it. Fast load times, a lot of customization capability, and wonderful support. I paid $7.50 a month, prepaid for 2 years. I was on GoDaddy for a while, and when my domain expired, I re-registered it with bluehost, and have had a great experience. The worst I’ve had are a few performance hiccups around 4 am (i get a text message when it goes down and comes back up) every now and then. Maybe once every two or three months. I just think that it’s awesome given I am a bottom-of-the-line customer and they are still willing to bend over backwards to help me with things I need :). Just my two cents, and no, im not getting cash for this.

  • M1chel

    Hey mike, I wanted to check out your site for curiosity and it’s down. :D
    check the phone if you have a text message :D
    just jocking, I’m sure yours it’s a honest review. still the situation is ironic.

  • xRommelx

    i prefer STARTLOGIC, is a great site and very good hosting, faster, good service

  • Mike

    M1chael, the ironic thing is right after I wrote it, i started to 404 :(. If it was that, then ur right. Ironic. But my site was, until recently, under construction, but it is up now. But they just took a turn for the worst in the last few weeks, and I’m about to jump ship on them.

  • Beton

    I was looking for a new provider, but i think i´ll stay in germany for support-reasons.
    Support and prices must fit together …

  • web design UK

    The need to host a company’s website on a good web hosting provider has never been more improtant. It is important for businesses to focus on good web hosting providers as opposed to the cheapest ones available. Now a days, dedicated servers are becoming very cheap and it does not make sense to go for the really cheap providers that claim to offer unlimited bandwidth but your site will go down with the slightest of burtsts in website traffic.

  • Mike

    I would like to try one of these new hosting providers that you have listed here… but I am afraid that their interfaces just aren’t friendly enough… Media Temple has such a solid interface that makes everything so easy to use and set up. If they’d update that I would be on board so fast, I’d love to try something new.

    thanks for continual good stuff!

  • M1chel

    Look, I used to have some site on ixwebhosting on a shared server and as it was stuff with very few traffic it was ok even if a bit slow. plus, I have to say they have a good customer service. everytime I needed help I used their chat and in a couple of minutes I had someone helping me out. I really loved that because it was fast, easy and reliable. so that’ my true experience with them.

    However as I opened a blog on which I was hoping to have some traffic I decided to switch to another hosting maybe less known and capable to handle high peeks even on the shared plan. I found it in Webfaction, which is not famous and you really can find only a couple of reviews online about them, but they are all good. No bitchin anywhere.. so I decided to give it a try cuz it had a fair price for the simple plan and 3 months money-back. So far so good. has been only a month but I already feel I can trust them.
    it handles the traffic and performances are fine, although my site is light and I host all images on AmazonS3.
    The only difficult thing at first can be to understand their Cpanel which is quite unique, but I watched the 5min video and I was good to go. it’s different to set up a site then on other hostings, but it’s quite intuitive, it just need to read how it works and there’s no problem.
    hope my advice can help.


  • Mikey

    I second WebFaction –
    I’ve been with them for over 3 years and they have been absolutely flawless. These guys know what they do!

  • Imokon

    I have experienced the same issues with Domatic after leaving Yahoo (way back when). Domatc went downhill as you describe with Media Temple, their support is for their bigger clients now and the quality of service (randomly switching you from server to server with no warning, breaking all your settings) is definitely down the drain.

    I have recently moved to, and I am very ecstatic so far – treated with a one on one attitude.

    They make sure they’re saying my name right always, and are very laid back/grass roots. I feel like I am talking to a long time friend when I was moving. They even looked at my sites to make sure nothing was horribly/obviously broken.

  • Alleinunterhalter Köln

    yes startlogic is good. i prefer it too.
    but anhosting is also good.

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  • leeon

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  • Nagrobki

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  • Nagrobki

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  • Flo

    A very good site! Go on in 2010!

  • Domains at Retail

    Many times web hosts are good for a while then drop down in quality and go back up. Some never do and are steady. You have to try it out and mostly depends on your expectations. Some people expect an entire server to themselves for shared hosting prices. Not going to happen.

    Just make sure you purchase a plan that surpasses your own needs, not the needs of others telling you what you need.

  • Birgit Gosch

    Best regards from the north of germany….
    Holiday at the Schönberger Strand at the baltic sea (Ostsee)……
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  • LabFoo

    It’s such a breath of fresh air to see someone talking about the hosting company I love. I am telling you now, there is no better host than AnHost/MidPhase!! I’ve been with them for over FIVE years and have not once regretted my decision. I would say about a year or so ago they did some upgrades and O. M. G. My reseller account speeds went from nice to blazing fast! I mean fast as in it felt like I was sitting right next to the server when FTPing and requesting pages. Seriously, that’s not an exaggeration.

    Their support is great. I’ve always gotten an answer to my questions within minutes. Cost is unbeatable as well. Just a rockstar web host that seems to get over-shadowed by the likes of MT and other “look how hip we are” hosts.

  • complain.O.matic

    I have used all of those hosting companies and you are spot on. They all start out good but soon go downhill. I am in need of a change as well. Fatcow has been alright but the ten thirty down time ever day is a bit frustrating lol.

  • Cesar

    I’ve used many host for both private use and for companies I have worked for.

    ICDsoft I have been hosting my portfolio site with for almost 7 years and they have been great for the size of site that I have (not very big). They’re always current with the versions of PHP and MySQL, and have even upgraded my plan(bandwidth and hosting size) a couple times throughout the years without charging me more!!! I thought that right there was just plain awesome. And their prices are very affordable. Though my only gripe is that you can’t(or I haven’t found an easy way) install an dedicated (read:not shared) SSL certificate. And they’re support is mainly handled through which is ok for finding quick generic answers but not so much when doing more complex things. And i love their control panel software(cPanel).

    IXWebHosting I’ve had great experiences with too including their support which is top-notch! And prices are reasonable too. Not a big fan of their control panel(hSphere). But ehh, its not that bad.

    Hosts that I wouldn’t recommend include MediaTemple(their GS server was horrible, but their DV server was ok though it went down quite a bit) , 1&1, and

  • Source

    my sites which run ruby on rails have gone through many hosts, dreamhost was up and down, and godaddy just plan was horrible. i’m still searching

  • Thilo

    I´ve tried to have a good webhoster but really i make a big mistake. A half year later my webhoster do not exist anymore. Now i search a good webhoster with a good performance.

  • mirko

    I forgot, thanks for this stuff

  • Gokhan

    I am using other web hosting for my website at the moment. It is pretty good for wordpress and I think it is fast enough for a shared web hosting. Please feel free to visit and join the discussion.
    But, I didn’t know Ann Hosting is that good, If you guys have preferred it, it might be my next web host. Thanks for the information.

  • Pixeno

    I’m with MediaTemple and I think they’re great.

    I do notice slow sites every now and then, but nothing major.


  • Edward Canto

    I have had nothing but great experience with Domatic in fact in 6 years i have not been down even for a minute, many of my friends sites go up and down, they have fixed things with my code that even my programmer did not know how to fix. The support guys there reply in minutes not days. Just my 2cents i have tried yahoo, and media temple to no avail. I personally dont care about how they pronounce my name and well my settings i back up myself.

  • Vince

    So after reading this article I signed up for a reseller account with UK2. That was a week ago. They still haven’t been able to set up my account properly, half the links in my control panel don’t work at all… I could go on. Got an email today telling me that they had finally gotten my client billing software installed correctly, so I go log into the control panel again, click on my desired link…. and NOTHING. Glad I didn’t try to transfer all of my clients, and have only lost my own website for a week. If all my clients’ sites were down for a week like mine has been, they would fire me, which is why I’m firing MidPhase/UK2 immediately. What a joke.

  • Lyl

    I just left midPhase and couldn’t get away from them fast enough. They love -LOVE- to over charge for everything and hope you don’t notice. When you do notice they take forever to issue you a credit. They have the worst customer support I’ve ever had to deal with. They lose an entire server of data along with the back-ups because they keep the back-ups on the same HDD. Down time was close to a week with them changing their story every few hours about what was going on and when we’d be back up. They then change their policy and say they never provide back-ups anyway. They hold domains hostage when you or a client tries to transfer them. They try to charge you for domain renewals for domains that you haven’t had in years. They change your domain record to show themselves as the owners and remove your information. They randomly started renewing domains 90 days ahead of expiration before invoicing, giving no chance to say you don’t want to renew it and expect you to still pay for it. Sometimes they don’t respond to trouble tickets for days or weeks – unless you hound them and that just makes them screw you over more. I could go on and on. midPhase is, by far, the WORST host I have ever dealt with.

  • Web Hosting Men

    Yes I totaly agree with you that the quality of the web hosting company is far more important than the price. You don’t want to run into any problems with your host!


    Dreamhost is okay. I have dealt with them for 4 years now. I noticed that their sites tend to go down quite often. It was always some type of configuration error which was annoying. Now I am using them to Rsync to Dreamhost for a backups.

    I have since moved most of my sites to a dedicated server with HostGator (which is on The Planet’s Sever). Seems to be pretty decent price for being managed. Haven’t had any problems yet and it has almost been one year. Longest I have had to wait on to chat is a few minutes. Might be looking to expand to another host down the line to boost my profit margin. But no complaints thus far.

    Anyone else have experience with HostGator’s Dedicated machines?

  • Jason

    I used to host with eurovps and although they were a bit more than I had intended budget wise I went for it due to a recommendation from a close friend. Very good so far, love the support, but they opened up a cheaper unmanaged brand EcoVPS and am checking that out cuz it’s like half the price. Definitely agree though on the quality angle. I don’t see how people can skimp a few euros and here there for a host. It’s your site were talking about. RESPECT IT! KEEP IT UP!

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    rackspace anyone? I read that they are one of the best and no one has mentioned them. Would love to know of any experiences with them as I am about to use.

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    I have noted this article in my archive. When my service finished, I will use this service. Thanks.

  • Gordon

    Really I don’t know what to think now. I thought my hosting is good… till now…

  • kevin Fitzmaurice-brown

    Interesting considering the thousands of complaints about all over and for ten years. One wonders what connections there are here. sounds like a promo. Beware, really beware and check out the enormous amount of complaint material agaist them


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  • Web design Shrewsbury

    We are trialling site5 at the moment as we are looking to shift from our existing host . . . no problems so far with Site5 def worth a look into if you are looking at present :)

  • Marketeering

    I have used many hosting companies during my time online and I’ve also used all of the hosting companies you mentioned above. I have pretty much the same views on them as you do.

    Another hosting company that I’ve found that has excellent customer service is FusionHost – I’ve been using them for some of my smaller sites and and I have to say that I’ve been very impressed with their uptime and customer service.

    I did have an account with Mosso for one of my larger blogs before it became the Rackspace Cloud and I have to say, they had the the best customer service of any hosting company that I have ever been with. However, at $99 /month you do pay for it. Besides, that was the old Mosso price as well, it’s gone up to $149 /month since Rackspace acquired them.

    I’ve also hosted a couple of my sites with MediaTemple and I have been impressed with their value for money and hosting infrastructure, however like yourself, I have seen their customer service slip over the past year or so.

    I also had an account with UK2, but wasn’t too impressed with them as the downtime on my server was pretty poor. It was a British reseller server. Whenever I contacted support, they always said “oh yes, we’ve been having a lot of problems with that server recently”. I’m not sure whether this was just an excuse or whether this was a genuine problem with a one-off server which was being abused by a few rogue customers.